It’s still coronavirus central here in the US as I’m writing this, so hopefully you and your loved ones do not need to travel. But, should you find that you or someone you know needs to travel somewhere, no matter how close or far, and regardless of whether a pandemic virus is a concern, here is a spell to keep a traveler safe:

What you will need:

  • a personal effect of the person in question; if you don’t have something that belongs to them, and don’t have hair, nail clippings, etc from them, you can simply write their name on a piece of paper
  • a square of black cloth, or a black cloth bag, large enough to wrap the personal item or paper in
  • a black ribbon, long enough to tie around the cloth once it is wrapped around the item; you can tie it like a gift wrap ribbon, or you can create a charm bag, and just tie the ribbon around the top after twisting it closed

What you will do:

  1. Take a moment to identify a specific goal/outcome here. Do you just want their flight to be safe and uneventful? Do you want to make sure their car does not experience trouble on their road trip? Do you want to prevent all possible forms of harm generally? Or something very specific? I find with traveler spells, the more broad you can be, such as ‘Aunt Margaret will arrive safely in California without harm to herself or belongings,’ the better off you are. If you are too specific, your magick may find a loop hole or may just not be exactly what you’re wanting.
  2. Place the personal effect or paper representing the traveler in the black cloth.
  3. Fold one corner toward the middle, covering one part of the item, and say:

Power of air, blow away harm

4. Fold another corner toward the middle and say:

Power of water, flush away harm

5. Fold a third corner toward the middle and say:

Power of earth, guard from harm

6. Fold the last corner toward the middle and say:

Power of fire, burn away harm

7. Your item should be completely covered by the black fabric now. Holding it in your hands, feed strong protective thoughts and emotions into and repeat three times:

Surround [name] and protect them

Carry [name] through their journey safely

May no harm or misfortune befall [name]

8. Take the black ribbon and either tie it around the cloth like you are tying up a package, or gather all the corners together to bind them with the ribbon like a sack. As you finish this, say:

My will be done

Keep the charm in a safe place until the journey is complete. Then you may either return the personal item to the person, or dispose of the contents safely and in an eco-friendly manner.

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