5 magickal uses of cloves

It’s fall and winter is fast approaching. The scent of cloves will be all over the place, from retail stores, to holiday-scented candles, to baking spices.

What’s not to love about the way cloves smell? They (usually) make us feel happy, perhaps nostalgic, and even inspired. And there’s a reason for that. Cloves (Sygizium aromaticum) have long been used in kitchen witchery, hedge witchery, and folk magick because of their powerful properties.

Cloves are aligned with the element Fire, associated with Jupiter and masculine energy.

Cloves Attract Wealth and Financial Success

Perhaps one of their best-known magickal attributes is their association with money-drawing and wealth. And, after the year we’ve had in 2020, who couldn’t use a little (or a lot) extra money help?

A great way to attract money or wealth is to use cloves in kitchen spell. You can boil them all day on your stovetop with some fruit (oranges and apples work well), perhaps some mint leaves for additional wealth-boosting power, and some positive affirmations such as ‘I attract wealth and beneficial financial opportunities’ as you stir the pot throughout the day.

The scent of the cloves cooking with those other plants will permeate your house and raise the vibrations, welcoming in opportunities and drawing to you the wealth you ask for.

You can also add them to a floor wash, either as several drops of essential oil, or use the leftover boiled water from your stovetop pot and put it in a spray bottle. Spritz your floors, particularly those around the entrance to your home and mop lightly. If you have carpet, you can also spray the door frame and threshold.

Cloves Bring Mental Clarity

Tough decisions to make or feeling like you aren’t focused? Cloves can be used to clear your mind and focus better on what is important. You can also use them to help you sort out information to make better decisions.

Rub a drop or two of clove essential oil on your temples (you may want to dilute in a few drops of carrier oil) as you take a moment to clear your head and ask important questions.

You can also keep a few cloves in a charm bag or just in your pocket or purse as you go about your day to keep your thinking clear and unobstructed.

Cloves Ward Off Evil Spirits

Cloves are a purifying plant, which can remove spirits with ill intent from a space, so they are often used in banishing or purification incense or rituals for that reason. They can also be placed in charm bags to place above doorways or windows, or ground and sprinkled on your thresholds to ward off those who would do you harm.

As a purifier, you can add clove essential oil to a spray bottle of spring water and spritz in the corners of rooms, on mirrors, or other areas where energy stagnates or seems to get heavy. Cloves will uplift the energy those spaces and welcome in positive energy.

Cloves Attract Love

They are said to be an aphrodisiac and can be added to food you cook for someone you wish to fall in love with you, or can be used in love or sexuality spells to enhance passion and romance.

The scent of cloves alone may be enough to stimulate some individuals’ senses and promote feelings of love or sensuality, as the spicy nature of the plant naturally promotes passion.

Cloves Are Protective

Because they are shaped like nails, they have been associated with protection by several cultures. Nails are commonly used in protection spells or workings, partly for their iron content, but also because of their ability to bind one thing to another.

The principle of sympathetic magick applies to the protection abilities of cloves, as they are not made of iron, which is the principle reason nails are considered protective, yet they resemble and represent iron nails in nature, therefore can be used as symbols of such in magick.

Carry cloves with you if you need some extra psychic protection, place them above thresholds to protect spaces, or grind them and add them to dressings for candles or other items used in protection spells, especially those for protection from illness or bad health.

So, maybe this fall and winter, as you get lost in all the favorite scents of the season, try to pick out the cloves in all the candles, incenses, body sprays, and potpourri.

how to make a facewash spell

A facewash spell is probably one of the easiest spells you can do anytime you want and with very little witchy experience and/or supplies.

If you’re a witch on a budget, its pretty useful because you already wash your face anyway, and you may be able to do this with nothing more than common kitchen herbs or plants you wild forage (respectfully and responsibly). You can even use this as a replacement for ritual bathing in many instances.

What is a Facewash Spell?

Don’t overthink this. As you are washing your face, a usually common, mundane task, you are infusing this mundane act with your magickal intent to obtain an outcome you want.

And, any facewash can usually be done as a hairwash, or you can combine the two for more magickal power.

I also really like facewash and hairwash spells for those who do not have the ability to take baths regularly. Bath magick can be fun, but it can be replicated in other ways.

I used to only really ever hear of facewash spells in terms of glamour magick, and they certainly do work for that, but there are so many many more uses for this kind of magick.

Any spell you want to perform could theoretically be done via a facewash/hairwash spell, with the one exception being baneful magick. I would just not recommend doing a baneful spell in the form of anything you’re applying to your face and/or hair, as the potential for backfire can really wreck your life (and your appearance).

How Do You Make a Facewash Spell?

Ok, here’s where you can get creative in a number of ways. I’ll give you a few basic approaches, neither is right or wrong, they’re just different approaches and you can choose what feels most right for your purposes.

Option 1: Make a Rinse Solution

This is one of the simplest methods and is easy on both your skin and hair, as well as can be (and usually is) left in your hair to let it dry, or air dry on your skin.

  1. In a pot on your stovetop, bring several cups of water to a boil and add herbs, essential oils, plants, flowers, etc of your choice. Let simmer for ~20 min. Remove from the heat, then strain through a fine wire mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove all solid pieces.
  2. Let it cool enough to be able to apply to skin or hair. PLEASE DO NOT EVER PUT SCALDING WATER ON YOURSELF.
  3. Using clean hands or a cotton round, apply to your face or gently pour over your hair. Depending on the type of spell, you may want to say a few words or a mantra of your choice. Whatever you decide, while you are applying the wash, picture strongly what your outcome should be. Your intent is the most critical piece of this.
  4. Also depending on the type of spell, you may decide to leave it to air dry, or rinse it out with clean water. Here are some general guidelines, but your own unique situation may dictate something different. Use your intuition.
  • Leave it to dry if you are drawing something to you or hoping to gain something (most constructive magick fits into this category); love, money, luck, success, opportunities, protection, strength, courage, etc
  • Rinse it off if you want to remove, cleanse, banish, or otherwise get rid of something; breaking a habit, ending a toxic connection, cord cutting, uncrossing, cleansing, purification, etc

Now, some exceptions exist. You could make the argument that in a purification wash, letting it dry instead of rinsing off, allows your aura to fully absorb the purifying herbs or essential oils, and, therefore, you want to leave it on. This is where intuition can guide you better for your circumstances.

Option 2: Make a Soap-Based Wash

I would lean more toward this option for all destructive magick (getting rid of, letting go, banishing, cleansing, etc), but you could absolutely use it for constructive purposes if your intent is restated in such a manner that the rinsing off of the solution indicates you ridding yourself of whatever is preventing the good or beneficial outcome you’re looking for.

