how to ground yourself after a spell

have you ever performed a spell and become overwhelmed by the energy you called in or raised, either before or after you focused it toward your intention?

have you ever felt absolutely drained, run over by a bus, a drowned cat, right after a spell?

if these are things you’ve experienced (and i think most of us have or will at some point in our practice), then congratulations, you’re working with powerful energy, but its also a bit imbalanced.

you either are calling up an excess – more than what you need for your particular intention- or you’re sending too much out with your focused intent.

this has happened to me a few times in the last month in the form of tears spilling over uncontrollably after i call in energy.

i don’t mean like i’m sad or angry, there’s just such a focused and intense concentration of energy in me, i’m vibrating so high, and there’s nowhere else for it to go, so it leaks out. its ok, though. i have found that grounding myself has helped immensely, so i’m here to share this for those who need to hear it today.

basic grounding exercise

grounding is simply the act of anchoring yourself to the earth and its energy, where you can balance your own internal energy most easily. humans are on the same wavelength as the planet on which we reside, all being carbon-based, so its our easiest source of balance.

in this exercise you’re either going to give back some of the excess energy you drew in or you’re going to take in a little more energy because you gave too much away during your spell.

refilling your cup

if you’re feeling drained, this is what you’ll do:

  1. sit or stand, soles of your feet on the ground. its most helpful if you do this outdoors, but if that’s not possible, on the ground floor of a building is the next best option, and if you can’t get to that, as close to a ground floor as you can find.
  2. take deep breaths in and out until your heart and mind are calm. picture a blank mind, focus on just one color, whatever that is you choose, and keep it in your mind as your breaths slow and become deeper.
  3. picture the core of the earth, glowing, bright and hot. picture a ray of that energy gradually flowing up toward you, like a river, going through layers of the earth’s crust, dirt, layer by layer.
  4. it reaches the surface and makes contact with the soles of your feet. bring it into you. picture it flowing upward through your legs, your hips, your torso, and now your heart. let it keep going, all the way to your crown.
  5. hold the energy in there as you take a few more deep breaths.
  6. picture the connection with the earth’s source disconnecting, like its cut or turned off. what you’ve taken in is yours now and you’ve let the rest go back to the earth.
  7. take a few more deep breaths here until you feel steady and refilled.

giving a little bit back

if you’ve called in too much energy and are feeling crushed or overwhelmed by it, you’re basically going to envision the opposite of taking in energy:

  1. calm your breathing as much as you can and still your mind to the extent possible.
  2. picture all the energy you’ve called in, slowly condensing into one great glowing ball within you.
  3. pull a small string of it out and let the string flow down your body, through your legs, and through the soles of your feet into the earth.
  4. now send that string down through the layers of the earth, down through the dirt, the crust, the rocks. let it reach the core where it connects to the energy there.
  5. gradually push some of that energy out of you through that string until you feel centered and balanced once again.
  6. let your breathing slow and your mind focus on this until you are no longer feeling overloaded or overwhelmed, and you have reached a state of calm.
  7. picture cutting the string with a pair of scissors. you keep what energy still remains in you, letting that ball start to dissipate and redistribute all throughout your body.
  8. continue to breathe deep here for a few more breaths until you are sure you’re fine.

as with all grounding, this is most effective when you can direct all of your focus to it, like a form of meditative visualization. if you are distracted, this will be less successful, so its best to perform this somewhere reasonably quiet where you can be undisturbed for however long you need to accomplish your grounding.