5 ways to use full moon power to your advantage

there’s no denying that virtually every ancient (and many current) society used the moon’s cycles for everything from rituals, planting and harvest, marriage, tributes to deities, and, yes, magick.

depending on the point in the moon’s monthly cycle, energy may be better suited for certain types of magick than others. now, this does not mean that you cannot do a type of magick that does not particularly correspond to that point in the moon’s cycle. it just means the energy for that magick may not be as intense or focused at that point.

the full moon is best for the following types of magick or spells:


looking for inspiration, divine or otherwise? the full moon is the perfect time to ask for some assistance with new ideas for your creative passions. regardless of what your art is, use the full moon’s power for inspo! consider a creative-inspired tarot reading, scrying, psychic meditation, or any other way you might receive inspiration.

intuitive or psychic work

whether you’re a seasoned witch with strong psychic powers, or just starting out on your journey to open up your third eye or intuitive senses, the full moon is the best time to work on these, as it’s powerful energy will be strongest and you can take advantage of that to expand your mind, conscious and unconscious.

charging crystals and magickal tools

this one is super easy and you may already be doing it, but if you’re not, just put your magickal stuff outside somewhere safe, or, if you do not have a spot outdoors where you can safely leave your tools or crystals, they can get the same benefit on a windowsill indoors that the full moon light will reach.

sex magick

this can be done anytime, really. i find its particularly powerful during the new moon and full moon, though. and i’ve posted a couple of easy spells you can use if you’re unfamiliar with sex magick or not sure exactly how it works. here’s one for the new moon and here’s one for the full moon.

any kind of constructive magick

this is magick or a spell in which you intend to gain, receive, expand, grow, or otherwise increase/construct relative to what you already have. magick in this category may include (but is not limited to):

  • love spells
  • lust spells
  • money spells
  • career/job-related spells
  • prosperity spells
  • health spells
  • fertility spells
  • planting/gardening/growing spells
  • luck spells

the full moon’s big, beautiful, bright energy is just hanging right over you, waiting to light up your energy and power your intent.