‘banish negativity’ is an empty phrase

if you feel offended by this statement, and if the shoe fits, wear it.

i see this banal phrase all. over. the. place.

what do you even mean when you say this or repost this shit? do you even know what it means?

its one of those things humans say that have like no substance, but everyone else nods when you say it, like there’s some collective understanding or acknowledgment of its message, with no actual applicable or tangible outcome.

its like standing in a group of people and saying, ‘let’s be happy about trees.’ yeah, okay, i guess, sounds good. but what does this actually do for us?

the way i view it, negativity is required in order to have positivity. this duality exists on a continuous spectrum.

so, ‘banishing’ it really isn’t possible, but beyond that, perhaps you can come up with a better or more specific phrase here? or just stop altogether, because, as i’m getting ready to explain, this is actually counterproductive to our growth.

please define negativity

let’s start here.

are you just parroting this phrase because every other new age spiritualist or ‘positivity witch’ is spewing it? exactly what is negative?

is it your negative self-thoughts? is it feelings traditionally viewed as negative (shame, fear, guilt, etc)?

is it complaining without offering solutions?

is it a victim mentality?

is it being a pessimist?

like give me a specific ‘thing’, ‘idea,’ or ‘personality trait,’ that we’re looking for here, because, again, its impossible to banish ‘negativity’ as a concept.

how about asking why the negativity exists first?

oh my, that sounds uncomfortable.

and you may not be able to make an infographic about ‘which crystals are best for asking why your negativity exists’, but, you know, maybe you’re more concerned with personal growth than clicks? *awkward silence settles*

i’m all on the shadow train these days, have been diving deep into this stuff for a while now, and, personally, this is what we need to be posting instead of just telling people to ‘banish negativity.’

guess what, if its your own negative self-talk, your own fears, guilt, or shame, or your own tendencies to victim-complex, scapegoat others, or whine and complain, that bitch lives inside you and she’s not going anywhere. banish away, sweetie. she’s just gonna laugh and go back to calling you a failure.

but, here’s a crazy thought, what if…*and this is a BIG what if*…you sit and talk to her and find out why she’s there.

what made her negative? was it things from childhood, people who hurt you, bad decisions and regrets, and so on?

because likely it was some or all of those, plus traumas, and stressors we all live through as part of the human condition. you can’t banish these. these happened to you. they will always have happened to you. you can only change the way you confront, accept, and react to them.

you have to admit that and then you have to accept that. and then, guess what? let yourself be okay with them existing. in you, at that.

embrace negativity

so, this took a turn.

hear me out. negative emotions and thoughts serve a purpose.

before modern society, when humans were still hunter-gatherers, fear of others or unknowns kept us alive.

anger over a neighboring tribe or clan stealing our harvest led us to wars or battles, some of which we won and prospered from, others we lost and learned valuable lessons (we hope).

but the point is, these negative thoughts and emotions came from somewhere in your past. something, somewhere, someone cultivated them and they are the result of learned experiences, upbringing, environment, and even personality traits from things like our natal chart, our genetics, and more.

what’s going on in the world right now, and specifically in the US is a massive, fiery emotional uprising demanding attention. POC are dying because they do not receive fair treatment in the eyes of law enforcement.

and quite frankly, there are a LOT of white people who are finally waking up to this reality. they’ve been denying it for likely their entire lives, but its now becoming harder and harder to excuse and push away what’s happening to our black brothers and sisters.

you can’t banish this. but for some of my fellow white people i’ve talked to, they’re struggling with the internal war of the negative and biased thoughts they have about POC.

some of these people will even swear up and down they’re not racist, but internally, they’re terrified of the conditioned responses they feel to black people truly having equality. it makes them uncomfortable, but they don’t know why.

and then they might even be that person that says ‘i’m not a racist because i have a black friend,’ while posting on social media that if black people just followed police officers’ directions, nothing bad will happen to them, because that’s what happens when you’re white, why would it be any different if you’re black?

it shouldn’t be karen, but it is.

i don’t care who you are, if you’re a white person in america, at some point in your life, and perhaps for even your entire life, you have been exposed to biased sociocultural thoughts like ‘black people are criminals, that’s why they make up so much of the prison population,’ or ‘asian people are smarter than everyone, that’s why they’re good at math and science.’

take a long hard look inside yourself and you’re going to find plenty of these. and your immediate reaction is going to be shame, and then you’re going to ‘banish’ that thought and move on with your day, refusing to confront this darkness.

stop doing that. stop ‘banishing’ this type of negativity. sort thr0ugh it. CONFRONT IT.

where did it come from? were you raised like that? were there people that directly or indirectly contributed to it? was it from an incident(s) that happened at some point that colored your thoughts this way?

because nobody is born racist. how can you undo the root system that thinking has laid in you?

it is absolutely 100% scary to admit that we have these thoughts, because we have to admit we are/were wrong. we have to admit our parents were wrong, or our racist uncle was wrong, or whoever it was that planted those seeds…was wrong. and then we have to rip them out and replace them with something better.

all the while, not ‘banishing’ the negativity. because the negative aspects of the human self are what drive us to action. if it wasn’t there, we couldn’t look at it and know there’s a problem and then act on it to make the situation better.

if you never experienced conflict within yourself, congratulations, you’re a fucking ascended motherfucking spiritual being and why are you even here on earth with the rest of us peons?

but for those of us who are normal, we DO experience discomfort and conflict within ourselves (e.g. such as thoughts or beliefs that are harmful or limiting towards another ethnic group, LGBTQ+ persons, the elderly, etc etc).

we can either stop and figure out why we have those thoughts and make a conscious choice to change our perception, expand our perspective to include empathy and solidarity with those marginalized groups, or we can ignore it and keep being the actual problem.

‘banishing’ thoughts and emotions is tantamount to ignoring them and pretending like they don’t exist. and that’s exactly how we ended up in the current situation we have right now. the last thing we need to do is ignore this.