a quick guide to candle magick

Candle magick is by far one of the easiest and most accessible forms of spell work. It requires so very little actual items or tools and can be done anywhere.

This will not just be another guide to which color of candle to use for a certain type of spell. This is more a process that you can begin to use right away to implement candle magick easily and safely.

Candles are an inexpensive magickal item and you can even find them at most regular stores, craft stores, and even places like Target. They’re typically cheap, come in a wide range of colors, and maybe even scents.

Besides a candle or a few, you’ll only need something to light it with. That’s it. Anything else you want to include in your candle magick is optional.

How to Perform a Basic Candle Spell


  1. You will need to define a specific outcome that you want. This is your intent. You should be able to write this out in one basic sentence. If you write it out and its more than one sentence or its longer than maybe a standard line on a piece of physical paper, its probably too long.
  2. Your intent should also only contain one outcome or goal. If you make it about two different things, your intent and will may have a hard time finding a specific target and you could risk muddling the results or getting nothing, or, worse yet, things going wrong.
  3. So, be as specific as possible in your intent.

The Candle Spell

  1. Center and ground yourself. (*hint, a wrote a book review previously about Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher and she gives very simple and easy to perform centering and grounding technique suggestions, but you can use anything you like that works for you).
  2. Once you feel you have sufficiently arrived into your body, you are focused and have cut the strings attached to whatever you were doing prior to this, let your mind clear, taking deep breaths until you feel your heart rate slow down and you are relaxed.
  3. At this point, you will need to raise energy. You can do this a myriad of ways. Dancing, drumming, singing, listening to music, chanting, visualizing, etc etc.
  4. Once you feel you have sufficiently raised your energy, hold your intended candle in your hands however feels intuitively the most comfortable to you. I like to put one hand above the other along the length of the candle, wrapping fingers tightly around it and pressing it into my palms, covering it completely.
  5. Now, you’ll visualize transferring as much of that wonderful energy you raised into the candle.
  6. As you do so, repeat your phrase of intent or a mantra (I just think it intently over and over, but you can also say it out loud), or simply something that symbolizes your intent. You should feel the energy transferring to the candle.
  7. After a few minutes, there will be a definite point where you feel the energy transfer slow or stop, and the candle has reached its saturation. You can choose to say a few words such as ‘This object now knows its purpose, my will be done’ but you don’t have to.
  8. Place the candle in a safe base and light it. Let it burn all the way down. Make sure you can be near it to monitor that it is safely burning. If you have to leave, blow it out and re-light it when you return, repeating your intent statement mentally or out loud as you light it.

That’s it!

Now, you can of course make this much more elaborate by adding herbs, oils, resins, carvings, symbols, or other things to the candle before lighting it, but it’s not required. If your intent and will are sufficiently infused with the candle, that’s really all you need.

Color Associations

Even though I said this post would really not be about which color candle is best for which type of spell, it also doesn’t hurt to include some basics here so you have it all in one place.


  • confidence
  • drawing attention
  • good fortune
  • passion
  • lust
  • courage
  • change
  • excitement
  • energy
  • fire element
  • celebration
  • victory
  • sex
  • transformation
  • seduction


  • happiness
  • friendship
  • intuition
  • creativity
  • sexual potency
  • material desires
  • warmth
  • fire element
  • attraction
  • celebration
  • business success
  • stimulation
  • new ideas/inspiration
  • abundance
  • optimism
  • wisdom
  • memory
  • kindness
  • legal issues
  • ambition
  • uncrossing
  • confidence
  • charm
  • encouragement
  • lively conversation
  • increase productivity


  • creativity
  • energy
  • learning
  • intelligence
  • wisdom
  • focus
  • attention
  • concentration
  • memory
  • logic
  • reason
  • clairvoyance
  • cheer
  • confidence
  • abundance
  • sun/solar energy
  • fire element
  • warmth
  • comfort
  • astral projection
  • harmony
  • faith
  • optimism
  • friendships
  • business matters
  • intuition
  • persuasion
  • removing obstacles


  • finances
  • money and wealth
  • business
  • career and employment
  • earth/environmental
  • earth element
  • luck
  • prosperity
  • success
  • fertility
  • garden
  • plants
  • growth of any kind
  • spring
  • health
  • heart
  • learning
  • jealousy/envy
  • starting something new
  • material goods


  • peace
  • communication
  • calm
  • water element
  • spiritual communication
  • angels
  • commitment
  • wisdom
  • the moon
  • intelligence
  • tranquility
  • devotion
  • healing
  • astral projection
  • will power
  • dreaming
  • guidance
  • justice
  • forgiveness
  • inner peace
  • truth


  • third eye
  • wisdom
  • intuition
  • spirit communication
  • astral travel
  • manifestations
  • knowledge
  • magick
  • royalty
  • air element
  • confidence
  • success
  • enlightenment
  • meditation
  • ascension
  • open-minded
  • psychic
  • spiritual protection
  • divination
  • justice
  • healing
  • power
  • removing curses
  • influence people of power


  • protection
  • focus
  • grounding
  • hexing
  • survival
  • cursing
  • banishing
  • binding
  • uncrossing
  • separation
  • cord cutting
  • releasing
  • assertiveness
  • strength
  • afterlife


  • can substitute for any other color if you only have white candles (white contains the entire color spectrum)
  • purification
  • cleansing
  • consecration
  • clarity
  • innocence
  • protection
  • divination
  • guidance
  • healing
  • wisdom
  • communicating with your higher self
  • hope
  • optimism
  • peace
  • new beginnings
  • lunar magic
  • air element
  • spirituality
  • confidence
  • spirit communication
  • truth
  • inspiration

Silver (also includes Gray usually)

  • psychic power or ability
  • manifesting
  • release negativity
  • protection
  • purification
  • divination
  • divine feminine
  • prophetic dreams
  • astral travel
  • astrology (to learn)
  • intuition
  • air or water element


  • success
  • wealth
  • financial gain
  • money matters
  • luck
  • vitality
  • masculine divine
  • solar energy
  • power
  • earth element


  • self-love
  • romance
  • attracting a partner
  • love
  • family relationships
  • friendship
  • peace
  • harmony
  • water or fire element
  • creative pursuits
  • marriage
  • sex
  • relationships
  • feminine
  • beauty
  • compassion
  • health (mental and physical)
  • healing a broken heart


  • protection of the home
  • home matters
  • hearth
  • material gain
  • business
  • career
  • legal matters
  • justice
  • pets
  • animals
  • physical healing
  • earth element
  • stability
  • grounding
  • concentration
  • learning new skills
  • making decisions
  • retribution/revenge

a spell for business success

Today is the full moon in Capricorn, and one day of the week ruled by Capricorn is Saturday, which is today! Capricorn energy is practical, focused, hard-working, and dedicated.

