magick you can do on Thursdays

Magickal timing matters sometimes, but not always. But, since its Thursday, what types of magick are best to perform on a Thursday, regardless of moon phase or time of year?

Planetary Correspondence to Thursdays

Jupiter is the planet associated or corresponding to the Thursday on the calendar. Jupiter’s energy is expansive and brings us growth.

Thursday is also most closely associated with the element Earth, which relates to material gains and money or wealth.

It is the 4th day of the week (in the traditional calendar format which began the week on Monday). So is associated with the number 4 numerology.

Deities Associated with Thursdays

The most well-known deity for whom Thursday is associated is arguably the Norse god Thor, for whom the day is actually named.

Other deities with associations or correspondences to Thursday include:

  • Oya
  • Jupiter
  • Enlil
  • Lord Vishnu
  • Lord Brihaspati
  • Amon
  • Poseidon
  • The Winter King

Other Magickal Associations with Thursdays

  • Colors: Blue, purple
  • Zodiac: Pisces and Sagittarius
  • Good for money and wealth spells
  • Spells for growth of any kind, particularly personal growth, but can be career, family, health
  • Spells for success and prosperity
  • Spells for legal matters
  • Spells for courage, strength, and resolve

how to balance your natal chart elements

I mentioned in my book review post of Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher some things I had intuitively been doing to offset a really strong lack of earth element in my natal chart.

I figured this is something that might not be intuitive to everyone, and I had promised to follow up with a post that gave some tips for balancing your elements, should you happen to have one or more that are lacking.

First, if you don’t know how your elements are distributed in your chart, get a free natal chart done here.

Once you have entered your information and generated your chart, look in the tables below the chart itself, for a super handy visual that breaks it down for you. It will look like this:

Now, look at the left hand column “F, A, E, W” which represent, you guessed it, the element signs: Fire signs, Air signs, Earth signs, and Water signs.

Do you have any of those rows empty or very few compared to the others? My example above is a perfect illustration of what you might see with just one element lacking, Earth in my case. Notice how there’s lots of Water, and Fire and Air are pretty moderate, but one lone little Chiron in Taurus to represent Earth.

As I have expanded my spiritual and magickal path through life, the deeper I go into this, the more it becomes evident to me that this imbalance affects me in various ways. One thing I started doing that I now look back on is I have been grabbing certain crystals or stones to carry with me in my pocket or purse, or just on my desk and from time to time I touch them, or hold them while briefly meditating.

This helps to pull me back to ‘Earth’ so to speak and keep me better grounded, since the characteristics of this element do not always come naturally to me.

Balancing Your Natal Chart Elements

So, here’s where we start working on ways to add back in those elements which we lack.


The lack of Fire element in your chart can show up as lack of assertiveness and perhaps struggling to find and express your creativity and passions. It might also present as lack of initiative or drive.

Here are some ways to add more Fire to your day to balance you out:

  • burn candles often, especially near you; they can be scented or unscented and they don’t have to have any special magickal significance other than they represent fire
  • drink herbal tea made with these herbs: calendula, dandelion, basil, angelica, hawthorn, nettle, rue, rosemary, any other red or orange blossomed plants (please consult a trained herbalist before consuming any plants you are unfamiliar with)
  • carry or wear jewelry made with these stones or crystals: carnelian, dragon stone, citrine, red jasper, red agate/fire agate, red aventurine, yellow aventurine, tiger’s eyes, garnet, yellow and orange calcite, yellow or bumblebee jasper, yellow or orange quartz, yellow sapphire, sunstone
  • wear brightly colored red, orange, or yellow clothes, shoes, or other accessories to bring some fire to your wardrobe
  • if you can’t burn an actual candle at work or home for some reason, get some of the electric tea lights or even a strand of fairy lights to string up and add some sparkle to an area you spend a good deal of time in
  • cook with more spices, especially the fiery peppers higher in capsaicin, an ingredient that creates the ‘heat’ you taste in spicy food; these include paprika, chili powder, cumin, and cayenne, but also red/green chiles, tobasco, bell peppers, and then all the spicier peppers from jalapeños to Carolina reapers. (please use caution and common sense when consuming spicy foods; if you are not used to a lot of spice, introduce these slowly and in small amounts based on your personal tolerance; capsaicin in larger amounts than you’re used to creates irritation in mucous membranes)
  • take acting classes or join an improv group; you can also resolve to stand up for yourself, set strong boundaries, and speak out more often
  • experiment with various creative hobbies; if you don’t know where to start, wander around an art or craft/hobby store and see what grabs your attention


