how to make a facewash spell

A facewash spell is probably one of the easiest spells you can do anytime you want and with very little witchy experience and/or supplies.

If you’re a witch on a budget, its pretty useful because you already wash your face anyway, and you may be able to do this with nothing more than common kitchen herbs or plants you wild forage (respectfully and responsibly). You can even use this as a replacement for ritual bathing in many instances.

What is a Facewash Spell?

Don’t overthink this. As you are washing your face, a usually common, mundane task, you are infusing this mundane act with your magickal intent to obtain an outcome you want.

And, any facewash can usually be done as a hairwash, or you can combine the two for more magickal power.

I also really like facewash and hairwash spells for those who do not have the ability to take baths regularly. Bath magick can be fun, but it can be replicated in other ways.

I used to only really ever hear of facewash spells in terms of glamour magick, and they certainly do work for that, but there are so many many more uses for this kind of magick.

Any spell you want to perform could theoretically be done via a facewash/hairwash spell, with the one exception being baneful magick. I would just not recommend doing a baneful spell in the form of anything you’re applying to your face and/or hair, as the potential for backfire can really wreck your life (and your appearance).

How Do You Make a Facewash Spell?

Ok, here’s where you can get creative in a number of ways. I’ll give you a few basic approaches, neither is right or wrong, they’re just different approaches and you can choose what feels most right for your purposes.

Option 1: Make a Rinse Solution

This is one of the simplest methods and is easy on both your skin and hair, as well as can be (and usually is) left in your hair to let it dry, or air dry on your skin.

  1. In a pot on your stovetop, bring several cups of water to a boil and add herbs, essential oils, plants, flowers, etc of your choice. Let simmer for ~20 min. Remove from the heat, then strain through a fine wire mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove all solid pieces.
  2. Let it cool enough to be able to apply to skin or hair. PLEASE DO NOT EVER PUT SCALDING WATER ON YOURSELF.
  3. Using clean hands or a cotton round, apply to your face or gently pour over your hair. Depending on the type of spell, you may want to say a few words or a mantra of your choice. Whatever you decide, while you are applying the wash, picture strongly what your outcome should be. Your intent is the most critical piece of this.
  4. Also depending on the type of spell, you may decide to leave it to air dry, or rinse it out with clean water. Here are some general guidelines, but your own unique situation may dictate something different. Use your intuition.
  • Leave it to dry if you are drawing something to you or hoping to gain something (most constructive magick fits into this category); love, money, luck, success, opportunities, protection, strength, courage, etc
  • Rinse it off if you want to remove, cleanse, banish, or otherwise get rid of something; breaking a habit, ending a toxic connection, cord cutting, uncrossing, cleansing, purification, etc

Now, some exceptions exist. You could make the argument that in a purification wash, letting it dry instead of rinsing off, allows your aura to fully absorb the purifying herbs or essential oils, and, therefore, you want to leave it on. This is where intuition can guide you better for your circumstances.

Option 2: Make a Soap-Based Wash

I would lean more toward this option for all destructive magick (getting rid of, letting go, banishing, cleansing, etc), but you could absolutely use it for constructive purposes if your intent is restated in such a manner that the rinsing off of the solution indicates you ridding yourself of whatever is preventing the good or beneficial outcome you’re looking for.

Example: let’s say you want to do well in an important presentation at work and you need to feel confident. You could change up your spell to banish self-doubt or negative self-talk/thoughts so that you feel confident, beautiful, smart, or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Get a mild and gentle (ideally all natural or organic) soap base that is safe to use on your skin or hair. A really good option here that should work for almost anyone is organic unscented baby shampoo. This can be used on virtually all skin types, as well as most hair, if you’re choosing to apply to your hair.
  2. An alternative to baby shampoo is castille soap. Its usually gentle for skin. You may or may not want to apply to your hair, depending on how dry or oily your scalp is. You can mix a little castille soap with a little coconut oil for a bit more moisturizing base. It already contains some oil, but play around with adding an extra 1 Tbsp oil per 1/4 cup soap.
  3. Pour out about 1/4 cup soap base into a glass mixing cup and stir in a couple drops of any essential oils or add flower petals of your choice corresponding to your intended outcome.
  4. If you’re only making enough solution to use once, then it would be okay to add solids like minced, ground, or mashed plant matter, but these can spoil rapidly or create a medium in which mold can grow over time, so if it will be a multi-use solution, its best not to include physical plant matter.
  5. Pour into a clean empty cosmetic bottle with a lid of your choice. Label it. It should keep for at least a few months.
  6. Wash your face and/or hair with your solution, say any words or mantras you wish, and leave in/on for however long you feel is appropriate. Rinse off.
  7. It’s a good idea to test a small area of skin before applying any new products or substances, to ensure you are not allergic or otherwise sensitive to anything in the product.

