magickal properties of maca root

as a clinician, i work with herbs and roots often with patients, because they can certainly be highly medicinally potent when used correctly. taken internally in the correct doses for the right duration, they can effect many positive changes.

maca, because of its potent adaptogenic properties, is one i work with often with those who are in need of balance in a variety of ways:

  • endocrine (hormones, including sex hormones, adrenals, thyroid)
  • energy (fatigued, drained, burned out)
  • focus (chaotic, restless, and distracted minds)

so it got me thinking, does maca also have properties that would make it an ideal root to work with for spells concerning any of the above outcomes?

a little maca history, first

maca is a root indigenous to parts of South America, principally Peru and Bolivia. it grows mostly in high altitudes, and true maca is grown above 9,000 feet.

natives in this part of the world traditionally used it for a sexual elixir to promote fertility, healthy or virile sperm, and libido; as an energy compound for those who have physically demanding jobs or tasks to perform; and as a mental booster for things like focus, concentration, and even connection with psychic forces or divine beings.

it was even imported to Spain at one point, where it was used by royals for a variety of medicinal purposes, but has since been forgotten, until recently, when interest in this superfood plant surged once again.

forms of maca

you can buy maca root in various forms, including:

  • dried powder (most common)
  • freeze-dried juice
  • gelatinized
  • roasted or cooked (this form may contain goitrogens – compounds that interfere with thyroid function)

how to use it in magickal practice

because of its influence on hormones, sexual function, libido, fertility, energy, and focus, it could be used both symbolically or as a consumed product before or during spell work that concerns these topics.

consider any or all of the following ways to incorporate maca into a spell:

  1. place a small bowl of maca powder on your altar, from which to draw powerful energy to affect desire, libido, hormonal balance, fertility, energy, or mental clarity/focus
  2. blend a teaspoon of maca root into a cup of hot water, add honey to taste and drink before or during your spell, visualizing the vibrations of the root transferring from the powdered plant to yourself as you consume it, instilling in you the energy you seek to bestow for whatever your outcome is
  3. mix a small amount of root or powdered root in with herbs and/or oils of your choice which you burn during your spell as you call upon the energy to balance hormones, libido, fertility, energy, or provide focus or clarity
  4. boil a section of root (1/4 lb or more) in water for 20 minutes; save the water and use it as your ritual offering of water during spells concerning these issues; you can use the boiled root in any of the ways mentioned above in place of powdered root or other forms
  5. make a face mask paste using maca, bentonite clay, a drop or two of essential oils, and a tsp of coconut oil; spread on your face and let dry, as you soak in a therapeutic bath, drink your favorite tea, or just meditate on the problem you are attempting to resolve

other things you might consider would be incorporating it into charms or sachets, which you place under your or someone else’s pillow, consuming it daily with a magickal smoothie, or drinking it daily in tea.

i personally love beauty and bath magic, and came up with the face mask idea a couple weeks ago; i feel like it made my skin super soft, clear, and reduced inflammation. i plan to make this mask in greater quantity and have it up in my shop for those interested. if you’re on my email list, you’ll get notified when that is đŸ™‚

i’m interested to hear what others try and what they find works, so if you give this a whirl, comment and let me know how it turned out