11 magickal uses of dragon’s blood

If you’ve ever walked into any new age or metaphysical shop anywhere in the last couple decades, its likely that you’ve smelled dragon’s blood incense. It’s a foundational incense aroma used widely throughout the world, and for good reason. It smells amazing.

Where Does Dragon’s Blood Come From?

Not dragons. It is actually a resin, just like benzoin, copal, frankincense, and so on.

Dragon’s blood resin is the resin of the Dracaena cinnabari tree, found on the island of Scootra in Yemen in the Middle East. The tree actually appears to bleed, because its resin is a deep red in color.

However, due to its scarcity, endangered status, and concerns about over-harvesting, there are other trees that dragon’s blood resin may also be produced from, and which still retain the same energetic qualities.

When you buy dragon’s blood resin these days at most stores, it is more likely that you’re actually buying resin of one of these other trees: Calamus, Croton, Daemonorops, Dracaena, Pterocarpus.

The trees are cut or wounded in some way and the sap, or resin, is excreted, then harvested.

Magickal Uses of Dragon’s Blood

Arabian legends actually assert that the resin of the original Dracaena cinnabari was the literal blood of elephants and dragons that perished in battle. It was said to have strong magickal powers, and was used by healers, occultists, and magicians broadly.

It was also used to dye textiles and even cosmetics by past civilizations, and even still in some parts of the world today where the trees are indigenous. It can also be used in magickal inks for spell purposes.

As an incense, dragon’s blood is said to be protective, and can be used to fill in energetic voids left after burning things like sage to clear out negative energy. It is a great incense to use when clearing spaces of energy left by others, such as a former partner or roommate, or when moving into a new residence.

You can also sprinkle the powdered form of the resin across door thresholds and around your home or property to ward off evil or negativity, or negative th0ughts sent your way from others.

**warning: It is an abortifacient if taken internally, so if you are pregnant, you should avoid it.

It is also a carminative, which means it helps to settle an upset stomach or calm a GI tract that has become stressed and overstimulated. Always consult with a trained healthcare professional before using anything for medicinal purposes.

It is also used for luck and prosperity, when burned on a charcoal disk or added to charms or spells.

It is especially good for drawing money and love.

Probably one of its most widely recognized attributes in cultures around the world is its power. Dragons were seen as the ultimate powerful creature and the resin associated with them has retained their power.

Add it to other resins to boost their banishing or protective qualities.

Add it to incense in spells to add power to your spell work.

Dragon’s blood is also said to have seductive qualities, and can be used to attract a romantic partner, as part of a sex magick ritual, or to enhance sensuality or passion.

Put some of the resin in some oil to make a dragon’s blood infusion, which you can dab on yourself or anoint your magickal items.

You can use it to represent the element of fire on your altar space if you are unable to burn candles.

And, finally, you can put some of the resin or the infusion oil of it in a spiritual bath with sea salt and any other herbs of your choice to take a powerful bath to wash away negativity that may be lingering, enhance your own courage and strength, and to bring prosperity and love your way.