Hina is the moon goddess of Hawai’i, however this goddess name appears in many other Polynesian beliefs, and she is represented in a number of different manifestations or aspects of the goddess. She has two faces, symbolizing the duality of our existence. Night and day, light and dark, above and below, and so forth.

She is seen as the divine feminine generative force, in nature and the cosmos. She, therefore, takes on the role of the mother goddess to all other goddesses in Hawai’ian spiritual beliefs.

Hina travels via the pathway of rainbows, but is a strong moon goddess, with associations to monthly cycles, femininity, death and rebirth.

At one point, her myths also incorporate her role as an ocean goddess. She is also depicted as either the wife, the mother, or the sister of the god Maui.

Overall, Hina represents the strong feminine personification, as a headstrong goddess who lives by her own will.

Correspondences of Hina

Colors: the rainbow

Planet: Moon

Other: butterflies, communication between men and women, creativity, art, artists, beauty, coconut shells, fertility, portals/liminal spaces, happiness, magick, nature, night, moonlight, protection, rebirth, transformation, divine feminine, the ocean, seashells, eels

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