Or just a job at all. This is flexible.

I’ll cut right to the point: a lot of people are either out of work, or working in jobs they’re not happy with. And, to a certain extent, this will always exist, because not everyone can work their dream job.

But, we can certainly find a better situation for ourselves professionally. Now, the caveat to this spell is assuming that you are doing all the right things, like dressing professionally and showing up on time for interviews, actually filling out job applications, and have a reasonably professional-looking resume.

If you’re not doing the basics, a spell isn’t going to polish you up, honey. This spell is if you’re looking and can’t find what you want, or you’re applying and interviewing but just aren’t getting offers, despite being a good candidate.

What You Will Need

  • a printed map of the area in which you want to find your job
  • a black marker or pen
  • either a red or orange candle (red is associated with luck and orange is associated with prosperity; I don’t think either of them is wrong, just whatever color you’re most drawn to for your situation)
  • something to light the candle with
  • a small piece of paper to write on
  • a fireproof vessel or container
  • a dried herb or two (or three) from this list, all of which are associated with luck: chamomile, mint, honeysuckle, thyme, rosemary

What You Will Do

  1. Start out by writing down on the piece of paper a list of the job duties and your bottom line requirements. This could include a realistic minimum salary/hourly wage offer, work hours, flexibility, skills required, benefits, office dynamics, and anything else that is particularly important to you. The more specific you are, obviously the more you limit yourself, but if they are dealbreakers, then include them and be prepared to be patient.
  2. Think on this content for a few moments as you meditate quietly and envision the aspects of this new job and how they will benefit you and anyone else in your life, if applicable.
  3. Lay the map out flat on your altar or workspace. On the map, using the black marker or pen, draw an outline of the boundaries of the area in which you want the job to be. This functions as your specifier for how far you are willing commute (if at all) or where you may be limited to regarding public transport or other forms of travel. If you’re open to packing up your entire life and moving somewhere brand new, consider a map of the entire US, or maybe even the world!
  4. Place the candle and the fireproof dish, with your selected herbs in it, in the center of your drawn boundaries on the map. It helps if the candle is as much directly over your specific current location as possible.
  5. Light the candle and recite:

Fire and flame, I send to you

my request to find a job anew

I give this list of requirements forth

to bring to me this position of worth

6. Use the candle to light the paper with your job requirements on it, and let it burn out into ash in the bowl. If the herbs do not catch fire, light them with the candle or a match.

7. Let the candle burn down all the way, so that the wax melts onto the map, sealing your spell.

Parting Thoughts

As with any spell, we never really know when we’ll see results manifest, but if you’re continuing to search on job boards and websites, filling out applications, and let’s say you even start getting open opportunities that seem ‘perfect’ but you’re either not landing interviews or you’re not getting callbacks or offers, consider that there may be some critical errors in your application (grammar/spelling mistakes, overly wordy, false information) or you’re making some critical errors during interviews (negative attitude, badmouthing previous employers, unprofessional attire, showing up drunk, etc).

This goes back to the comment just before the spell that no spell can fix being unprofessional. I say this with utmost kindness because I used to interview people all the time for a business I owned previously and you wouldn’t believe the stuff that people do and say during interviews.

Apart from that, this takes effort on your part, as does all magick, to actively seek those opportunities. Rarely will this just trigger a job offer from an employer out of the blue. You need to let potential employers know you’re looking.

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