how to make a facewash spell

A facewash spell is probably one of the easiest spells you can do anytime you want and with very little witchy experience and/or supplies.

If you’re a witch on a budget, its pretty useful because you already wash your face anyway, and you may be able to do this with nothing more than common kitchen herbs or plants you wild forage (respectfully and responsibly). You can even use this as a replacement for ritual bathing in many instances.

What is a Facewash Spell?

Don’t overthink this. As you are washing your face, a usually common, mundane task, you are infusing this mundane act with your magickal intent to obtain an outcome you want.

And, any facewash can usually be done as a hairwash, or you can combine the two for more magickal power.

I also really like facewash and hairwash spells for those who do not have the ability to take baths regularly. Bath magick can be fun, but it can be replicated in other ways.

I used to only really ever hear of facewash spells in terms of glamour magick, and they certainly do work for that, but there are so many many more uses for this kind of magick.

Any spell you want to perform could theoretically be done via a facewash/hairwash spell, with the one exception being baneful magick. I would just not recommend doing a baneful spell in the form of anything you’re applying to your face and/or hair, as the potential for backfire can really wreck your life (and your appearance).

How Do You Make a Facewash Spell?

Ok, here’s where you can get creative in a number of ways. I’ll give you a few basic approaches, neither is right or wrong, they’re just different approaches and you can choose what feels most right for your purposes.

Option 1: Make a Rinse Solution

This is one of the simplest methods and is easy on both your skin and hair, as well as can be (and usually is) left in your hair to let it dry, or air dry on your skin.

  1. In a pot on your stovetop, bring several cups of water to a boil and add herbs, essential oils, plants, flowers, etc of your choice. Let simmer for ~20 min. Remove from the heat, then strain through a fine wire mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove all solid pieces.
  2. Let it cool enough to be able to apply to skin or hair. PLEASE DO NOT EVER PUT SCALDING WATER ON YOURSELF.
  3. Using clean hands or a cotton round, apply to your face or gently pour over your hair. Depending on the type of spell, you may want to say a few words or a mantra of your choice. Whatever you decide, while you are applying the wash, picture strongly what your outcome should be. Your intent is the most critical piece of this.
  4. Also depending on the type of spell, you may decide to leave it to air dry, or rinse it out with clean water. Here are some general guidelines, but your own unique situation may dictate something different. Use your intuition.
  • Leave it to dry if you are drawing something to you or hoping to gain something (most constructive magick fits into this category); love, money, luck, success, opportunities, protection, strength, courage, etc
  • Rinse it off if you want to remove, cleanse, banish, or otherwise get rid of something; breaking a habit, ending a toxic connection, cord cutting, uncrossing, cleansing, purification, etc

Now, some exceptions exist. You could make the argument that in a purification wash, letting it dry instead of rinsing off, allows your aura to fully absorb the purifying herbs or essential oils, and, therefore, you want to leave it on. This is where intuition can guide you better for your circumstances.

Option 2: Make a Soap-Based Wash

I would lean more toward this option for all destructive magick (getting rid of, letting go, banishing, cleansing, etc), but you could absolutely use it for constructive purposes if your intent is restated in such a manner that the rinsing off of the solution indicates you ridding yourself of whatever is preventing the good or beneficial outcome you’re looking for.

Example: let’s say you want to do well in an important presentation at work and you need to feel confident. You could change up your spell to banish self-doubt or negative self-talk/thoughts so that you feel confident, beautiful, smart, or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Get a mild and gentle (ideally all natural or organic) soap base that is safe to use on your skin or hair. A really good option here that should work for almost anyone is organic unscented baby shampoo. This can be used on virtually all skin types, as well as most hair, if you’re choosing to apply to your hair.
  2. An alternative to baby shampoo is castille soap. Its usually gentle for skin. You may or may not want to apply to your hair, depending on how dry or oily your scalp is. You can mix a little castille soap with a little coconut oil for a bit more moisturizing base. It already contains some oil, but play around with adding an extra 1 Tbsp oil per 1/4 cup soap.
  3. Pour out about 1/4 cup soap base into a glass mixing cup and stir in a couple drops of any essential oils or add flower petals of your choice corresponding to your intended outcome.
  4. If you’re only making enough solution to use once, then it would be okay to add solids like minced, ground, or mashed plant matter, but these can spoil rapidly or create a medium in which mold can grow over time, so if it will be a multi-use solution, its best not to include physical plant matter.
  5. Pour into a clean empty cosmetic bottle with a lid of your choice. Label it. It should keep for at least a few months.
  6. Wash your face and/or hair with your solution, say any words or mantras you wish, and leave in/on for however long you feel is appropriate. Rinse off.
  7. It’s a good idea to test a small area of skin before applying any new products or substances, to ensure you are not allergic or otherwise sensitive to anything in the product.

