a new moon sex magick ritual

sometimes you get to do two of your favorite things at once, and if you’re like me, and you love magick but you also love orgasms (and, quite frankly, if you do, we should be best friends), then you’ll love this new moon sex magick ritual.

but first…

what is sex magick?

it might be half of a RHCP album title, but it is also a real thing.

sex magick is the act of using the energy created during a powerful orgasm to direct toward your intention and will to power a spell to get what you want.

regardless of what the intended outcome of your spell is, its hard to find a more intense and concentrated source of energy than an orgasm.

so sex magick is just taking advantage of an already really pleasurable act to power your spells. rather than trying to raise energy all on your own through meditation, visualization, magickal elements, or any other method, why not use some or all of the energy you’ve raised during your orgasm?

and the great thing is, you don’t actually need a partner(s) for this, if you are solo or prefer to perform this solo.

what you will need:

  • a red candle for each partner participating
  • a red or white ribbon long enough to tie around the candle(s)
  • a scrap of paper and something to write with
  • any other trinket or other symbol of your intended outcome
  • any spell oils or essential oils you wish to use for anointing, massage, or scent enhancement

the ritual:

  1. its a good idea to clear your space of lingering negative or unwanted energies first, wherever you intend to perform the ritual
  2. each person participating will write their intended outcome on a scrap of paper. you may share them with each other or keep them to yourself. its up to you. set these near where you will perform your ritual.
  3. your outcome needs to be very specific, and worded in the present tense. its not going to happen, it is happening. (e.g.: “I got a $10,000/year raise” or “My offer on the perfect house is accepted for $50,000 below asking price”)
  4. light each candle(s) and place them in a safe location near where you will perform your sex magick ritual. (please make sure they will not get knocked over if things get cray, okay?!)
  5. you may feel free to wear (or don’t wear) anything that makes you feel sexy and powerful. literally whatever that is.
  6. apply any scented oils, lube, or other scented or sensual enhancement products
  7. begin your ritual by any stimulatory method you like. you and/or your partner(s) know what you like best, but the general goal is to build up to a really intense crescendo of orgasm, so some suggestions are to begin with stroking the body, intimate massage, passionate kissing, licking, etc and gradually increase the intensity of your physical and emotional connection.
  8. if you are performing this ritual solo, you will do the exact same thing. you know what you like, so begin with anything you want.
  9. here’s where you’ve got a couple options: you either just keep going and everyone involved orgasms (more about what exactly to do with this r/t your spell intentions in a minute) OR you and/or any partners bring yourself/each other close to orgasm as many times as you want, but hold off on actually orgasming until you literally cannot control it any longer.
  10. if you take the first option, during orgasms, we often don’t have conscious control of our thoughts, so its important to set this up beforehand so you’re prepped. you’ll want to be thinking of that intention you set down to paper, and, as you ride that powerful wave, begin to direct all that energy into that visualization of your intention being fulfilled. let yourself bathe in the afterglow still visualizing it, even.
  11. if you’re taking the tantric option of arriving close to, but delaying, orgasms until you can’t resist any longer, then you’ll just do the same thing as the last step as far as the visualization goes.
  12. once everyone involved is satisfied however many times they feel compelled to, each person will pick up their candle(s)
  13. if your intended outcome was destructive in nature, you will light your scrap of paper with your written intent using your lit candle, and place the paper in a flame-proof dish, bowl, or cauldron. then blow out your candle. let the scrap of paper burn out.
  14. if your intended outcome was constructive in nature, blow out the candle.
  15. whether constructive or destructive, use the ribbon to tie around the candle(s) – if you have more than one, you’ll bind them together with the ribbon. i find this symbolically is even more powerful, concentrating the energy of all involved toward those intentions.
  16. place the candle(s), paper scrap(s), and any other symbolic or representative items on your altar, or make a temporary altar somewhere, such as outdoors, in your garden, on your nightstand, your windowsill, or anywhere else you’ll see it often.

what is considered constructive and destructive?

if you’re unfamiliar with this, destructive spells include (but are not limited to):

  • removing something or someone from your life, mind, heart, etc (think about finally letting go of an ex who hurt you, blocking a stalker, or cutting the proverbial cord from an abusive parent)
  • letting go of bad habits (‘i want to stop drinking,’ or ‘i will stop saying negative things about my body’)
  • revenge spells (self-explanatory)
  • removing a curse or hex (one you cast on someone, or one they cast on you)
  • banishing spirits or entities
  • banishing negative energies or pervasive thoughts
  • basically anything you are destroying, breaking down, eliminating, reducing, or blocking, etc

constructive spells include (but are not limited to):

  • love spells
  • fertility spells
  • green magic spells (growing things, planting things, harvest, etc)
  • luck
  • prosperity/wealth/money
  • protection (from negative people, evil, ill will, harm, accidents, you get the picture)
  • beauty/glamour spells
  • something you want to turn out in your favor
  • anything you will be gaining or adding to your life

generally, its thought that new moon energy is best used for constructive magic (a form of sympathetic magic or ‘like attracts like’), but it doesn’t mean that a destructive spell during this time will be ineffective. and if you are really worried that it needs to be perfect, try simply restating your intention that was initially destructive (“i will stop saying negative things about my body”) into the constructive opposite (“I will only think and say positive things about my body – it is my temple”).

there is an equal inverse for all intentions if you think hard enough (and this is if you even care that much about your specific timing).

ok, so i promise its not as clinical as what it sounds like after you just read it. i hope your new moon is wonderful and the seeds of many great things are sown upon this night đŸ˜‰