Example: let’s say you want to do well in an important presentation at work and you need to feel confident. You could change up your spell to banish self-doubt or negative self-talk/thoughts so that you feel confident, beautiful, smart, or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Get a mild and gentle (ideally all natural or organic) soap base that is safe to use on your skin or hair. A really good option here that should work for almost anyone is organic unscented baby shampoo. This can be used on virtually all skin types, as well as most hair, if you’re choosing to apply to your hair.
  2. An alternative to baby shampoo is castille soap. Its usually gentle for skin. You may or may not want to apply to your hair, depending on how dry or oily your scalp is. You can mix a little castille soap with a little coconut oil for a bit more moisturizing base. It already contains some oil, but play around with adding an extra 1 Tbsp oil per 1/4 cup soap.
  3. Pour out about 1/4 cup soap base into a glass mixing cup and stir in a couple drops of any essential oils or add flower petals of your choice corresponding to your intended outcome.
  4. If you’re only making enough solution to use once, then it would be okay to add solids like minced, ground, or mashed plant matter, but these can spoil rapidly or create a medium in which mold can grow over time, so if it will be a multi-use solution, its best not to include physical plant matter.
  5. Pour into a clean empty cosmetic bottle with a lid of your choice. Label it. It should keep for at least a few months.
  6. Wash your face and/or hair with your solution, say any words or mantras you wish, and leave in/on for however long you feel is appropriate. Rinse off.
  7. It’s a good idea to test a small area of skin before applying any new products or substances, to ensure you are not allergic or otherwise sensitive to anything in the product.

Option 3: Combine a Rinse and a Soap

You can simply create your water-based rinse solution and, once cooled, add it to your soap base in a ratio of 2:1 soap base to water-base. Mix and then let it settle (this can take a few hours up to possibly a day).

This is a good method for when you want to work with a soap base but don’t want to be limited to just essential oils, and want the flexibility of more plants/flowers.

I can’t say enough how the most important element of this spell is being clear about your intent. Use strong mental visualization whenever possible and really feel this intent pouring into your mixture as you’re making it and applying it.

magickal uses of water

I’m a water sign and have a lot of water in my chart, as well, so, naturally, I find watery stuff soothing and appealing, as well as intuitive to work with.

I wanted to put this quick post together for anyone who hasn’t pondered the ways that water can be used in magickal practice, and this is by no means fully comprehensive, but will include probably the most common, as well as few uncommon, ways to use water.

On Your Altar

This is something that probably all of us do almost all the time because its pretty consistently practiced across most magickal path traditions, to have something representing each of the 4 elements on your altar, including just non-work dedication altars to ancestors or deities.

Most people have either a bowl or a chalice with water. Some people even just put a bottle of water on there, and others still, use just any old random cup. I think as long as its symbolically meaningful to you, it probably doesn’t matter what vessel itself is used to hold the water. Some materials are more symbolic than others to a particular deity, but you can customize this many ways. \I bought an inexpensive set of crystal stemware to use for the water offerings on my altars to ancestors and the deities I do any devotional work with, and I think its a nice touch, but I know not everyone has a budget for those things.

I have known people who use a vase of fresh cut flowers in water to represent their water and earth at the same time, which also beautifies the work space or dedication/offering, if that is what the flowers are for you.

For Protection

Water itself is inherently cleansing, but it also absorbs all manner of negative intentions or vibes, if its charged and purposed to do so.

One of the tips that I picked up from Sophie Reicher’s Spiritual Protection (read my review of it from yesterday here) was to keep a bowl of water by your front door when you are anticipating guests. It will help to grab and contain the energies they are bringing into your home, lowering the chances of them leaving behind unwanted and unpleasant energy.

She also mentions sleeping with a glass of fresh water by your bed each night to prevent unwanted spiritual visitors while sleeping. Dump it out into the toilet and flush it each morning after you wake up, then fill with fresh water again before sleeping. This is excellent for hotel rooms or traveling, when you can’t ward your entire space regulary.

Water can also be blessed to function as holy water or sacred water, and you can either purchase it already blessed from a local religious organization or bless it yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Holy water doesn’t technically have to be blessed by a priest or holy person, there are a number of non-denominational blessings you can find online (there is an excellent one in The Exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine McCarthy!!).

Water can be used to draw protective symbols on thresholds, windows, and mirrors, as well.

And, then water with salt added, particularly if you have also blessed the salt (that same book from McCarthy has blessings for both holy water and sacred salt), can even further add protection. You can use that to clean spaces, sprinkle in corners of rooms when cleansing and purifying, and to discourage evil or malevolent spirits or energies from entering your home or space.

Water can also be infused with various natural substances, like herbs, resins, plants, and crystals to use in spells involving protection, cleansing, abundance, and more. You can do a simple plant infusion by boiling the plant(s) in question in the water for 20 minutes, then removing from the heat, letting it cool to room temp, then straining the solids out and saving the infused water in an airtight jar in your fridge.


That brings me to my next point, which is that water is a purifier. As it is of the earth, and it is both one of the most destructive forces on earth, yet at the same time stimulates and feeds life, it is inherently powerful. Its all about the intent you put into this element.

I like to use spring water for my magickal work, especially that concerning purification, as it has not been adulterated or altered in any way. It is as close to the truest form of water found in the earth as possible, without actually going and collecting water from outdoors. I feel like spring water in a glass bottle retains better energetic properties than that stored in plastic, but in a pinch, again, its about the intent you instill in it.

Water collected from the earth, particularly that of a source of running water or catching rain water as it falls is even better, and even more energetically charged. If you can get that, do it! I know of people that order water from hot springs all over the country specifically for this purpose, if they cannot find any easily accessible sources in their area. You can also very easily set up a collection bowl or jars outdoors during rain to collect that which is free from the sky.

Moon water is a popular type of water used in spells, too. Put a jar or bottle of water out in the moonlight on a full moon (or a windowsill where the moon’s light will hit it) to charge the water with the energy of the full moon.

But, even if you can’t afford spring water in glass bottles regularly, and there is no clean outdoor source of running water near you, tap water is okay. Don’t worry too much about this. If you get hung up on using tap water, thinking its not magickal, then guess what? It’s not magickal. If you doubt yourself, your magick won’t work.

One caution I have is don’t drink water you collect from an outdoor source unless you sanitize it first by boiling it. While those sources are not typically contaminated by stuff we add to municipal water supplies like chlorine or the lead in our pipes, they are usually overflowing with microbes and other substances that may not be the best for you to consume.

I also recently started doing a ritual purification each day using spring water in a bowl with essential oils or my Release spell oil, along with water-safe crystals as a way to freshen myself up energetically for the day. You could easily do this in your bathroom or kitchen sink with the drain stopped, fill it with water and ritually cleanse your hands, arms, face, etc.

As An Offering

Don’t forget your ancestors and deities! A simple act such as filling a fresh goblet or cup of cool water each day for your ancestors and deities can go a long way to keeping them happy, and in your life, and honoring them with your attention.