Option 3: Combine a Rinse and a Soap

You can simply create your water-based rinse solution and, once cooled, add it to your soap base in a ratio of 2:1 soap base to water-base. Mix and then let it settle (this can take a few hours up to possibly a day).

This is a good method for when you want to work with a soap base but don’t want to be limited to just essential oils, and want the flexibility of more plants/flowers.

I can’t say enough how the most important element of this spell is being clear about your intent. Use strong mental visualization whenever possible and really feel this intent pouring into your mixture as you’re making it and applying it.

magickal benefits of milk baths

If you’re newish to witchcraft or folk magick, you may have heard of milk baths, but what exactly are they are when should you do them? They are a type of ritual bath, but can be just as varied as any other type of ritual bathing practice.

What is a Milk Bath?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. But, it can be as simple as literally just adding milk to a bath, or it can be as complex as warming milk with essential oils, plants, honey, flowers, and more for specific purposes.

Milk added to your bath softens your skin and just feels good, so you can take a milk for no other reason than you deserve some self-care time. However, milk baths have also been used in many folk magick practices across the world for things like:

  • healing
  • fertility
  • uncrossing
  • honoring a specific deity
  • love spells
  • cleansing/purification
  • prosperity
  • luck

How to Take a Milk Bath

First, this is simply a general guide, but, if you’ve been reading my posts for a bit, you know I’m an intuitive eclectic witch and if something feels right or you want to make changes based on your own intuitive practice, please don’t think that’s wrong!

At a minimum, you’ll need at least a cup of milk and a hot bath. What kind of milk is up to you, though. If you are vegan, I cannot personally speak to whether plant-based milks have the same magickal or spiritual properties as animal-based milks, so I don’t feel like I’m the right person to give you guidance on that.

If you are a vegan and take milk baths often with plant-based milks and would like to chime in, please let me know, I’m happy to share your personal experiences here.

Some people heat the milk first, but if your bathwater is hot enough, a cup of cold or room temp milk will not be a big deal.

Besides cow milk, I have known people to use other milks based on cultural or specific magickal practices, to include (but not limited to): goat milk, sheep milk, camel milk, donkey milk, and even human breast milk.

After adding the milk, you’ll want to completely submerge at least once, so all surfaces of your body are covered. Soak for as long as you want.

Things You Can Add to a Milk Bath

This is not exhaustive, but just some ideas to get you thinking of ways to level up your milk bath:

  • warm the milk with honey and add rose petals for a sweet love spell
  • warm the milk and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for things like money-drawing, happiness, luck, and so on
  • milk baths or ‘white baths’ are commonly used in some Afro-Caribbean practices to honor or make requests of Obatala; usually these are done over the course of 8 days
  • goat milk is associated with the goat’s fertility, tenacity, and many Pagan deities
  • sheep milk may be a better symbolic option if you’re seeking an outcome that deals with peace, calm, and blessings
  • cows have many spiritual associations across the globe, so if you follow a particular path or symbolism is important to your path, consider how cows are viewed in that practice and what specific benefit they may bring
  • add oatmeal to your milk bath soothe and calm irritated skin
  • fresh flowers, based on associations for your intended outcome (love, money, career, happiness, healing, banishing, protection, etc)

Above all, use your imagination. Your intent and will is far more powerful than anything else you can use. As long as your chosen milk bath has meaning to you, its effective!

a candle spell for courage

This is an easy candle spell (most candle spells are) for courage in any situation.

Whether you want to ask for a promotion, go skydiving for the first time, or move across the country to a totally new place, courage is something that we sometimes struggle with, because of self-doubt, and our inner voice that talks us out of things we truly want.

