5 ways to use magickal writing

What is magickal writing? Let’s not overthink this: the use of written word or symbols for the purpose of getting what you want from life.

We use magick in many ways. Some magick is to help ourselves or others, some is for material gain, some is baneful, some is to gain knowledge, and some is to attain spiritual growth.

But whatever the intent of the magick, it’s ultimate goal is to manipulate energy and achieve a particular outcome.

Some of us are natural writers. It comes to us so fluidly as if its just another sense, like sight or smell. For others, it may seem awkward or uncomfortable, or perhaps just unnatural. It’s okay to be in any of those groups. I find that while we may not inherently possess a particular skill, we have others that come very naturally. And it doesn’t mean we can’t develop that skill.

What is important here is to understand that words have meaning, whether spoken or written. And when we add our own intent and will to those words, those words take on an energy which we send out into the world, whether we mean to or not.

This is why some people are very particular about energetic cleansing, because many people send the equivalent of a hex or curse without realizing it. Just really really concentrated anger or hatred toward a person, when sent with intent or will, is enough to cause bad things to happen.

Conversely, we can also send really concentrated positive energy toward others simply by thinking those thoughts and applying intent and will to them.

And written words carry the same weight. Once words are committed to writing, they own the energetic signature of the writer and carry that writer’s message forth. When you, the writer, apply your intent and will to those words, they become real.

Magickal Poems

Whether you’re trying to make someone fall in love with a romantic sonnet, or make Kyle’s dick fall off with a baneful limerick, poetry has a solid place in magick.

Many witches prefer to create spells or incantations that rhyme, based on poetic principles and meters (meter is the rhythm of the syllables as spoken, but you can pick up meter even when reading them).

And, not all poetry rhymes. Some poetry simply conveys a very deep and thoughtful emoti0n to the reader. Or it conveys a nice raunchy tryst that makes us giggle.

Poetry itself is an inherently emotionally charged medium of writing, and works well for witches who also enjoy writing. Try writing a love poem to yourself. Recite it each morning after you wake up and see how this changes your self esteem and mood.

Or try channeling your frustrations over something into a funny or comical p0em and watch your frustration become transmuted into laughter.

Magickal Stories

Whether short or novel-length, stories help us process things we experience, deal with human emotions, get over loss, and feel hope or community with others. Stories transcend generations and carry important messages forward as lessons, warnings, or just beauty so that we may share this human condition together.

I wrote a mystery novel and am currently querying it to agents (I know, excite) and it occurred to me that my purpose in writing the story I did was to help process the experiences and emotions I have encountered in my witchcraft and spiritual practice. By examining them in the context of characters and settings, I can work through how I think and feel about them in a way that feels non-threatening and even exhilarating.

But, what if you wrote a story to function as your spell? This is where things get really interesting. Perhaps, you, the protagonist, seek a new job or a better car or want to reconcile with someone in your family.

Consider writing exactly how you want this scenario to turn out in the form of a story, charged with all your emotions, and then read the story out loud or in your mind to yourself by candlelight. Allow yourself to feel all those feels. Meditate on your story and blow the candle out. Spell completed.

Magickal Statements

Magickal statements can be curses, hexes, blessings, affirmations, or any other change you hope to manifest.

Let’s say you experience some kind of injustice at the hands of your co-worker, who we’ll call Jessica. And you feel Jessica needs retribution (if baneful magick isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine. This can apply to positive magick, as well).

Grab a sheet of paper and scribble your retribution over and over and over again until the entire paper is either completely covered (like totally blacked out and illegible) or rips from the intense emotional outpouring. “Jessica your hair will fall out and nobody will sell you a wig” sounds nice.

As you scribble whatever your retribution (or blessing) is over and over and over, the intense emotions you feel transfer into the writing. Once the words are put down to paper, its set in place. Rip it up and flush it down a toilet or throw it in a body of water running away from you. Or throw it in the trash, burn it, or whatever else feels appropriate.

As I noted above, this can apply to ANY intense emotion, so blessings can count here. Let’s say you hope you get the job you just applied for (hopefully its not where Jessica works). Take all that hope, wishing, positivity, light, and love and write over and over “XYZ
Company offers me the job I applied for” until you’ve blacked out the piece of paper and the words are no longer legible.

Magickal Sigils

I won’t go into super deep detail on using or creating sigils in this post, as I’ve already briefly touched on sigils before. But they would function the same as statements of magickal intent in this context.

Instead of scribbling your statement repeatedly until you can no longer read it, you would turn it into a sigil that encapsulates its meaning. Usually, you will meditate deeply on your sigil, committing it to the deepest layers of consciousness in your mind, so that it works for you without you consciously thinking about it.

Sigils are great for taking more complex thoughts or ideas and turning them into something simpler to use.

Magickal Written Art

This would be using written words or symbols to create visual images instead of utilizing lines to draw them. For instance, what if you wrote out the word ‘money’ in the shape of a coin or bag of money, to tie the word to what your ultimate intent is?

Or if you used a positive affirmation phrase such as ‘I am a being of light and power’ to draw the outlines of your body, or the sun, or some other meaningful object?

There are many ways to incorporate written word into art and visuals, beyond just playing with fonts. Get creative and look beyond words and visual art being separate. They need not be mutually exclusive.

Islamic calligraphy is famous for this, using words to create highly stylized and artistic images.

Example of zoomorphic arabic calligraphy, Caligrafia arabe pajaro from Yassine Mrabet

You could also approach this with alternative scripts. There are many scripts out there which are pictorial in nature, the most famous of which is the Egyptian hieroglyphs. The symbols in that language stood for both people and objects, as well as could be used to represent words or even letters.

You could use a script like Ogam or Runes, as well, to construct images out of the words you write in them.

You could also do this with poetry or stories you write. Let the words or letters become the characters or subjects and get whimsical with it.

To summarize, literally anything can be magick if you apply sufficiently focused intent and will. Learning to drill down to exactly what your intent and will are can often be the hardest part, and then all you need to do is focus them in a way that directs them toward your intended outcome.

The reason why not all fiction stories actually come true is that exact reason above. Without sufficient intent and will, Hogwarts will not materialize for us, nor will the shirtless guy with the chiseled jaw and ‘pulsing member’ on the cover of that book our moms are reading.

Another element of magickal writing to consider, which I did not cover here because I intent to write a post on it separately, is the creation and use of magickal inks. This is common amongst many witches or magicians, to use magickal ingredients in inks they make, in order to further seal and set their spells. Those inks might include such ingredients as blood (your own or someone/something else’s), plant extracts or oleums, moon water, essences of crystals, and so on.

If you love writing and it comes naturally, or even if it doesn’t and you want to get better at it, and want to use it more in your magick, but want some more ideas, I highly recommend checking out The Magickal Writing Grimoire by Lisa Marie Basile. She has some really great perspectives on writing for healing, magick, and ritual, as well as its full of writing prompts if you’re not sure where to start in your writing practice.