Magickal Symbolism of the Iris

This flower is found in depictions and art dating back to as far back as people drew flowers. Renowned the world over for its beauty and sensuality, the iris features in many magickal or spiritual contexts, as well.

Irises are some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, symbolizing transformation, renewal, and hope. They are brightly colored and showy, reminding us to show up for ourselves, and to let our own true colors shine.

And, irises are here to remind us of our own sensuality. Their leaves are harsh, sharp, and phallic, juxtaposed next to the soft, delicate, and sensual petals opening in layers, just like a vulva. In fact, it is common in many cultures, such as Japan, to drink tea of iris petals and bathe in a bath of iris blossoms to ensure virility and good health.

Irises were planted on the graves of women in Greece, so that their souls could be guided by the goddess Iris, who shuttled them between the physical world and the Elysian fields of the afterlife. The goddess Iris was the female equivalent of Hermes, with her own wings and caduceus. Her symbol was the rainbow, which was how she traveled between the Earth and Olympus.

Irises are also considered protective, especially against disease and evil spirits. The flower can be planted on the sides of your porch or front door to ward off spirits and misfortune, and to welcome prosperity and protection. The blossoms are also placed upon the roofs of homes in Japan to protect against evil spirits.

The iris is also the flower depicted in the French fleur de lis, and the three petals of the flower shown symbolize faith, wisdom, and valor.

Irises can be found in virtually every hue of the spectrum, and, depending on what color they are, can symbolize more specific things for you beyond just beauty, transformation, femininity, balance, hope, and power.

What can’t the iris be for you? …that’s probably a better question, because these powerful and unique flowers are excellent for all kinds of spiritual or magickal uses.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • use a red iris in love spells, especially those involving passion or lust
  • use an orang iris for friendships, knowledge, and educational pursuits
  • use an yellow iris for creativity and inspiration
  • use a green iris for money, finance, and career spells
  • use a blue iris for communication or psychic dreams
  • use a purple iris for power, intuition, or connection to your higher self
  • use a black or white iris for protection
  • use a white iris for purification or protection
  • use any color iris for good health, beauty, lust/sexuality, and confidence

symbolism of the goat

There are few other creatures of the natural world that have been maligned in spiritual and religious symbolism as much as the goat. Poor goats, right?

Apart from spending way more time than I’d like to admit watching screaming goats videos on Youtube (you’re welcome), goats are quite awesome. They are nature’s tenacious, intelligent, and industrious little cloven-footed buddies.

They keep plant life controlled, they produce an alternative to cow milk (goat milk is delicious, if you haven’t tried it), and they’re super playful and friendly. They also provide meat, fleece, and skin to cultures who raise them and care for them.

Wild mountain goats are able to clamber up nearly sheer rock faces, thousands of feet above the ground, almost effortlessly and without fear. Goats in pastures use creative escape plans to free themselves. Goats seize opportunities.

But let’s walk it back a bit to what the goat symbolizes from a magickal or spiritual perspective.

History of Goat Symbolism

Goat legends abound in Pagan religions, which is likely part of the reason why they were later to be associated with ‘the devil’ in Judeo-Christian symbology.

Zeus was suckled by the goat Amalthea. Thor’s chariot is drawn by two goats (who can be cooked and eaten, and then rise again the next morning anew).

Goats were traditionally associated with fertility and virility, thanks to the impassioned and persistent nature of a rutting billy goat. This might also be why their image was darkened by the church, because sexy sexy goats might spread the wrong message?

Anyway, the Greek god Pan was a well-known goat-god, half man/half goat and connected to fertility, sensuality, sexual pleasure, and lust. At some point after the establishment of the Catholic church, the image of Pan was given red skin, menacing black horns, and glowing red eyes and became the symbol of evil.

Aphrodite was also shown riding a goat as her favorite mount.

Satyrs were half man/half goat figures who played music and enjoyed revelry and pleasure. Goats were associated with Dionysus, to whom they were traditionally sacrificed.

The practice of ‘scapegoating’ in Judaic lore (and this appears to perhaps also have been practiced in some other early Middle Eastern sects that were not specifically Jewish, but I can’t find good sources to confirm) involved a village or family group designating one goat each year to bear the sins, shame, negative thoughts, and so forth of each individual.

The people of the village or group would each walk up and touch the goat, symbolically transferring their sins and bad deeds/thoughts to the goat. Once the goat was full of their negativity and sins, it would be set free to wander off into the desert, carrying their sins and misdeeds away with it. In other words, being their scapegoat, and accepting whatever punishment or judgment would be issued for those sins.

And then we get to the point in which the goat literally became associated with the biblical Satan.

The goat head is now used to symbolize the reversed pentagram, such as on the seal of The Satanic Temple (they’re a rad group, I highly recommend you read their tenets), and is also part of the symbolism of Baphomet, who the Templars were accused of praying to or worshipping after they confessed during torture, and who was then subsequently established as a heathen or pagan idol.

However, scholars now largely agree that the name Baphomet was an Old French bastardization of the name Muhammad (Mahomet) and that there was not a separate entity named Baphomet associated with the Christian devil.

