A kitchen witch spell for good luck

As this year comes to a close, I’m struck by where I was this time last year, as I’m sure most of us can say, not even remotely anticipating what was really to come.

Around this time each year, as Yule moves closer, I start to re-examine my year that’s finishing and think forward to the new one, and what I want to accomplish, achieve, learn, and how I want to grow.

In case ‘good luck,’ is on your list of things you’d like to see come your way in the next months or year, this kitchen spell is simple and easy to perform, and will really pick up the energy of your home, leaving it feeling brighter and more welcoming, ushering in good luck for you.

I’ve tried to include ingredients that you should be able to find any time of year, but also that won’t be fresh flowers you may not be able to find right now, as it is winter for most of us.

What you will need:

  • A thumb-sized cut of fresh ginger, chopped or 1 Tbsp minced ginger
  • 2 Tbsp peppermint leaves
  • 1/8 cup vervain pettles (you can substitute rose in a pinch)
  • a pot
  • enough water to fill the pot at least halfway
  • optional: cloves or cinnamon, cedar tips, orange slices

What you will do:

  1. Fill a pot on your stove about halfway with water and bring to a gentle rolling boil, then lower to medium heat.
  2. Add your ingredients and stir clockwise seven times slowly, picturing luck pouring into your home as a bright, glowing light, as you repeat:

I call luck into my life, I call luck into my home

3. Once you have made seven rotations with your stirring spoon and chanted the phrase above each of those seven times, leave the pot on the stovetop to simmer as long as you want.

4. You can choose to throw out the spell components once you’re done, or you can let them cool and take them outside, returning them to the earth, thanking them for their assistance and energy.

what is tea magick?

it’s exactly what it sounds like.

here’s how i would define this, though: using the consumption of the energy and magickal properties of plants, primarily herbs, roots, and flowers, to focus your will and intent on a desired outcome.

this is something i’ve been doing for some time, sometimes intentionally, but not always, and its frankly an easy way to get into the practice of witchcraft, if you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by a lot of other paths out there.

its just tea, right? well, yeah, but its so much more than tea. its a message you send, a request you file with the universe, and a willful direction of energy toward a goal or outcome.

do you need a spell for tea magick?

i tend to think not necessarily, but words do have power and i do think that carefully chosen words, spoken out loud, confidently and assertively, by you, will pack a hell of a lot bigger punch on the cosmic scale than just thinking in your head what you want.

such is the case for all magick, in my opinion.

a spell could simply be you stating exactly what you want to get from this magickal routine. perhaps ‘with these herbs, i call forth the elements of earth, air, fire, and water to carry my will. by the drinking of this tea, i ask for the following: i get the job i applied to at XYZ company and am offered a starting salary of $95,000 annually with benefits.’

now, words alone are not enough, obviously. if you’re not new to magick you know this. but if you’re newish or dabbling, whatever you are asking for must be something you really really want. your desire for it must be so strong that you can picture yourself manifesting this. you can feel it as if it had already happened.

what else makes tea magick work?

i’m glad you asked.

as with all spells or forms of magick, you need to be able to clearly visualize your outcome. it is really your visualization of your outcome, in a clear and very specific picture, along with the accompanying emotions and energy it conjures within you, that is the beginning of your will and what you will eventually send into the environment around you to begin working.

visualization is a powerful tool of witches, and IMO required for a successful spell working. an example i will give is that when i drink my prosperity tea (for money and financial gain), i close my eyes and picture stacks of money sprouting legs, jumping out of a nearby bank, and running in single file down the street to my house. me and the stacks may or may not snuggle at some point.

hopefully this is so ridiculous of a picture that its now also stuck in your head. but it works for me. its vivid, specific, and powerful. its very useful to be able to hold whatever your intended outcome image is in your head for the duration of the tea consumption, in order to really develop its energy and marry it to your own.

what do you do after you drink the tea?

there are two schools of thought here.

first, some witches will say that once the spell has been worked and you have stated your intention, and indicated you are finished, the magickal elements no longer serve a purpose. you can throw them away or dispose of them however you see fit (ideally in an environmentally friendly manner).

second school of thought says ‘omg no! that tea holds your magick and if you throw it away, its like you’re throwing away the spell and it won’t work! you have to bury it in your yard/at a crossroads/in a shoe/throw it in the river/smoke it/etc etc’

i’m kind of in between, and i go with whatever feels intuitive to me at the moment. if my spell is destructive in nature, i’m not keeping those tea remnants. i’ll flush them or perhaps at most, let them dry out and burn them.

if its constructive in nature, i may bury them in my yard or garden, or perhaps add to a potted plant. i think it just depends on what feels right to you, personally. is the energy of the spell something you want to keep around? or is it something you want to work, then move on?

FYI, and just because i like you, this week, you’ll see some prosperity tea magick in my shop. i may also put up a couple other blends i’ve been working with, if the fancy strikes me. subscribe or follow me on IG, FB, or Twitter if you wanna know when its available.

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