magickal properties of jade

Jade comes in a fairly broad variety of colors. It is most well-known for its green hues, but it can also be virtually every other color of the spectrum.

Another crystal, nephrite, has similar green hues, similar hardness, but is a different type of mineral. It typically can only be found in white, olive greens, browns, and black.

Jade can be found in many ancient religions and cultures across the globe. It was especially prized for making tools and weapons, because of how hard it is, which makes it resistant to chipping or wear.


Magickal properties attributed to (green) jade include:

  • dreaming and psychic dreams
  • accessing the spiritual world, especially during dreams
  • wealth and prosperity
  • longevity (living a long, healthy life)
  • courage
  • good luck
  • used to treat and cure kidney ailments
  • calm and soothing
  • soothes frazzled nerves
  • promotes tranquility

Other Jade Colors

In addition to the properties listed above, other colors of jade have further, more specific magickal or metaphysical qualities:

  • red jade is an action stone and promotes bravery
  • orange jade is stimulating, but less so than red, and brings joy and celebration
  • yellow jade is cheer and joy
  • blue jade has many of the same qualities as green jade as far as promoting calm and psychic dreams
  • purple jade helps to keep your aura clean and clear
  • black jade is protective

Other properties

Jade is a rational crystal. It helps us make informed decisions and promotes clarity of thought, as well as reasoning through a problem, rather than rash decision-making.

It is also said to be a very strong cleansing crystal for the body, promoting improved detoxification and clearance of waste and free radicals, hence its connection to the kidneys, where the majority of toxic byproducts are excreted.

Jade is often used in crystal facial rollers for its powers of youthfulness and health.

Because of its connection to the spiritual world during dreams, it is considered a crystal for spiritual growth and self-realization.

Being green, obviously, it has really powerful connections to the heart chakra, and can aid in healing blockages of that chakra, which often leave us overly critical of others and wanting to control other people around us.

It can also be used as a protective crystal from negative energy and harmful entities during magickal practices.

4 magickal and medicinal things you might not know about cedar

it is no secret, if you’ve peeped at the products in my shop, that i love to incorporate cedar into pretty much everything i can, in some way.

the reason for that is it is just a really damn all-around amazing substance when it comes to protection, abundance, healing, clearing, banishing, recovery, love, and even spiritual growth.

cedar has long been used by countless peoples for all those purposes and more, as far back as written history has recorded. and its popularity is justified. this tree is super high vibe and, quite frankly, pretty fucking magickal.


cedar belongs to the pine family, and has a scent that is similar, yet a little softer on the olfactory senses, not quite as sharp. all four varieties of cedar trees are coniferous and evergreen.

they tend to grow in mountainous regions, and can be found throughout earth’s regions where those mountains have formed.

cedar trees can be found as revered, sacred, or holy trees in places like the pacific northwest of the US, the middle east, and the indian subcontinent, where you can find their likeness on flags (e.g. lebanon) and in religious ceremonies (e.g. to the god Shiva, who was said to frequent cedar forests).

cedar forests in mesopotamia were said to have been fought over as living places by gods and demi-gods, and even gilgamesh was said to have built his city of cedar wood.

cedar has been used the world over to make everything from tools, to buildings, canoes and ships, to clothing fiber, textiles, food, and medicine, to name a few.



cedars are known for their incredibly long lifespans – thousands of years if left undisturbed by humans and industrial expansion.

it is because of this incredible longevity that they are said to confer prosperity and long, healthy life on those who worship or hold them sacred.

the entire part of the tree has been harvested by humans for millenia and used for medicinal and spiritual purposes, including the wood, bark, roots, branches, and leaves.


native peoples in north america used cedar for smudging*, a practice of burning dried plant matter to remove negative vibes, evil spirits, or to purify the energy in a space.

both cedar wood and cedar branches/tips can be used to burn as incense or smudging, or, if you are not of native american heritage, you can refer to the practice as cedar clearing, or simply clearing.

