how to make a facewash spell

A facewash spell is probably one of the easiest spells you can do anytime you want and with very little witchy experience and/or supplies.

If you’re a witch on a budget, its pretty useful because you already wash your face anyway, and you may be able to do this with nothing more than common kitchen herbs or plants you wild forage (respectfully and responsibly). You can even use this as a replacement for ritual bathing in many instances.

What is a Facewash Spell?

Don’t overthink this. As you are washing your face, a usually common, mundane task, you are infusing this mundane act with your magickal intent to obtain an outcome you want.

And, any facewash can usually be done as a hairwash, or you can combine the two for more magickal power.

I also really like facewash and hairwash spells for those who do not have the ability to take baths regularly. Bath magick can be fun, but it can be replicated in other ways.

I used to only really ever hear of facewash spells in terms of glamour magick, and they certainly do work for that, but there are so many many more uses for this kind of magick.

Any spell you want to perform could theoretically be done via a facewash/hairwash spell, with the one exception being baneful magick. I would just not recommend doing a baneful spell in the form of anything you’re applying to your face and/or hair, as the potential for backfire can really wreck your life (and your appearance).

How Do You Make a Facewash Spell?

Ok, here’s where you can get creative in a number of ways. I’ll give you a few basic approaches, neither is right or wrong, they’re just different approaches and you can choose what feels most right for your purposes.

Option 1: Make a Rinse Solution

This is one of the simplest methods and is easy on both your skin and hair, as well as can be (and usually is) left in your hair to let it dry, or air dry on your skin.

  1. In a pot on your stovetop, bring several cups of water to a boil and add herbs, essential oils, plants, flowers, etc of your choice. Let simmer for ~20 min. Remove from the heat, then strain through a fine wire mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove all solid pieces.
  2. Let it cool enough to be able to apply to skin or hair. PLEASE DO NOT EVER PUT SCALDING WATER ON YOURSELF.
  3. Using clean hands or a cotton round, apply to your face or gently pour over your hair. Depending on the type of spell, you may want to say a few words or a mantra of your choice. Whatever you decide, while you are applying the wash, picture strongly what your outcome should be. Your intent is the most critical piece of this.
  4. Also depending on the type of spell, you may decide to leave it to air dry, or rinse it out with clean water. Here are some general guidelines, but your own unique situation may dictate something different. Use your intuition.
  • Leave it to dry if you are drawing something to you or hoping to gain something (most constructive magick fits into this category); love, money, luck, success, opportunities, protection, strength, courage, etc
  • Rinse it off if you want to remove, cleanse, banish, or otherwise get rid of something; breaking a habit, ending a toxic connection, cord cutting, uncrossing, cleansing, purification, etc

Now, some exceptions exist. You could make the argument that in a purification wash, letting it dry instead of rinsing off, allows your aura to fully absorb the purifying herbs or essential oils, and, therefore, you want to leave it on. This is where intuition can guide you better for your circumstances.

Option 2: Make a Soap-Based Wash

I would lean more toward this option for all destructive magick (getting rid of, letting go, banishing, cleansing, etc), but you could absolutely use it for constructive purposes if your intent is restated in such a manner that the rinsing off of the solution indicates you ridding yourself of whatever is preventing the good or beneficial outcome you’re looking for.

Example: let’s say you want to do well in an important presentation at work and you need to feel confident. You could change up your spell to banish self-doubt or negative self-talk/thoughts so that you feel confident, beautiful, smart, or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Get a mild and gentle (ideally all natural or organic) soap base that is safe to use on your skin or hair. A really good option here that should work for almost anyone is organic unscented baby shampoo. This can be used on virtually all skin types, as well as most hair, if you’re choosing to apply to your hair.
  2. An alternative to baby shampoo is castille soap. Its usually gentle for skin. You may or may not want to apply to your hair, depending on how dry or oily your scalp is. You can mix a little castille soap with a little coconut oil for a bit more moisturizing base. It already contains some oil, but play around with adding an extra 1 Tbsp oil per 1/4 cup soap.
  3. Pour out about 1/4 cup soap base into a glass mixing cup and stir in a couple drops of any essential oils or add flower petals of your choice corresponding to your intended outcome.
  4. If you’re only making enough solution to use once, then it would be okay to add solids like minced, ground, or mashed plant matter, but these can spoil rapidly or create a medium in which mold can grow over time, so if it will be a multi-use solution, its best not to include physical plant matter.
  5. Pour into a clean empty cosmetic bottle with a lid of your choice. Label it. It should keep for at least a few months.
  6. Wash your face and/or hair with your solution, say any words or mantras you wish, and leave in/on for however long you feel is appropriate. Rinse off.
  7. It’s a good idea to test a small area of skin before applying any new products or substances, to ensure you are not allergic or otherwise sensitive to anything in the product.