And, this double whammy of earthy Capricorn energy (moon in Capricorn + its on a Saturday) is the perfect time to take advantage of synergy for spells in the following areas of life:

  • business
  • prosperity
  • self-esteem
  • fears and self-limiting thoughts
  • anything material-related

What You Will Need:

  • a green or gold candle
  • matches or a lighter
  • a piece of paper
  • a pen
  • a handful of soil
  • a small dish of rainwater (water from a rushing source will work, and bottled spring water can work as well)
  • a flameproof dish or cauldron
  • incense of your choice, but for spells related to prosperity in business, I really like basil, mint, frankincense, cinnamon, or rose; or all of the above, whatever you’re drawn to most

What You Will Do:

  1. Clear your space and clear your mind. Center yourself and ground. Spend 5-10 minutes just breathing deeply, counting your breaths, or letting your mind settle and clear any way you find effective. I like to use my Rich Bwitch spell oil, rubbing a few drops on my temples and wrists, to help me tap into the exact energies I plan to use.
  2. Think through exactly what type of business success you hope to achieve. Is it financial? Making your first sale in a new venture? Making your 10,000th sale in an established business? Hiring more help? Expanding? You need a good, solid, and specific picture of exactly what you want.
  3. Once you have this image and list identified in your head, write down your intended outcome in one sentence, as succinctly as possible. If you are asking for 4 different things, consider choosing 1-2 that are priorities for this particular spell. You can always do another spell tomorrow or next week, or next month. The key is to give the energy you raise a specific and well-defined target. The more information you include and more potential outcomes you seek, you risk muddling the intent and getting none of them.
  4. To clarify, if I was hoping for an increase in revenue by 30% the 2nd half of this year, so that I could then expand to a physical storefront, hire an employee, and grow my product line, I would need to figure out what would yield all of those things collectively or pick one to specifically request. An example would be, “I am able to achieve a level of revenue growth that yields the ability to open a store within the next 12 months.” The assumption here is that, in opening a physical store, I will far exceed the 30% revenue increase and will also net a revenue level that affords the ability to hire at least one person.
  5. In your cauldron, place your herbs/incense of choice.
  6. If you want to carve anything on your candle, now is a good time to do it. It could be a sigil, a word such as “success” or “prosperity” or a symbol that is meaningful to your goal. Light your candle.
  7. Grab some of the soil in one hand, sprinkle it over your paper and recite:

“soil and earth, bestow your worth”

8. Dip your hand into the bowl of water, sprinkle a few drops on your paper and recite:

“rains and seas, feel my plea”

9. Blow your breath onto the paper, visualizing your outcome and recite:

“gusts of air, carry this prayer”

10. Finally, light the herbs/incense in the bowl/cauldron and drop the paper into it, letting it catch fire. You may need to light it if it does not initially catch. Recite:

“Heat, flame, I call thy name”

“My will is known, my business grown. So will it be.”

Because the ashes now contain all 4 elements balanced into your spell, I would personally let it burn down and stir the ashes into what is left of the soil, and stir that into a pot or my garden, using it as a fertile starter for any plants.

If you’re not that much of a green thumb, but don’t want to just throw out the ashes of your spell, consider just sprinkling the ashes or ash/soil mixture outdoors somewhere meaningful if you have a yard, or even a fave spot in a local park, trail, forest, or friend/family’s yard.

You can also just throw them out now that the spell is worked and you’ve sent your will out to manifest. Or you can save them once they’ve completely burned out and use them to make black salt in the future.

magickal uses of water

I’m a water sign and have a lot of water in my chart, as well, so, naturally, I find watery stuff soothing and appealing, as well as intuitive to work with.

I wanted to put this quick post together for anyone who hasn’t pondered the ways that water can be used in magickal practice, and this is by no means fully comprehensive, but will include probably the most common, as well as few uncommon, ways to use water.

On Your Altar

This is something that probably all of us do almost all the time because its pretty consistently practiced across most magickal path traditions, to have something representing each of the 4 elements on your altar, including just non-work dedication altars to ancestors or deities.

Most people have either a bowl or a chalice with water. Some people even just put a bottle of water on there, and others still, use just any old random cup. I think as long as its symbolically meaningful to you, it probably doesn’t matter what vessel itself is used to hold the water. Some materials are more symbolic than others to a particular deity, but you can customize this many ways. \I bought an inexpensive set of crystal stemware to use for the water offerings on my altars to ancestors and the deities I do any devotional work with, and I think its a nice touch, but I know not everyone has a budget for those things.

I have known people who use a vase of fresh cut flowers in water to represent their water and earth at the same time, which also beautifies the work space or dedication/offering, if that is what the flowers are for you.

For Protection

Water itself is inherently cleansing, but it also absorbs all manner of negative intentions or vibes, if its charged and purposed to do so.

One of the tips that I picked up from Sophie Reicher’s Spiritual Protection (read my review of it from yesterday here) was to keep a bowl of water by your front door when you are anticipating guests. It will help to grab and contain the energies they are bringing into your home, lowering the chances of them leaving behind unwanted and unpleasant energy.

She also mentions sleeping with a glass of fresh water by your bed each night to prevent unwanted spiritual visitors while sleeping. Dump it out into the toilet and flush it each morning after you wake up, then fill with fresh water again before sleeping. This is excellent for hotel rooms or traveling, when you can’t ward your entire space regulary.

Water can also be blessed to function as holy water or sacred water, and you can either purchase it already blessed from a local religious organization or bless it yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Holy water doesn’t technically have to be blessed by a priest or holy person, there are a number of non-denominational blessings you can find online (there is an excellent one in The Exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine McCarthy!!).

Water can be used to draw protective symbols on thresholds, windows, and mirrors, as well.

And, then water with salt added, particularly if you have also blessed the salt (that same book from McCarthy has blessings for both holy water and sacred salt), can even further add protection. You can use that to clean spaces, sprinkle in corners of rooms when cleansing and purifying, and to discourage evil or malevolent spirits or energies from entering your home or space.

Water can also be infused with various natural substances, like herbs, resins, plants, and crystals to use in spells involving protection, cleansing, abundance, and more. You can do a simple plant infusion by boiling the plant(s) in question in the water for 20 minutes, then removing from the heat, letting it cool to room temp, then straining the solids out and saving the infused water in an airtight jar in your fridge.


That brings me to my next point, which is that water is a purifier. As it is of the earth, and it is both one of the most destructive forces on earth, yet at the same time stimulates and feeds life, it is inherently powerful. Its all about the intent you put into this element.

I like to use spring water for my magickal work, especially that concerning purification, as it has not been adulterated or altered in any way. It is as close to the truest form of water found in the earth as possible, without actually going and collecting water from outdoors. I feel like spring water in a glass bottle retains better energetic properties than that stored in plastic, but in a pinch, again, its about the intent you instill in it.

Water collected from the earth, particularly that of a source of running water or catching rain water as it falls is even better, and even more energetically charged. If you can get that, do it! I know of people that order water from hot springs all over the country specifically for this purpose, if they cannot find any easily accessible sources in their area. You can also very easily set up a collection bowl or jars outdoors during rain to collect that which is free from the sky.

Moon water is a popular type of water used in spells, too. Put a jar or bottle of water out in the moonlight on a full moon (or a windowsill where the moon’s light will hit it) to charge the water with the energy of the full moon.

