a spell for keeping someone the fuck out of your space

aka creating a metaphysical barrier around yourself.

let’s be real, at this point, many of us are getting some cabin fever. even if you’re a super introvert like me, you still like to go out and leave your home from time to time (alone, and devoid of humans).

and if you live with other people, whether its family or roommates, you may be at the breaking point with them by now. y0u don’t have to be an introvert to value your personal space and autonomy, and time to yourself.

and then, what about when we all go back to work and have to deal with that one annoying person in the office that just wants to talk, or can’t walk past our desk without commenting on something?

some of us are just really really good at resting bitch face, and we have mastered the ‘stay the fuck away from me vibe,’ while others are not quite comfortable there yet, or they are, but have a pest that seems impervious to our death stare.

and then there are cases where there’s just that person that cannot take the fucking hint, looking at you Chad, that we want them to fuck off.

so here’s how to create a metaphysical barrier around yourself that will both claim your personal space, and put off vibes that discourage others from bothering you. this is best used against or around people that you don’t care for deeply because its a rather repellent force, if you catch my drift.

what you will need:

  • you technically don’t need anything for this, as this can be done solely with your own meditative, grounding, and personal energetic powers
  • however, you may choose to bestow these repellent energies on a piece of jewelry, a charm/spell bag, or some other object you plan to keep with you

the spell:

i recommend you start out by grounding yourself first. here is a good exercise for doing that.

if you are using an external object, you should clear its energy first with burning herbs, cedar, palo santo, or incense.

  1. begin by sitting comfortably in a chair or on the floor.
  2. visualize your center of energy, whichever point on your body you prefer, whether it is a chakra or elsewhere. i find it feels natural to me to visualize this in my sacral plexus or heart.
  3. the energy is a glowing ball, pulsing inside you. the energy begins to pulse in wider ripples outward from its center.
  4. the ripples envelope you, like a glowing spherical envelope. maybe they are sparkling, or maybe they are rays of light flowing around a central point.
  5. push the boundaries of the light out around you to the point that you wish to establish your barrier. note that the farther away from you you push the light energy, the more difficult it will be to maintain it ongoing. i find that a foot or so, maybe a couple of feet tops, in any direction is typically sufficient.
  6. now visualize the glowing spherical envelope gradually being covered by something that would repel another person, but only on the exterior (the side facing everyone else, but not facing you).
  7. i like vines with thorns, or octopus tentacles with poisonous suction cups, but i have also used jagged metal spikes and protruding claws.
  8. get creative with your repellent element. picture it swirling around the outside of your bubble, ready to do battle on your behalf.
  9. if you are using an external object, at this point, you’ll want to hold it in the palms of both your hands together, about chest high. picture the protective barrier you’ve built sending one tendril inward, of just the glowing energy, and making a connection with the object.
  10. hold this image and visualize the object becoming one or synonymous with your repellent barrier. they are now connected, and where one goes, the other does, too. transfer the glowing center of energy from yourself to the object, as it is now your source of power for your barrier.
  11. if you are not going to use the barrier right now, gradually recede the repellent barrier from your glowing envelope and draw all of the glowing energy into the object you are holding. you will store it there for when you need it.
  12. if you are not using an external object, at this point, you can leave your barrier up around you for as long as you need it, or you can slowly draw it back into that energy center, folding it up and putting it away for when you do need it next.

i would not recommend walking around with it up all day long, especially around loved ones, as they will likely feel it (children especially), unless your kids are the ones you’re trying to repel, and if that’s the case, then may i suggest just locking yourself in the bathroom for a bit? đŸ˜‰

when you do need it, you’ll either ‘activate’ it from your external object into which you placed it, or you’ll ‘activate’ it from within yourself, where you tucked it away after its last use. open up that energy center and let the glowing envelope reshape itself, then let your repellent barrier surround its exterior, and hold it there in place, sending out unwelcoming vibes around you.

these types of barriers can be very energy intensive to maintain, and, therefore, are not for everyday use, usually. or, if you do use them every day, if its possible, make sure to give yourself a break from time to time, or practice grounding to refill your own internal energy.

i recommend using them only when you need them most, and then putting them away for safe storage.

i find this spell is super effective the more negative vibes you pour into that outer shell. i know in many circles, people want to talk about love and light and ‘good witchcraft’, but let’s be real, darkness and negativity exist, and without them, we would not have light and positivity. they have a purpose in witchcraft.

use that darkness and negativity to build and shape this barrier to your will, and it will do its job.

maybe those thorns or tentacles actually shoot out from time to time and poke that person metaphysically, just to really make them go away. not saying i do that, but *air quotes* hypothetically, you know…

if you’re only ever going to put love and happiness into it, it probably won’t actually repel anyone because then you’re putting those vibes out around you, which are likely to draw others in (and this is completely okay if your goal is to draw others in, but that’s not the point of this spell).

if i want to really repel someone, i am going to create an essence that gives them no doubt that i am an absolute bwitch