Air is the element of the intellect, thought, words, and communication. If you lack Air in your chart, you may be more prone to close-minded thinking patterns, might find it hard to express yourself through written communication, or may find it difficult to learn languages, even including those which are native to you.

Adding more Air element to your day might look like some of these:

  • burning incense, if you can do this where you live or work
  • turn a small fan on near where you spend more time, especially if you can have it gently waft essential oils associated with Air element like: peppermint, lemongrass, and lavender
  • dab a bit of those essential oils on your temples, neck, or wrists (dilute them if needed before applying to your skin)
  • carry or wear jewelry that contains any of these crystals: sapphire, smoky quartz, tourmaline, topaz, rhodonite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, peridot
  • practice deep, rhythmic breathing exercises
  • drink herbal tea made with any of these herbs: lavender, peppermint, elder flower, thyme, wormwood, mugwort, comfrey (please consult a trained herbalist before consuming any plants you are unfamiliar with)
  • write in a journal or even just a private blog daily to improve your written communication
  • join a writers group, especially one that helps with writing prompts to allow you to develop this skill further
  • take an online course; you can find many free ones here


A lack of Earth element in your chart might leave you feeling flaky, unstable, or trouble holding onto or managing money smartly. You may also be prone to jumping from one new idea to the next without seeing them through (for me this manifests as starting many things and finishing few).

You can add more Earth element to your day with any of these following ideas:

  • walk barefoot outside (if safe to do so) for at least a few minutes a couple times a day; this helps you absorb the negative ions from the Earth, which send happy balancing waves throughout your body
  • center and ground often throughout the day (hint: the book I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher, has an excellent simple technique for this that I really like, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to do)
  • keep rocks nearby you, or crystals such as: agate, jade, tourmaline, nephrite, turquoise, quartz, onyx, malachite, jasper
  • wear earthy colors such as greens, browns, tans, and neutral or natural dyes/undyed textiles
  • get help with financial planning or sign up for apps that help you track your spending and create a budget
  • dab a drop or two of these essential oils on: patchouli, vetiver, cedar, or pine (dilute them if needed before applying to your skin)
  • drink herbal tea made with any of these herbs: pennyroyal, black cohosh, slippery elm, sage, horehound (please consult a trained herbalist before consuming any plants you are unfamiliar with; some of the ones mentioned here should never be used during pregnancy)
  • either eat more salt (work with a qualified healthcare practitioner to determine your safe daily intake levels of salt) or keep a bowl of salt at your desk or nearby where you spend a good deal of time
  • keep a salt lamp near you while you work or sleep


Water feels like home to me, obviously if you look at my chart, its my whole foundation. It is the element of emotions, empathy, and love.

But a lack of Water in your chart might manifest emotionally as lacking or having trouble experiencing empathy, being emotionally cold, closed-off, trouble accessing or interpreting yours or others’ emotions, and, some people will even say you could feel chronically physically thirsty because of this lack.

Here are some ways to add Water element to your day to help you even this out:

  • drink more fluids (this one seems obvious, but I meet so many people that just don’t do this)
  • take herbal or magickal baths weekly
  • do a daily ritual cleanse with a bowl or sink, washing your hands and/or face, adding essential oils if desired
  • essential oils associated with Water element include: jasmine, chamomile, spearmint, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and myrrh
  • keep a bowl of spring water on your desk or nightstand
  • these crystals have Water element properties: blue lace agate, amazonite, aquamarine, aventurine, blue chalcedony, chrysocolla, agatized coral, red coral, emerald, sea shells of all varieties, lepidolite, opal, prehnite, quartz, blue sapphire, tourmaline
  • drink tea often; using these herbs, which are associated with Water element, can further enhance this: burdock, valerian, echinacea, chamomile, and roses (please consult a trained herbalist before consuming any plants you are unfamiliar with)
  • play background noises with waterfalls or running water sounds while you work or meditate

the importance of your solar return

Ok, first, today is my solar return (so happy bday to me) and I thought what better occasion to share this really cool resource I stumbled across, and talk a little about the significance of your solar return for your life, goals, relationships, and energetic opportunities.