But, even if you can’t afford spring water in glass bottles regularly, and there is no clean outdoor source of running water near you, tap water is okay. Don’t worry too much about this. If you get hung up on using tap water, thinking its not magickal, then guess what? It’s not magickal. If you doubt yourself, your magick won’t work.

One caution I have is don’t drink water you collect from an outdoor source unless you sanitize it first by boiling it. While those sources are not typically contaminated by stuff we add to municipal water supplies like chlorine or the lead in our pipes, they are usually overflowing with microbes and other substances that may not be the best for you to consume.

I also recently started doing a ritual purification each day using spring water in a bowl with essential oils or my Release spell oil, along with water-safe crystals as a way to freshen myself up energetically for the day. You could easily do this in your bathroom or kitchen sink with the drain stopped, fill it with water and ritually cleanse your hands, arms, face, etc.

As An Offering

Don’t forget your ancestors and deities! A simple act such as filling a fresh goblet or cup of cool water each day for your ancestors and deities can go a long way to keeping them happy, and in your life, and honoring them with your attention.

This is another place I like to use spring water and my line of thinking is that if I can afford it, I can show them they matter to me by purchasing something higher quality, similar to the concept of burning ancestor money. I don’t view it as throwing money away.

Yes, I could use tap water and it wouldn’t cost me anything, but if I’m in a position to purchase spring water, then I should because my ancestors deserve it. If they make my life abundant, I should share some of that abundance and a $2 bottle of spring water each week is one small token of that appreciation. Plus, one of my grandmas is just petty enough to ignore me if she feels like I’m not making the effort lol

Now, please do not interpret that as saying if you don’t use some foo foo spring water, you don’t love your ancestors. Your ancestors know what you can afford and what your situation is. If it is truly a stretch for you, they are not going to get mad about tap water. I have friends who offer tap water and easy mac. Its not gonna be the end of the world.

However, there is no shame in saying to your ancestors, “I really want to be able to offer you more expensive offerings. Can you help me find ways to bring more money into my life, so that I can honor you by sharing it with you?” This works, really. Try it sometime.

But, I think what I’m trying to say about this is if you make 6 figures and your life is materially wealthy and your ancestors get tap water but they know you could be giving them better offerings, maybe don’t skimp. Its my experience that the more thought I put into what I offer them, the more they reciprocate with blessings in my life and my home.

On the subject of offerings, also consider putting a few drops of your favorite (or your deity’s favorite) essential oil into a water offering to add some beautiful or personalized aroma to the altar space.

So, hopefully you can take away some ways to work with the water element daily or in ritual/spell work!

a bedtime ritual for empowering sleep

Earlier this week, I posted a morning ritual for self love, and hopefully it helped get the juices flowing about how to optimize your morning routine to fill your day with empowerment and self love.

In order to make it all come full circle, though, wouldn’t it also be great to have a bedtime ritual that helps you shed any negative influences or energy from the day, dump frustrations, release what’s weighing on your mind, and set you up for empowering sleep so that you’re ready to roll the next day?

Well, let’s approach this process from a similar perspective as creating a morning ritual.

Sleep Hygiene

First and foremost, as a clinician, discussing sleep hygiene with patients was one of the most difficult things to get people to change, even though the payoff for it is massive.

All these people who have trouble sleeping are usually doing at least some things that are directly impairing their quality and duration of sleep. I won’t get into a long medical discussion here, because its been written about ad nauseam elsewhere, but you can google these and read more if you want.

Here’s my basic list of barebones stuff you absolutely need to pay attention to with a nighttime routine:

  • Put all devices down at least 60 min before you want to be asleep. This isn’t just because of the blue light, its also because of the stimulatory nature of consuming digital content and all the ways it stresses us out, makes us feel bad about ourselves, or is full of anxiety-causing subjects, triggers, and noise. This includes phones, watches, tablets, computers, and TV. If you use a bluelight-canceling reader that is literally only a reader, then that might be okay, but stay away from reading on other digital devices, as its way too easy to ‘I’ll just check Facebook before I turn the lights out’ and then 45 min later you’re still there.
  • Do something that symbolizes a break between your day and your night. This could be a simple stretching routine, reading an actual book, or breathing/meditating. Whatever you prefer. But it serves as a signal to your brain that from here on out, its all about sleep.
  • Keep your bedroom clean. I feel like some people are going to be like ‘what? People don’t clean their rooms?’ but yeah, this is all about the energy of your bedroom. Clutter, dust, and disarray invite negative energy to hang out. Period.
  • Keep your bedroom cool. If you already sleep in a cool/cold bedroom, you know exactly what I mean and why this is a game changer. If you don’t yet, try setting your thermostat down to like ~64-66F (or even lower if you can tolerate it) for a couple nights and just see how much difference it makes. Studies do show people who sleep in colder rooms sleep deeper.
  • Sleep in a dark room. Turn digital clock faces away, put phone screens pointing downward, cover up any other little LED devices, and maybe even consider blackout curtains if you have bright lights coming in from the outside, or if your windows let in a lot of ambient light.
  • Clean yourself. I’ve always been a nighttime shower-er and mostly because it physically and symbolically washes off the day, but even if you are a morning shower-er and nothing will make you change that, you can still perform a form of self-cleaning like washing in the sink or a basin your hands and feet, arms, neck, face, whatever and rubbing something purifying on your skin, like a favorite essential oil to signify you’re clean. Visualize rinsing away stress, negative thoughts, worries, or other things bugging you.

Some of the things listed might be already intuitive to you, but some may not. If you’re not doing all or most of those things and you’re having trouble sleeping, start with that list first, because no amount of other ritual will replace the fundamentals of preparing the body and mind for deep, restorative sleep.

Creating a Personal Empowering Bedtime Ritual

Let’s say you’re doing all or most of those things, though, and now you need to really turn bedtime and sleeping into something that works for you and gets you closer to your goals.

As I mentioned before, we want bedtime rituals to do these things, at a minimum:

  • shed any negative influences or energy from the day
  • dump frustrations
  • release what’s weighing on your mind
  • set you up for empowering sleep so that you’re ready to roll

Here are some things to consider adding, and, just like the morning ritual creation, pay attention to which of these, if any, jump out and speak to you as something you find appealing or appropriate for your situation:


This could be just showering or bathing, especially with herbs, essential oils, or soaps made for magickal or therapeutic purposes. It could also be symbolic like burning herbs or incense to cleanse your space before bed. You could also cleanse the energy of your bed or bedroom by spraying something like Florida water or an essential oil blend to uplift the energy and instill a clean energetic feeling to the area.


This includes letting go of thoughts, worries, tension, or other things that are going to occupy your mind as you fall asleep or even during sleep in the form of bad dreams, or waking in the middle of the night because you are anxious about something.

It might also be thinking through who or what you got upset or frustrated with during the day and writing it out, practicing forgiveness, or creating a plan for how you want to approach it or deal with it tomorrow. Whatever it is you choose is something that helps you relieve your mind of this particular thing so that it doesn’t feel obligated to chew on it all night.

