goddess spotlight: Maya

Maya is the Hindu goddess of dreams, wisdom, illusion, intuition, and creation. Maya can help one see how all is within them. The solutions and answers are within, and ‘as within, so without.’

Maya can help us understand how we are not just connected to the divine, but it is part of us. She is also a goddess associated with magick and witches. This may be because, in later schools of Hindu spirituality, the word maya had morphed from simply meaning illusion or dreaming, to meaning trickery, sorcery, deceit, or witchcraft.

In some Hindu stories, Maya is seen as one of Lakshmi’s manifestations.

She is also considered to be the divine feminine form of Shakti, the creator.

She is said to be the power of the mind to distinguish between what we think we perceive and what is present or true, but is unperceived. This is part of the enlightenment journey.


Animals: spider; she is The Weaver, weaving the web of destiny

Associations: aging, the cosmos or heavens, creation, destiny/fate, dreams, illusions, intuition, magick, manifestation, removing obstacles, witchcraft, spiritual enlightenment, transformation, truth, weaving, wisdom, summer/summer solstice/Litha, Samhain

Colors: red, black, white

Elements: Air, water

Plants: given her association with dreams, illusions, and illumination, mugwort would be an excellent choice of herb, as well as lavender; rue would also be an excellent choice.