Definition of Solar Return

Your actual solar return occurs at the specific time that the sun aligns with the position of the sun in your natal chart.

If you do not know when that is, you can generate a natal chart for free here.

Once your chart is generated, take a look at the table below the chart itself, which gives you the exact positions of your planets at the moment of your birth.

In my chart example above, my natal sun at the moment of my birth was at 8º Cancer, 23 hours 17 minutes (these are based on Universal Greenwich time). Based on that information, I can figure out using an ephemeris (you can find one for 2020 free here) when this year’s sun will cross my natal sun.

Based on the ephemeris, my technical solar return will occur sometime in the early morning hours of June 30th (today).

Take note that your solar return is based on the planetary position, not the clock time, so it may even occur a day early or late compared to the actual day you celebrate your birthday.

You Have a Solar Return Chart

This is where stuff gets really really awesome, and I didn’t even know this was a thing until recently. Just like you have a natal chart with your specific planetary positions at the moment of your birth, you also have a Solar Return chart for each year of your life, which is based on the positions of the planets at the moment of your solar return.

The Solar Return chart is only good for one year, so it doesn’t override your natal chart and its shaping and influence of your life.

But, it can give you a heads up on what your year’s focus will likely be, as well as trends you may have appearing this year.

You can find your Solar Return chart here for free. I really like this version as it overlays it on your natal chart positions. Make sure that when you enter the location of the Solar Return, you use the current city you’re in, not your birth city, if they are not the same. Below is an example:

Once you generate your actual Solar Return chart, you’ll see the actual exact time and position that that will occur, in my case it will be (was) June 29, 2020 at 11:45 pm CST. At that time, my natal sun and current sun were in perfect alignment!

Using to Your Advantage

The Solar Return once again pumps all that great energy of your sun sign back into your life. So, whatever sign you were born under will be the strongest influence in your life. You’ll feel pulled to the areas of your life ruled by that sun sign as you get close to the date of your Solar Return, as well as the days after.

In my case, as a Cancer, I’m def feeling the emotions, all of them. As Cancer is a cardinal sign, I’ve also been filled with action and motivation to accomplish things.

When looking at your Solar Return chart, you’ll want to notice what house your current sun appears in for what theme this year will take on for you. You can find house descriptions and influences here.

For instance, whereas my natal sun occurs in my 12th house, my Solar Return sun this year occurs in my 10th house. The 10th house focuses on goals in life and career, as well as public image.

Take a look at what house your sun was in or will be in on your Solar Return this year. If it has already occurred, was it pretty accurate so far? If it hasn’t occurred yet, do you see any themes or patterns that are leading you in that direction already?

Based on that position, this area of your life will be an advantageous area for you to focus on and grow in this year.

Planetary Aspects

I can’t really do this justice in a few paragraphs in a blog post, but I’ll refer you back to the Dark Pixie website, which has an excellent course I recommend you take, as well as tons of free information. There is info about aspects here.

Your natal chart is constantly aspected by planets transiting all the time. Some of those aspects are beneficial (sextiles and trines) and some are considered challenging (squares and oppositions). Conjunctions can be beneficial, but depending on the planets involved, might be either neutral or challenging, as conjunct planets tend to amplify each other.

Your Solar Return chart will also give you an easy to decipher visual of the aspects made at your Solar Return, which can tell you what areas of life will trend toward strengths in this year or which ones will present challenges for you.

A quick reference for the basic aspects is:

Conjunction- in the same sign

Sextile – 60º (about 2 signs) away

Trine – 120º (about 4 signs) away

Square – 90º (about 3 signs) away

Opposition – 120º (the opposite on your chart) away

And aspects aren’t just to your sun position, they’re relevant to positions of all planets, as well as how transiting planets aspect your natal planets. It can all be quite a lot to keep up with, and, if it seems overwhelming, take it slow and maybe just focus on your sun and moon aspects until you get comfortable with this concept.

