a full moon sex magick money spell

i have to say, the last sex magick spell/ritual i posted was a hit, and probably one of the most-read posts on this blog.

y’all some freaks.

but you’re in good company here, cause sex magick is both pleasurable and powerful. it can take our spells to another level of effectiveness when done right.

so, as the full moon is coming up in a couple days, i figured i’d post this one a couple days ahead of time, in case you need time to get stuff together or make plans, if they involve other persons besides yourself.

this sex magick spell is specifically for financial gain, but you can sub any other spell for the one below if you want.

i just figured that many people are struggling right now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and who couldn’t use an influx of money or a particular bill paid?

what you’ll need:

  • dried basil
  • cinnamon stick
  • either dried chamomile flowers or chamomile EO
  • cedarwood or cedar leaves
  • patchouli incense or EO
  • a fire-safe container such as a cauldron or stone/glass bowl
  • a green candle
  • something to light your candle with
  • a small piece of paper and something to write with

what you’ll do:

  1. once you have cleansed yourself, your space, and any tools you plan to use through a method of your choosing, and dressed or not dressed to your preference, lay out all items on your altar
  2. also grab any sex paraphernalia that you will need and bring it into your workspace. this includes lubes, sex toys, and so forth.
  3. if you will cast a circle now is the time to do it
  4. using the lighter, light your candle.
  5. stare into the flame for a minute or two, very specifically and clearly picturing the exact amount of money you are requesting and the purpose for which you need it (“a hospital bill for $4,289”). be realistic.
  6. once you have this solidified, write it down on your paper.
  7. place the herbs, cinnamon stick, and a few drops of each essential oil into your cauldron or fire-safe container, along with the patchouli, in whatever form you prefer
  8. using your lit candle, set the contents of your cauldron on fire until a good amount of it catches; you may need to stir it around a few times and re-light various parts. its okay if the entire thing does not light right now.
  9. this flame represents your will. the intensity of the fire and the power and magick of the herbs will carry your intent as they engulf it, and then finally carry it into the world on their smoke.
  10. now you will either masturbate or have sex with your partner(s) until all involved have reached their preferred level of orgasm(s)
  11. after orgasming, gather the energy about you that you have just built up and place your paper with your intent into the cauldron and let it catch fire; you may need to re-light it with the candle.
  12. as the paper scrap burns, picture the smoke carrying your intent forth into the universe; the fire and smoke is your willpower to make this manifest
  13. you may choose to seal your spell with a phrase such as ‘this is my will, so shall it be done’ or ‘so mote it be’
  14. you may also choose to invoke or call any deities or spirits with whom you work at any point during this, depending on how much you want them present during various parts
  15. thank and release anyone you called in and release your circle if you cast one
  16. blow out the candle and bury the ashes (once they are done smoldering) from your cauldron at the base of a tree or in your garden mixed into some soil; if you do not have access to either of these, feel free to add them to the soil of a favorite potted plant
  17. or, perhaps, plant some new seeds and add the ashes to that potting soil, as this will henceforth be your lucky money plant!

that’s it. i hope you enjoy plenty of sex and money this coming (pun FULLY intended) full moon!