What You Will Need:

  • At least one, but up to 3 of these dried herbs, about 1-2 Tbsp worth: fennel, borage, thyme, rosemary, st johns wort, nettle
  • Olive oil, about 1/2 tsp
  • a red candle and something to light it with

What You Will Do:

  1. Start out by cleansing yourself and your space however works best for you.
  2. Gather all your items into one location and cast a circle if you wish.
  3. Holding the candle in both hands, center and ground yourself, then meditate as long as you need to visualize what kind of courage, when and how you will need it and use it, and what you need the outcome of the courageous actions to produce.
  4. Transfer all of that visual intent and will to the candle energetically. Once it feels ‘full’, rub the outside of it in the olive oil.
  5. Roll the candle in the herbs to coat the outside of it as thoroughly as possible.
  6. Place it in a stable base or candle holder and light it. As you light it, remember your intent and why you need this courage. Say out loud:

Brave is my heart

Brave is my mind

I have the courage to act

and the courage to win

by this flame I call my courage up

as my will be done

7. Let the candle burn down all the way. If you have to leave and cannot monitor it, snuff it out, then re-light when you return and ensure it burns safely.

how to make a magickal oleum

An oleum is just a fancy word for an oil used for ritual purposes. They are different from infusions in that they are heated to incorporate the properties and components of the plant matter in them, rather than left in a warm location for weeks, such as with an infusiono.

And they are ridiculously easy to make.

What You Will Need:

  • about 1/2 – 1 cup base oil (if just making for yourself, you don’t usually need more than 1/2 cup)
  • about 1-2 tsp of each herb, plant, resin, or other ingredients of your choice
  • a pot, but a double boiler works for this too
  • a stovetop
  • a wire mesh strainer or cheesecloth
  • a clean bowl or glass measuring cup (easiest to get something with a pour spout)
  • a funnel (preferably glass, but silicon or plastic will be ok in a pinch)
  • clean glass bottles with lids or droppers; preferably dark glass to limit how much light gets to the oils inside

What You Will Do:

  1. Bring your oil to a soft rolling boil on the stove.
  2. Add whatever ingredients you have chosen.
  3. Turn the heat down to low and let simmer for 20 min.
  4. Remove from heat and strain into a clean glass measuring cup or other clean bowl through the solid out with a fine wire mesh or cheesecloth.
  5. Let the oleum cool for about 5 min. Pour into the glass bottles using the funnel.
  6. Label them however you prefer and store away from direct sunlight or heat. These can keep for up to a year if you keep them away from sun.

What type of base oil should you use?

Because this will be an oil that you heat up or boil to create it, you will probably want to choose a base oil that is more stable at higher temperature.

Avocado oil has the highest smoke point of most oils you’ll be able to get ahold of, so it makes a great base oil for ritual oleums.

Olive oil also has a decently high heat stability, at least enough to withstand boiling and not break down. Olive oil is also considered sacred in many spiritual belief systems, which is why I tend to lean toward this as my base oil.

Coconut oil can be an option if you use some that is fractionated, which means it remains liquid at room temp, unlike most other coconut oil which is solid at room temp. If your ultimate goal is to create an oleum that is more solid, then you can certainly go with standard coconut oil, though.

Regular old vegetable oil is also very heat stable and if you are on a budget, you can go this route. It’s usually made from corn in the US.

Canola has essentially the same effect as vegetable oil for these purposes and is also affordable.

Any other plant-based oils may not be ideal for high heat (boiling) and I would avoid using them, as they have a higher likelihood of going rancid.

As I stated before, I lean toward olive oil because it has a pleasant aroma, and its magickal meaning is important to me. I find it makes a great oleum, and its vibrations are higher and much more pleasant to me than the vegetable oils.

11 magickal uses of dragon’s blood

If you’ve ever walked into any new age or metaphysical shop anywhere in the last couple decades, its likely that you’ve smelled dragon’s blood incense. It’s a foundational incense aroma used widely throughout the world, and for good reason. It smells amazing.

Where Does Dragon’s Blood Come From?

Not dragons. It is actually a resin, just like benzoin, copal, frankincense, and so on.

Dragon’s blood resin is the resin of the Dracaena cinnabari tree, found on the island of Scootra in Yemen in the Middle East. The tree actually appears to bleed, because its resin is a deep red in color.

However, due to its scarcity, endangered status, and concerns about over-harvesting, there are other trees that dragon’s blood resin may also be produced from, and which still retain the same energetic qualities.

When you buy dragon’s blood resin these days at most stores, it is more likely that you’re actually buying resin of one of these other trees: Calamus, Croton, Daemonorops, Dracaena, Pterocarpus.

The trees are cut or wounded in some way and the sap, or resin, is excreted, then harvested.

