ritual bathing….*sigh*

how many of us hungrily consume pics of carefully staged self-care baths with flower petals and candles and all the really cute shit that we’re all taught we have to have in order to make our bath effective. or for it to count. or for us to count?

yeah, i was once that impressionable chick who thought i had to aspire to that, but the reality is, a ritual bath might not be something we have 45 minutes to devote to.

it might be just 10 min with a nice smelling candle, and the music cranked up so you can’t hear the dog vomiting outside the bathroom door or your kids screaming about some perceived slight one has done to the other.

or maybe you’ve got plenty of time and privacy on your hands, its the routine and commitment you lack?

whatever the reason you’re not doing ritual baths, especially before important spell work or rituals/celebrations, consider these thoughts:

purification of your space is important, and you probably at least burn some herbs or incense to ritually purify where you will be working your magick, if its indoors. isn’t your body also part of that work space?

you anoint and bless your magickal tools, such as candles, athames, swords, crystals, and so forth…but isn’t your body also your main magickal tool?

would you go to a job interview looking sloppy and expect to get hired? if you’re working with a deity or several, and you’re asking for their help or guidance, if you don’t take time to care for yourself, should they care for you?

i could probably go on, but i’ll stop there with reasons. because we all really only need one reason to take a ritual bath (even if that bath in itself is your actual ritual and that’s it!!): you matter.

and, for full transparency, i needed to hear this as much as you did, sis.

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