Releasing could also be stretching, yoga, massage, or even orgasms, whether with a partner or yourself; those can all be forms of letting go of energy or tension you don’t want to keep holding onto.


Whereas our magickal morning ritual was all about finding and maintaining the right energy and self love to start the day, we don’t really want to build energy up right before we need to sleep. We can, however, redistribute energy that’s maybe too intense or too plentiful in order to calm our mind and body.

Things that calm and promote balance might include the aforementioned stretching, as long as its not overly strenuous or painful, aromatherapy with essential oils, drinking a non-caffeinated hot beverage (I’m a huge fan of tea), reading something non-digital, journaling/writing, spending time with a beloved pet(s), cuddling a partner, meditating, and so on.

There are probably dozens more things you could add to this list that are more specific to your life and situation, so think about what you typically do to calm down or wind down when you’re in need of it.

Empowering Sleep

Now we get to the actual part about making sleep work for us.

What are your goals right now? Are there any projects or things you’re working on that you want to ensure are going to work out or be successful? Are you trying to make changes in your life or attitude? Are you trying to attract people or things to you?

Write those things down on a slip of paper.

Also write down anything else like “I will sleep soundly without waking,” or other similar action statements about specifically impacting your sleep quality/duration. Or, perhaps, that’s all you are really focused on here, and don’t really have any outside goals you want to wrap into this.

You can take those slips of paper and meditate on them each night before heading to sleep, breathing deeply, envisioning the successful outcome you want, then tuck those slips of paper under or into your pillow before you fall asleep.

You can also draw those statements out into sigils you meditate on.

You could write out positive affirmations that empower you, such as ‘I speak my truth, unafraid of standing up for myself.‘ Or maybe draw symbols, scenes, or sigils of those affirmation statements. State them out loud a few times, keep them by your bed, and/or place them under your pillow while you sleep.

The empowering piece here is the stuff we need to do to change our mindset from whatever we experienced during our day to what we want our next day to ideally be.

As we practice this act of envisioning and setting our expectations and intentions, we can create a conscious mind space of receptive, open, and abundant thinking.

Whatever elements of this ritual you ultimately settle on, its important that you honor the ‘ritual’ part of that. Which means, you do it consistently with the intent of affecting yourself and/or your life,

how to create a magick morning ritual for self love

When I initially planned this post, it was simply from the perspective of creating rituals of any level of simplicity or complexity to begin one’s day with an attitude of self love and empowerment.

And, that will be what this is about.

However, after a comment from @clairalchemy on Twitter encouraging me to expand on a comment I made about creating sacred devotional time with my spirit, this sort of morphed into something much larger, which deserves to be more fully developed and structured, perhaps even some kind of template to help others implement this approach and mindset into their lives in an expanded system.

So, be on the lookout for that from me in the coming months, but for now, let’s talk about rituals and self love.

Rituals in Magickal Practice

The term ‘ritual’ may engender visions of arcane and complex undertakings, dark robes, ceremonial sacrifices, and chants in languages you don’t understand.

Or, it might make you think of practicing something many times over in order to perfect it or learn it better.

Or, maybe its a gathering with fellow magick practitioners or pagans wherein you celebrate an important lunar or solar date.

None of these are necessarily wrong, but I want you to step back away from preconceived definitions and ask yourself what rituals you have already created in your day. That is, what things do you do most days, or almost always the same way, or in symbolic honor of something or someone?

Most peoples’ days are not that extremely different and variable, as humans are creatures of habit in many ways. Even the most spontaneous of us still get dressed the same way each day, shower and brush our teeth in a certain order, or eat the same 10-15 foods fairly consistently.

So, its likely you have some rituals already established. Some of them serve you to get to work on time looking professional, others ensure that you complete work effectively, and still others may assist you in caring for family members such as prepping dinner each night or tucking kids into bed.

Rituals in magickal practice are not extremely different in that they follow a certain structure, even if you do not follow a more defined path such as Garderian Wicca or Voudon, its likely that there are certain steps or actions you take before, during, and after all of your rituals, regardless of the purpose or workings contained therein.

For some people, rituals and spells are completely separate undertakings. For others, they intertwine as needed. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, ritual is something that has repeatable elements and builds behaviors that yield change in our lives or our world in some way, either through physical/psychological/spiritual action, or symbolic actions.

Examples of how ritual may impact us include:

  • establishing a deeper connection to external spirits, divinity, source, or ancestors/guides
  • building a community and fellowship with peers when done in social groups
  • sending forth energy in the form of requests, spells, prayers, or workings to affect ourselves and our environment
  • creating subconscious or spiritual connections to actions, elements, ideas, and more in order to grow or change our spiritual or even physical self
  • learning to be more present and focused

There are plenty more ways that ritual practice may affect you, but most importantly, it is time dedicated to a person(s), spirit(s), deity/ies, concept, project, or other pursuit that is a priority to you.

The bottom line I want you to take away is that ritual time is time focused on a person, task, idea, or element, not on distractions that have nothing to do with it. It is devotion of time, action, and thought and being present in the moment.

So, if you consider yourself a priority (and I hope that you do), are you incorporating rituals for yourself?

Self Love and Acceptance Actions Ritualized

For some of us, its not simply enough to think we’re great, the power of a regularly implemented ritual can create magickal ripples of energy flowing from within you to affect your environment, the people around you, and, yes, even the rest of the world.

There are many ways you can practice self love. They don’t all incorporate bubble baths and pedicures. Sometimes the things you may need to do to love yourself are organizing your monthly bills or grocery shopping for fruits and veggies so you can snack on those instead of empty calories like chips.

And yet, still other examples of self love include taking care of your physical body with movement. Do you have an exercise ritual? What about getting outside daily to breathe fresh air? There are plenty of ways you can ritualize this.

Maybe ritualized self love for you is affirmations in the mirror before you get ready for the day. Instead of focusing on what you perceive are your flaws, perhaps you can create statements of self love to repeat out loud before you do your make up and hair?

Embrace the things about yourself you find beautiful, alluring, sensual, special, or otherwise remarkable or unique. Remind yourself about those first thing every day.

Ritualized self love may be a meditation (guided or not) in which you breathe deeply in a quiet space or outdoors, imagining yourself embracing and accepting what you have and what you want, pursuing your goals, and acquiring your desired outcome. Consider it a visualization pep talk.

Or, maybe its writing down your thoughts before getting ready for the day. Write down your fears, worries, regrets, irritations, and any other feelings typically perceived as ‘negative.’ It’s important to acknowledge these exist, and not just ignore them and pretend like they’re not there.

Then, write down all the positive attributes you feel like you have. All of them, no matter how small you think they are. They’re all important. Look at your list. Isn’t it awesome? Aren’t you awesome? Now you’ve taken away the power of your fears and worries, and you’ve established your self worth and empowered yourself to start the day with a mindset focused on bringing out those strengths.