I’ll give a quick example based on mine:

My Solar Return sun position is conjunct Mars, which I interpret as enhancing my assertiveness and vitality this year. I will probably be fairly fearless and attack problems head-on.

It is sextile to Uranus, which means if I put in some work, I’ll reap the rewards of unconventional thinking, innovation, and eccentricity.

It is trine to Neptune which means I can take advantage of that energy to be more open and sensitive, transparent and accepting of otheres.

It will be square to Lilith moon, Chiron, and Venus, which I take to mean Lilith moon will enhance my already strong will, bringing out my outspoken and feisty personality; Chiron square the sun will highlight resistant wounds and health problems, but also encourage me to work on healing those; and Venus square the sun will highlight underlying tensions in my relationship and ask me to look at whether my relationship is focusing too much on vanity rather than deeply valuing each other for our unique characters and attributes.

It is in opposition to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Sun opposite Jupiter may bring out or highlight excessive behaviors like spending too much, drinking, or being overly generous to the detriment of myself; Pluto opposite the Sun can produce an internal war of trying to express my strong personality while trying not to let it conflict with others; Saturn will influence my self esteem, dredge up insecurities, and I will have to fight to work hard and stick with endeavors I start.

Phew. So, yeah, a lot going on there, but now I have a heads up on this year and I am ready to keep an eye out and balance what needs to be balanced.

what does the solar eclipse and the summer solstice mean for you?

so, yeah. This month, right? Has it been chock full of upheaval, transformation, and struggle for you?

I think we’re all feeling it in a variety of ways right now, but, as a diehard optimist, I know that for every uncomfortable and even downright unenjoyable time in life, there is a rebirth (or at least the potential for it, if you take it) that leaves us in a much better place, stronger, and, certainly, more resilient.

We experienced a lunar eclipse on the full moon this month on the 5th, and now we’re headed for a solar eclipse on the 20th just hours before the new moon on the 21st, which is also Litha, or the Summer Solstice.

And then, on top of that, on that particular day, there will be 5 planets in retrograde on that day as well! Once Neptune goes retrograde, there will be 6 planets retrograde for a short period of days.

So, the question on everyone’s mind is probably, should I hide in my closet for about 24 hrs, burn my house down and escape to the woods, or do nothing at all?

Let’s Take a Look at the Retrogrades First

Mercury goes retrograde at 12:59 AM on the 18th. Venus is still in retrograde until the 25th at 2:48 AM. Jupiter is still in retrograde. Saturn is still in retrograde. And Pluto is still in retrograde.

Neptune does not go retrograde until a couple days after the eclipse/solstice (on the 23rd at 12:32 AM).

Those 3 outer planets remain in retrograde throughout the month, and because they are slower moving planets, their retrogrades individually do not affect our day-to-day as much, they are more ‘big picture’ stuff (like revolution and transformation!!).

But, because Mercury and Venus are personal planets and have more effect on our lives and situations, how does their combined retrograde affect us, even when there’s not an eclipse?

  1. When Mercury is in retrograde, you will tend to see impact on communication and technology, sometimes travel.
  2. When Venus is in retrograde, it will tend to impact relationships and money
  3. They won’t necessarily be conjunct, because Mercury will be at 14° Cancer and Venus will be at 5° Gemini
  4. You can expect that you will likely experience all the ‘normal’ stuff you would during these retrogrades, but Mercury’s effects will be felt most strongly by Cancer (whose sign it occurs in) and Capricorn (whose sign opposes it) and Venus’s effects will be felt most strongly by Gemini (whose sign it occurs in) and Sagittarius (whose sign opposes it).
  5. Venus goes direct on June 25th at 2:48 AM. So there may be a bit of tailing off of the effects of this retrograde by the 21st, as Venus does not experience the ‘storm’ that Mercury does when it retrogrades and prepares to go direct.

