If you’re newish to the world of magick and metaphysical subjects, you’ve still likely run across at least a few articles or posts about crystals and their various uses.

I prefer to use them to meditate, as I find they really enhance the experience and, when used correctly, can create an exceptional amount of energy and improve focus.

That being said, are all crystals equal in that statement, and, if not, are there any that are better or more effective?

Why are you meditating?

Answer this question before asking which crystals are best for meditating. Here are some common reasons people meditate with crystals:

  • self growth/introspection
  • health promotion
  • contact with the spirit world
  • contact with a spiritual guide
  • visualization of goals, wants, needs, etc
  • stress management
  • divination

Depending on your reason, you may want to choose a crystal that has properties that align better with your intended outcome or purpose.

Crystals and their properties

As a general rule, I find that crystals that align well with the third eye chakra are always a good choice, no matter what you’re meditating for. These crystals are usually going to produce some powerful experiences, as the third eye is like a gateway to that deeper consciousness

Crystals that align with the third eye chakra:

  • fluorite
  • clear quartz
  • amethyst
  • moonstone
  • kyanite
  • black obsidian

I had a particularly strong and vivid session a few weeks back with a nice chunk of raw fluorite, but I have also had some great results from quartz and smoky quartz, as well, so experiment with what works best for you and your purposes

Crystals for clairvoyance

If your purpose is to enhance your ability to see clearly things that may come or have not yet happened, crystals that are known to enhance clairvoyant tendencies or talents include:

  • amethyst
  • labradorite
  • fluorite
  • quartz
  • lapis lazuli

Crystals for contacting or communicating with spirits/spiritual guides

  • selenite – excellent at promoting intuitive dreams and aura cleansing
  • amethyst – great for protection during spirit communication, as well as balancing the third eye and crown chakras
  • charoite – aids in enhancing your channeling abilities and intuitive interpretation of messages
  • clear quartz – powerful for intuition and connecting with spirit guides
  • shattuckite – esp good for connecting with ancestors or specific spirits of lost loved ones

Crystals for visualization

You may find that you lack direction or a clear purpose sometimes and meditation with certain crystals can aid you in finding which path you should be pursuing right now, or perhaps shed light on what your heart truly desires.

  • green tourmaline – to help you let go of inhibitions; also for visualizing success and financial matters
  • clear quartz – a sound choice for any subject of visualization, if you just aren’t sure what to focus on
  • rose quartz – specifically if you’re unsure of your love life or its trajectory
  • citrine – specifically for financial matters and matters of prosperity
  • amethyst – for enhancing or stimulating your intuitive senses, which you should be listening to right now
  • Azurite – to clear your mind of clutter and distraction, so that you can focus on what matters to you
  • obsidian – to help you explore not so much where to go, but what/who/where you should be letting go of

Hopefully that gives you some options to get started (or maybe now you have way too many choices and need to meditate in order to figure out what to meditate about?)

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