witches and plastic waste

today is Earth Day, bwitches, and i feel like something needs to be said about how much plastic waste some of us generate or use, especially in our businesses.

product packaging

i include myself in that statement. when i started out seriously pursuing a side hustle in the magickal and occult community, one of the first things i decided was that i would try to get to the smallest possible amount of plastic waste i could. it is, in fact, part of our mission and values here at bwitch.

but that is so incredibly hard to do, especially if you sell anything that goes in a bottle, can, jar, or other container, as those things are either plastic themselves, or, if you happen to commit to using glass or other more eco-friendly materials, you’re still probably using plastic lids, pumps, sprayers, seals, wraps, bags, or other packaging.

when i started to examine just how much plastic was common to many of the products we’re making and selling in this industry, i started becoming extremely aware of the design and purchasing decisions i was making in my own product packaging.

i spend hours agonizing over what to use in my packaging, labeling, and shipping, so as to avoid as much plastic as possible. and i’m happy to do that, as well as proud of the fact that i use minimal plastic in my packaging (the lids on my oils or jars are basically it!).

once i am ready to officially launch those items for sale in my shop, i would welcome feedback on ways we can further reduce plastic waste.


and then we come to storage of magickal items. i started making my high quality textile bags for cards, runes, and crystals as a side project to be creative, but i’ve come to use them very frequently now to store things and avoid plastic bags.

where i need something air-tight, i’ve transitioned to glass jars, and this past week, finally made the move from plastic bags to reusable silicon food-grade storage bags. this was a big source of plastic waste in my house, as we store all kinds of food leftovers (which normally get stored in glass/pyrex, but a handful of things were still going in bags).

make a commitment to use less plastic all around

i currently have about 5 main items in R&D in my basement lab right now, and i have come up with ways to store and package all of them 98% without the use of plastic, so, when it comes time to launch those items for sale, i’m really excited about the minimal environmental impact on that front.

and, as a consumer, i am more than happy to spend the extra $1-2 per product from brands that make it known that they are seriously committed to reducing their plastic waste in packaging. if you happen to own such a brand or business, please get in touch with me so that we can collaborate on how we as an industry can change this paradigm!

i feel like the practice of magick should do no harm to the Earth, including in the production and procurement of the very tools we use to honor her.

our Mother Earth certainly deserves better from us humans, but beyond that, us humans that are the most deeply connected to her can all work together to come up with better solutions for plastic waste generated from our products, businesses, practices, and lives in general.

i can and will do better, and so can we all.

#witcheswithoutplastic should be a thing.