Magickal Uses of Dragon’s Blood

Arabian legends actually assert that the resin of the original Dracaena cinnabari was the literal blood of elephants and dragons that perished in battle. It was said to have strong magickal powers, and was used by healers, occultists, and magicians broadly.

It was also used to dye textiles and even cosmetics by past civilizations, and even still in some parts of the world today where the trees are indigenous. It can also be used in magickal inks for spell purposes.

As an incense, dragon’s blood is said to be protective, and can be used to fill in energetic voids left after burning things like sage to clear out negative energy. It is a great incense to use when clearing spaces of energy left by others, such as a former partner or roommate, or when moving into a new residence.

You can also sprinkle the powdered form of the resin across door thresholds and around your home or property to ward off evil or negativity, or negative th0ughts sent your way from others.

**warning: It is an abortifacient if taken internally, so if you are pregnant, you should avoid it.

It is also a carminative, which means it helps to settle an upset stomach or calm a GI tract that has become stressed and overstimulated. Always consult with a trained healthcare professional before using anything for medicinal purposes.

It is also used for luck and prosperity, when burned on a charcoal disk or added to charms or spells.

It is especially good for drawing money and love.

Probably one of its most widely recognized attributes in cultures around the world is its power. Dragons were seen as the ultimate powerful creature and the resin associated with them has retained their power.

Add it to other resins to boost their banishing or protective qualities.

Add it to incense in spells to add power to your spell work.

Dragon’s blood is also said to have seductive qualities, and can be used to attract a romantic partner, as part of a sex magick ritual, or to enhance sensuality or passion.

Put some of the resin in some oil to make a dragon’s blood infusion, which you can dab on yourself or anoint your magickal items.

You can use it to represent the element of fire on your altar space if you are unable to burn candles.

And, finally, you can put some of the resin or the infusion oil of it in a spiritual bath with sea salt and any other herbs of your choice to take a powerful bath to wash away negativity that may be lingering, enhance your own courage and strength, and to bring prosperity and love your way.

how and when to consecrate magickal tools

Consecrating magickal tools is likely one of the first magickal rituals you will do when you’re a new witch starting out. It’s very simple and straightforward, however, its one of those magickal rituals that can be made very complex if you wanted to.

What is Consecration?

Consecration is the act of making something sacred, or dedicating something to sacred use only. This is a practice found in virtually all spiritual paths dating back as far as recorded spiritual practices are found. I won’t go into consecration of individuals, such as that which is performed for bishops, here, as that’s not relevant to what I’m talking about.

The actual act of consecration can be quite ceremonial or rather simple, depending on the spiritual path, what is being consecrated, and what the purpose of the consecrated item will be.

The fundamental common theme among all consecration practices is that the very essence of the object being consecrated is irrevocably changed in the process.

If you are Catholic, you are familiar with the priest consecrating the bread or crackers and wine used in communion. There is often an element of transmutation that comes along with consecration, as one thing is symbolically or spiritually transformed into another.

If you are familiar with most Judeo-Christian practices of consecrating burial land in cemeteries, this is another example of making land sacred so that anyone buried there is then part of that consecration.

In Hinduism, temples are consecrated and then re-consecrated every 12 years.

In Islam, similar to the Judeo-Christian practice of consecrating holy ground, once a temple is built on a particular piece of land, it is permanently dedicated and consecrated for that purpose and that land then can no longer be used to build anything else.

What to Consecrate

There is some debate about exactly how many things you should consecrate and what should be consecrated and what probably doesn’t need to be.

What I will say is this: if you have an item that you will be using only in your magickal or spiritual practice and you will not be using it for anything else, then consecrate it.

If you have items that you are using for spiritual things, but they are also your personal items and you cannot afford to purchase extras (for example, you may only have a couple of nice glasses and you use them to give offerings, but also to drink out of yourself), then I personally don’t think you’re doing it wrong.

However, here are things you should consecrate, but you’re likely not using them for other things:

  • wands
  • cauldrons
  • ceremonial athames/knives/swords
  • permanent altars
  • statues or representations of deities
  • things you place on altars permanently

and then there are things you might want to consecrate, depending on what you’re using them for:

  • crystals
  • chalices
  • feathers
  • incense
  • candles
  • sacred/blessed water
  • temporary magickal work spaces
  • outdoor spaces you use frequently, such as a garden or outdoor altar

Its really kind of up to you if you feel that something should be consecrated. If your intuition says yes, then do it. But, realize that consecration generally does mean that once you do it, that object is now dedicated to your magickal work and shouldn’t be used for other mundane things anymore.

