Goddess spotlight: Tashmetum

Hey, its another monday, and what better way to spend part of it than learning about a really cool goddess?

Tashmetum (also Tashmit and Tashmetu) is the Babylonian love goddess, and she specifically is associated with the love of marriage. so, within a marriage and finding a marriage partner.

She also functions as a sort of mediator or ‘spiritual counselor,’ if you will, between husbands and wives (I would take this to mean all couples, regardless of orientation; the historical information that this is taken from obviously pre-dates social progress and LGBTQ recognition and equality).

She was often referred to as ‘the lady who listens,’ which is a close translation of her name. She is the consort or wife, depending on the source you consult, of the god Nabu.

Their temple was located in the city of Borsippa, which is located in modern-day Babylon, Iraq. Borsippa was a completely separate city from Babylon, however. There are some associations with the famous Tower of Babel as the Ziggurat of Borsippa.


Zodiac: Associated with Capricorn

Associations: Love, marriage, sensuality, femininity, seduction, wives

As both Tashmetum and her husband, Nabu, were the patrons of scribes and written word, she would be a good goddess to invoke for support or inspiration if you are a writer or author.