Option 3: Combine a Rinse and a Soap

You can simply create your water-based rinse solution and, once cooled, add it to your soap base in a ratio of 2:1 soap base to water-base. Mix and then let it settle (this can take a few hours up to possibly a day).

This is a good method for when you want to work with a soap base but don’t want to be limited to just essential oils, and want the flexibility of more plants/flowers.

I can’t say enough how the most important element of this spell is being clear about your intent. Use strong mental visualization whenever possible and really feel this intent pouring into your mixture as you’re making it and applying it.

‘banish negativity’ is an empty phrase

if you feel offended by this statement, and if the shoe fits, wear it.

i see this banal phrase all. over. the. place.

what do you even mean when you say this or repost this shit? do you even know what it means?

its one of those things humans say that have like no substance, but everyone else nods when you say it, like there’s some collective understanding or acknowledgment of its message, with no actual applicable or tangible outcome.

its like standing in a group of people and saying, ‘let’s be happy about trees.’ yeah, okay, i guess, sounds good. but what does this actually do for us?

the way i view it, negativity is required in order to have positivity. this duality exists on a continuous spectrum.

so, ‘banishing’ it really isn’t possible, but beyond that, perhaps you can come up with a better or more specific phrase here? or just stop altogether, because, as i’m getting ready to explain, this is actually counterproductive to our growth.

please define negativity

let’s start here.

are you just parroting this phrase because every other new age spiritualist or ‘positivity witch’ is spewing it? exactly what is negative?

is it your negative self-thoughts? is it feelings traditionally viewed as negative (shame, fear, guilt, etc)?

is it complaining without offering solutions?

is it a victim mentality?

is it being a pessimist?

like give me a specific ‘thing’, ‘idea,’ or ‘personality trait,’ that we’re looking for here, because, again, its impossible to banish ‘negativity’ as a concept.

how about asking why the negativity exists first?

oh my, that sounds uncomfortable.

and you may not be able to make an infographic about ‘which crystals are best for asking why your negativity exists’, but, you know, maybe you’re more concerned with personal growth than clicks? *awkward silence settles*

i’m all on the shadow train these days, have been diving deep into this stuff for a while now, and, personally, this is what we need to be posting instead of just telling people to ‘banish negativity.’

guess what, if its your own negative self-talk, your own fears, guilt, or shame, or your own tendencies to victim-complex, scapegoat others, or whine and complain, that bitch lives inside you and she’s not going anywhere. banish away, sweetie. she’s just gonna laugh and go back to calling you a failure.

but, here’s a crazy thought, what if…*and this is a BIG what if*…you sit and talk to her and find out why she’s there.

what made her negative? was it things from childhood, people who hurt you, bad decisions and regrets, and so on?

because likely it was some or all of those, plus traumas, and stressors we all live through as part of the human condition. you can’t banish these. these happened to you. they will always have happened to you. you can only change the way you confront, accept, and react to them.

you have to admit that and then you have to accept that. and then, guess what? let yourself be okay with them existing. in you, at that.

embrace negativity

so, this took a turn.

hear me out. negative emotions and thoughts serve a purpose.

before modern society, when humans were still hunter-gatherers, fear of others or unknowns kept us alive.

anger over a neighboring tribe or clan stealing our harvest led us to wars or battles, some of which we won and prospered from, others we lost and learned valuable lessons (we hope).

but the point is, these negative thoughts and emotions came from somewhere in your past. something, somewhere, someone cultivated them and they are the result of learned experiences, upbringing, environment, and even personality traits from things like our natal chart, our genetics, and more.

what’s going on in the world right now, and specifically in the US is a massive, fiery emotional uprising demanding attention. POC are dying because they do not receive fair treatment in the eyes of law enforcement.

and quite frankly, there are a LOT of white people who are finally waking up to this reality. they’ve been denying it for likely their entire lives, but its now becoming harder and harder to excuse and push away what’s happening to our black brothers and sisters.

you can’t banish this. but for some of my fellow white people i’ve talked to, they’re struggling with the internal war of the negative and biased thoughts they have about POC.

some of these people will even swear up and down they’re not racist, but internally, they’re terrified of the conditioned responses they feel to black people truly having equality. it makes them uncomfortable, but they don’t know why.

and then they might even be that person that says ‘i’m not a racist because i have a black friend,’ while posting on social media that if black people just followed police officers’ directions, nothing bad will happen to them, because that’s what happens when you’re white, why would it be any different if you’re black?

it shouldn’t be karen, but it is.

i don’t care who you are, if you’re a white person in america, at some point in your life, and perhaps for even your entire life, you have been exposed to biased sociocultural thoughts like ‘black people are criminals, that’s why they make up so much of the prison population,’ or ‘asian people are smarter than everyone, that’s why they’re good at math and science.’