This is another place I like to use spring water and my line of thinking is that if I can afford it, I can show them they matter to me by purchasing something higher quality, similar to the concept of burning ancestor money. I don’t view it as throwing money away.

Yes, I could use tap water and it wouldn’t cost me anything, but if I’m in a position to purchase spring water, then I should because my ancestors deserve it. If they make my life abundant, I should share some of that abundance and a $2 bottle of spring water each week is one small token of that appreciation. Plus, one of my grandmas is just petty enough to ignore me if she feels like I’m not making the effort lol

Now, please do not interpret that as saying if you don’t use some foo foo spring water, you don’t love your ancestors. Your ancestors know what you can afford and what your situation is. If it is truly a stretch for you, they are not going to get mad about tap water. I have friends who offer tap water and easy mac. Its not gonna be the end of the world.

However, there is no shame in saying to your ancestors, “I really want to be able to offer you more expensive offerings. Can you help me find ways to bring more money into my life, so that I can honor you by sharing it with you?” This works, really. Try it sometime.

But, I think what I’m trying to say about this is if you make 6 figures and your life is materially wealthy and your ancestors get tap water but they know you could be giving them better offerings, maybe don’t skimp. Its my experience that the more thought I put into what I offer them, the more they reciprocate with blessings in my life and my home.

On the subject of offerings, also consider putting a few drops of your favorite (or your deity’s favorite) essential oil into a water offering to add some beautiful or personalized aroma to the altar space.

So, hopefully you can take away some ways to work with the water element daily or in ritual/spell work!

book review: Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher

Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher is not a new book (it was published originally in 2010), but I felt like it deserved a review because it really dives into a topic that many modern authors do not devote much time to, just as the author of this book points out.

I tried extremely hard to find an official author website or social media for the author and couldn’t locate anything, but if anyone reading happens to know if she has an official page or something somewhere, I would love to link to it to further give her credit.

So, I’ll start by saying that you can probably find thousands of articles and posts online, let alone chapters or short passages in books, that discuss the concepts covered in this book, which are primarily:

  • types of gifts and how they can leave us too open (psychic, empath, telekinetic, medium, etc)
  • centering
  • grounding
  • shielding
  • warding
  • working with energy
  • protection from magickal or psychic attack
  • plus so much more

But, you will be hard-pressed to find all of those in one neat little package, as they are in this book.

Now, before you’re like, ‘Oh, boring, I thought this was going to be about the good fancy shit,’ listen, witch, hear me out. If you have that attitude about those foundational basics, you’re probably a really chaotic and unpleasant energy to be around for energy sensitive folks.

The subject of creating effective protection for not just yourself, but your home and any space you work in, whether you are an energy worker, a tarot reader, a psychic, or any other magickal practitioner or spiritualism enthusiast cannot be understated.

I don’t care if you think you’re just reading cards or swinging a pendulum. You are actually opening yourself up to energies that are usually mostly beneficent, but can be occasionally, harmful, or at least irritating or draining, if not outright malevolent, depending on the type of person you are, and your own energy being projected and what it attracts.

You can also bring home sticky energies from being out in public and around other people, and it can be difficult to keep yourself and your home or other sacred space clean and clear of those.

Not to mention if you are a spiritual or magickal practitioner of any kind, its almost like you’re sending out a beacon to let other beings, not all of which are human, know you’re there. Which can be both good and bad.

This is really elementary but suuuuuuper necessary stuff for anyone working with energy or magick, so, again, check it out if you notice that you go through spells of feeling drained, fatigued, unfocused, or even dragged down. It could be just physical, but could also be that you’re accumulating ‘metaphysical goo,’ so to speak by all the contact you’re making with energies outside your own (including other people).

Which brings me to my next really really important take away here.

If you are an empath, I highly recommend you get this book now and even if you don’t read past the first 4 chapters, it will probably radically change your life.

As an empath who didn’t really understand what I was until sometime into my late 20s, but even then, I think I didn’t actually grasp the full spiritual or energetic implications of being an empath, I took away so much from reading this, despite having it mostly what I thought was ‘under control’ for some years now.

I found myself underlining or nodding along with a LOT of the first part of the book, but also realizing that I have been doing some of the recommended things (just not all of them, and not consistently enough) without realizing. I just intuitively figured some of it out.

How I wish I could hand this book to my 15 year old self and warn her to avoid certain people! lol

I also want to add here that this was the first book I’ve read from a magickal perspective that made me understand that my gift of empathy (because that is what it is, even if you don’t think so) is not the same as others’ gifts of natural psychic inclination, and that. is. okay.

Sometimes in the magickal or witchcraft community, we see people we look up to and they have these great well-developed skills such as psychic abilities, for instance, or the ability to easily see and communicate with spirits and we think that if we can’t also do those things, we can’t be a good or powerful practitioner.

Well, let me reassure you that not everyone needs to have those skills, and its quite possible that you could have them latent and just need to coax them out, but the point is, you undoubtedly have other skills that they don’t have, and if you recognize them and work to develop them, you’ll also see that you are equally as skilled and powerful in your own right.

This book is chock full of recipes for cleansing rituals, witch jars, protective charms/talismans, creating wards on things or places, energetically protecting yourself and your home, and on and on.

I’ve written before on the importance and physically and energetically cleaning your home, and there’s plenty more detail in this book for ways to manage, block, or improve energy in your living space.

I think we tend to be impatient to get to the spells and fancy rituals in magickal or spiritual practice sometimes, but we forget that the work that goes into cleansing/purifying, protecting, and preparing (centering/grounding) probably has a lot more to do with our magick working than the actual spell workings.

I don’t care how mad that makes someone to hear it, but if you’re not centering and grounding before workings, you’re likely getting little to no results from your practice, and its highly likely you could be attracting the wrong energies.

Another thing that jumped out at me while reading this book (which, incidentally I sat down and read cover to cover in the course of a day, it was that good), was how I had intuitively been balancing my elements without realizing it.

This book focuses in some ways on using elemental associations or energies in some of the centering, grounding, and shielding, and I came to notice I had been intuitively picking up on this, again, without realizing it.

I have a LOT of water, a good deal of fire and air, and almost no earth (basically just Chiron in Taurus, that’s literally it) in my chart. Which makes for a flighty, unfocused, yet passionately deep-feeling life of constantly being excited about the next amazing idea I just had, daydreaming all day, and pouring my emotions into everything I do. I sometimes need to take a lot naps to handle this.

Its a seriously great mix, but I can see how it leaves me open to imbalance in various ways, one of which is not being able to center and ground as easily OR more aptly put, needing to center and ground myself more frequently, but also more consistently before any spiritual or magick working.

I actually started carrying a green opal palm stone with me in my pocket or keeping it at my desk because it just makes me feel so much more balanced. Its vibes are really soothing and calming, and I feel like it takes the edge off the turbulence of my otherwise heavily elemental mix.