You may also ritualize letting go of past hurts or experiences that hold you back. This could be in the form of journaling, reading tarot or oracle cards, creating art to tell your story, or meditating, as just a few suggestions.

Creating Your Own Magickal Morning Ritual for Self Love

I can’t and won’t tell you what ritual to create, as I’m not you, and I don’t know what will work with your life. Only you can decide how much or little of this you need, and in what form it will occur.

But, at this point, after reading through the above suggestions or ideas, did anything jump out at you as appealing?

If nothing was appealing, its possible that your self love ritual needs to include more specific things, besides just ‘movement,’ ‘nourishment,’ ‘spiritual work,’ and so on.

Think about how you feel at the end of a day. What are the things you think to yourself ‘I wish I had time for that‘ or ‘I wish I could change this about myself’?

That is the first thing to start with. Whatever you want to do more of, or want to approach differently, should be a ringing bell that perhaps it would benefit from some ritualized self love.

An example of this would be ‘I wish I had more time to read for enjoyment.’

So, then part of your morning ritual might involve waking up 10-15 min earlier and grabbing a book from your nightstand and reading for a bit before doing anything else. Start the day with that little bit of time that’s devoted to just you, and I promise your day will flow much smoother and you’ll begin to see your self worth show up in ways you had not expected.

Or, ‘I wish I could change my body.’ I don’t want to get into the realm of bodyshaming, but coming from a background in nutrition and fitness, having worked with hundreds of women of all ages, this is so ubiquitous these days and believe me, every single one of us can name off numerous things we want to change about our bodies if we could. No matter how body positive we are publicly, we’re still human inside.

This propensity to be unhappy with our bodies has to be acknowledged, instead of continuing to sweep it under the rug and pretend like we’re not all at least a little bit insecure about our bodies, no matter what they look like.

And saying that we should all want to keep them just as they are, no change needed also minimizes the very real emotions and feelings that come along with inhabiting bodies. It makes women feel bad about their bodies, and then makes them feel bad about feeling bad about their bodies, which further works against us.

And, I also refuse to jump on the ‘y0u should love your body no matter what’ train. Y0u should love your body, but if you don’t, that is not a sin, and there is nothing wrong with you. Sometimes loving your body does mean making it healthier, depending on what your definition of healthier is.

Ultimately, you are the one that has to live in your body. Change it or don’t change it based on what you like or want or feel, not anyone else’s opinion of what it should look like, nor whether you should care what it looks like.

Decide if/how you can make changes and what you are willing to give up to make that happen. Some changes are unrealistic and the urge to make the change is based on misogynistic ideals we’ve embraced for women’s bodies and lives, and some are simply impossible based on individual factors.

This type of statement, however, can be transformed into self love in one of two ways:

  1. Is this something you can actually change? And, if so, can the change be attained without risk for your personal health or safety? If the answer to both of those is yes, then consider creating a self love movement/exercise, skincare, diet, medical, or other bodywork ritual geared toward your goals. Always work with a healthcare provider when appropriate.
  2. If this is not something that can realistically be changed (wanting to be taller than you are, wanting a body shape you genetically or anatomically cannot attain, etc), then you might focus on removing the urge to want to change your body and hone in on the aspects of your body that you find spectacular. I worked with a client years ago that was ~ 5’2″ and was obsessed with the idea of having ‘long lean muscles’ like I did at the time. But, I’m 5’9″ and genetically that’s how people in my family are built. After discussing this in great depth before working together and during sessions, she came to the realization that she had the perfect build to develop gorgeous curvy muscles, which she ended up loving even more. Sometimes, we realize that what we originally wanted is not really what is best for us or isn’t going to yield what we think it will. The grass is almost never greener.

Beyond those things, perhaps your self love is changing your mindset or creating a path to growth through the arts, self exploration, or other pursuits that flex your spiritual and psychological muscles in various ways.

You might want to add to your ritual chants or mantras that help you internalize concepts you want to be better at.

For instance, lets say you feel like you are short-tempered with your partner and you want to approach discussions or situations with friction more calmly. You could create a sigil, a chant, or any other written or verbal element to symbolize yourself remaining calm and diffusing your temper when put in those situations.

You could also sit with your favorite houseplant or in your garden, touching nature and breathing deeply to fill yourself with gratitude and the beauty of what the earth has to offer us every day. Visualize drawing energy from those sources if you need it, or returning excess energy if you feel you have started the day a little too tightly wound.

All of these things are merely suggestions for you. Ultimately, decide what elements, if any, you want or need in a morning ritual.

Because this is a morning ritual, it should be based around the things that you feel will put you in the best mindset going into the rest of your day.

Whether that be being more assertive, drawing firmer boundaries, showing compassion, improving your health, helping those less fortunate, learning a new skill, or listening to others instead of doing all the talking, decide what you want this ritual to provide you with, and craft its elements accordingly.

As long as you are devoting that time, no matter how long or short, to yourself and practicing an act that you consider to have the intention of self love, it can help to grow and heal you spiritually and emotionally as you are consistent.

Personal empowerment is everything, and being who you want to be is at the root of this ritual self love practice.

a spell to find a better job

Or just a job at all. This is flexible.

I’ll cut right to the point: a lot of people are either out of work, or working in jobs they’re not happy with. And, to a certain extent, this will always exist, because not everyone can work their dream job.

But, we can certainly find a better situation for ourselves professionally. Now, the caveat to this spell is assuming that you are doing all the right things, like dressing professionally and showing up on time for interviews, actually filling out job applications, and have a reasonably professional-looking resume.

If you’re not doing the basics, a spell isn’t going to polish you up, honey. This spell is if you’re looking and can’t find what you want, or you’re applying and interviewing but just aren’t getting offers, despite being a good candidate.

What You Will Need

  • a printed map of the area in which you want to find your job
  • a black marker or pen
  • either a red or orange candle (red is associated with luck and orange is associated with prosperity; I don’t think either of them is wrong, just whatever color you’re most drawn to for your situation)
  • something to light the candle with
  • a small piece of paper to write on
  • a fireproof vessel or container
  • a dried herb or two (or three) from this list, all of which are associated with luck: chamomile, mint, honeysuckle, thyme, rosemary

What You Will Do

  1. Start out by writing down on the piece of paper a list of the job duties and your bottom line requirements. This could include a realistic minimum salary/hourly wage offer, work hours, flexibility, skills required, benefits, office dynamics, and anything else that is particularly important to you. The more specific you are, obviously the more you limit yourself, but if they are dealbreakers, then include them and be prepared to be patient.
  2. Think on this content for a few moments as you meditate quietly and envision the aspects of this new job and how they will benefit you and anyone else in your life, if applicable.
  3. Lay the map out flat on your altar or workspace. On the map, using the black marker or pen, draw an outline of the boundaries of the area in which you want the job to be. This functions as your specifier for how far you are willing commute (if at all) or where you may be limited to regarding public transport or other forms of travel. If you’re open to packing up your entire life and moving somewhere brand new, consider a map of the entire US, or maybe even the world!
  4. Place the candle and the fireproof dish, with your selected herbs in it, in the center of your drawn boundaries on the map. It helps if the candle is as much directly over your specific current location as possible.
  5. Light the candle and recite:

Fire and flame, I send to you

my request to find a job anew

I give this list of requirements forth

to bring to me this position of worth

6. Use the candle to light the paper with your job requirements on it, and let it burn out into ash in the bowl. If the herbs do not catch fire, light them with the candle or a match.

