Since we’re all staying home so much more and have all this extra time, our homes are all spotless.

*hysterical laughter ensues*

*it keeps on going*

*the laughter quickly engulfs the entirety of the magickal community with how absurd this thought is*


Yeah, so if you’re like me, despite ‘theoretically’ having more time at home, your home is or has not consistently been as spotless as one might expect given the increased attention it may be receiving as of late.

Its probably at least a little bit chaotic, has piles of things in random places, pet or child-related evidence are accumulating on your upholstery at an alarming rate, and its impossible to keep up with the dust, let alone the laundry.

And all that ‘stuff,’ spiritual, psychic, physical, and emotional is hovering on your baseboards, corners of the stairs, around the table legs, and crammed into that little impossible space where the bottom of your cabinet meets your fridge.

This debris, if you will, weighs on your mind. you see it when you get up to get a snack or refill your coffee cup. you see it when its morning and that morning sun streaming through the windows hits your wood stairs just right, as if to say ‘hey, i just wanted you to know how fucking dirty your stairs are, okay?’

And physical debris carries with it more than just physical effects – its the psychological and spiritual effects that tend to be what weighs the most.

We genuinely feel bad that we’re not cleaning, and that we have no really good excuses for not doing so.

We know we need to tackle this, but there’s netflix. we know we need to put away laundry, but there’s hulu. we know we need to just start with one small thing, but someone on facebook needs to know our opinion.

Physically cleaning your home has more than just physical benefits. it lifts so much weight from your shoulders and reminds you how good a freshly cleansed space feels. you breathe easier, but you also feel easier. (and, i don’t know about you, but i stop feeling like a total slob when i do this lol)

It discourages the spiritual loafers who may find their way in and stick around in those dusty corners. it drives out the unwanted psychic guests who thrive amid chaos and the thoughts of self-loathing that accompany our occasional bouts of disorganization.

Just burning sage isn’t enough to really thoroughly cleanse a space on every plane, IMO.

And if you’ve ever really deep cleaned even just one room in your house and you felt just how good it felt to be in there, you know what i mean.

So, because its the new moon, and the new moon is all about letting things go, let’s physically, but also psychically and emotionally, cleanse our spaces.

Get in there and scrub, vacuum, wipe, organize, whatever your house is asking from you right now.

I like to start with the thing that is the most obvious, that will give me the biggest ‘bang for my buck’ once its done. for me, this is usually my baseboards that are constantly accumulating enough fur to build a whole new dog each month.

Btw, here’s a trick i use for my house that lifts the vibes of any room i use it in. and i use it a LOT because my entire (big old historic) house is wood floors, huge tall windows that love dust and cobwebs, old ornate baseboards, and carved wooden staircases.

To any all natural cleaner spray, or simply a bottle of 3 parts distilled water to 1 part distilled vinegar, add 20 drops cinnamon EO, 20 drops clove EO, 15 drops cedar EO, and 10 drops myrrh EO. shake well before spraying. it works awesome in a spray bottle as well as with swiffer-type mops.

These essential oils discourage invasive or unwanted spiritual hangers-on, but also make appealing or welcoming environments for beneficial and helpful energy and spirits, such as ones you may work with regularly, or just ones you may want to work with.

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