a spell to get rid of a terrible neighbor

Ok, so I don’t mean ‘get rid of’ like you think I mean. I mean ‘encourage them to leave your neighborhood’ kind of get rid of.

There’s one on every block or in every building. Someone we don’t get along with, someone who has utter disregard for noise levels, someone who lets their dog shit on your lawn and then doesn’t pick it up, they throw loud parties at all hours of the night, or maybe just someone actually committing crimes or attracting crime.

Not all of these are banishable offenses in my opinion. They might be things other types of magick would be more appropriate for, but again, its your neighborhood, so I can’t judge.

First, before getting any magick involved, ask yourself if you’re simply just being overly judgmental of this person. Are they just different than you, but pose no actual real threat to anyone’s safety or health? Is there a better, more diplomatic and non-magickal way of dealing with the problem, like talking to them?

Are you just mad because they live differently than you do? If its a matter of something like you not liking their gay pride flag, their skin color, their religion or their socioeconomic status, you are perhaps the terrible neighbor in this situation.

But, let’s say you have an actual real concern, like this person is a racist, sells drugs out of their house, is a child predator, or has actually caused or attempted to cause harm or damage to others or their property.

This stuff really exists in the world, and, no, we shouldn’t tolerate it. Especially if there are otherwise peaceable and hard-working people who genuinely care about the neighborhood and its safety.

There are probably lots of other equally concerning behaviors that might cause you to look into whether to use magick to rid yourself of an undesirable neighbor, so, most importantly, before doing anything that affects someone’s free will or behavior, ask yourself if this is really worth it, the best solution, and isn’t just the result of petty differences or inherent bias.

Also, if you are part of the problem, like you retaliate with an even louder stereo when they crank theirs, or you hurl insults at them from your balcony above after they did it to you, you risk this spell backfiring and you probably shouldn’t do it. So make sure that this is honestly a situation where you have no guilt in inciting the problem(s).

This spell is to just get someone to leave your neighborhood. Its not to harm them, cause them to experience bad things happening, or incite a tragedy that forces them to leave. If that’s what you’re looking for, no judgment, as baneful magick has its place and I don’t know your situation, but that’s not what this spell is.

This spell just makes someone want to leave and relocate elsewhere. This is best performed during the waning phase of the moon.

What You Will Need:

  • black salt (here’s how to make your own easily)
  • cayenne pepper
  • a piece of paper
  • something to write with
  • a fireproof bowl or cauldron
  • a lighter or matches

What You Will Do:

  1. Write the person’s full name on the paper. If you know other personal information about them, like birthdate, that’s good too. I also strongly encourage you to include their specific address.
  2. Light it on fire and let it burn to ash in the bowl/cauldron and repeat 3 times, with intense emotion:

“Stay no more,

Move away from here,

Be gone, be gone, be gone!”

While repeating that, envision the neighbor leaving and moving away.

3. Once all the ashes have smoldered out, dump them into your black salt. If you don’t have black salt prepared, but do have just sea salt or kosher salt, you can use these ashes to make black salt, but please do not use this black salt around your own property or home! Once you have added these specific ashes, it should only be used for the purpose of this spell.

4. Add about 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper.

5. You can grind it all up into an even finer grain in a mortar and pestle (this is what I do) or you can simply just stir them to mix them together. I personally feel like the finer it is, the less conspicuous it looks.

6. Sprinkle this mixture across the neighbor’s driveway, in front of their front door threshold, around their car(s), and even around their property if you can. Be very very careful if you live in a building with other people that you do not get any of the salt mixture on anyone else’s doorways, the stairs, or your own threshold. This stuff is potent.

a quick guide to candle magick

Candle magick is by far one of the easiest and most accessible forms of spell work. It requires so very little actual items or tools and can be done anywhere.

This will not just be another guide to which color of candle to use for a certain type of spell. This is more a process that you can begin to use right away to implement candle magick easily and safely.