7. Let the candle burn down all the way, so that the wax melts onto the map, sealing your spell.

Parting Thoughts

As with any spell, we never really know when we’ll see results manifest, but if you’re continuing to search on job boards and websites, filling out applications, and let’s say you even start getting open opportunities that seem ‘perfect’ but you’re either not landing interviews or you’re not getting callbacks or offers, consider that there may be some critical errors in your application (grammar/spelling mistakes, overly wordy, false information) or you’re making some critical errors during interviews (negative attitude, badmouthing previous employers, unprofessional attire, showing up drunk, etc).

This goes back to the comment just before the spell that no spell can fix being unprofessional. I say this with utmost kindness because I used to interview people all the time for a business I owned previously and you wouldn’t believe the stuff that people do and say during interviews.

Apart from that, this takes effort on your part, as does all magick, to actively seek those opportunities. Rarely will this just trigger a job offer from an employer out of the blue. You need to let potential employers know you’re looking.

7 ways to use coffee in your magick

I don’t know about you, but I definitely worship the dark god of the brew. The coffee paraphernalia in my home definitely outnumbers the alcohol-related paraphernalia. And I had this weird thought the other day, while I was downing my ritual strong, black tonic.

So, I started googling and it turns out I’m certainly not the first to wonder if coffee can be used in magick annd spells.

Magickal Properties of Coffee Beans

First, coffee and coffee beans have been used for centuries, maybe millennia, in Afro-Caribbean practices as offerings to both ancestors and deities/spirits. The coffee bean’s inherent energetic properties would make it a choice offering that spirits would highly prize, I imagine.


And, even though I am not of that ancestry, I do have ancestors who drank A LOT of coffee and would appreciate the recognition of such. This is more a personal tribute or offering than a cultural one, obviously.

Many people offer ancestors things they enjoyed in life, such as cigarettes, candy (my Grandma B loves Lifesavers, for real), and alcohol, so coffee is no different in that respect.

If, however, you are working with a deity or spirit of that cultural path, or one with strong ties to regions or peoples who grew/grow and produce coffee beans, coffee beans could certainly be considered a smart offering them.


Reading someone’s coffee grounds has also been done across the globe, similar to reading someones tea leaves, as a form of divination.

You can also use the dark, smooth surface of a cup of coffee for scrying, just like a black mirror.

Spell work


Coffee is said to have purifying and banishing properties. This includes in any form, apparently, and it can be used in the form of a purifying bath or even burning the grounds as incense to clear a space or a person.


Because coffee is said to enhance alertness when we drink it, it can be used symbolically or in place of (or in addition to) a crystal to enhance or boost meditative practices.


Cleansing items such as crystals, magickal tools, and divination decks! Putting those items in a bowl or bag of coffee beans (or grounds) or placing beans around your tools (I have put some inside the tarot card bags I keep my decks in) can allow the beans to remove negative vibes, blockages, creative obstacles, and unwanted energies.


Add coffee grounds to your spell work to either give it a boost of energy or speed up the effects or outcome (especially if you have already worked a spell and it seems to be working too slow for you).


Add already-brewed coffee to a cleaning solution to ward off or remove unwanted spirits or ghosts, also allegedly works as a banishing ward if added to black salt across thresholds.

make your own black salt

I never really thought that this was something that people would find too difficult to do for themselves, but believe it or not, there are people who buy black salt. If you’re one of those people, that’s okay. I’m not mad at you and I’m not even here to make fun or anything, but consider a few things for a minute, and then I’ll let my case rest.

What is Black Salt?

In case you’re not familiar, black salt is salt that has the ashes of something mixed into it, turning it ‘black.’ (its actually kind of more gray, but whatever).

It is used primarily as a protective element, such as in the corners of rooms, across thresholds, and in spells or rituals to ward off unwanted spirits, entities, or evil malevolent beings.

It can also be used to repel people/things from a property or area. Think of banishing type stuff.

Because black salt is used by you for your purposes, and your specific intent and will should be imbued in it, it would make sense that you would want to make your own for your own protective purposes.

How is it made?

Just like I said, you take ashes (I’ll be more specific in a minute) and mix them into salt (usually sea salt, but you can use table salt if you’re on a budget). I like to grind mine all together with a mortar and pestle, as I feel that better combines the two ingredients.

Now, to the ashes. This is why I say you should make your own black salt, because the ashes are just as important as the salt, IMO.

Where the ashes came from or from what purpose they were burnt means something. I have no idea where ashes came from in someone else’s salt.

Call me a skeptic, but I don’t know that you didn’t dump your aunt’s ashtray into some salt and sell it on your website, okay? I want to believe that nobody would do that, but its 2020 and there’s a depraved orange lunatic sitting in the white house ranting on twitter nonstop, so nothing would surprise me at this point.

Anyway, I personally find that if you use ashes of something very meaningful in your own black salt, its going to work better for you.

Examples of Things to Burn

Don’t you love burning things? It’s cathartic. When I first got into witchcraft many years ago, I was always attracted to flames and never really understood why but its because I have a LOT of fire in my chart, which I didn’t learn until later in life.

If you have on fire in your chart at all, I’m sorry. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your own black salt.

Here are some things I have burned that work awesome as your ashes for black salt:

  • purification/cleansing plants like sage, cedar, rosemary, palo santo; I usually burn things in the same little shell and when the ashes start to build up, I dump them out into a container and save them for the next time I make black salt
  • spell remnants; when I burn things during a spell or ritual I save the ashes from the cauldron and dump them in the same container with other ashes
  • pieces of paper with specific instructions; you can write on paper something like “I banish all evil, unwelcome spirits, and those who wish me harm.” Then burn that paper, while chanting your statement, and use the ashes in your black salt.
  • paper with names on it; is there a specific person or entity you want to keep out? Write down their name as many times as you want on a piece of paper and burn it, chanting ‘Stay out! Stay out!’; add the ashes to your next batch of black salt

You get the picture.

Also, one more thing you can consider is blessing your salt first. This is a trick I ran across in The Exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine McCarthy, where she gives a recipe or process for creating holy water/holy salt for purification and exorcism, which can be used in buildings, on people, in baths, etc. The book itself is really funny, but down-to-earth and very interesting. Even if you’re not ever going to be an exorcist, still worth reading.

Anyway, I started using the holy blessing (its non-denominational) from the book on my salt first, then adding the ashes and it absolutely changes the feel of any room I put it in. No kidding. Just feels lighter and more positive.

Caveat: replace it if you vaccum it up! Having a clean home is important and amazing, so you may need to replace black salt you sprinkle around your home on a regular basis if its indoors.

