tarot decks are almost completely white-washed (and what you can do about it)

to quote a tweet i saw today, “racism isn’t a touchy topic if you’re not a fucking racist.” – @bneura_

so, to be perfectly clear, i don’t think that tarot deck creators are inherently racist, they are simply unaware of how uninclusive they are, and the impact that their uninclusiveness has on the magickal and divinatory community.

how many tarot decks can you name off the top of your head that you for sure know are inclusive of multiple ethnicities?

here are mine (in no specific order):

but then, i was thinking, wow, every time i see someone post a spread or reading, or some new deck comes out and i’m gushing over how beautiful or unique the illustrations are….where are the people of color in those decks?

for the last 6 months or so, i’ve made a concerted effort to only purchase decks that are ethnically inclusive, with two exceptions (one was a deck i pre-ordered before i made that conscious choice, and which i just received today; the other was one i impulse-purchased on a payday a couple months ago and i have no excuse, i just did it. there it is).

but, in case you’re like me and really really want to make all the small changes and actions you can in order to affect larger changes now, but that are also long-lasting, and create massive social changes for us all, consider any of the previously named decks, but also any of these, which i found after doing some extensive digging:

and i am sure there are more i have missed. if you have suggestions, this list is sure to be ever-growing.

there were others i did not include on this list because i find they were definitely out of print, and, therefore didn’t want to send you down a rabbithole that you may never find an opening. i’m happy to start a list that is inclusive of those decks that are out of print, in case anyone wants to find them elsewhere, such as ebay.

anyway, if you are considering purchasing a new or used tarot deck, please consider supporting creators that are people of color and decks that are inclusive of people of color.

you could also consider getting in touch with the illustrators, creators, and publishers of some of the decks you love and encourage them to release updated and more inclusive versions upon subsequent editions and publishing.