goddess spotlight: Ista Devata

Ista Devata was relatively unknown to me before writing this, and I’m glad I ran across her because she definitely resonates with me and a lot of what’s going on in my life right now, and perhaps you will feel the same!


There is very little actual information about Ista Devata accessible online. Like, almost none. Ista Devata (also may be spelled Ishta Devata) is the Hindu goddess of individuality (so far, I love her already) in India.

According to Priestess Brandi Auset’s The Goddess Guide (seriously, get you a copy of this book), she is also the patron goddess of ‘the self found through enlightenment.’ (please note the term ishta devata can also mean – loosely- ‘the deity one devotes themselves to’; not to be confused with the actual deity Ista or Ishta Devata)

What I think is particularly relevant here is the massive and powerful spiritual awakening and enlightenment that seems to be spreading across the globe as humanity is beginning to re-initiate the search for higher meaning and impactfulness in our lives and our world.

This goddess can teach us the power of transformation and transmutation in order to understand personal energy. Transformation is a fairly straightforward concept, but transmutation is slightly different, in that it is the use of energy from a person, situation, object, etc that we perceive as negative or unhelpful and turning it into a positive force, such as acceptance, affirmations, love, or other typically positive experiences.

An example of a transmutation would be when you are arguing with someone and you feel their negative or angry vibes coming at you, stop, smile, maybe even laugh, and say ‘You know what, let’s stop. We’re not getting anywhere with this. Can we come back and discuss it later? Or maybe just agree to disagree?’

The laughter changes whatever tension was there into a positive emotion and counteracts the negativity of the argument, transmuting it into joy or at least a neutral feeling in the space.

Transformations are things we tend to associate more with abstract ideas and concepts, such as ourselves, in the spiritual or identity sense. Transformations occur when we shed old habits, drop old layers or shells we’ve created, make small or large changes to our lives, begin new phases of our lives, or even just change our mindset and the way we think about an idea, person, or experience.

This may be the perfect time to consider contacting, working with, or tapping into the energies of Ista Devata, as you are undergoing your own personal growth and transformations.


Ista Devata is associated with:

  • Red
  • the element of Fire
  • Imbolc
  • the maiden