So, please consider making your own black salt. If you do it right and it has your intent worked into it, its going to be so much more powerful for your needs. But, a word of caution, don’t just go through the motions. You need to really put your emotion and intent into it while making it.

Another reason I like to use the mortar and pestle is also that while grinding it, I put some serious aggression into that shit. I think of all the repellant emotions I feel and pour them into that black salt as I grind it up, so it is really well charged with my energy and intention, as well as my protective ashes and magick.

Happy salting!

how to create a personal protection sigil

*disclaimer: some of my blog posts have affiliate links for some products

Yesterday’s post on all things (basic) protection magick gave you a lot of ideas probably, for how to create a protection spell, charm, jar, ritual, chant, etc to manifest various kinds of protection that you or others may be in need of right now.

One of the things mentioned was sigils, which I didn’t go into because its a topic that deserves a post (or several) of its own.

I’m going to attempt to simplify and summarize a topic that entire books and courses have been created over, so bear in mind that you will likely need more than just this post if this is something you want to pursue more in depth for your magickal practice.

What are Sigils?

Basically, they are drawn symbols that incorporate some kind of message through imagery that represents your intent and will, you (yourself), another being, a spell, or any other content that needs to be easily boiled down into something that can be used to represent something much more complex (a person, entity, deity, concept, phrase, etc).

Think of sigils like sign language. In sign language, hand signals take a complex word or phrase and turn it into a (usually shorter) series of gestures that the viewer interprets as the same meaning as the word or phrase.

And, because words or names carry power, the sigils derived from them encompass and take on the power of the original word, phrase, or name. So, now instead of writing out a lengthy statement like ‘This is the symbol for my health and body being protected when I go to work in the hospital with sick patients,’ the sigil derived from that statement holds that exact same power and meaning, but is much quicker and easier to draw and copy.

A sigil is supposed to carry those magickal properties, bestowed by its creator, as a message. However, it carries only as much magickal power as you believe it does. As with all spiritual practices, you get out of it what you put into it.

Sigils Are Not A Secret Magickal Art

I’m a big fan of making things accessible to anyone who is interested, and I really hate gate-keeping of any kind. And sigils are one of those things that some sects within the greater magickal or spiritual community would have you believe are arcane and require a high level of achievement to create them.

I disagree. At their heart, sigils are symbols we create that have deep meaning. To us. Who is to tell you that your sigil must be done in their particular way in order for it to hold your meaning?

If you want to read a really down-to-earth and accessible book about sigil-making or sigil witchery, I cannot recommend enough Sigil Witchery by Laura Tempest Zakroff. She shares a similar approach and opinion here as myself, that this is something all of us can learn.

Now, that being said, if you are attempting to invoke a particular spirit or deity, its likely that there is a specific sigil already in existence that that spirit or deity responds to, and that’s a completely different discussion. But, for your purposes, your sigils should and can be created by you.

Method 1

This method is actually based on the one used in the aforementioned book, but I’ve abbreviated quite a lot of information and simplified this approach in the interest of brevity, so please, if this resonates most with you, buy that book and dive in deeper. You will not regret it.

You’re going to need something to doodle on and something to write with, and, ideally, some unbroken time, perhaps as little as 30 minutes and as much as a couple of hours, depending on how you work.

Think for a few minutes about what or whom you are protecting, and how that protection should function (“I am protecting my home from intruders and anyone who considers breaking in, will be met with an overwhelming sense of fear and will turn away”). Conjure a strong image in your mind and, as always, be as specific as possible.

On your paper, start to doodle anything that comes to mind when you think of protection. This can be words, phrases, images, symbols, etc. Anything that pops into your head purposely or intuitively goes on the paper. When you feel you’ve emptied it all out, sit back and look it over for as long as you need.

Your goal here is to pick out patterns, repetition, and things that intuitively jump out at you. While doing this, think about that initial image of what your protection is for and what it functions like.

Which of your elements on your page speak the most loudly to you about this?

Usually a protection sigil incorporates some form of ‘container’ image, which can be a circle, but might also look like a square or rectangle. Maybe its the exact shape of the floor plan of your house, or it represents your body and the invisible sphere of energy around it.

Within that ‘container,’ you want to indicate what or whom is being protected.

If this is multiple people, they may be represented by smaller spheres or dots, or perhaps Xs or lines. Whatever speaks to you, as long as it makes sense to you. The people might also be represented by their zodiac signs, numerology, or some other personal identifier you have created that resonates with you.

If it is a place, draw something that represents the place. Maybe its a shape, maybe its the first letter of the name, maybe its the word HOME with all letters written on top of one another.

Does the protective container do anything? Does it have thorns to deter someone else? Does it reflect negative energy back onto someone sending it your way? Is it protected by someone/thing? Like an animal spirit, a deity, or a particular ancestor? Represent this/these element(s) in a way that makes sense to you, as simple or complex as you like.

A protection sigil should have at a minimum an element representing who or what is being protected and how the protection functions. If it involves any other spirits, deities, or energies, it needs to include those, as well. For examples, again, check out the book I mentioned, because there are tons of great ideas.

Put these elements together in a way that visually appeals to you. You can google ‘sigil’ and view thousands of examples of sigils for inspiration if you’re not as creatively inclined in this approach just yet. Above all else, make it yours. It needs to mean something to you, and as long as it does, then its good enough.

Method 2

This method may seem a little more straightforward if you are not able to come up with the elements you want or to put them together in a composite that appeals to you. Its okay if that’s you. We all think differently.

I feel as if this method is less open to creative interpretation in some ways, but still functions very well when done correctly. Follow the same initial steps above in terms of thinking deeply about exactly what or whom is being protected, how, where, why, and by what/whom, depending on which of those are relevant.

On a piece of paper write out your statement specifically as succinctly as possible. “My friends protesting tonight will be unharmed.”

Next, you’ll cross out all the vowels. “My frnds prtstng tnght wll b nhrmd.”

Then, you’ll cross out repeated consonants (only leave one of each consonant in the final batch of letters). “My frnds ptg h wl b.”

Take those final remaining letters and fit them together into a pictorial representation. You may need to play around with them and doodle them in a number of different ways until you get something that appeals to you. You can find examples of how other people have used this method:




and here.

Activating The Sigil

Once you’ve drawn something using whatever method you prefer (the two mentioned here are by no means the only ones), you’ll want to activate the sigil, so that its meaning is actually imbued into it, its buried in your unconscious mind, where it can make contact with the collective unconscious, and, most importantly, it can work for you.

Usually, this will require burning the creation materials, but first, you’ll want to sit for some time with the drawn sigil in your hands, meditating on its purpose and function. The point of this last deep think is to burn the sigil’s image into your brain, deep into the subconscious and even unconscious, where it can live and work.

It should be so well imaged within your mind that it instantly conjures the images of exactly what you want it to do. Once you feel you have achieved this, over a fire-proof dish or cauldron, light the paper with all your doodles and final design and let it burn.

You can choose to say a few words here as a spell, or not. As long as you have made the vision attached to the sigil strong enough, the words are not necessary.

