i am putting my normal content calendar on hold temporarily to share a link to a twitter thread that was phenomenal, from Ivy’s Tea Co, a black-owned business.

she links TONS of black-owned businesses in this thread, so please follow them and, more importantly, support them by purchasing goods, many of which are common household or dietary items you are buying often anyway, from black-owned businesses.

as a white person, but an ally of black people’s ongoing fight for basic human rights, i think that there are so many white people that don’t know how they can help right now.

supporting black-owned businesses by purchasing goods that you normally purchase anyway from a (usually white-owned) corporate entity is one of many good first steps that requires basically zero effort beyond what you’re already doing.

the thread following that tweet has the links. click on the image above, then click ‘show this thread’

also if you are a black business owner/creator in ANY industry, please let me know and i will link your business here. if you know of a black-0wned business that you want to have included on this list, please let me know so i can add it.

these are other black-owned businesses/creators i’ve been following not included in the twitter links above (let’s make this list a mile long):

Lady T, dream interpretations and spiritual coaching https://www.instagram.com/heavenandearth_connect/

Lilith Dorsey, author of Orishas, Goddesses, and Voodoo Queens, lilithdorsey.com

Adrina Dietra, lingerie designer, soaps, home goods https://adrinadietra.com/pressbay-transfer-hub

Myne Candle Co https://www.instagram.com/mynecandleco/

Doe and Deer Crochet www.doeanddeercrochet.com

Motherland Essentials, plant-based skincare www.motherlandessentials.com

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