Candles are an inexpensive magickal item and you can even find them at most regular stores, craft stores, and even places like Target. They’re typically cheap, come in a wide range of colors, and maybe even scents.

Besides a candle or a few, you’ll only need something to light it with. That’s it. Anything else you want to include in your candle magick is optional.

How to Perform a Basic Candle Spell


  1. You will need to define a specific outcome that you want. This is your intent. You should be able to write this out in one basic sentence. If you write it out and its more than one sentence or its longer than maybe a standard line on a piece of physical paper, its probably too long.
  2. Your intent should also only contain one outcome or goal. If you make it about two different things, your intent and will may have a hard time finding a specific target and you could risk muddling the results or getting nothing, or, worse yet, things going wrong.
  3. So, be as specific as possible in your intent.

The Candle Spell

  1. Center and ground yourself. (*hint, a wrote a book review previously about Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher and she gives very simple and easy to perform centering and grounding technique suggestions, but you can use anything you like that works for you).
  2. Once you feel you have sufficiently arrived into your body, you are focused and have cut the strings attached to whatever you were doing prior to this, let your mind clear, taking deep breaths until you feel your heart rate slow down and you are relaxed.
  3. At this point, you will need to raise energy. You can do this a myriad of ways. Dancing, drumming, singing, listening to music, chanting, visualizing, etc etc.
  4. Once you feel you have sufficiently raised your energy, hold your intended candle in your hands however feels intuitively the most comfortable to you. I like to put one hand above the other along the length of the candle, wrapping fingers tightly around it and pressing it into my palms, covering it completely.
  5. Now, you’ll visualize transferring as much of that wonderful energy you raised into the candle.
  6. As you do so, repeat your phrase of intent or a mantra (I just think it intently over and over, but you can also say it out loud), or simply something that symbolizes your intent. You should feel the energy transferring to the candle.
  7. After a few minutes, there will be a definite point where you feel the energy transfer slow or stop, and the candle has reached its saturation. You can choose to say a few words such as ‘This object now knows its purpose, my will be done’ but you don’t have to.
  8. Place the candle in a safe base and light it. Let it burn all the way down. Make sure you can be near it to monitor that it is safely burning. If you have to leave, blow it out and re-light it when you return, repeating your intent statement mentally or out loud as you light it.

That’s it!

Now, you can of course make this much more elaborate by adding herbs, oils, resins, carvings, symbols, or other things to the candle before lighting it, but it’s not required. If your intent and will are sufficiently infused with the candle, that’s really all you need.

Color Associations

Even though I said this post would really not be about which color candle is best for which type of spell, it also doesn’t hurt to include some basics here so you have it all in one place.


  • confidence
  • drawing attention
  • good fortune
  • passion
  • lust
  • courage
  • change
  • excitement
  • energy
  • fire element
  • celebration
  • victory
  • sex
  • transformation
  • seduction


  • happiness
  • friendship
  • intuition
  • creativity
  • sexual potency
  • material desires
  • warmth
  • fire element
  • attraction
  • celebration
  • business success
  • stimulation
  • new ideas/inspiration
  • abundance
  • optimism
  • wisdom
  • memory
  • kindness
  • legal issues
  • ambition
  • uncrossing
  • confidence
  • charm
  • encouragement
  • lively conversation
  • increase productivity


  • creativity
  • energy
  • learning
  • intelligence
  • wisdom
  • focus
  • attention
  • concentration
  • memory
  • logic
  • reason
  • clairvoyance
  • cheer
  • confidence
  • abundance
  • sun/solar energy
  • fire element
  • warmth
  • comfort
  • astral projection
  • harmony
  • faith
  • optimism
  • friendships
  • business matters
  • intuition
  • persuasion
  • removing obstacles


  • finances
  • money and wealth
  • business
  • career and employment
  • earth/environmental
  • earth element
  • luck
  • prosperity
  • success
  • fertility
  • garden
  • plants
  • growth of any kind
  • spring
  • health
  • heart
  • learning
  • jealousy/envy
  • starting something new
  • material goods


