What is clairtangency?

There are a number of ‘extra’ senses that humans can have or develop, and they are referred to collectively as the ‘clairs’ which comes from the French and means ‘clear’ or ‘to make clear.’

You may be most familiar with clairvoyance, which is what most people think of when they think of the term ‘psychic.’ Clairvoyance is the ability to see things other do not or cannot. Some people lump clairvoyance and claircognizance into one, but others consider claircognizance (the ability to know things without knowing how you know them) a separate sense altogether. I believe these two can overlap or exist exclusively, depending on the person.

But there are others clairs that you see in yourself or others, t0o:

Clairaudience: Being able to hear things that others cannot (might be voices, sounds, or even music), or receiving psychic information through sound/hearng

Clairgustance: Being able to taste things that others cannot, or receiving psychic information through taste. This could manifest as tasting certain flavors when you are receiving a message from spirit or when something is about to happen

Clairalience: Smelling things others cannot, or receiving psychic information through scent

Clairsentience: Feeling things others cannot, but through the sense of emotions, rather than physical touch.

And then, we come to clairtangency, which is the ability to know things or receive information through physical touch. In some people, clairtangency overlaps with clairsentience or empathic abilities, and in others, it might be separate, or complemented by another clair, such as clairvoyance.

Clairtangency is most often experienced in those who are untrained through touching objects and suddenly just knowing something, or receiving an image in our mind. Some may even receive visions with sound or other sensory information.

I have personally experienced clairtangency overlapping my empathic senses. Probably the most profound experiences I had with this was strolling past a used bookstore I love, and perusing the rack of free books outside on the sidewalk.

My gaze was drawn to a book of the Classics and as soon as I reached out and touched the book, I was overcome with a heavy, sticky, sorrowful emotion. It just oozed off the book and seemed to crawl up me. I put it right back down immediately and had to center and ground myself and disperse that energy. I have no idea who had it before and what they experienced to leave such a strong imprint on that book, but I noped on that one.

How can you develop your clairtangency abilities?

All humans have the capacity and potential for one or more clair senses, some come easier to some of us, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong if you have any, all, or none of those senses partially or fully present for you.

For developing clairtangency, you may find that if you are already an empath or sensitive to the energetic currents of people, places, and things, this sense may come more naturally to you, particularly if your senses are heightened by touch.

But even if you are not, you can grow this skill gradually. A great way to do this is to find a couple friends and each swap a personal item. Hold someone else’s item in your hands and try to connect to the energy on it. Meditate with it if needed, or simply still your mind and open yourself to receiving information. You may get nothing or you may get weak images, or even strong sensory information like images, sounds, colors, scents, or other.

I would start by first letting information free flow to you. One of the first things people sense with this exercise is either an emotion or perhaps a color that may pop up in their mind. Makes notes after each session about all sensory information you received, no matter what it was.

I find the easiest way to build the connection between me and the object is by touching or holding it and visualizing pushing my own energetic field around it, and letting its energetic field overlap with my own, sort of mingling the two. As am empath, emotions and emotional currents come naturally, so I pick up on those most easily, but my other clair senses are not as strong (only for my own lack of developing them).

I will usually get an emotion that comes through and I’ll feel it out, interpreting my initial impressions without judgment and without trying to insert my own perspective or experience. Just let the information come and sort it out later. But this is an example of more than one sense (empath + clairtangency) overlapping and working in tandem.

You can also do this in places like antique stores, thrift stores, or used book stores. My only caution here is that you have the potential in those places to open yourself up to lots of information you neither want nor need, and which cannot be independently verified. For instance, lets say you touch a vase in an antique store and suddenly smell roses. It could be this vase usually held roses when it was in use by a previous owner, or it could be your mind conjured that scent because you associate vases with roses.

When developing this sensory skill, it is best initially to try to gather information from objects for which the owner can verify or corroborate the message(s) you are getting. That is a critical element to making sure you learn how to distinguish true information from something your own mind has inserted to fill a gap.

This is why I recommend doing this with a person who can tell you if the messages or information you receive is correct. That feedback allows you to begin recognizing psychic downloads more easily.