You can at this point re-draw the sigil anywhere you want to use it, such as in art, a tattoo, a digital design, whatever. It holds your intent and will, and will do the request you have assigned it.

a quick guide to protection magick

This post is, as the name implies, all about protection. there could be many reasons right now why you may feel that you, a loved one, or just some people in general, need protection.

Protection spells for the home, your vehicle, your physical person, or a group of people are some of the most trending things online in the magickal community at the moment, and for good reason.

First, there’s social unrest. there’s no better way to say it. people are (rightfully) upset about police violence against people of color, and they’re marching, protesting, and voicing their concerns as Americans with rights guaranteed by our constitution.

So, perhaps you yourself are protesting, perhaps a friend or family member is, or perhaps you want to make sure the protesters out there are protected. this is one scenario I’ve seen often.

Another reason is the spiritual awakening and stirring up of the other side of the veil through more contact from the human realm, more energy poured into requests and spell workings, and even just because right now, a number of astrological events are going on that are making it easier for entities, both benevolent and potentially malevolent, to contact and interact with our world.

This might leave you feeling vulnerable to some of those energies, especially if they are unwanted. Even if they are wanted or at least neutral, this can still leave you drained and in need of some basic barriers.

So, let’s get down to the basics of protecting yourself, your property, and other people.

Personally, I usually like to build or design my own spells and rituals, as the more personal you make something, the more energetically invested you are, and the more likely it will be to be successful.

If you prefer to just read some words that someone else wrote and light a candle, that’s okay, but if they’re not your words and don’t resonate strongly with you, or are difficult for you to envision, they may not yield the results you want.

What I’ve put together here is a quick reference to tools such as deities, colors, crystals, plants/herbs, and other items that are commonly used in protection magick, so that you can pick and choose what you think will suit your needs best for your particular request.

Deities Associated With Protection

Regardless of which path you follow, its likely you’ll encounter a variety of deities, beings, or spirits that are or can be petitioned to provide protection for a variety of people and/or objects. This is not an exhaustive list, but I’ve tried to include the most common ones you’ll come across with established histories.

  • Akewa (S. America): protector of women, especially from patriarchal systems
  • Ancestors (yours!!): possibly one of the most important and first sources you should consult if this is protection associated with yourself or a relative/loved one
  • Apollo (Greek): protector of the young
  • Artemis (Greek): protector of unmarried young women
  • Athena (Greek): originally a protectress of Athens, some invoke her for protection outside of that city
  • Aziri (Africa): protects women from abusive men
  • Banba (Irish): goddess of protection
  • Bast (Egyptian): General protection, protection of women and children, but can be specific to those fighting wars or battles, too
  • Bishamon-Ten (Japan): protector of human life, chaser of demons
  • Brigid (Celtic): Especially for young people/youth; healing matters, especially for women
  • Chun T’i (Chinese): protects against war
  • Diana (Roman): protector of witches
  • Durga (India): protection, triumph of good over evil
  • Empanda (Roman): a goddess of general protection for those in need of it
  • Esme (Welsh): general protection
  • Faumea (Polynesian): protection goddess
  • Freya (Norse): may be invoked for protection by her Valkyries;
  • Frigga (Norse): protectress of women and children
  • Gordafarid (Persian): protector of women, female bravery
  • Green Tara (Buddhist): for spiritual and physical protection; for strength, for fearlessness, and for overcoming danger
  • Gyhldeptis (N. American): protectress of the people
  • Hebat (Mesopotamia): protection of women during war
  • Hestia (Greek): protection of the home
  • Horus (Egyptian): god of protection and war
  • Inanna (Sumerian): protection of her followers
  • Ishtar (Babylonian): protector of women, particularly those who have been wronged by men
  • Isis (Egyptian): protector of marriage and love
  • Juno (Roman): protector of women (also attributed as Hera, Greek goddess)
  • Kuan Yin (Buddhist): Healing; she is also the patron protector of women, children, artists, and those who are imprisoned
  • Lama (Mesopotamian): personal protection
  • Maahes (Egypt): devourer of the guilty and protector of the innocent
  • Mama Quilla (Incan): protectress of married women from harm
  • Michael, archangel (Christian/Hebrew): physical and spiritual protection
  • Minona (W. Africa): a protectress of women
  • Oya (Yoruba): protectress of women
  • Pellonia (Roman): a goddess who protects one from their enemies
  • Pinga (Inuit): goddess of protection
  • Princess Liễu Hạnh (Taoism): protector and emancipator of women
  • Shakti (Hindu): protection and banishing
  • Shekinah (Middle Eastern): protects humanity from evil
  • Soteria (Greek): deliverance from harm and protection/safety
  • Tawaret (Egyptian): protection from evil, protection of pregnant women
  • Thor (Norse): protector of the common man
  • Uni (Etruscan): protection of women from harm
  • Vishnu (Hindu): god of protection, especially vanquishing evil
  • Yemaya (Yoruba): Protection, especially of women

Colors Associated With Protection

The most commonly used color in protection spells, such as for candles, is black. Black has long been associated with protection spells and magick. White can also be used in protection magic, but is more commonly used for cleansing (negativity, harm, pain, etc).

Orange can be used to encourage power, both emotional and physical.

Grey can be used to bind negative people or influence.

Color associations can also be specific to the deity with whom you are working, or could be for offerings, as well.

Crystals Associated With Protection

  • obsidian
  • smoky quartz
  • clear quartz
  • amethyst
  • black tourmaline
  • fluorite
  • jet
  • kyanite (blue)

Plants and Herbs Associated With Protection

  • angelica
  • anise
  • basil
  • bay leaves
  • carnation
  • cedar
  • chamomile
  • cloves
  • comfrey
  • coriander
  • dragon’s blood
  • fennel
  • ferns
  • garlic
  • hyssop
  • lavender
  • lilac
  • mandrake
  • mistletoe
  • mullein
  • myrrh
  • nettle
  • oak
  • parsley
  • pepper, black
  • periwinkle
  • rosemary
  • rue
  • sage
  • St John’s wort
  • sandalwood
  • thyme
  • witch hazel
  • wormwoood
  • yarrow

Other Associations

  • graveyard dirt, esp from graves of your ancestors
  • sea salt
  • Florida water
  • thorns
  • frankincense resin
  • myrrh resin
  • moon water
  • crystal-infused water
  • vinegar
  • sigils
  • imagery/symbols

Now, all that being said, you still need to put things together in such a way that makes sense for what you are asking, in other words, your specific outcome.

This could be assembled as a jar spell, it could be simply a candle you light and talk with a deity or ancestor, or it could be any number of other rituals or spells where you apply your intention and will toward your intended outcome.

And, I will also add here that when working with a deity or specific entity or spirit, regardless of color associations, plant associations, etc of protection, its usually best to have other or additional candles or items specific to that deity as well. So, if you’re working with a deity that resonates best with blue candles, include both a black candle for protection as well as a blue candle for your deity, got it? Similar for any other correspondence element.

Hopefully this gives you plenty to start with!

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