How to Consecrate

This process will vary widely from one spiritual path to another, so please feel free to consult with those in your own spiritual path or tradition first, as they may have specific guidance here.

A general process of consecration in many pagan practices is to present the item to all four elements, asking each element to bless it.

This might look like submerging it in water or sprinkling a bit of water on it if it can’t be submerged, passing it through or over a flame, placing it in a dish of salt, and blowing on it or passing it through incense. You would then state that the item is now sacred and dedicated to serve you in your practice.

You can also choose to consecrate items by calling on any deities or entities with whom you work, asking them to bless the item and then stating that it is dedicated to serve you in your practice. This can be in addition to or in place of presenting to the elements or any other process you prefer.

Some spiritual paths will prefer to make this ceremonial, casting a circle, calling the elements, and involving deities. If you prefer this and you have the time and resources, its also an option.

My practice is really fairly eclectic and intuitive, and I tend to grab whatever object I am consecrating, hold it in my hands (or place my hands on it, if its an altar space) and meditate on it for a bit, sending all my emotion and intention into it, then stating its purpose. I may or may not use the four elements, but I generally do pass it through some frankincense and myrrh resin or incense.

magick for the moon phases

I want to make this post short and sweet, because I’ve posted about moon phases and specific spells before and I’ll link those somewhere below.

But, in case you’re new to magick or witchery, the phase of the moon (and even where other planets are in the sky) can greatly impact your spells or rituals and how effective they are.

Moon Phases

First, a quick run down of the moon’s phases:

Dark moon: this is the first day of the moon cycle; it is the one day that the moon is completely dark and no sliver of light can be seen.

New moon: the first day after the dark moon through approximately day 3-4 after the dark moon

Waxing crescent: from day ~4-7 after the dark moon

First quarter moon: from day 7 through ~10 after dark moon

Waxing gibbous: from ~ 11 days to 14 days after the dark moon

Full moon: 14 days after the dark moon/new moon

Waning gibbous: from ~16 days through ~20 days after dark moon

Last quarter moon: from ~21 days through ~24 days after dark moon

Waning crescent: from ~25 days through ~28 days after dark moon

Dark moon: 28-29 days after previous dark moon

Here is a visual, since that is usually easier for people to look at and understand:

Types of Spells by Moon Phase

The first half of the moon’s cycle is focused on planting, growing, and building, while the second half of the moon’s cycle is focused on letting go, releasing, and preparing.

Dark Moon/New Moon

  • intention setting
  • ‘planting seeds’ literal or figurative
  • starting over on something or some aspect of our life
  • asking for ideas and inspiration

Waxing Crescent

  • same types of spells as new moon, but also
  • growth of any kind, especially self-esteem, self love, relationships
  • intuition
  • healing/health

First Quarter

  • gaining anything
  • jobs
  • relationships
  • recognition
  • opportunities
  • success in an endeavor

Waxing Gibbous

  • still growing and attracting things
  • results-oriented spells
  • clarifying questions and divination

Full Moon

  • you can do pretty much any kind of spell on the full moon; some of the more popular or ‘big ticket’ items usually are:
  • success
  • money
  • love
  • protection

Waning Gibbous

  • now starts the half of the moon cycle that involves letting go or clearing out
  • here is a good post on waning moon magick in general, non-specific to the part of the cycle
  • re-evaluating people, things, habits, situations
  • releasing negative energies or habits
  • clearing out your home/cleansing
  • banishing
  • removing obstacles
  • getting over emotional things or experiences

Third Quarter

  • you can still do things that involve removing, releasing, or letting go
  • moving on from things
  • putting things in the past or rear view mirror
  • clarity (once obstacles are removed)
  • working on your shadow self

Waning Crescent

  • still getting rid of, letting go, releasing, and banishing
  • anything you’re still hanging onto from the rest of the month, now is a good time to let it go and prepare for the next dark moon in a few days
  • shadow work

If you want to read more in detail about this, there’s a great little book called Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist you can pick up that is full of useful and simple guidance for using the phases of the moon to get what you want and change your life.

how to make a magickal floor wash

This is probably one of the simplest things you can do as a witch, especially if you are just starting out, but lots and lots of seasoned witches use this in their practice, too.

Floor washes probably fall somewhere in the Kitchen Witch category, but by no means do you need to define yourself as a Kitchen Witch to do this.