Option 3: Combine a Rinse and a Soap

You can simply create your water-based rinse solution and, once cooled, add it to your soap base in a ratio of 2:1 soap base to water-base. Mix and then let it settle (this can take a few hours up to possibly a day).

This is a good method for when you want to work with a soap base but don’t want to be limited to just essential oils, and want the flexibility of more plants/flowers.

I can’t say enough how the most important element of this spell is being clear about your intent. Use strong mental visualization whenever possible and really feel this intent pouring into your mixture as you’re making it and applying it.

how to make your own wand

If you choose to use a wand as a magickal tool in your practice (and its optional, so if it doesn’t resonate with you, then don’t feel compelled to do so), its perhaps one of the easiest tools to make yourself.

Wands act as an extension of the energy of the bearer, much like the ceremonial athame can. Wands can be used to direct and channel the energy you have raised.

What you will need:

  • a length of wood from a tree or bush, usually between 8-12″ (20-30 cm)
  • a knife for making cuts and optional carvings
  • a length of twine, but you can sub this for literally anything else you like better, such as ribbon, metal wire, leather cord, or natural vines, etc
  • glue (this is kind of optional; theoretically you can make the wand without the glue, but the glue just makes it more efficient)
  • other optional items you may want:
    • a crystal for the point
    • a crystal or large bead for the handle
    • other embellishments such as paint, glitter, stickers, charms, etc

What you will do:

  1. Please make sure you have permission from whoever owns the land the tree is on to take a branch if it is on a tree that is not on your property. If you are an animist like me, I would also ask permission from the tree and explain what the branch will be used for, and that I will honor the tree in its sacrifice to me.
  2. Decide how long you want the wand to be and whether you will add any crystals or other embellishments that will alter its length. Make any necessary cuts to the wood to bring it to the appropriate size.
  3. If you are adding a crystal to the top, using your knife, make an ‘X’ shaped cut about 1 inch deep on the tip that splits it into 4 ‘prongs’ when they are pried apart. Place the crystal in the prongs to ensure it at least partly fits into this spot. Some of the crystal will obviously hang out from the tip. If it is a larger crystal, you may need either a longer piece of branch, or you may need to make the X cut deeper into the branch.
  4. If you are happy with where the crystal sits, take out and set it aside for now.
  5. Sand the branch with 60 or 80 grain sandpaper to remove bark, if you want to remove the bark. Then sand it two more times, once with 120 grain and then once more lightly with 240 grain.
  6. I find it is helpful at this point to soak the wand in water for a few hours to a day, depending on how pliable you want it. When the wood is softer, its easier to bend it around the base of the crystal and shape it a little.
  7. Once the wood has dried out a bit, put some glue in the setting you cut for the crystal and place the crystal back in it. Let the glue dry completely before doing anything else. If the wood was very wet still when you added the glue, you may need to bind the prongs and base of the crystal with decorative twine or ribbon now, in order to hold it together and ensure it dries in the right shape.
  8. At this point, you can begin deciding how you want to adorn the wand. I would recommend wrapping a decorative twine, ribbon, or otherwise around the tip where the crystal and prong cut-outs are if you didn’t already when you glued it.
  9. You can also choose to paint the wood or add glitter. I would then recommend using something like Mod Podge or a craft clear coat spray (a few coats of either) to seal any of that, as you don’t want it to rub off all over you every time you handle it.
  10. You can also just leave the wood bare and/or seal it with something like a polyurethane clear coat or stain it.
  11. As for the handle, some people like to leave it bare, others like to wrap some decorative ribbon, twine, or metal wire around it, adding charms or beads. Go with your gut and intuitive thoughts on this.

That’s it. Consecrate your wand before using.

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