take a long hard look inside yourself and you’re going to find plenty of these. and your immediate reaction is going to be shame, and then you’re going to ‘banish’ that thought and move on with your day, refusing to confront this darkness.

stop doing that. stop ‘banishing’ this type of negativity. sort thr0ugh it. CONFRONT IT.

where did it come from? were you raised like that? were there people that directly or indirectly contributed to it? was it from an incident(s) that happened at some point that colored your thoughts this way?

because nobody is born racist. how can you undo the root system that thinking has laid in you?

it is absolutely 100% scary to admit that we have these thoughts, because we have to admit we are/were wrong. we have to admit our parents were wrong, or our racist uncle was wrong, or whoever it was that planted those seeds…was wrong. and then we have to rip them out and replace them with something better.

all the while, not ‘banishing’ the negativity. because the negative aspects of the human self are what drive us to action. if it wasn’t there, we couldn’t look at it and know there’s a problem and then act on it to make the situation better.

if you never experienced conflict within yourself, congratulations, you’re a fucking ascended motherfucking spiritual being and why are you even here on earth with the rest of us peons?

but for those of us who are normal, we DO experience discomfort and conflict within ourselves (e.g. such as thoughts or beliefs that are harmful or limiting towards another ethnic group, LGBTQ+ persons, the elderly, etc etc).

we can either stop and figure out why we have those thoughts and make a conscious choice to change our perception, expand our perspective to include empathy and solidarity with those marginalized groups, or we can ignore it and keep being the actual problem.

‘banishing’ thoughts and emotions is tantamount to ignoring them and pretending like they don’t exist. and that’s exactly how we ended up in the current situation we have right now. the last thing we need to do is ignore this.

magick for the waning moon

Now that the full moon last week has passed us, we’re approaching the waning moon, which will technically take place on the 14th (today) and through 1-2 days before the new moon.

What kind of magick is best on the waning moon?

Think of this phase of the moon as ‘going away’ or ‘getting lesser’ as the visible part of the moon from earth shrinks until we reach the new moon.

During this phase, destructive magick, or magick in which we get rid of, clear out, clean, banish, rid ourselves of, or otherwise break down, cut loose, and leave behind is the name of the game.

Here are some things to consider with this waning moon, as it is currently going to be in Pisces as of today, then Aries on the 17th, and finally it will move into Taurus on the 19th, before entering Gemini on the actual new moon.

To add to those brief positions, there are also 3 planets going retrograde this month: Saturn, Venus (13th), and Jupiter.

Re-evaluate things and people

  • negative or harmful self thoughts
  • toxic relationships
  • emotional vampires
  • overflowing closets
  • dust bunnies
  • excess stuff you just aren’t going to use, admit it
  • self-destructive habits (excess drinking, binge eating, blowing off exercise)

Set powerful intentions

This is also a great time to replace those things you’re cutting out or getting rid of with positive, affirming, and self-loving mantras, thoughts, and routines.

This can also include establishing and enforcing boundaries, for yourself and others

The waning moon is perfect for tough love.

Working on your shadow self

The waning moon, plus the energy of saturn retrograde, is a really really fantastic opportunity to do some deep work on your shadow self.

I know this is something that has been on my list for some time, and i’ve been waiting for this part of the moon’s cycle, as well as some important transits to my natal chart in late May to begin to really chip away at retained anger, hurt, and things that hold me back.

I haven’t really written extensively on the shadow self, but here is a great guide if you want to read more about it.

This can help you address creative blocks, self-esteem blocks, blocks you are experiencing in your magickal practice, professional blocks, relationship patterns, and so much more. there are even people who claim they have healed from complex health problems by simply working on their shadow self.

How to use this energy in daily practice during the waning moon

There might be one thing or many things you want to work on letting go of during this waning moon. i find its helpful to make a list of the things i know i need to work on, or want to work on. then i go through and journal for a bit on some or all of them.

Just free write everything that comes to mind, word vomit onto the page. your thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses, intuitive inputs all come together to paint a picture of this problem or issue you’re working on.

Some of these things may stand out as important, yet you need more guidance. consider consulting your tarot or oracle deck, or a trained reader if you do not feel comfortable yourself, to ask how you can overcome this.

With destructive magick, one of my favorite workings is to burn a written representation of something i am letting go. so you might write down ‘using alcohol as a crutch when i feel upset with my partner’, for instance.

Once you have identified a solution that suits your problem, state out loud the thing or habit you are letting go, and what you intend to do in its place or instead of it, or perhaps what boundary you are setting to prevent it from happening again.

Burn the scrap of paper, as you visualize the thing or habit leaving your body and mind and drifting away in the smoke of the ashes (open a window, let that bad habit leave!).

That’s just one example, but there are many out there. i love to use a spell oil, too, such as release, the one i’ve blended for this exact purpose of letting things (or people) go. i feel that it really amplifies my will and my outcomes are so much more effective.

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