Its probably safe to say at least that you should delay financial and romance/relationship decisions until after the 25th and that between June 18th and July 13th (when Mercury goes direct again), plan to give yourself extra time to get things done, as Mercury will potentially throw a wrench in your travel and technology.

But What About the Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses have historically been transformative influences, and this one falling on an important seasonal, astrological, and traditionally pagan day may have some further implications.

First, the solstice occurs on the 20th and the eclipse technically occurs on the 21st, but the proximity is still going to have the potential to produce some important energetic shifts we can take advantage of.

The solstice is the longest day of the year. The sun reaches its highest point in the sky relative to the horizon – the day with the most hours of sunlight and least hours of dark. It has been traditionally heralded as the marker of the beginning of summer.

The solar eclipse occurs just minutes before the exact time of the new moon (June 21st 2:40 AM and June 21st 2:42 AM, respectively). A solar eclipse is when the moon is exactly between the Earth and the Sun and blocks our view of the sun as the moon transits across its image on its way through our view.

One way to think about the type of energy that eclipses bring is that they grab your hand which has been hovering over that button and forcefully push it. They force your hand, push you forward, and give you a small rocket-boost thrust of energy into the future.

Solar eclipses are new beginnings, because they occur during and take advantage of the new moon energy happening at the time. So they will affect us by pushing us out that door (or window) into the next phase of our lives (or an aspect of our lives) rather abruptly. They don’t let us stand on the threshold and hem and haw, babes.

The solar eclipse happening on the 21st also occurs in Cancer and, since I’m a Cancer, I’m just gonna be real: be prepared to dive deep inside and confront the realities of parts of your life you KNOW you are not happy with. You will have some stark and sudden realizations that you want and need to be on a different path.

And the feels. There will be so many feels.

This transformative and intense journey will begin within you, and put you on your way to the next stage, whether that is a career change, a relationship beginning (or ending), or new opportunities. But these will come at the expense of your comfort and procrastination. You will be compelled to act. And act you should.

This is also the perfect time to harness the energy of abundance in your life. Ask your spirit guides, deities, or ancestors, or simply your own spirit, for the guidance and opportunities to expand the areas of your life you are ready to expand. Abundance isn’t just financial, remember.

Above all else, don’t stress.

I am a firm believer that things like the retrogrades only have the influence we allow them to.

If you’re constantly worried about Mercury retrograde, then, yes, it will jack with your life because you’re living in that energy. If you forget about it and just go about your life, being careful, but not worried or overly cautious, you’ll get through it without even knowing it!

btw, for all your Litha and summer magick or rituals, pick up a bottle of my Litha spell oil (its good all summer long, really) to pump up the energy and volume of your spells and magickal work.

tarot decks are almost completely white-washed (and what you can do about it)

to quote a tweet i saw today, “racism isn’t a touchy topic if you’re not a fucking racist.” – @bneura_

so, to be perfectly clear, i don’t think that tarot deck creators are inherently racist, they are simply unaware of how uninclusive they are, and the impact that their uninclusiveness has on the magickal and divinatory community.

how many tarot decks can you name off the top of your head that you for sure know are inclusive of multiple ethnicities?

here are mine (in no specific order):

but then, i was thinking, wow, every time i see someone post a spread or reading, or some new deck comes out and i’m gushing over how beautiful or unique the illustrations are….where are the people of color in those decks?

for the last 6 months or so, i’ve made a concerted effort to only purchase decks that are ethnically inclusive, with two exceptions (one was a deck i pre-ordered before i made that conscious choice, and which i just received today; the other was one i impulse-purchased on a payday a couple months ago and i have no excuse, i just did it. there it is).

but, in case you’re like me and really really want to make all the small changes and actions you can in order to affect larger changes now, but that are also long-lasting, and create massive social changes for us all, consider any of the previously named decks, but also any of these, which i found after doing some extensive digging:

and i am sure there are more i have missed. if you have suggestions, this list is sure to be ever-growing.

there were others i did not include on this list because i find they were definitely out of print, and, therefore didn’t want to send you down a rabbithole that you may never find an opening. i’m happy to start a list that is inclusive of those decks that are out of print, in case anyone wants to find them elsewhere, such as ebay.