If you look at your chart and notice you’re seriously heavy on some elements but almost completely lacking in one or more others, consider how you can incorporate that missing element into your daily activity to balance yourself out and see if it doesn’t help. I will write a more in depth article on this later this week with actual suggestions.

One other thing I discovered while reading this, and not because its something in the book but because of the way the exercises are described, is that I visualize with my eyes open more easily than with them closed.

In fact, I had lately been really feeling down on myself and getting discouraged that in meditation and visualization sessions I had a hard time visualizing things when closing my eyes. However, when I read a passage in a book, I can visualize extremely easily as I’m reading exactly what I’m doing and with great effect.

I don’t know why this is, and even though its not specifically covered in the subject matter of the book, I want to throw it out there in case there are others in the same boat like me, and I suspect this may have at least a little bit to do with being an empath and having strengths centered around ‘feeling’ rather than ‘seeing’ things.

I think the nature of empathic communication described in the book turned that light bulb on for me in a stark moment of realization of what I had been intuitively doing all this time, thinking it was wrong because other books said ‘this is the only way to do this thing.’

Anyway, I hope you go check out this book and put into regular practice the basics, if you’re not doing them.

One of the solid points made by Reicher is that too many practitioners are drawn to magick and various spiritual practices without doing the foundation work needed to be prepared to handle things that both turn out how we want and don’t turn out how we want.

The old saying ‘don’t summon anything you can’t banish’ goes along well here, but, also, ‘don’t play with energies you can’t control’ would be one I would personally add to this.

Whether its because you’re uncontrolled yourself and attracting a chaotic and draining energetic force, or whether you’re simply just advertising a little too loudly how powerful you are without taking the proper precautions to protect yourself when someone or something comes to investigate you, the concepts in this book should be required reading for all.

make your own black salt

I never really thought that this was something that people would find too difficult to do for themselves, but believe it or not, there are people who buy black salt. If you’re one of those people, that’s okay. I’m not mad at you and I’m not even here to make fun or anything, but consider a few things for a minute, and then I’ll let my case rest.

What is Black Salt?

In case you’re not familiar, black salt is salt that has the ashes of something mixed into it, turning it ‘black.’ (its actually kind of more gray, but whatever).

It is used primarily as a protective element, such as in the corners of rooms, across thresholds, and in spells or rituals to ward off unwanted spirits, entities, or evil malevolent beings.

It can also be used to repel people/things from a property or area. Think of banishing type stuff.

Because black salt is used by you for your purposes, and your specific intent and will should be imbued in it, it would make sense that you would want to make your own for your own protective purposes.

How is it made?

Just like I said, you take ashes (I’ll be more specific in a minute) and mix them into salt (usually sea salt, but you can use table salt if you’re on a budget). I like to grind mine all together with a mortar and pestle, as I feel that better combines the two ingredients.

Now, to the ashes. This is why I say you should make your own black salt, because the ashes are just as important as the salt, IMO.

Where the ashes came from or from what purpose they were burnt means something. I have no idea where ashes came from in someone else’s salt.

Call me a skeptic, but I don’t know that you didn’t dump your aunt’s ashtray into some salt and sell it on your website, okay? I want to believe that nobody would do that, but its 2020 and there’s a depraved orange lunatic sitting in the white house ranting on twitter nonstop, so nothing would surprise me at this point.

Anyway, I personally find that if you use ashes of something very meaningful in your own black salt, its going to work better for you.

Examples of Things to Burn

Don’t you love burning things? It’s cathartic. When I first got into witchcraft many years ago, I was always attracted to flames and never really understood why but its because I have a LOT of fire in my chart, which I didn’t learn until later in life.

If you have on fire in your chart at all, I’m sorry. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your own black salt.

Here are some things I have burned that work awesome as your ashes for black salt:

  • purification/cleansing plants like sage, cedar, rosemary, palo santo; I usually burn things in the same little shell and when the ashes start to build up, I dump them out into a container and save them for the next time I make black salt
  • spell remnants; when I burn things during a spell or ritual I save the ashes from the cauldron and dump them in the same container with other ashes
  • pieces of paper with specific instructions; you can write on paper something like “I banish all evil, unwelcome spirits, and those who wish me harm.” Then burn that paper, while chanting your statement, and use the ashes in your black salt.
  • paper with names on it; is there a specific person or entity you want to keep out? Write down their name as many times as you want on a piece of paper and burn it, chanting ‘Stay out! Stay out!’; add the ashes to your next batch of black salt

You get the picture.

Also, one more thing you can consider is blessing your salt first. This is a trick I ran across in The Exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine McCarthy, where she gives a recipe or process for creating holy water/holy salt for purification and exorcism, which can be used in buildings, on people, in baths, etc. The book itself is really funny, but down-to-earth and very interesting. Even if you’re not ever going to be an exorcist, still worth reading.

Anyway, I started using the holy blessing (its non-denominational) from the book on my salt first, then adding the ashes and it absolutely changes the feel of any room I put it in. No kidding. Just feels lighter and more positive.

Caveat: replace it if you vaccum it up! Having a clean home is important and amazing, so you may need to replace black salt you sprinkle around your home on a regular basis if its indoors.

So, please consider making your own black salt. If you do it right and it has your intent worked into it, its going to be so much more powerful for your needs. But, a word of caution, don’t just go through the motions. You need to really put your emotion and intent into it while making it.

Another reason I like to use the mortar and pestle is also that while grinding it, I put some serious aggression into that shit. I think of all the repellant emotions I feel and pour them into that black salt as I grind it up, so it is really well charged with my energy and intention, as well as my protective ashes and magick.

Happy salting!

how to create a personal protection sigil

*disclaimer: some of my blog posts have affiliate links for some products

Yesterday’s post on all things (basic) protection magick gave you a lot of ideas probably, for how to create a protection spell, charm, jar, ritual, chant, etc to manifest various kinds of protection that you or others may be in need of right now.

One of the things mentioned was sigils, which I didn’t go into because its a topic that deserves a post (or several) of its own.

I’m going to attempt to simplify and summarize a topic that entire books and courses have been created over, so bear in mind that you will likely need more than just this post if this is something you want to pursue more in depth for your magickal practice.

What are Sigils?

Basically, they are drawn symbols that incorporate some kind of message through imagery that represents your intent and will, you (yourself), another being, a spell, or any other content that needs to be easily boiled down into something that can be used to represent something much more complex (a person, entity, deity, concept, phrase, etc).

Think of sigils like sign language. In sign language, hand signals take a complex word or phrase and turn it into a (usually shorter) series of gestures that the viewer interprets as the same meaning as the word or phrase.

