you may be newish to astrology or the impact that the planets, stars, zodiac signs, and other celestial bodies have on each other, and you might have wondered ‘what exactly does full moon in Libra mean?

here’s how to break it down:

throughout the course of the year (in the 12 month calendar), the moon transits each of the zodiac signs and there is usually one full moon in each of those signs each 12 month cycle.

each of the signs influences the moon’s energy, and your spiritual energy, conscious and unconscious needs, and strengths/weaknesses, differently.

this month, the full moon will be in Libra and all zodiac signs will feel its energy, but Libra and Aries will likely feel it more strongly.

the full moon in Libra is all about bringing or finding balance: balance in your relationships, your job, your life, your finances, and so on. but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that balance will happen, its merely a facilitator of that balance, should you choose to be open to it and let it into your life by your actions, thoughts, and words.

you will still need to search for or create that balance, but the Libra moon’s energy is the perfect time to do so.

things that will be great for you to pursue are relationships, fertilization (of anything, not just your own eggs – so if you don’t want kids right now, don’t worry, fertilize some plants or your 401K), and the big one: emotions.

this will be an emotional full moon. let that shit out. have all the emotions and embrace them. this is the perfect time to do so. perform your love spells, abundance spells, money spells, and go forth to sow your seed.

the plans and efforts you set now will germinate for the next 12 months until this time next year – don’t waste this opportunity for laying a really solid foundation.

Full Moon in Libra on April 7, 2020: Chart Wheel
image from:

the image above is a really good visual of what it means for the full moon to be IN Libra. the moon is actually positioned in the ‘sky’ in the position of Libra, and opposite the sun, which is in Aries (hence why Aries will feel this moon’s energy more strongly, similar to Libra).

as the moon transits the sky around the earth, it visits each of those signs, which will change how it influences us, in turn.

a big theme that many sources you may have read are discussing is the need to bring balance and harmony, especially to relationships. we will be pulled to want to spend more time on our own independently, but also feel compelled to find or keep a partner(s) with whom we enjoy time together.

the trick is to decide how to fairly divide those time resources so that everyone wins (ourselves included).

on the subject of balance is also the influence of Jupiter and Pluto on the moon right now. jupiter and pluto are what is called ‘conjuct’ right now. this means that they are in the same sign, and their energies may balance, but also amplify each other, as well as the moon and sun in that sign.

this is an influence of big changes, passionate pursuit of goals or dreams is ideal, and putting effort into work and projects, or new ideas will be fruitful. its also a time to finally bust past barriers and obstacles, using the really intense transformative energy of this alignment.

this alignment is also considered very lucky and most professional endeavors you begin during this transit will turn out successful with your passion and hard work poured into them.

this is a really good time to dream big and think about where you want to head in life and then put that into action.

if you’re interested in where you can best view the full pink supermoon just over the horizon tuesday April 7, check out this link from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

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