I think virtually every culture I’ve met a witch from has some variation of magickal floor wash, which tells me the ancestors were certainly onto something.

What is a magickal floor wash?

Just in case you’re still wondering what I’m talking about, magickal floor washes are mixtures that you put together to wash, mop, scrub, or otherwise apply to your floors to act as a spell.

So, instead of lighting candles, calling the corners, reciting incantations, or making crystal grids, you’re putting symbolically meaningful herbs or plant extracts together with other substances to create a spell that you apply to your floors (or walls, or furniture, or whatever) to yield the results you want.

I feel like I should interject here that floors seem to be the most effective place to apply these and my guess is that this is because symbolically they are a foundation for the rest of our physical life. We literally live on top of them, so whatever we apply to them, affects every part of our life.

I mentioned floor washes a little bit in my post about spiritual cleansing for your home, but protection and cleansing are not the only things that floor washes do.

A magickal floor wash is simply the carrier for your intent, and your intent could be anything. Here are some suggestions for things to create floor washes for:

  • prosperity (financial, or otherwise)
  • love
  • happiness
  • protection
  • deterring negative or malevolent spirits
  • fertility
  • luck
  • wisdom
  • health
  • banishing
  • washing away bad habits

and I’m sure you can think of others.

What You Will Need:

  • water, probably between 2-3 liters, or almost a gallon; any kind will do, I use distilled water so that plant extracts aren’t muddled but I’m also super weird about water in general so it probably doesn’t matter what kind of water you use
  • salt (this is optional, but if you’re doing a banishing, removal, protection, then salt may be recommended)
  • herbs, flowers, plants of your choice corresponding to your intent for the spell
  • essential oils if you prefer to use those
  • a big ass pot on the stove
  • a mesh strainer
  • a clean glass mixing bowl
  • a clean spray bottle or bucket

How to Make a Magickal Floor Wash:

  1. Pour the water in the pot and bring it to a boil. Add your plant matter. Reduce heat to a simmer and let simmer for 20 minutes.
  2. Remove from the heat and let cool slightly. Pour through the strainer into the clean glass bowl. If you don’t have glass, metal is okay but may leach a bit of ions into the formula, which may not matter much with a floor wash. If plastic is all you have, its okay, but not ideal due to plastic retaining the scents and compounds of whatever you put in it that’s hot.
  3. If you are adding any other water-based ingredients like Florida water or plant extracts, now is the time to add them.
  4. Add any essential oils you want to add at this point. Take strained plants and dump them in your garden soil, at the base of a tree, or a compost pile.
  5. I like to give it all a good stir and while I’m doing that, I’m visualizing all my intent (whatever emotion or outcome I want to happen) flowing down my arm, through the spoon, and into the mixture. Sing, hum, play music, whatever you want, but stir all that good emotion and energy into your mixture.
  6. Once the liquid has cooled enough to handle, pour it into the spray bottle. Shake well before spraying to make sure any essential oils that settle out are re-combined.

If you have carpeted floors in some or all of your living space, you can do a couple of things. Vacuum them first, then either spray the solution and let it sit and dry on them, or spray it on the carpet and use a steamer to run over it, then spray another layer that you let dry.

Suggested Combinations for Floor Washes:

If you need a few to get you started, here are some go-to mixtures for me (any plants can be dried or fresh, your choice):

To Attract Prosperity or Money

  • 2-3 Tbsp basil, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp mint (any kind you want)
  • 2 tsp cinnamon (ground or EO)
  • 1/4 cup chamomile flowers

To Attract Love

  • 1/4 cup rose petals or buds
  • 2-3 Tbsp jasmine buds
  • 1-2 Tbsp coriander
  • 1-2 tsp minced or chopped ginger

To Protect from Negative Energy

  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1/4 cup carnation buds
  • 1/4 cup hyssop
  • myrrh (usually 5-10 drops EO works better than the resin here)
  • optional: a few Tbsp Florida water and/or salt

To Bring Happiness to a Home

  • 2-3 Tbsp rosemary
  • 1/2 lemon, sliced (you can use lemon EO as well)
  • 2 Tbsp marjoram
  • 1-2 tsp ginseng diced, minced, ground, or otherwise

a spell for a safe journey

It’s still coronavirus central here in the US as I’m writing this, so hopefully you and your loved ones do not need to travel. But, should you find that you or someone you know needs to travel somewhere, no matter how close or far, and regardless of whether a pandemic virus is a concern, here is a spell to keep a traveler safe:

