how to create a personal protection sigil

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Yesterday’s post on all things (basic) protection magick gave you a lot of ideas probably, for how to create a protection spell, charm, jar, ritual, chant, etc to manifest various kinds of protection that you or others may be in need of right now.

One of the things mentioned was sigils, which I didn’t go into because its a topic that deserves a post (or several) of its own.

I’m going to attempt to simplify and summarize a topic that entire books and courses have been created over, so bear in mind that you will likely need more than just this post if this is something you want to pursue more in depth for your magickal practice.

What are Sigils?

Basically, they are drawn symbols that incorporate some kind of message through imagery that represents your intent and will, you (yourself), another being, a spell, or any other content that needs to be easily boiled down into something that can be used to represent something much more complex (a person, entity, deity, concept, phrase, etc).

Think of sigils like sign language. In sign language, hand signals take a complex word or phrase and turn it into a (usually shorter) series of gestures that the viewer interprets as the same meaning as the word or phrase.

And, because words or names carry power, the sigils derived from them encompass and take on the power of the original word, phrase, or name. So, now instead of writing out a lengthy statement like ‘This is the symbol for my health and body being protected when I go to work in the hospital with sick patients,’ the sigil derived from that statement holds that exact same power and meaning, but is much quicker and easier to draw and copy.

A sigil is supposed to carry those magickal properties, bestowed by its creator, as a message. However, it carries only as much magickal power as you believe it does. As with all spiritual practices, you get out of it what you put into it.

Sigils Are Not A Secret Magickal Art

I’m a big fan of making things accessible to anyone who is interested, and I really hate gate-keeping of any kind. And sigils are one of those things that some sects within the greater magickal or spiritual community would have you believe are arcane and require a high level of achievement to create them.

I disagree. At their heart, sigils are symbols we create that have deep meaning. To us. Who is to tell you that your sigil must be done in their particular way in order for it to hold your meaning?

If you want to read a really down-to-earth and accessible book about sigil-making or sigil witchery, I cannot recommend enough Sigil Witchery by Laura Tempest Zakroff. She shares a similar approach and opinion here as myself, that this is something all of us can learn.

Now, that being said, if you are attempting to invoke a particular spirit or deity, its likely that there is a specific sigil already in existence that that spirit or deity responds to, and that’s a completely different discussion. But, for your purposes, your sigils should and can be created by you.

Method 1

This method is actually based on the one used in the aforementioned book, but I’ve abbreviated quite a lot of information and simplified this approach in the interest of brevity, so please, if this resonates most with you, buy that book and dive in deeper. You will not regret it.

You’re going to need something to doodle on and something to write with, and, ideally, some unbroken time, perhaps as little as 30 minutes and as much as a couple of hours, depending on how you work.

Think for a few minutes about what or whom you are protecting, and how that protection should function (“I am protecting my home from intruders and anyone who considers breaking in, will be met with an overwhelming sense of fear and will turn away”). Conjure a strong image in your mind and, as always, be as specific as possible.

On your paper, start to doodle anything that comes to mind when you think of protection. This can be words, phrases, images, symbols, etc. Anything that pops into your head purposely or intuitively goes on the paper. When you feel you’ve emptied it all out, sit back and look it over for as long as you need.

Your goal here is to pick out patterns, repetition, and things that intuitively jump out at you. While doing this, think about that initial image of what your protection is for and what it functions like.

Which of your elements on your page speak the most loudly to you about this?

Usually a protection sigil incorporates some form of ‘container’ image, which can be a circle, but might also look like a square or rectangle. Maybe its the exact shape of the floor plan of your house, or it represents your body and the invisible sphere of energy around it.

Within that ‘container,’ you want to indicate what or whom is being protected.

If this is multiple people, they may be represented by smaller spheres or dots, or perhaps Xs or lines. Whatever speaks to you, as long as it makes sense to you. The people might also be represented by their zodiac signs, numerology, or some other personal identifier you have created that resonates with you.

If it is a place, draw something that represents the place. Maybe its a shape, maybe its the first letter of the name, maybe its the word HOME with all letters written on top of one another.

Does the protective container do anything? Does it have thorns to deter someone else? Does it reflect negative energy back onto someone sending it your way? Is it protected by someone/thing? Like an animal spirit, a deity, or a particular ancestor? Represent this/these element(s) in a way that makes sense to you, as simple or complex as you like.

A protection sigil should have at a minimum an element representing who or what is being protected and how the protection functions. If it involves any other spirits, deities, or energies, it needs to include those, as well. For examples, again, check out the book I mentioned, because there are tons of great ideas.

Put these elements together in a way that visually appeals to you. You can google ‘sigil’ and view thousands of examples of sigils for inspiration if you’re not as creatively inclined in this approach just yet. Above all else, make it yours. It needs to mean something to you, and as long as it does, then its good enough.

Method 2

This method may seem a little more straightforward if you are not able to come up with the elements you want or to put them together in a composite that appeals to you. Its okay if that’s you. We all think differently.

I feel as if this method is less open to creative interpretation in some ways, but still functions very well when done correctly. Follow the same initial steps above in terms of thinking deeply about exactly what or whom is being protected, how, where, why, and by what/whom, depending on which of those are relevant.

On a piece of paper write out your statement specifically as succinctly as possible. “My friends protesting tonight will be unharmed.”

Next, you’ll cross out all the vowels. “My frnds prtstng tnght wll b nhrmd.”

Then, you’ll cross out repeated consonants (only leave one of each consonant in the final batch of letters). “My frnds ptg h wl b.”

Take those final remaining letters and fit them together into a pictorial representation. You may need to play around with them and doodle them in a number of different ways until you get something that appeals to you. You can find examples of how other people have used this method:




and here.

Activating The Sigil

Once you’ve drawn something using whatever method you prefer (the two mentioned here are by no means the only ones), you’ll want to activate the sigil, so that its meaning is actually imbued into it, its buried in your unconscious mind, where it can make contact with the collective unconscious, and, most importantly, it can work for you.

Usually, this will require burning the creation materials, but first, you’ll want to sit for some time with the drawn sigil in your hands, meditating on its purpose and function. The point of this last deep think is to burn the sigil’s image into your brain, deep into the subconscious and even unconscious, where it can live and work.

It should be so well imaged within your mind that it instantly conjures the images of exactly what you want it to do. Once you feel you have achieved this, over a fire-proof dish or cauldron, light the paper with all your doodles and final design and let it burn.

You can choose to say a few words here as a spell, or not. As long as you have made the vision attached to the sigil strong enough, the words are not necessary.

You can at this point re-draw the sigil anywhere you want to use it, such as in art, a tattoo, a digital design, whatever. It holds your intent and will, and will do the request you have assigned it.