Otherwise, prior to those recorded confessions in the early 1300s, the name did not appear in any records, and was certainly not associated with goats.

Duality of Goats vs Sheep

From an organized Judeo-Christian religion perspective, sheep were the good followers, who stayed in the pasture and didn’t stray. They didn’t attempt to escape or find excitement. They did as they were told and just ate their pasture grass and were happy being told by the shepherd and sheepdog that this was their life and it would always be this way.

How many religious passages, songs, and hymns refer to ‘the flock,’ ‘pastures/pastoral,’ ‘fleece,’ and so forth? Sheep were divine, or associated with following the divine and being ‘good.’

The goat on the other hand, questioned. The goat knew that just outside that fence there was excitement, adventure, and juicy she-goats to get feisty with. The world is the goat’s oyster. The goat is down for a challenge and whatever pleasures it can find.

The goat pursued its urges, never regretted, and achieved heightened experiences.

And this, my friends, is where a large amount of the ruining of the goat’s reputation and image came from by the church as it systematically wiped out or suppressed Pagan traditions and belief systems.

The message was pretty clear: don’t think for yourself, don’t question, and don’t even think about kinky mating!

What Messages Does the Goat Bring Us?

If you feel particularly connected to the imagery, character, or spirit of the goat, or are seeing a lot of goat imagery popping up lately, here are some things to consider:

  • What barriers hold you in? Are they really there, or are they self-created? Is it time to leap the fence and explore?
  • You may need to explore sexuality and pleasure, but conversely, just like a reversed tarot card, if you’re already doing a lot of sexual exploration, this symbol might signal unconsciously compelled sexual compulsions or an unhealthy lust for power
  • Are you following blindly without questioning? Perhaps its time to re-assess something in your life and take ownership of your trajectory
  • Goats can also symbolize energetic pursuit of a want or need. Is there something lacking that you can apply more energy to in order to manifest it?

a full moon sex magick money spell

i have to say, the last sex magick spell/ritual i posted was a hit, and probably one of the most-read posts on this blog.

y’all some freaks.

but you’re in good company here, cause sex magick is both pleasurable and powerful. it can take our spells to another level of effectiveness when done right.

so, as the full moon is coming up in a couple days, i figured i’d post this one a couple days ahead of time, in case you need time to get stuff together or make plans, if they involve other persons besides yourself.

this sex magick spell is specifically for financial gain, but you can sub any other spell for the one below if you want.

i just figured that many people are struggling right now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and who couldn’t use an influx of money or a particular bill paid?

what you’ll need:

  • dried basil
  • cinnamon stick
  • either dried chamomile flowers or chamomile EO
  • cedarwood or cedar leaves
  • patchouli incense or EO
  • a fire-safe container such as a cauldron or stone/glass bowl
  • a green candle
  • something to light your candle with
  • a small piece of paper and something to write with

what you’ll do:

  1. once you have cleansed yourself, your space, and any tools you plan to use through a method of your choosing, and dressed or not dressed to your preference, lay out all items on your altar
  2. also grab any sex paraphernalia that you will need and bring it into your workspace. this includes lubes, sex toys, and so forth.
  3. if you will cast a circle now is the time to do it
  4. using the lighter, light your candle.
  5. stare into the flame for a minute or two, very specifically and clearly picturing the exact amount of money you are requesting and the purpose for which you need it (“a hospital bill for $4,289”). be realistic.
  6. once you have this solidified, write it down on your paper.
  7. place the herbs, cinnamon stick, and a few drops of each essential oil into your cauldron or fire-safe container, along with the patchouli, in whatever form you prefer
  8. using your lit candle, set the contents of your cauldron on fire until a good amount of it catches; you may need to stir it around a few times and re-light various parts. its okay if the entire thing does not light right now.
  9. this flame represents your will. the intensity of the fire and the power and magick of the herbs will carry your intent as they engulf it, and then finally carry it into the world on their smoke.
  10. now you will either masturbate or have sex with your partner(s) until all involved have reached their preferred level of orgasm(s)
  11. after orgasming, gather the energy about you that you have just built up and place your paper with your intent into the cauldron and let it catch fire; you may need to re-light it with the candle.
  12. as the paper scrap burns, picture the smoke carrying your intent forth into the universe; the fire and smoke is your willpower to make this manifest
  13. you may choose to seal your spell with a phrase such as ‘this is my will, so shall it be done’ or ‘so mote it be’
  14. you may also choose to invoke or call any deities or spirits with whom you work at any point during this, depending on how much you want them present during various parts
  15. thank and release anyone you called in and release your circle if you cast one
  16. blow out the candle and bury the ashes (once they are done smoldering) from your cauldron at the base of a tree or in your garden mixed into some soil; if you do not have access to either of these, feel free to add them to the soil of a favorite potted plant
  17. or, perhaps, plant some new seeds and add the ashes to that potting soil, as this will henceforth be your lucky money plant!

that’s it. i hope you enjoy plenty of sex and money this coming (pun FULLY intended) full moon!

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