anyway, if you are considering purchasing a new or used tarot deck, please consider supporting creators that are people of color and decks that are inclusive of people of color.

you could also consider getting in touch with the illustrators, creators, and publishers of some of the decks you love and encourage them to release updated and more inclusive versions upon subsequent editions and publishing.

venus is still in retrograde, bwitch

right now is not the time to make major financial decisions. like buying that house, investing a large amount of money in something, or taking on additional unnecessary debt. and that’s apart from the fact that the economy is struggling.

normally, venus is the planet that rules money for us in a beneficial way and it can really give us a boost in this area of our life if we time financial decisions to venus’s beneficial aspects to our natal chart (specifically your 2nd and 8th houses), or when venus is conjunct your natal venus.

but right now, in retrograde, the normally beneficial influence of venus on finances is not quite the opposite, as in its detrimental or negative, but it can obscure facts from us or make the situation foggy so that we can’t make an informed decision.

obviously, there will be some decisions that you cannot put off, like emergencies, and quite frankly, a lot of us are in dire straits in the midst of a terrible economic crisis brought on by a pandemic. so, y0u know, do what you have to do.

but, if there is any way you can pause and step back from a decision momentarily before making a knee-jerk choice, do so. if there is any way to put off a decision until after venus goes direct on June 25th, do so.

financial decisions right now are going to have the unfortunate risk of being made with false, misleading, or inadequate information inputs, and will likely not yield the payoff you desire.

and, just so i can get this off my chest, venus is conjunct my natal venus right now while its retrograde, so that bitch was just like ‘ha ha, you didn’t think i was just gonna hand it to you, did you?’ i’m mad about missing out on a really good chance to get some money 😉

however, you can also choose to see the silver lining in a venus retrograde and that is that this is a great time to do some housecleaning in more areas than just your house. venus rules our financial decisions, but also relationships, loves, and emotional selves, so take a deep look at what you might be holding onto that you can let go of and unburden yourself.

venus goes direct on june 25th at 5 degrees gemini. she’ll remain in gemini through the entire months of june and july, and then move into cancer on august 8th.

and i’m a cancer and venus in cancer is get me all up in my feels and all you that don’t like your feels (i’m looking at you capricorn, virgo, and taurus…) are going to have to get all up in your feels too and we can just schedule parties to get together and cry it out, okay? it’ll be okay. i’m okay. you’re okay. we’re all okay.

anyway, venus in retrograde: put your credit cards in a block of ice in the freezer and whatever it is that you think you need from amazon, no, you most definitely do not. (looking at myself on that one!)

magick for the waning moon

now that the full moon last week has passed us, we’re approaching the waning moon, which will technically take place on the 14th (today) and through 1-2 days before the new moon.

what kind of magick is best on the waning moon?

think of this phase of the moon as ‘going away’ or ‘getting lesser’ as the visible part of the moon from earth shrinks until we reach the new moon.

during this phase, destructive magick, or magick in which we get rid of, clear out, clean, banish, rid ourselves of, or otherwise break down, cut loose, and leave behind is the name of the game.

here are some things to consider with this waning moon, as it is currently going to be in pisces as of today, then aries on the 17th, and finally it will move into taurus on the 19th, before entering gemini on the actual new moon.

to add to those brief positions, there are also 3 planets going retrograde this month: saturn, venus (13th), and jupiter.

re-evaluate things and people

  • negative or harmful self thoughts
  • toxic relationships
  • emotional vampires
  • overflowing closets
  • dust bunnies
  • excess stuff you just aren’t going to use, admit it
  • self-destructive habits (excess drinking, binge eating, blowing off exercise)

set powerful intentions

this is also a great time to replace those things you’re cutting out or getting rid of with positive, affirming, and self-loving mantras, thoughts, and routines.

this can also include establishing and enforcing boundaries, for yourself and others

the waning moon is perfect for tough love.

working on your shadow self

the waning moon, plus the energy of saturn retrograde, is a really really fantastic opportunity to do some deep work on your shadow self.

