a candle spell for healing a broken heart

venus is in retrograde, and she is challenging us in our romantic relationships, if we have one, right now. you may be experiencing communication breakdowns, arguments, and personality or priority conflicts with those you are close to.

to compound that, with stay-at-home and social distancing recommendations still in effect for many of us, we are spending more time around those people we are in romantic relationships with.

maybe we’re seeing their true colors for the first time, or maybe we’re now realizing after all this ‘quality time’ together, we’re no longer compatible, or we just aren’t as invested in making this relationship work as we thought we were.

all of this can lead to increased feelings of ‘i’m done with this,’ ‘fuck him/her,’ and ‘i want out of this relationship.’

even if you’re the initiator of a break-up, there are likely still going to be some feelings of loss, grief, or regret for you, and certainly if you’re not the one who arrived at the ‘i’m done with this’ point first, and were on the receiving end of a breakup notice.

just know that this, too, shall pass. everything eventually does. and when something ends, its because it wasn’t for you, no matter how much you may have thought you wanted it to be.

you can do a lot to help yourself move on and to heal from some of the emotional weight of a breakup, but a spell to speed the process certainly can’t hurt.

what you will need:

  • a white candle (you could also consider a green candle, which corresponds to the heart chakra)
  • a flower that has begun to wilt or is broken/torn, has petals that have fallen off (any flower will work, but something pink or red is ideal)
  • a pot of dirt
  • a seed (any kind of seed, as long as it can be planted and grown)
  • 12 inches of white ribbon
  • a rose quartz crystal

the spell:

light the candle.

hold the rose quartz in your hands, enclosed, and take deep breaths, concentrating on releasing tension anywhere you find it. picture letting go of sad or negative emotions or feelings as you breathe out, and taking in light and peace as your breathe in. after several minutes of this, place your crystal next to your lit candle.

grab your ribbon and, holding the flower, begin to wrap the ribbon around it until you have just enough left on each end to tie it off (loosely, don’t cause any more damage to the flower).

universe, goddess, power of light

shelter and hold my heart tight

i weave this ribbon, soft and fine

around this broken heart of mine

cast out my pain and fill me with love

from near, far, below and above

as you are saying the words, picture the ribbon enfolding your own broken heart, protecting it, but bringing it back to whole.

bury the flower with the ribbon in a pot of dirt. plant a seed in the pot and water it regularly as it grows, symbolically transforming your broken heart into a new life.