What you will need:

  • a personal effect of the person in question; if you don’t have something that belongs to them, and don’t have hair, nail clippings, etc from them, you can simply write their name on a piece of paper
  • a square of black cloth, or a black cloth bag, large enough to wrap the personal item or paper in
  • a black ribbon, long enough to tie around the cloth once it is wrapped around the item; you can tie it like a gift wrap ribbon, or you can create a charm bag, and just tie the ribbon around the top after twisting it closed

What you will do:

  1. Take a moment to identify a specific goal/outcome here. Do you just want their flight to be safe and uneventful? Do you want to make sure their car does not experience trouble on their road trip? Do you want to prevent all possible forms of harm generally? Or something very specific? I find with traveler spells, the more broad you can be, such as ‘Aunt Margaret will arrive safely in California without harm to herself or belongings,’ the better off you are. If you are too specific, your magick may find a loop hole or may just not be exactly what you’re wanting.
  2. Place the personal effect or paper representing the traveler in the black cloth.
  3. Fold one corner toward the middle, covering one part of the item, and say:

Power of air, blow away harm

4. Fold another corner toward the middle and say:

Power of water, flush away harm

5. Fold a third corner toward the middle and say:

Power of earth, guard from harm

6. Fold the last corner toward the middle and say:

Power of fire, burn away harm

7. Your item should be completely covered by the black fabric now. Holding it in your hands, feed strong protective thoughts and emotions into and repeat three times:

Surround [name] and protect them

Carry [name] through their journey safely

May no harm or misfortune befall [name]

8. Take the black ribbon and either tie it around the cloth like you are tying up a package, or gather all the corners together to bind them with the ribbon like a sack. As you finish this, say:

My will be done

Keep the charm in a safe place until the journey is complete. Then you may either return the personal item to the person, or dispose of the contents safely and in an eco-friendly manner.

5 ways to use magickal writing

What is magickal writing? Let’s not overthink this: the use of written word or symbols for the purpose of getting what you want from life.

We use magick in many ways. Some magick is to help ourselves or others, some is for material gain, some is baneful, some is to gain knowledge, and some is to attain spiritual growth.

But whatever the intent of the magick, it’s ultimate goal is to manipulate energy and achieve a particular outcome.

Some of us are natural writers. It comes to us so fluidly as if its just another sense, like sight or smell. For others, it may seem awkward or uncomfortable, or perhaps just unnatural. It’s okay to be in any of those groups. I find that while we may not inherently possess a particular skill, we have others that come very naturally. And it doesn’t mean we can’t develop that skill.

What is important here is to understand that words have meaning, whether spoken or written. And when we add our own intent and will to those words, those words take on an energy which we send out into the world, whether we mean to or not.

This is why some people are very particular about energetic cleansing, because many people send the equivalent of a hex or curse without realizing it. Just really really concentrated anger or hatred toward a person, when sent with intent or will, is enough to cause bad things to happen.

Conversely, we can also send really concentrated positive energy toward others simply by thinking those thoughts and applying intent and will to them.

And written words carry the same weight. Once words are committed to writing, they own the energetic signature of the writer and carry that writer’s message forth. When you, the writer, apply your intent and will to those words, they become real.

Magickal Poems

Whether you’re trying to make someone fall in love with a romantic sonnet, or make Kyle’s dick fall off with a baneful limerick, poetry has a solid place in magick.

Many witches prefer to create spells or incantations that rhyme, based on poetic principles and meters (meter is the rhythm of the syllables as spoken, but you can pick up meter even when reading them).

And, not all poetry rhymes. Some poetry simply conveys a very deep and thoughtful emoti0n to the reader. Or it conveys a nice raunchy tryst that makes us giggle.

Poetry itself is an inherently emotionally charged medium of writing, and works well for witches who also enjoy writing. Try writing a love poem to yourself. Recite it each morning after you wake up and see how this changes your self esteem and mood.

Or try channeling your frustrations over something into a funny or comical p0em and watch your frustration become transmuted into laughter.

Magickal Stories

Whether short or novel-length, stories help us process things we experience, deal with human emotions, get over loss, and feel hope or community with others. Stories transcend generations and carry important messages forward as lessons, warnings, or just beauty so that we may share this human condition together.

I wrote a mystery novel and am currently querying it to agents (I know, excite) and it occurred to me that my purpose in writing the story I did was to help process the experiences and emotions I have encountered in my witchcraft and spiritual practice. By examining them in the context of characters and settings, I can work through how I think and feel about them in a way that feels non-threatening and even exhilarating.