i know this is something that has been on my list for some time, and i’ve been waiting for this part of the moon’s cycle, as well as some important transits to my natal chart in late May to begin to really chip away at retained anger, hurt, and things that hold me back.

i haven’t really written extensively on the shadow self, but here is a great guide if you want to read more about it.

this can help you address creative blocks, self-esteem blocks, blocks you are experiencing in your magickal practice, professional blocks, relationship patterns, and so much more. there are even people who claim they have healed from complex health problems by simply working on their shadow self.

how to use this energy in daily practice during the waning moon

there might be one thing or many things you want to work on letting go of during this waning moon. i find its helpful to make a list of the things i know i need to work on, or want to work on. then i go through and journal for a bit on some or all of them.

just free write everything that comes to mind, word vomit onto the page. your thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses, intuitive inputs all come together to paint a picture of this problem or issue you’re working on.

some of these things may stand out as important, yet you need more guidance. consider consulting your tarot or oracle deck, or a trained reader if you do not feel comfortable yourself, to ask how you can overcome this.

with destructive magick, one of my favorite workings is to burn a written representation of something i am letting go. so you might write down ‘using alcohol as a crutch when i feel upset with my partner’, for instance.

once you have identified a solution that suits your problem, state out loud the thing or habit you are letting go, and what you intend to do in its place or instead of it, or perhaps what boundary you are setting to prevent it from happening again.

burn the scrap of paper, as you visualize the thing or habit leaving your body and mind and drifting away in the smoke of the ashes (open a window, let that bad habit leave!).

that’s just one example, but there are many out there. i love to use a spell oil, too, such as release, the one i’ve blended for this exact purpose of letting things (or people) go. i feel that it really amplifies my will and my outcomes are so much more effective.

5 ways to use full moon power to your advantage

there’s no denying that virtually every ancient (and many current) society used the moon’s cycles for everything from rituals, planting and harvest, marriage, tributes to deities, and, yes, magick.

depending on the point in the moon’s monthly cycle, energy may be better suited for certain types of magick than others. now, this does not mean that you cannot do a type of magick that does not particularly correspond to that point in the moon’s cycle. it just means the energy for that magick may not be as intense or focused at that point.

the full moon is best for the following types of magick or spells:


looking for inspiration, divine or otherwise? the full moon is the perfect time to ask for some assistance with new ideas for your creative passions. regardless of what your art is, use the full moon’s power for inspo! consider a creative-inspired tarot reading, scrying, psychic meditation, or any other way you might receive inspiration.

intuitive or psychic work

whether you’re a seasoned witch with strong psychic powers, or just starting out on your journey to open up your third eye or intuitive senses, the full moon is the best time to work on these, as it’s powerful energy will be strongest and you can take advantage of that to expand your mind, conscious and unconscious.

charging crystals and magickal tools

this one is super easy and you may already be doing it, but if you’re not, just put your magickal stuff outside somewhere safe, or, if you do not have a spot outdoors where you can safely leave your tools or crystals, they can get the same benefit on a windowsill indoors that the full moon light will reach.

sex magick

this can be done anytime, really. i find its particularly powerful during the new moon and full moon, though. and i’ve posted a couple of easy spells you can use if you’re unfamiliar with sex magick or not sure exactly how it works. here’s one for the new moon and here’s one for the full moon.

any kind of constructive magick

this is magick or a spell in which you intend to gain, receive, expand, grow, or otherwise increase/construct relative to what you already have. magick in this category may include (but is not limited to):

  • love spells
  • lust spells
  • money spells
  • career/job-related spells
  • prosperity spells
  • health spells
  • fertility spells
  • planting/gardening/growing spells
  • luck spells

the full moon’s big, beautiful, bright energy is just hanging right over you, waiting to light up your energy and power your intent.

full moon in scorpio: how to make it work for you

this week on thursday, may 7th, 2020 the (super) full moon will arrive in scorpio, but what does that mean for you?

scorpio is one of those signs that just exudes sexy. as a water sign, its pure passion, but heavily emotional, too. its going to affect your need for intimacy, sex, sexual expression, and connection.

it can also impact desires, both good and bad, so watch out for temptations that may cause you to stray from an otherwise good situation.

