first of all, i need to say that i don’t think most people need a protection amulet or charm. and i tend to agree with statements like this one below, from notable author Scott Cunningham:

“I’m often asked if I have a good luck charm, a piece of jewelry, an amulet, or some other power object that I always have in my possession. I don’t.

This often comes as a surprise, but it is part of my magical philosophy. If I determined that one piece of jewelry (a ring, pendant, quartz crystal point, ect) was my power object, my link with the Gods, my assurance of good luck, I’d be crushed if it was stolen, lost, misplaced or otherwise parted company with me.

p. 52, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. Llewelyn Publications, 2004

so, i tend to agree with this statement. why put all my eggs in one basket and rely on an extrinsic object or symbol when my power, energy, and magic is ultimately what’s responsible for my protection or power?


what if you did want to make a personal protection charm?

what if its for someone else who just needs a little boost to their confidence that they are not alone in their struggles?

what if it’s reassuring to you?

what if you are going somewhere that you feel requires a greater amount of particular protection and you just want to make sure…

there is nothing wrong with creating a personal protection charm or object, especially if you do it right and with the appropriate intentions.

what you will need:

  • the object you wish to imbue with protective energy (this could be jewelry, a piece of clothing, a keychain, a small pouch of herbs or flowers, really anything you feel like you can carry with you for these purposes)
  • a white candle
  • a red candle
  • a handful (1/4 cup) herbs, ideally dried: basil and/or mugwort (you can use one or both)
  • a cauldron or other heat-safe dish/vessel
  • a handful of honeysuckle (can be freshly picked or dried)
  • a stone or glass bowl
  • 1 cup freshly boiled spring water (ideally boil this on your stovetop, but a microwave may do in a pinch)

the spell

  • cleanse yourself (bathe, shower, use ritual purification oils, etc)
  • cleanse your space (burn an herb bundle, incense, or use a bell or other sound to remove unwanted energy and fill it with your own)
  • have all of your items on your altar or ritual workspace before beginning
  • pour the freshly boiled water into the bowl
  • add the honeysuckle to the water and wait approximately 5-6 minutes until it has cooled enough to touch it without scalding your skin
  • light the candles with a match or other candle
  • hold the herbs in your hand for a moment, feeling their vibrations and melding your own power to that of the herbs. it may be beneficial at this point to meditate briefly on any specifics that you want this protection spell and object to cover (health, ill will, a threatening person, physical harm, accidents, etc); place the herbs in the cauldron or heat-safe vessel
  • light the herbs and let the smoke waft gently; breathe it in and out, forming a picture of what your intended protective outcome would be as regards this charm or object
  • hold your protection object or charm in your left hand and say out loud:

white of bone

red of heart

heat of fire

life of earth

bestow upon this [ring, charm, amulet, etc]

protection of the whole

protection of the bearer

protection of the wearer

repel malice, harm, and ill

protect the bearer ever still

  • as you finish the incantation, pick up the bowl of honeysuckle and hot water and gently use it to douse the flames/embers in the herb bowl a few drops at a time
  • hold the protection object over the smoke and steam rising from the doused herbs and let it be enveloped until all the embers have gone out and no more smoke or steam remains

if you are intending to give this to someone else, keep it in a safe place such as a cedar box or velvet-lined bag until you can give it to the intended recipient.

if you plan to use it for your own protection, wear it on your person or carry it with you, or perhaps hang it over the threshold of your door, place it in your vehicle or otherwise in a place where you feel it will be the most efficacious to your needs.

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