And, because words or names carry power, the sigils derived from them encompass and take on the power of the original word, phrase, or name. So, now instead of writing out a lengthy statement like ‘This is the symbol for my health and body being protected when I go to work in the hospital with sick patients,’ the sigil derived from that statement holds that exact same power and meaning, but is much quicker and easier to draw and copy.

A sigil is supposed to carry those magickal properties, bestowed by its creator, as a message. However, it carries only as much magickal power as you believe it does. As with all spiritual practices, you get out of it what you put into it.

Sigils Are Not A Secret Magickal Art

I’m a big fan of making things accessible to anyone who is interested, and I really hate gate-keeping of any kind. And sigils are one of those things that some sects within the greater magickal or spiritual community would have you believe are arcane and require a high level of achievement to create them.

I disagree. At their heart, sigils are symbols we create that have deep meaning. To us. Who is to tell you that your sigil must be done in their particular way in order for it to hold your meaning?

If you want to read a really down-to-earth and accessible book about sigil-making or sigil witchery, I cannot recommend enough Sigil Witchery by Laura Tempest Zakroff. She shares a similar approach and opinion here as myself, that this is something all of us can learn.

Now, that being said, if you are attempting to invoke a particular spirit or deity, its likely that there is a specific sigil already in existence that that spirit or deity responds to, and that’s a completely different discussion. But, for your purposes, your sigils should and can be created by you.

Method 1

This method is actually based on the one used in the aforementioned book, but I’ve abbreviated quite a lot of information and simplified this approach in the interest of brevity, so please, if this resonates most with you, buy that book and dive in deeper. You will not regret it.

You’re going to need something to doodle on and something to write with, and, ideally, some unbroken time, perhaps as little as 30 minutes and as much as a couple of hours, depending on how you work.

Think for a few minutes about what or whom you are protecting, and how that protection should function (“I am protecting my home from intruders and anyone who considers breaking in, will be met with an overwhelming sense of fear and will turn away”). Conjure a strong image in your mind and, as always, be as specific as possible.

On your paper, start to doodle anything that comes to mind when you think of protection. This can be words, phrases, images, symbols, etc. Anything that pops into your head purposely or intuitively goes on the paper. When you feel you’ve emptied it all out, sit back and look it over for as long as you need.

Your goal here is to pick out patterns, repetition, and things that intuitively jump out at you. While doing this, think about that initial image of what your protection is for and what it functions like.

Which of your elements on your page speak the most loudly to you about this?

Usually a protection sigil incorporates some form of ‘container’ image, which can be a circle, but might also look like a square or rectangle. Maybe its the exact shape of the floor plan of your house, or it represents your body and the invisible sphere of energy around it.

Within that ‘container,’ you want to indicate what or whom is being protected.

If this is multiple people, they may be represented by smaller spheres or dots, or perhaps Xs or lines. Whatever speaks to you, as long as it makes sense to you. The people might also be represented by their zodiac signs, numerology, or some other personal identifier you have created that resonates with you.

If it is a place, draw something that represents the place. Maybe its a shape, maybe its the first letter of the name, maybe its the word HOME with all letters written on top of one another.

Does the protective container do anything? Does it have thorns to deter someone else? Does it reflect negative energy back onto someone sending it your way? Is it protected by someone/thing? Like an animal spirit, a deity, or a particular ancestor? Represent this/these element(s) in a way that makes sense to you, as simple or complex as you like.

A protection sigil should have at a minimum an element representing who or what is being protected and how the protection functions. If it involves any other spirits, deities, or energies, it needs to include those, as well. For examples, again, check out the book I mentioned, because there are tons of great ideas.

Put these elements together in a way that visually appeals to you. You can google ‘sigil’ and view thousands of examples of sigils for inspiration if you’re not as creatively inclined in this approach just yet. Above all else, make it yours. It needs to mean something to you, and as long as it does, then its good enough.

Method 2

This method may seem a little more straightforward if you are not able to come up with the elements you want or to put them together in a composite that appeals to you. Its okay if that’s you. We all think differently.

I feel as if this method is less open to creative interpretation in some ways, but still functions very well when done correctly. Follow the same initial steps above in terms of thinking deeply about exactly what or whom is being protected, how, where, why, and by what/whom, depending on which of those are relevant.

On a piece of paper write out your statement specifically as succinctly as possible. “My friends protesting tonight will be unharmed.”

Next, you’ll cross out all the vowels. “My frnds prtstng tnght wll b nhrmd.”

Then, you’ll cross out repeated consonants (only leave one of each consonant in the final batch of letters). “My frnds ptg h wl b.”

Take those final remaining letters and fit them together into a pictorial representation. You may need to play around with them and doodle them in a number of different ways until you get something that appeals to you. You can find examples of how other people have used this method:




and here.

Activating The Sigil

Once you’ve drawn something using whatever method you prefer (the two mentioned here are by no means the only ones), you’ll want to activate the sigil, so that its meaning is actually imbued into it, its buried in your unconscious mind, where it can make contact with the collective unconscious, and, most importantly, it can work for you.

Usually, this will require burning the creation materials, but first, you’ll want to sit for some time with the drawn sigil in your hands, meditating on its purpose and function. The point of this last deep think is to burn the sigil’s image into your brain, deep into the subconscious and even unconscious, where it can live and work.

It should be so well imaged within your mind that it instantly conjures the images of exactly what you want it to do. Once you feel you have achieved this, over a fire-proof dish or cauldron, light the paper with all your doodles and final design and let it burn.

You can choose to say a few words here as a spell, or not. As long as you have made the vision attached to the sigil strong enough, the words are not necessary.

You can at this point re-draw the sigil anywhere you want to use it, such as in art, a tattoo, a digital design, whatever. It holds your intent and will, and will do the request you have assigned it.

a quick guide to protection magick

This post is, as the name implies, all about protection. there could be many reasons right now why you may feel that you, a loved one, or just some people in general, need protection.

Protection spells for the home, your vehicle, your physical person, or a group of people are some of the most trending things online in the magickal community at the moment, and for good reason.

First, there’s social unrest. there’s no better way to say it. people are (rightfully) upset about police violence against people of color, and they’re marching, protesting, and voicing their concerns as Americans with rights guaranteed by our constitution.

So, perhaps you yourself are protesting, perhaps a friend or family member is, or perhaps you want to make sure the protesters out there are protected. this is one scenario I’ve seen often.

Another reason is the spiritual awakening and stirring up of the other side of the veil through more contact from the human realm, more energy poured into requests and spell workings, and even just because right now, a number of astrological events are going on that are making it easier for entities, both benevolent and potentially malevolent, to contact and interact with our world.

This might leave you feeling vulnerable to some of those energies, especially if they are unwanted. Even if they are wanted or at least neutral, this can still leave you drained and in need of some basic barriers.

So, let’s get down to the basics of protecting yourself, your property, and other people.

