what does the solar eclipse and the summer solstice mean for you?

so, yeah. This month, right? Has it been chock full of upheaval, transformation, and struggle for you?

I think we’re all feeling it in a variety of ways right now, but, as a diehard optimist, I know that for every uncomfortable and even downright unenjoyable time in life, there is a rebirth (or at least the potential for it, if you take it) that leaves us in a much better place, stronger, and, certainly, more resilient.

We experienced a lunar eclipse on the full moon this month on the 5th, and now we’re headed for a solar eclipse on the 20th just hours before the new moon on the 21st, which is also Litha, or the Summer Solstice.

And then, on top of that, on that particular day, there will be 5 planets in retrograde on that day as well! Once Neptune goes retrograde, there will be 6 planets retrograde for a short period of days.

So, the question on everyone’s mind is probably, should I hide in my closet for about 24 hrs, burn my house down and escape to the woods, or do nothing at all?

Let’s Take a Look at the Retrogrades First

Mercury goes retrograde at 12:59 AM on the 18th. Venus is still in retrograde until the 25th at 2:48 AM. Jupiter is still in retrograde. Saturn is still in retrograde. And Pluto is still in retrograde.

Neptune does not go retrograde until a couple days after the eclipse/solstice (on the 23rd at 12:32 AM).

Those 3 outer planets remain in retrograde throughout the month, and because they are slower moving planets, their retrogrades individually do not affect our day-to-day as much, they are more ‘big picture’ stuff (like revolution and transformation!!).

But, because Mercury and Venus are personal planets and have more effect on our lives and situations, how does their combined retrograde affect us, even when there’s not an eclipse?

  1. When Mercury is in retrograde, you will tend to see impact on communication and technology, sometimes travel.
  2. When Venus is in retrograde, it will tend to impact relationships and money
  3. They won’t necessarily be conjunct, because Mercury will be at 14° Cancer and Venus will be at 5° Gemini
  4. You can expect that you will likely experience all the ‘normal’ stuff you would during these retrogrades, but Mercury’s effects will be felt most strongly by Cancer (whose sign it occurs in) and Capricorn (whose sign opposes it) and Venus’s effects will be felt most strongly by Gemini (whose sign it occurs in) and Sagittarius (whose sign opposes it).
  5. Venus goes direct on June 25th at 2:48 AM. So there may be a bit of tailing off of the effects of this retrograde by the 21st, as Venus does not experience the ‘storm’ that Mercury does when it retrogrades and prepares to go direct.

Its probably safe to say at least that you should delay financial and romance/relationship decisions until after the 25th and that between June 18th and July 13th (when Mercury goes direct again), plan to give yourself extra time to get things done, as Mercury will potentially throw a wrench in your travel and technology.

But What About the Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses have historically been transformative influences, and this one falling on an important seasonal, astrological, and traditionally pagan day may have some further implications.

First, the solstice occurs on the 20th and the eclipse technically occurs on the 21st, but the proximity is still going to have the potential to produce some important energetic shifts we can take advantage of.

The solstice is the longest day of the year. The sun reaches its highest point in the sky relative to the horizon – the day with the most hours of sunlight and least hours of dark. It has been traditionally heralded as the marker of the beginning of summer.

The solar eclipse occurs just minutes before the exact time of the new moon (June 21st 2:40 AM and June 21st 2:42 AM, respectively). A solar eclipse is when the moon is exactly between the Earth and the Sun and blocks our view of the sun as the moon transits across its image on its way through our view.

One way to think about the type of energy that eclipses bring is that they grab your hand which has been hovering over that button and forcefully push it. They force your hand, push you forward, and give you a small rocket-boost thrust of energy into the future.

Solar eclipses are new beginnings, because they occur during and take advantage of the new moon energy happening at the time. So they will affect us by pushing us out that door (or window) into the next phase of our lives (or an aspect of our lives) rather abruptly. They don’t let us stand on the threshold and hem and haw, babes.

The solar eclipse happening on the 21st also occurs in Cancer and, since I’m a Cancer, I’m just gonna be real: be prepared to dive deep inside and confront the realities of parts of your life you KNOW you are not happy with. You will have some stark and sudden realizations that you want and need to be on a different path.

And the feels. There will be so many feels.

This transformative and intense journey will begin within you, and put you on your way to the next stage, whether that is a career change, a relationship beginning (or ending), or new opportunities. But these will come at the expense of your comfort and procrastination. You will be compelled to act. And act you should.

This is also the perfect time to harness the energy of abundance in your life. Ask your spirit guides, deities, or ancestors, or simply your own spirit, for the guidance and opportunities to expand the areas of your life you are ready to expand. Abundance isn’t just financial, remember.

Above all else, don’t stress.

I am a firm believer that things like the retrogrades only have the influence we allow them to.

If you’re constantly worried about Mercury retrograde, then, yes, it will jack with your life because you’re living in that energy. If you forget about it and just go about your life, being careful, but not worried or overly cautious, you’ll get through it without even knowing it!

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