  • peace
  • communication
  • calm
  • water element
  • spiritual communication
  • angels
  • commitment
  • wisdom
  • the moon
  • intelligence
  • tranquility
  • devotion
  • healing
  • astral projection
  • will power
  • dreaming
  • guidance
  • justice
  • forgiveness
  • inner peace
  • truth


  • third eye
  • wisdom
  • intuition
  • spirit communication
  • astral travel
  • manifestations
  • knowledge
  • magick
  • royalty
  • air element
  • confidence
  • success
  • enlightenment
  • meditation
  • ascension
  • open-minded
  • psychic
  • spiritual protection
  • divination
  • justice
  • healing
  • power
  • removing curses
  • influence people of power


  • protection
  • focus
  • grounding
  • hexing
  • survival
  • cursing
  • banishing
  • binding
  • uncrossing
  • separation
  • cord cutting
  • releasing
  • assertiveness
  • strength
  • afterlife


  • can substitute for any other color if you only have white candles (white contains the entire color spectrum)
  • purification
  • cleansing
  • consecration
  • clarity
  • innocence
  • protection
  • divination
  • guidance
  • healing
  • wisdom
  • communicating with your higher self
  • hope
  • optimism
  • peace
  • new beginnings
  • lunar magic
  • air element
  • spirituality
  • confidence
  • spirit communication
  • truth
  • inspiration

Silver (also includes Gray usually)

  • psychic power or ability
  • manifesting
  • release negativity
  • protection
  • purification
  • divination
  • divine feminine
  • prophetic dreams
  • astral travel
  • astrology (to learn)
  • intuition
  • air or water element


  • success
  • wealth
  • financial gain
  • money matters
  • luck
  • vitality
  • masculine divine
  • solar energy
  • power
  • earth element


  • self-love
  • romance
  • attracting a partner
  • love
  • family relationships
  • friendship
  • peace
  • harmony
  • water or fire element
  • creative pursuits
  • marriage
  • sex
  • relationships
  • feminine
  • beauty
  • compassion
  • health (mental and physical)
  • healing a broken heart


  • protection of the home
  • home matters
  • hearth
  • material gain
  • business
  • career
  • legal matters
  • justice
  • pets
  • animals
  • physical healing
  • earth element
  • stability
  • grounding
  • concentration
  • learning new skills
  • making decisions
  • retribution/revenge

magickal uses of water

I’m a water sign and have a lot of water in my chart, as well, so, naturally, I find watery stuff soothing and appealing, as well as intuitive to work with.

I wanted to put this quick post together for anyone who hasn’t pondered the ways that water can be used in magickal practice, and this is by no means fully comprehensive, but will include probably the most common, as well as few uncommon, ways to use water.

On Your Altar

This is something that probably all of us do almost all the time because its pretty consistently practiced across most magickal path traditions, to have something representing each of the 4 elements on your altar, including just non-work dedication altars to ancestors or deities.

Most people have either a bowl or a chalice with water. Some people even just put a bottle of water on there, and others still, use just any old random cup. I think as long as its symbolically meaningful to you, it probably doesn’t matter what vessel itself is used to hold the water. Some materials are more symbolic than others to a particular deity, but you can customize this many ways. \I bought an inexpensive set of crystal stemware to use for the water offerings on my altars to ancestors and the deities I do any devotional work with, and I think its a nice touch, but I know not everyone has a budget for those things.

I have known people who use a vase of fresh cut flowers in water to represent their water and earth at the same time, which also beautifies the work space or dedication/offering, if that is what the flowers are for you.

For Protection

Water itself is inherently cleansing, but it also absorbs all manner of negative intentions or vibes, if its charged and purposed to do so.

One of the tips that I picked up from Sophie Reicher’s Spiritual Protection (read my review of it from yesterday here) was to keep a bowl of water by your front door when you are anticipating guests. It will help to grab and contain the energies they are bringing into your home, lowering the chances of them leaving behind unwanted and unpleasant energy.

