Bag for tarot cards, crystals or runes - Geometric Navy Blue - Heavy Fabric

$11.79 USD



  • Cotton
  • Wood
This is a heavy upholstery-weight fabric bag to hold your tarot cards, crystals, or runes. The bag measures 9"x6" and can accommodate all standard size card decks, as well as some of the larger dimension cards.

If you need a very sturdy bag to store your important or cherished items, THIS IS IT.

The inner and outer material are both 100% cotton.

The drawstring closure is cord made of a silk blend, and held in place with a hand-carved wooden button.

This is a hand-cut, handmade item and there may be tiny variations between individual items of the same material.

Handwashing in cold water is recommended due to the wooden button accessory used on this item.
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