goddess spotlight: Ningal

Ningal, also Nikkal, (translated as ‘great lady’ or queen), is the Sumerian goddess of dream interpretation and divination. She was later associated with language and linguistics.

Her story says that she was a maiden and the moon god, Nanna, was besotted with her. After spending several passionate nights together in the marshes, he departed, promising to return. When he finally did, he found Ningal matured and assertive, making requests of him before she would agree to marry him.

He completed the tasks she asked and they were married, after which she gave birth to a son, Utu, the sun god, and two daughters: Inanna/Ishtar and Ereshkigal, both famed and devoutly worshipped goddesses of their own rights.

Ningal also was worshipped as a goddess of love and fertility, as well as divine feminine mysteries.


  • Colors: Yellow, Purple, White
  • Planets: the Moon
  • Elements: Earth, Water
  • Maternal love, destruction, divination, dreams, fidelity, happiness, love, loyalty, intuition, femininity, vision, psychic dreams, prophetic dreams, agriculture- especially water plants such as reeds, cattails, lily pads
  • Seasons: spring and summer, especially between Beltane and Litha; Samhain;