She also mentions sleeping with a glass of fresh water by your bed each night to prevent unwanted spiritual visitors while sleeping. Dump it out into the toilet and flush it each morning after you wake up, then fill with fresh water again before sleeping. This is excellent for hotel rooms or traveling, when you can’t ward your entire space regulary.

Water can also be blessed to function as holy water or sacred water, and you can either purchase it already blessed from a local religious organization or bless it yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Holy water doesn’t technically have to be blessed by a priest or holy person, there are a number of non-denominational blessings you can find online (there is an excellent one in The Exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine McCarthy!!).

Water can be used to draw protective symbols on thresholds, windows, and mirrors, as well.

And, then water with salt added, particularly if you have also blessed the salt (that same book from McCarthy has blessings for both holy water and sacred salt), can even further add protection. You can use that to clean spaces, sprinkle in corners of rooms when cleansing and purifying, and to discourage evil or malevolent spirits or energies from entering your home or space.

Water can also be infused with various natural substances, like herbs, resins, plants, and crystals to use in spells involving protection, cleansing, abundance, and more. You can do a simple plant infusion by boiling the plant(s) in question in the water for 20 minutes, then removing from the heat, letting it cool to room temp, then straining the solids out and saving the infused water in an airtight jar in your fridge.


That brings me to my next point, which is that water is a purifier. As it is of the earth, and it is both one of the most destructive forces on earth, yet at the same time stimulates and feeds life, it is inherently powerful. Its all about the intent you put into this element.

I like to use spring water for my magickal work, especially that concerning purification, as it has not been adulterated or altered in any way. It is as close to the truest form of water found in the earth as possible, without actually going and collecting water from outdoors. I feel like spring water in a glass bottle retains better energetic properties than that stored in plastic, but in a pinch, again, its about the intent you instill in it.

Water collected from the earth, particularly that of a source of running water or catching rain water as it falls is even better, and even more energetically charged. If you can get that, do it! I know of people that order water from hot springs all over the country specifically for this purpose, if they cannot find any easily accessible sources in their area. You can also very easily set up a collection bowl or jars outdoors during rain to collect that which is free from the sky.

Moon water is a popular type of water used in spells, too. Put a jar or bottle of water out in the moonlight on a full moon (or a windowsill where the moon’s light will hit it) to charge the water with the energy of the full moon.

But, even if you can’t afford spring water in glass bottles regularly, and there is no clean outdoor source of running water near you, tap water is okay. Don’t worry too much about this. If you get hung up on using tap water, thinking its not magickal, then guess what? It’s not magickal. If you doubt yourself, your magick won’t work.

One caution I have is don’t drink water you collect from an outdoor source unless you sanitize it first by boiling it. While those sources are not typically contaminated by stuff we add to municipal water supplies like chlorine or the lead in our pipes, they are usually overflowing with microbes and other substances that may not be the best for you to consume.

I also recently started doing a ritual purification each day using spring water in a bowl with essential oils or my Release spell oil, along with water-safe crystals as a way to freshen myself up energetically for the day. You could easily do this in your bathroom or kitchen sink with the drain stopped, fill it with water and ritually cleanse your hands, arms, face, etc.

As An Offering

Don’t forget your ancestors and deities! A simple act such as filling a fresh goblet or cup of cool water each day for your ancestors and deities can go a long way to keeping them happy, and in your life, and honoring them with your attention.

This is another place I like to use spring water and my line of thinking is that if I can afford it, I can show them they matter to me by purchasing something higher quality, similar to the concept of burning ancestor money. I don’t view it as throwing money away.