*its important to note that the term smudging is specific to practices used by tribes and indigenous peoples of the americas, and should not be used to refer to all practices of burning herbs or plants for the same purpose, unless it is done by native peoples, as this is culturally appropriating a practice from native peoples

antimicrobial and insecticidal:

cedar wood and leaves are antibacterial and antifungal. the essential oil of cedar can be applied to surfaces or even skin (please dilute it appropriately- pure essential oil on skin may cause chemical burns if applied incorrectly). it can clear up infections and nail or skin fungus. it can even be applied topically to warts to gradually remove them!

burning cedar incense or wood/leaves can also clear microbes and mold spores from the air in a building.

you may also notice that a number of all natural pesticidal products are popping up these days with cedarwood essential oil in them, among other ingredients, as it repels insects, spiders, and other unwanted indoor pests. (i actually purchased one of these and it. really. works. the scent is quite powerful initially, but it dies down after a day or so, and then you can’t smell it, but the insects definitely can!).


in the clinical world, the term autophagy (auto: self; phagus/phagy: eating) is used to refer to the process in which some of our immune cells (macrophages) consume other cells, usually our own dead, aging, or diseased cells that need to be removed and cleared out.

autophagy is a necessary process and keeps us functioning smoothly, taking out the cellular trash, if you will, on a regular basis. a number of things can impair autophagy, though, and anything that uses up or otherwise takes up the time and attention of our macrophages (infections from bacteria, yeast, and viruses; toxin exposure; excess toxicants from food and environment) can make this system less efficient.

over time, those dying, diseased, or aging cells can become cancerous, and, without enough macrophages around to chew them up and take out the trash, can lead to tumors and other forms of malignancy.

cedar tea or cedar tincture can be used to stimulate macrophage activity and increase our body’s ability to take out that cellular trash.

a forest spell for abundant health and healing

those of us who have spent any time in the woods or deep in the forest can attest to the healing power of just being surrounded by so much earthy, green, powerful energy.

i’ve written before on forest therapy, which is used by many people as an adjunct to medical treatment for a variety of health problems, including psychological and emotional therapies.

but i think beyond just forest therapy, there is real, tangible benefit to being around, absorbing, and using the energy of the forest.

so here is a forest spell for abundant health and healing, should you (or someone you know) be looking for that right now.

consider using something like my spell oil. WOOD here, to amplify your magick and ensure a successful outcome.

i have included some items you may want to use, to help focus and/or amplify your energy and intent, but truthfully, you could do this with nothing but yourself and the wilderness, if you choose.

what you will need:

  • a white candle, for healing
  • you could also use a green candle here, as this is earth magick
  • or why not both colors?
  • a scrap of cloth, at least 6″x6″, but bigger if you want (you’ll use this for a charm to hold forest dirt)
  • a length of cord, twine, or string to tie closed the charm bundle
  • a knife to cut branches with
  • consider using some sound, such as a bell or a drum, as this is the perfect environment in which to employ the power of magickal sounds to carry your energy and words
  • anything you want to cast a circle, if you choose to use external objects

the spell:

before you cast your circle, you will want to cut a length of newly grown branch from a large, healthy tree with your knife. ideally, this is a tree that stands tall, with supple branches, leaves, and no sign of disease or withering. if you are performing this spell after leaves have turned brown and fallen, that’s ok. the branch need only be 6″-10″ in length and should be obviously young with a greenish interior, signifying its youth and newness.

  1. gather all of your items together inside your ceremonial space, then cast your circle.
  2. raise energy through whatever means you choose (singing, dancing, humming, music, meditation, etc
  3. once you have reached a peak of your energy, light your candle(s) and repeat three times, your voice growing louder each time:

candle [color of candle], candle bright

power of earth, power of light

candle [color of candle], candle bright

aid my will of health tonight

4. hold the tree branch in your hands, outstretched over the candle(s) flame, but far enough away that you will not burn yourself. recite three times:

young and supple tree

grant thy health to me

heal my ills within

i request this help from thee

5. lay the fabric square in front of you and using your knife, dig up a small handful of dirt from the ground in front of you, placing it in the fabric square.

6. hold the the open fabric with dirt in both hands, over the candle(s) flames, but far enough away that you will not burn yourself. recite three times:

mother of the heavens and the earth

mistress of death and birth

hear my plea for renewed health

i ask for your blessing and wealth

may this earth in my hands

henceforth health command

after the third time, state “my will be done”

7. tie the charm bundle closed, wrapping a length of the small young tree branch in to the binding cord or string, before knotting it closed permanently.

8. carry the charm with you, or give to the intended recipient, until the results have been conveyed. once you no longer have need of it, empty the contents back into the earth.

this blog is not a substitute for medical advice or medical care. all content contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. consult a qualified healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or medications.

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