Personally, I usually like to build or design my own spells and rituals, as the more personal you make something, the more energetically invested you are, and the more likely it will be to be successful.

If you prefer to just read some words that someone else wrote and light a candle, that’s okay, but if they’re not your words and don’t resonate strongly with you, or are difficult for you to envision, they may not yield the results you want.

What I’ve put together here is a quick reference to tools such as deities, colors, crystals, plants/herbs, and other items that are commonly used in protection magick, so that you can pick and choose what you think will suit your needs best for your particular request.

Deities Associated With Protection

Regardless of which path you follow, its likely you’ll encounter a variety of deities, beings, or spirits that are or can be petitioned to provide protection for a variety of people and/or objects. This is not an exhaustive list, but I’ve tried to include the most common ones you’ll come across with established histories.

  • Akewa (S. America): protector of women, especially from patriarchal systems
  • Ancestors (yours!!): possibly one of the most important and first sources you should consult if this is protection associated with yourself or a relative/loved one
  • Apollo (Greek): protector of the young
  • Artemis (Greek): protector of unmarried young women
  • Athena (Greek): originally a protectress of Athens, some invoke her for protection outside of that city
  • Aziri (Africa): protects women from abusive men
  • Banba (Irish): goddess of protection
  • Bast (Egyptian): General protection, protection of women and children, but can be specific to those fighting wars or battles, too
  • Bishamon-Ten (Japan): protector of human life, chaser of demons
  • Brigid (Celtic): Especially for young people/youth; healing matters, especially for women
  • Chun T’i (Chinese): protects against war
  • Diana (Roman): protector of witches
  • Durga (India): protection, triumph of good over evil
  • Empanda (Roman): a goddess of general protection for those in need of it
  • Esme (Welsh): general protection
  • Faumea (Polynesian): protection goddess
  • Freya (Norse): may be invoked for protection by her Valkyries;
  • Frigga (Norse): protectress of women and children
  • Gordafarid (Persian): protector of women, female bravery
  • Green Tara (Buddhist): for spiritual and physical protection; for strength, for fearlessness, and for overcoming danger
  • Gyhldeptis (N. American): protectress of the people
  • Hebat (Mesopotamia): protection of women during war
  • Hestia (Greek): protection of the home
  • Horus (Egyptian): god of protection and war
  • Inanna (Sumerian): protection of her followers
  • Ishtar (Babylonian): protector of women, particularly those who have been wronged by men
  • Isis (Egyptian): protector of marriage and love
  • Juno (Roman): protector of women (also attributed as Hera, Greek goddess)
  • Kuan Yin (Buddhist): Healing; she is also the patron protector of women, children, artists, and those who are imprisoned
  • Lama (Mesopotamian): personal protection
  • Maahes (Egypt): devourer of the guilty and protector of the innocent
  • Mama Quilla (Incan): protectress of married women from harm
  • Michael, archangel (Christian/Hebrew): physical and spiritual protection
  • Minona (W. Africa): a protectress of women
  • Oya (Yoruba): protectress of women
  • Pellonia (Roman): a goddess who protects one from their enemies
  • Pinga (Inuit): goddess of protection
  • Princess Liễu Hạnh (Taoism): protector and emancipator of women
  • Shakti (Hindu): protection and banishing
  • Shekinah (Middle Eastern): protects humanity from evil
  • Soteria (Greek): deliverance from harm and protection/safety
  • Tawaret (Egyptian): protection from evil, protection of pregnant women
  • Thor (Norse): protector of the common man
  • Uni (Etruscan): protection of women from harm
  • Vishnu (Hindu): god of protection, especially vanquishing evil
  • Yemaya (Yoruba): Protection, especially of women

Colors Associated With Protection

The most commonly used color in protection spells, such as for candles, is black. Black has long been associated with protection spells and magick. White can also be used in protection magic, but is more commonly used for cleansing (negativity, harm, pain, etc).

Orange can be used to encourage power, both emotional and physical.

Grey can be used to bind negative people or influence.

Color associations can also be specific to the deity with whom you are working, or could be for offerings, as well.

Crystals Associated With Protection

  • obsidian
  • smoky quartz
  • clear quartz
  • amethyst
  • black tourmaline
  • fluorite
  • jet
  • kyanite (blue)

Plants and Herbs Associated With Protection

  • angelica
  • anise
  • basil
  • bay leaves
  • carnation
  • cedar
  • chamomile
  • cloves
  • comfrey
  • coriander
  • dragon’s blood
  • fennel
  • ferns
  • garlic
  • hyssop
  • lavender
  • lilac
  • mandrake
  • mistletoe
  • mullein
  • myrrh
  • nettle
  • oak
  • parsley
  • pepper, black
  • periwinkle
  • rosemary
  • rue
  • sage
  • St John’s wort
  • sandalwood
  • thyme
  • witch hazel
  • wormwoood
  • yarrow

Other Associations

  • graveyard dirt, esp from graves of your ancestors
  • sea salt
  • Florida water
  • thorns
  • frankincense resin
  • myrrh resin
  • moon water
  • crystal-infused water
  • vinegar
  • sigils
  • imagery/symbols

Now, all that being said, you still need to put things together in such a way that makes sense for what you are asking, in other words, your specific outcome.

This could be assembled as a jar spell, it could be simply a candle you light and talk with a deity or ancestor, or it could be any number of other rituals or spells where you apply your intention and will toward your intended outcome.

And, I will also add here that when working with a deity or specific entity or spirit, regardless of color associations, plant associations, etc of protection, its usually best to have other or additional candles or items specific to that deity as well. So, if you’re working with a deity that resonates best with blue candles, include both a black candle for protection as well as a blue candle for your deity, got it? Similar for any other correspondence element.

Hopefully this gives you plenty to start with!

a spell to create a home guardian

this is an idea i ran across in Intuitive Witchcraft, by Astrea Taylor. and i tagged the page corner to remind myself to go back and revisit it at some point. the need to put protection on my home had been on my mind, but it hadn’t been a priority at that point.

so, fast forward to this past weekend and i had a super unnerving experience that basically made it plainly clear to me that i needed to take this seriously. i won’t go into details because its a long story of interconnected events which culminated in me being glad i had at least put black salt across my doorways, but left me feeling as if i would eventually need more than that.

back to the point: what is a home guardian and why would you need to create one?

what is a home guardian?

this is, in essence, a piece of you, your energy to be exact, that you focus intently on the purpose of guarding your home. this can be for the purpose of spiritual or metaphysical guards, or physical guardianship.

this guardian that you create is whatever you want it to be. its a creature, its a force, its an elemental, its literally whatever you picture keeping you the safest. maybe you want a giant velociraptor that won’t hesitate to shred anyone or anything unwanted from your doorstep.

or maybe you want a killer bunny a la Monty Python. or maybe its a large, frightening tiger prowling your porch.

