Protection spells may be one of the first types of spells you work when you’re new to witchery. And they are quite simple to construct, as spells really can be fluid and of your own making. They just need to include the items or words that are meaningful to YOU in order to be meaningful when performed.

Protection is considered a ‘constructive’ magick, which means it is most powerful when performed during the waxing part of the moon cycle, but, certainly, you can do it at any time of the moon cycle you feel necessary and it will still be productive.

These types of spells can be used to clear away negative or harmful energy or to protect your space, item(s), or a person/people from negative or harmful forces.

Most protection spells have the follow elements to consider:

  • timing
  • strong feeling/emotions/will/intent
  • a flame (candles, sage, palo alto, etc can all be burned to produce a flame)
  • a scent (can be incense burning, a scented candle, scented oil, fresh or dried herbs, etc)
  • a spoken direction, request, intention, or incantation,
  • other optional items:
    • a charm or talisman to imbue with protective qualities
    • crystals

A note on timing, because I know some people have strong feelings one way or the other about this:

Both timing and feeling are important, but feeling or emotional will far outweighs the affect that timing can bring to a well-constructed spell, or can even enhance the effectiveness of a poorly constructed spell performed on the wrong night.

In other words, its more important that you use your emotions and willpower or intent in a concentrated way to manifest the outcome of your spell than it is that you perform it on exactly the 11th hour of the 2nd full moon of the 14th year preceeding the return of Jupiter.

Protection spells don’t need physical items or elaborate rituals.

Try simply casting a circle around yourself and/or your intended subject(s) by visualizing a bright light starting from your heart chakra or third eye chakra, and allowing it to grow larger and brighter until it surrounds you or those you wish to protect.

Visualize the negative things around you deflecting off your shield, or simply disappearing as they come in contact with it, like a force field zapping them into oblivion.

This simple technique can work to create a barrier that allows in the positive and beneficial things you want, but filters the negative or harmful vibes, things, or people you wish to keep away. Picture it like a sieve or pasta strainer in which most things run off, but a few good things remain.

Remember to allow for this barrier to be fluid enough not to block absolutely everything that may come your way. This can yield an exceptionally heavy protective spell to carry around and will not be sustainable to keep up at all times.

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