But, what if you wrote a story to function as your spell? This is where things get really interesting. Perhaps, you, the protagonist, seek a new job or a better car or want to reconcile with someone in your family.

Consider writing exactly how you want this scenario to turn out in the form of a story, charged with all your emotions, and then read the story out loud or in your mind to yourself by candlelight. Allow yourself to feel all those feels. Meditate on your story and blow the candle out. Spell completed.

Magickal Statements

Magickal statements can be curses, hexes, blessings, affirmations, or any other change you hope to manifest.

Let’s say you experience some kind of injustice at the hands of your co-worker, who we’ll call Jessica. And you feel Jessica needs retribution (if baneful magick isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine. This can apply to positive magick, as well).

Grab a sheet of paper and scribble your retribution over and over and over again until the entire paper is either completely covered (like totally blacked out and illegible) or rips from the intense emotional outpouring. “Jessica your hair will fall out and nobody will sell you a wig” sounds nice.

As you scribble whatever your retribution (or blessing) is over and over and over, the intense emotions you feel transfer into the writing. Once the words are put down to paper, its set in place. Rip it up and flush it down a toilet or throw it in a body of water running away from you. Or throw it in the trash, burn it, or whatever else feels appropriate.

As I noted above, this can apply to ANY intense emotion, so blessings can count here. Let’s say you hope you get the job you just applied for (hopefully its not where Jessica works). Take all that hope, wishing, positivity, light, and love and write over and over “XYZ
Company offers me the job I applied for” until you’ve blacked out the piece of paper and the words are no longer legible.

Magickal Sigils

I won’t go into super deep detail on using or creating sigils in this post, as I’ve already briefly touched on sigils before. But they would function the same as statements of magickal intent in this context.

Instead of scribbling your statement repeatedly until you can no longer read it, you would turn it into a sigil that encapsulates its meaning. Usually, you will meditate deeply on your sigil, committing it to the deepest layers of consciousness in your mind, so that it works for you without you consciously thinking about it.

Sigils are great for taking more complex thoughts or ideas and turning them into something simpler to use.

Magickal Written Art

This would be using written words or symbols to create visual images instead of utilizing lines to draw them. For instance, what if you wrote out the word ‘money’ in the shape of a coin or bag of money, to tie the word to what your ultimate intent is?

Or if you used a positive affirmation phrase such as ‘I am a being of light and power’ to draw the outlines of your body, or the sun, or some other meaningful object?

There are many ways to incorporate written word into art and visuals, beyond just playing with fonts. Get creative and look beyond words and visual art being separate. They need not be mutually exclusive.

Islamic calligraphy is famous for this, using words to create highly stylized and artistic images.

Example of zoomorphic arabic calligraphy, Caligrafia arabe pajaro from Yassine Mrabet

You could also approach this with alternative scripts. There are many scripts out there which are pictorial in nature, the most famous of which is the Egyptian hieroglyphs. The symbols in that language stood for both people and objects, as well as could be used to represent words or even letters.

You could use a script like Ogam or Runes, as well, to construct images out of the words you write in them.

You could also do this with poetry or stories you write. Let the words or letters become the characters or subjects and get whimsical with it.

To summarize, literally anything can be magick if you apply sufficiently focused intent and will. Learning to drill down to exactly what your intent and will are can often be the hardest part, and then all you need to do is focus them in a way that directs them toward your intended outcome.

The reason why not all fiction stories actually come true is that exact reason above. Without sufficient intent and will, Hogwarts will not materialize for us, nor will the shirtless guy with the chiseled jaw and ‘pulsing member’ on the cover of that book our moms are reading.

Another element of magickal writing to consider, which I did not cover here because I intent to write a post on it separately, is the creation and use of magickal inks. This is common amongst many witches or magicians, to use magickal ingredients in inks they make, in order to further seal and set their spells. Those inks might include such ingredients as blood (your own or someone/something else’s), plant extracts or oleums, moon water, essences of crystals, and so on.

If you love writing and it comes naturally, or even if it doesn’t and you want to get better at it, and want to use it more in your magick, but want some more ideas, I highly recommend checking out The Magickal Writing Grimoire by Lisa Marie Basile. She has some really great perspectives on writing for healing, magick, and ritual, as well as its full of writing prompts if you’re not sure where to start in your writing practice.

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