it could be simply a fierce lightning storm that appears when your home needs protecting, or a dragon with the requisite wings and fire, but also laser beams in its eyes.

it can be something that scares, something that just protects, something that repels, or all of those.

you get the point. be as creative and imaginative as you want or need. if your guardian needs to have certain qualities and aspects that uniquely fit your living situation, then include those.

the home guardian is there to protect the barrier, the threshold. but maybe also the entire perimeter.

thresholds have long been considered liminal spaces or ‘spaces between’ by many cultures, meaning that they exist neither inside nor outside. they represent a physical, spiritual, and metaphysical transition from one ‘realm’ to another, even if you think its just your front door.

thresholds carry significant weight spiritually when they are protected with magickal forces, trust me. i found this out (to my relief) recently.

this home guardian’s job is to follow your very specific instructions for exactly who or what is allowed in (or even out).

why might you need to create a home guardian?

well, chances are, if you’re practicing magick, you’re bound to be noticed at some point, by others who practice, and perhaps even others who mostly exist outside the physical human plane.

think of it like lighting a beacon that shines to let everyone else who has the special ability to see your beacon know that you’re awesome, but also that you’ve got some power and not afraid to use it.

this will eventually attract beings, spirits, what have you to check you out. most will be friendly or at least neutral, some will not. and without protection around your home, particularly your thresholds, you’re vulnerable to whoever or whatever wants to wander in and take a peek.

you would want to create a home guardian in instances that you consider your home your sacred ground, your sanctuary. if you are protective and highly aware of who or what you allow in your home, then consider creating a home guardian.

you might also want to create a home guardian if you seem to stir up enemies, or perhaps even just a lot of people who don’t like you.

in this case, you’re the common denominator, so maybe examine why everyone seems to wish you ill, but also, still protect yourself, in the case that its actually not you, its them. people can send all kinds of nastiness your way and once it arrives, its too late to create a home guardian.

you could also do this out of concern for your safety and that of your family from the living. maybe you live in a bad neighborhood, maybe you’ve got an ex that just won’t heed his restraining order, or maybe you have very solid reasons not to trust people. all of those are also valid circumstances for creating a home guardian.

how do you create your home guardian?

this will start with you grounding and centering yourself. you will need to find somewhere comfortable that you can be relaxed and meditate, and will be uninterrupted for some time.

i also recommend you find an object that you will give this guardian a home. this object can be a statue, a talisman you hang by your door, a painting, whatever you want, or whatever seems fitting. you’ll want to have this with you as you begin to meditate.

the first step is to create this guardian in your mind. go deep into meditation and shed your worries and fears temporarily so that you can be more effective at transmitting your messages to your guardian.

picture every detail about this guardian that is relevant and important to you.

what is it? how big is it? what special powers does it have? what color? fur? scales? feathers? some combination of those? does it carry it a weapon? does it have a name (i recommend naming it)? what exactly does it do when it encounters someone or something that you don’t want in your home?

also consider if there is a specific cultural element to your guardian that is important to you. is there an animal, element, or spirit that your ancestors revered or considered particularly protective of the home? perhaps they were onto something.

be very detailed. and this could even be something you sit down beforehand and write out. you might even want to sketch it or draw it if you’re artistically inclined. just make it something that intuitively works for you.

make sure you are holding the object you have selected at this point.

remaining in meditation and visioning, now that you have its image created, interact with it. let it come to life in your mind. call it by its name. sit with it. tell it exactly what you need it to do. give it specific names of people if needed. or make it vague if necessary.

be sure to specify who IS allowed in (you don’t want Fluffy to scare your kids, spouse, or pets, but maybe your mother-in-law is fair game?).

make all of these directions and needs very crystal clear to the guardian you have created. also make it clear that when it is not needed, it can ‘live’ or retreat to its object, which will function as its home. picture the object you are holding as one with your guardian.

it is paramount that in this part of the process you create extremely firm boundaries for what the guardian is and is not allowed to do, and where it is or is not allowed to go. nothing is worse than someone’s guardian running amok in your neighborhood or apartment building because they didn’t create the necessary precautions to prevent it from straying.

also, if you live in a building such as an apartment, make sure your guardian understands its boundaries and isn’t scaring neighbors off from their own front doors, which might happen to be very close to yours.

remain in this vision for as long as you need to make sure your expectations are established and clear. when you feel satisfied, thank your guardian for its service, welcome it to your space, and place it in its object/home. place the object wherever it will function best in your home, such as hanging on the wall directly next to your front door, or on a table inside your entryway. whatever works best for you.

upkeep of your guardian

you will need to refill the energetic cup of the guardian regularly. remember, as part of you and your energy, it needs to be fed in order to continue to do its job.

this upkeep could consist of sitting with it in meditation and visualization, re-affirming its purpose and your specific needs.

you could also stop by it and place your hands on it as you leave or return home, re-connecting and recharging it.

but make sure you feed it, so that it can continue to do its job 🙂


once you no longer need the guardian, don’t just leave it in place. this can cause horrible consequences should you move away, or should it encounter others that you had not prepared directions for.

removing the guardian is as simple as going back into your meditative vision and communicating with your creation that it has served you well, thank it, and then dismantle the energy you put into it, taking it back into yourself.

any objects you attached its duties to should be energetically cleansed and purified at that point, as well.

a spell for keeping someone the fuck out of your space

aka creating a metaphysical barrier around yourself.

let’s be real, at this point, many of us are getting some cabin fever. even if you’re a super introvert like me, you still like to go out and leave your home from time to time (alone, and devoid of humans).

and if you live with other people, whether its family or roommates, you may be at the breaking point with them by now. y0u don’t have to be an introvert to value your personal space and autonomy, and time to yourself.

and then, what about when we all go back to work and have to deal with that one annoying person in the office that just wants to talk, or can’t walk past our desk without commenting on something?

some of us are just really really good at resting bitch face, and we have mastered the ‘stay the fuck away from me vibe,’ while others are not quite comfortable there yet, or they are, but have a pest that seems impervious to our death stare.

and then there are cases where there’s just that person that cannot take the fucking hint, looking at you Chad, that we want them to fuck off.

so here’s how to create a metaphysical barrier around yourself that will both claim your personal space, and put off vibes that discourage others from bothering you. this is best used against or around people that you don’t care for deeply because its a rather repellent force, if you catch my drift.

what you will need:

  • you technically don’t need anything for this, as this can be done solely with your own meditative, grounding, and personal energetic powers
  • however, you may choose to bestow these repellent energies on a piece of jewelry, a charm/spell bag, or some other object you plan to keep with you

the spell:

i recommend you start out by grounding yourself first. here is a good exercise for doing that.

if you are using an external object, you should clear its energy first with burning herbs, cedar, palo santo, or incense.

