5 ways to use dirt in spells

we’re probably all familiar with the concept of gathering graveyard dirt for magickal purposes.

but are there other ways to soil, whether from specific locations or not, in spells?

bwitch, please. you know i’m about to tell you.

graveyard dirt

this magickal element goes waaaaay back in a few types of magickal practice. its been used in hoodoo, folk magic, wicca, various forms of necromancy, and general magickal practice/unaffiliated with a sect or defined path.

graveyard dirt can be a general element for protection, guardianship, and even love spells.

graveyard dirt can also be used to work with specific spirits, ancestors, or energies.

specific graveyard dirt has been used for many centuries. what i mean by specific graveyard dirt is dirt taken from a specific location (the entrance/gate) in the graveyard or a specific grave itself (a priest, a dead ancestor, a public figure, etc).

depending on what you’re planning to work in your spell, you may want to consider what the energy of the location from which you are gathering dirt feels like to you, and from where your graveyard dirt is collected.

i know there are a number of places online where you can purchase graveyard dirt, and even that which purports to be from specific graves or symbolic locations, but i tend to be of the mindset that if i didn’t collect it myself, then i can’t know for sure that’s where it came from. and i certainly don’t want someone’s backyard dirt in my spells when its supposed to be dirt from the grave of Elvis or something, right?

garden dirt

this is one of my faves for spells that require growth, nurturing, or manifesting something. dirt from your garden, or from that of someone who is a particularly skilled gardener/has an excellent green thumb, makes a fantastic tool here.

you can also take a bit of dirt from someone’s garden who has prosperous, healthy plants and use it in a spell, mixing it with dirt from your own garden, asking for the same blessings and prosperity in your own garden. if nancy’s azaleas are the envy of the neighborhood, that doesn’t mean you can’t be, too.

garden dirt would be excellent in a love spell or as a place to ‘plant’ charms or magickal symbols of your spells.

curses using someone’s dirt

you can curse someone by gathering dirt from their property, preferably close to their home, or, if you cannot do that, from dirt they have left a footprint in (make sure its actually their footprint).

make your request, intentions, and will known during your spell and place the dirt according to how you want it to affect the intended person.

this might include placing it somewhere with noxious odors, loud noises, a landfill, flushing it down the toilet (particularly if you want that person to leave you alone), or any other place you think is fitting for the curse.

cleansing magickal items

placing things in the dirt or earth has long been used as a way to remove unwanted energies, or energy lingering on an item that just doesn’t feel right to you. this might be something you think is cursed, something you’ve acquired from someone you don’t like or trust, or really any other thing that you just don’t feel you vibe with right now, but you hope to use it eventually in your spell work.

burying something in the earth allows the earth to take back and gradually dissipate the energy of the object, redistributing it. after time, the object is returned to a neutral, or even positively charged, state, and now safe to bring into your home or sacred space.

i have used this once before, when i found that even smoke clearing did not quite remove a residual ickiness from an object i bought at a junk shop. as long as the item is waterproof, burying it in the earth should be fine for a few days or even up to a month.

calling in faery and forest beings’ energy

dirt from the forest can be suuuuper charged with energy. its one of my fave places to gather a bit from, particularly from spots that really vibe for you. there’s a waterfall in a nearby nature sanctuary that just really feeds the atmosphere around it with positivity and magick, for instance.

using forest dirt would be a great element for all types of green magic, as well as working with any of the woody spirits or those commonly associated with the forest or woodland areas.

and, you could even get as specific as which type of tree or plant you gather the dirt from around, or under which type of moon you gather it.