make your hopes and dreams come true by verbalizing them

when was the last time you said your most important hopes and dreams out loud to anyone, including yourself?

sunday thoughts here: it struck me last week that i tend to hold things in (introvert, so, you know, duh), including basically everything.

as an adult, i’ll talk to people all day ab0ut all kinds of things, but when it comes to my hopes, dreams, and goals, i am absolutely terrible about being up front about them.

including to myself.

and that sucks. the reason why is if you never state your intentions, out loud for the world, but most importantly, yourself, to hear, they’re not that real to you. they’re just a thought in your head.

some people think writing them down is powerful, but again, you don’t hear what you write down. its not burned into your memory and the words aren’t coursing through the energy of the world, clicking into place for you.

words have power and the words we choose to say also have energy. when we project that outward from ourselves, we surround ourselves with that intent, that will, that dream, and it is more likely to happen for us because now we have connected it to our very spirit.

i have some pretty big and concrete dreams right now, specifically for this project (if you’re reading this, blog, hi! you’re supporting my pretty big and concrete dreams right now), but moreover, myself.

as this year has been the year of expansive thinking, and i am no exception to that, i resolved to create a spell? ritual? loosely tied together series of actions and words? to commit to my hopes and dreams by stating them to my chosen goddess, myself, and by default, the world.

i sent them out there to be manifested of my own will, as they are now burned into everything i think, breathe, do, and feel.

what i felt was particularly powerful about this was that by stating out loud what i planned, it strengthened my resolve to let absolutely nothing hold me back or convince me to give up.

you’re drawing a metaphysical line in the sand for yourself and everyone else to state your intent and that you will not back down. you’re claiming those hopes and dreams and the energy you are putting into them.

if you are so inclined and feel the need to perform an actual thing for yourself as well, just to make sure that you know that you are not fucking around with whatever your goal(s) is right now, i wrote it down for you here.

what you will need:

  • a green candle
  • optional: cloves and a heat-safe container for them
  • something to light your candle
  • a crystal of your choice (i personally don’t think this needs to be specific; this is about you, your intuition, and your hopes and dreams; pick whatever crystal you are drawn to first)
  • something to write on and something to write with

what you will do:

  • take some time to sit and think about exactly what you are stating and committing to yourself
  • write those things down; write as much as you need to to fully express your goals, hopes, dreams
  • once you are ready, light your candle
  • using the flame from that candle, light the cloves, if you’re using them; cloves symbolize many things, but a few of those is self-love, self-esteem, and self-commitment
  • holding the crystal in your dominant hand, visualize yourself pulling all the power and energy of that crystal into that arm, letting it flow up your arm, through your body, and down your other arm, into your empty hand; let the energy jump from your empty hand into the crystal, creating an unbroken flow of energy
  • push this energy out around you, visualizing it taking on the color of the crystal; you should be surrounded by a glowing dome of energy, projecting your own will around you
  • meditate for a few moments on your hopes and dreams; feel them, let them fill you up; fill yourself with the emotion you imagine yourself experiencing when those hopes and dreams are realized and fulfilled
  • hold this image for as long as you want and let it take root in your mind and your heart
  • open your eyes and read out loud your hopes and intentions; you can speak to your chosen deity, yourself, the universe, all of the above; whoever needs to hear it, but most importantly, yourself; even if your voice is shaky or you feel funny saying it out loud, keep going; you need to hear this
  • as you state your hopes and dreams out loud, you should be picturing that strong image of how you will feel filled with the emotion of realizing those hopes and dreams
  • once you are finished, blow out your candle and if your cloves are still burning, douse them or let them finish smoldering before putting them in the earth where you can visit anytime you need a reminder of your commitment to yourself

hopefully this produces a really strongly centered drive to accomplish what you have committed to.