  1. begin by sitting comfortably in a chair or on the floor.
  2. visualize your center of energy, whichever point on your body you prefer, whether it is a chakra or elsewhere. i find it feels natural to me to visualize this in my sacral plexus or heart.
  3. the energy is a glowing ball, pulsing inside you. the energy begins to pulse in wider ripples outward from its center.
  4. the ripples envelope you, like a glowing spherical envelope. maybe they are sparkling, or maybe they are rays of light flowing around a central point.
  5. push the boundaries of the light out around you to the point that you wish to establish your barrier. note that the farther away from you you push the light energy, the more difficult it will be to maintain it ongoing. i find that a foot or so, maybe a couple of feet tops, in any direction is typically sufficient.
  6. now visualize the glowing spherical envelope gradually being covered by something that would repel another person, but only on the exterior (the side facing everyone else, but not facing you).
  7. i like vines with thorns, or octopus tentacles with poisonous suction cups, but i have also used jagged metal spikes and protruding claws.
  8. get creative with your repellent element. picture it swirling around the outside of your bubble, ready to do battle on your behalf.
  9. if you are using an external object, at this point, you’ll want to hold it in the palms of both your hands together, about chest high. picture the protective barrier you’ve built sending one tendril inward, of just the glowing energy, and making a connection with the object.
  10. hold this image and visualize the object becoming one or synonymous with your repellent barrier. they are now connected, and where one goes, the other does, too. transfer the glowing center of energy from yourself to the object, as it is now your source of power for your barrier.
  11. if you are not going to use the barrier right now, gradually recede the repellent barrier from your glowing envelope and draw all of the glowing energy into the object you are holding. you will store it there for when you need it.
  12. if you are not using an external object, at this point, you can leave your barrier up around you for as long as you need it, or you can slowly draw it back into that energy center, folding it up and putting it away for when you do need it next.

i would not recommend walking around with it up all day long, especially around loved ones, as they will likely feel it (children especially), unless your kids are the ones you’re trying to repel, and if that’s the case, then may i suggest just locking yourself in the bathroom for a bit? 😉

when you do need it, you’ll either ‘activate’ it from your external object into which you placed it, or you’ll ‘activate’ it from within yourself, where you tucked it away after its last use. open up that energy center and let the glowing envelope reshape itself, then let your repellent barrier surround its exterior, and hold it there in place, sending out unwelcoming vibes around you.

these types of barriers can be very energy intensive to maintain, and, therefore, are not for everyday use, usually. or, if you do use them every day, if its possible, make sure to give yourself a break from time to time, or practice grounding to refill your own internal energy.

i recommend using them only when you need them most, and then putting them away for safe storage.

i find this spell is super effective the more negative vibes you pour into that outer shell. i know in many circles, people want to talk about love and light and ‘good witchcraft’, but let’s be real, darkness and negativity exist, and without them, we would not have light and positivity. they have a purpose in witchcraft.

use that darkness and negativity to build and shape this barrier to your will, and it will do its job.

maybe those thorns or tentacles actually shoot out from time to time and poke that person metaphysically, just to really make them go away. not saying i do that, but *air quotes* hypothetically, you know…

if you’re only ever going to put love and happiness into it, it probably won’t actually repel anyone because then you’re putting those vibes out around you, which are likely to draw others in (and this is completely okay if your goal is to draw others in, but that’s not the point of this spell).

if i want to really repel someone, i am going to create an essence that gives them no doubt that i am an absolute bwitch

a spell for creating a protection charm

first of all, i need to say that i don’t think most people need a protection amulet or charm. and i tend to agree with statements like this one below, from notable author Scott Cunningham:

“I’m often asked if I have a good luck charm, a piece of jewelry, an amulet, or some other power object that I always have in my possession. I don’t.

This often comes as a surprise, but it is part of my magical philosophy. If I determined that one piece of jewelry (a ring, pendant, quartz crystal point, ect) was my power object, my link with the Gods, my assurance of good luck, I’d be crushed if it was stolen, lost, misplaced or otherwise parted company with me.

p. 52, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. Llewelyn Publications, 2004

so, i tend to agree with this statement. why put all my eggs in one basket and rely on an extrinsic object or symbol when my power, energy, and magic is ultimately what’s responsible for my protection or power?


what if you did want to make a personal protection charm?

what if its for someone else who just needs a little boost to their confidence that they are not alone in their struggles?

what if it’s reassuring to you?

what if you are going somewhere that you feel requires a greater amount of particular protection and you just want to make sure…

there is nothing wrong with creating a personal protection charm or object, especially if you do it right and with the appropriate intentions.

what you will need:

  • the object you wish to imbue with protective energy (this could be jewelry, a piece of clothing, a keychain, a small pouch of herbs or flowers, really anything you feel like you can carry with you for these purposes)
  • a white candle
  • a red candle
  • a handful (1/4 cup) herbs, ideally dried: basil and/or mugwort (you can use one or both)
  • a cauldron or other heat-safe dish/vessel
  • a handful of honeysuckle (can be freshly picked or dried)
  • a stone or glass bowl
  • 1 cup freshly boiled spring water (ideally boil this on your stovetop, but a microwave may do in a pinch)

the spell

  • cleanse yourself (bathe, shower, use ritual purification oils, etc)
  • cleanse your space (burn an herb bundle, incense, or use a bell or other sound to remove unwanted energy and fill it with your own)
  • have all of your items on your altar or ritual workspace before beginning
  • pour the freshly boiled water into the bowl
  • add the honeysuckle to the water and wait approximately 5-6 minutes until it has cooled enough to touch it without scalding your skin
  • light the candles with a match or other candle
  • hold the herbs in your hand for a moment, feeling their vibrations and melding your own power to that of the herbs. it may be beneficial at this point to meditate briefly on any specifics that you want this protection spell and object to cover (health, ill will, a threatening person, physical harm, accidents, etc); place the herbs in the cauldron or heat-safe vessel
  • light the herbs and let the smoke waft gently; breathe it in and out, forming a picture of what your intended protective outcome would be as regards this charm or object
  • hold your protection object or charm in your left hand and say out loud:

white of bone

red of heart

heat of fire

life of earth

bestow upon this [ring, charm, amulet, etc]

protection of the whole

protection of the bearer

protection of the wearer

repel malice, harm, and ill

protect the bearer ever still

  • as you finish the incantation, pick up the bowl of honeysuckle and hot water and gently use it to douse the flames/embers in the herb bowl a few drops at a time
  • hold the protection object over the smoke and steam rising from the doused herbs and let it be enveloped until all the embers have gone out and no more smoke or steam remains

if you are intending to give this to someone else, keep it in a safe place such as a cedar box or velvet-lined bag until you can give it to the intended recipient.

if you plan to use it for your own protection, wear it on your person or carry it with you, or perhaps hang it over the threshold of your door, place it in your vehicle or otherwise in a place where you feel it will be the most efficacious to your needs.

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