right now is not the time to make major financial decisions. like buying that house, investing a large amount of money in something, or taking on additional unnecessary debt. and that’s apart from the fact that the economy is struggling.

normally, venus is the planet that rules money for us in a beneficial way and it can really give us a boost in this area of our life if we time financial decisions to venus’s beneficial aspects to our natal chart (specifically your 2nd and 8th houses), or when venus is conjunct your natal venus.

but right now, in retrograde, the normally beneficial influence of venus on finances is not quite the opposite, as in its detrimental or negative, but it can obscure facts from us or make the situation foggy so that we can’t make an informed decision.

obviously, there will be some decisions that you cannot put off, like emergencies, and quite frankly, a lot of us are in dire straits in the midst of a terrible economic crisis brought on by a pandemic. so, y0u know, do what you have to do.

but, if there is any way you can pause and step back from a decision momentarily before making a knee-jerk choice, do so. if there is any way to put off a decision until after venus goes direct on June 25th, do so.

financial decisions right now are going to have the unfortunate risk of being made with false, misleading, or inadequate information inputs, and will likely not yield the payoff you desire.

and, just so i can get this off my chest, venus is conjunct my natal venus right now while its retrograde, so that bitch was just like ‘ha ha, you didn’t think i was just gonna hand it to you, did you?’ i’m mad about missing out on a really good chance to get some money đŸ˜‰

however, you can also choose to see the silver lining in a venus retrograde and that is that this is a great time to do some housecleaning in more areas than just your house. venus rules our financial decisions, but also relationships, loves, and emotional selves, so take a deep look at what you might be holding onto that you can let go of and unburden yourself.

venus goes direct on june 25th at 5 degrees gemini. she’ll remain in gemini through the entire months of june and july, and then move into cancer on august 8th.

and i’m a cancer and venus in cancer is get me all up in my feels and all you that don’t like your feels (i’m looking at you capricorn, virgo, and taurus…) are going to have to get all up in your feels too and we can just schedule parties to get together and cry it out, okay? it’ll be okay. i’m okay. you’re okay. we’re all okay.

anyway, venus in retrograde: put your credit cards in a block of ice in the freezer and whatever it is that you think you need from amazon, no, you most definitely do not. (looking at myself on that one!)

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