you’re also going to feel some rebellious tendencies, and not just because quarantine got you desperate. this is also exerted from the scorpio full moon. you might push back against your superiors at work, people crossing your boundaries in relationships or friendships, or randos on the subway who can’t stop staring.

this full moon’s energy will be felt most by scorpios, but also by their opposition sign, taurus.

this is a great time for:

  • passion with a partner
  • figuring out exactly what you want from your next partner(s)
  • speaking your truth
  • establishing your boundaries

if you’re in a relationship, now is a great time to deepen your connection to any partners you are involved with. you’ll come out of this time strengthened and even closer. open up to each other, and use intimacy and passion to your advantage here (hint, i posted a full moon sex magick money spell this week that you might wanna check out).

if you’re single and looking, communication and transparency are key to any dates or connections you are making. being open with any potential partners will really go a long way to improving any foundations you are building right now.

at work, draw your lines and be yourself. this is the perfect energy to take advantage of establishing who you are and what you will tolerate from friends, colleagues, and even superiors. let your inner self shine bright to those around who you may not be aware of just how amazing you are.

above all else, be super passionate about what you love, who you love, and anything else that makes you you. this is a very advantageous time for self-expression and pursuit of passions of all kinds.

how do zodiac signs affect the full moon?

you may be newish to astrology or the impact that the planets, stars, zodiac signs, and other celestial bodies have on each other, and you might have wondered ‘what exactly does full moon in Libra mean?

here’s how to break it down:

throughout the course of the year (in the 12 month calendar), the moon transits each of the zodiac signs and there is usually one full moon in each of those signs each 12 month cycle.

each of the signs influences the moon’s energy, and your spiritual energy, conscious and unconscious needs, and strengths/weaknesses, differently.

this month, the full moon will be in Libra and all zodiac signs will feel its energy, but Libra and Aries will likely feel it more strongly.

the full moon in Libra is all about bringing or finding balance: balance in your relationships, your job, your life, your finances, and so on. but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that balance will happen, its merely a facilitator of that balance, should you choose to be open to it and let it into your life by your actions, thoughts, and words.

you will still need to search for or create that balance, but the Libra moon’s energy is the perfect time to do so.

things that will be great for you to pursue are relationships, fertilization (of anything, not just your own eggs – so if you don’t want kids right now, don’t worry, fertilize some plants or your 401K), and the big one: emotions.

this will be an emotional full moon. let that shit out. have all the emotions and embrace them. this is the perfect time to do so. perform your love spells, abundance spells, money spells, and go forth to sow your seed.

the plans and efforts you set now will germinate for the next 12 months until this time next year – don’t waste this opportunity for laying a really solid foundation.

Full Moon in Libra on April 7, 2020: Chart Wheel
image from:

the image above is a really good visual of what it means for the full moon to be IN Libra. the moon is actually positioned in the ‘sky’ in the position of Libra, and opposite the sun, which is in Aries (hence why Aries will feel this moon’s energy more strongly, similar to Libra).

as the moon transits the sky around the earth, it visits each of those signs, which will change how it influences us, in turn.

a big theme that many sources you may have read are discussing is the need to bring balance and harmony, especially to relationships. we will be pulled to want to spend more time on our own independently, but also feel compelled to find or keep a partner(s) with whom we enjoy time together.

the trick is to decide how to fairly divide those time resources so that everyone wins (ourselves included).

on the subject of balance is also the influence of Jupiter and Pluto on the moon right now. jupiter and pluto are what is called ‘conjuct’ right now. this means that they are in the same sign, and their energies may balance, but also amplify each other, as well as the moon and sun in that sign.

this is an influence of big changes, passionate pursuit of goals or dreams is ideal, and putting effort into work and projects, or new ideas will be fruitful. its also a time to finally bust past barriers and obstacles, using the really intense transformative energy of this alignment.

this alignment is also considered very lucky and most professional endeavors you begin during this transit will turn out successful with your passion and hard work poured into them.

this is a really good time to dream big and think about where you want to head in life and then put that into action.

if you’re interested in where you can best view the full pink supermoon just over the horizon tuesday April 7, check out this link from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

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