Yes, I could use tap water and it wouldn’t cost me anything, but if I’m in a position to purchase spring water, then I should because my ancestors deserve it. If they make my life abundant, I should share some of that abundance and a $2 bottle of spring water each week is one small token of that appreciation. Plus, one of my grandmas is just petty enough to ignore me if she feels like I’m not making the effort lol

Now, please do not interpret that as saying if you don’t use some foo foo spring water, you don’t love your ancestors. Your ancestors know what you can afford and what your situation is. If it is truly a stretch for you, they are not going to get mad about tap water. I have friends who offer tap water and easy mac. Its not gonna be the end of the world.

However, there is no shame in saying to your ancestors, “I really want to be able to offer you more expensive offerings. Can you help me find ways to bring more money into my life, so that I can honor you by sharing it with you?” This works, really. Try it sometime.

But, I think what I’m trying to say about this is if you make 6 figures and your life is materially wealthy and your ancestors get tap water but they know you could be giving them better offerings, maybe don’t skimp. Its my experience that the more thought I put into what I offer them, the more they reciprocate with blessings in my life and my home.

On the subject of offerings, also consider putting a few drops of your favorite (or your deity’s favorite) essential oil into a water offering to add some beautiful or personalized aroma to the altar space.

So, hopefully you can take away some ways to work with the water element daily or in ritual/spell work!

a spell to find a better job

Or just a job at all. This is flexible.

I’ll cut right to the point: a lot of people are either out of work, or working in jobs they’re not happy with. And, to a certain extent, this will always exist, because not everyone can work their dream job.

But, we can certainly find a better situation for ourselves professionally. Now, the caveat to this spell is assuming that you are doing all the right things, like dressing professionally and showing up on time for interviews, actually filling out job applications, and have a reasonably professional-looking resume.

If you’re not doing the basics, a spell isn’t going to polish you up, honey. This spell is if you’re looking and can’t find what you want, or you’re applying and interviewing but just aren’t getting offers, despite being a good candidate.

What You Will Need

  • a printed map of the area in which you want to find your job
  • a black marker or pen
  • either a red or orange candle (red is associated with luck and orange is associated with prosperity; I don’t think either of them is wrong, just whatever color you’re most drawn to for your situation)
  • something to light the candle with
  • a small piece of paper to write on
  • a fireproof vessel or container
  • a dried herb or two (or three) from this list, all of which are associated with luck: chamomile, mint, honeysuckle, thyme, rosemary

What You Will Do

  1. Start out by writing down on the piece of paper a list of the job duties and your bottom line requirements. This could include a realistic minimum salary/hourly wage offer, work hours, flexibility, skills required, benefits, office dynamics, and anything else that is particularly important to you. The more specific you are, obviously the more you limit yourself, but if they are dealbreakers, then include them and be prepared to be patient.
  2. Think on this content for a few moments as you meditate quietly and envision the aspects of this new job and how they will benefit you and anyone else in your life, if applicable.
  3. Lay the map out flat on your altar or workspace. On the map, using the black marker or pen, draw an outline of the boundaries of the area in which you want the job to be. This functions as your specifier for how far you are willing commute (if at all) or where you may be limited to regarding public transport or other forms of travel. If you’re open to packing up your entire life and moving somewhere brand new, consider a map of the entire US, or maybe even the world!
  4. Place the candle and the fireproof dish, with your selected herbs in it, in the center of your drawn boundaries on the map. It helps if the candle is as much directly over your specific current location as possible.
  5. Light the candle and recite:

Fire and flame, I send to you

my request to find a job anew

I give this list of requirements forth

to bring to me this position of worth

6. Use the candle to light the paper with your job requirements on it, and let it burn out into ash in the bowl. If the herbs do not catch fire, light them with the candle or a match.

7. Let the candle burn down all the way, so that the wax melts onto the map, sealing your spell.

Parting Thoughts

As with any spell, we never really know when we’ll see results manifest, but if you’re continuing to search on job boards and websites, filling out applications, and let’s say you even start getting open opportunities that seem ‘perfect’ but you’re either not landing interviews or you’re not getting callbacks or offers, consider that there may be some critical errors in your application (grammar/spelling mistakes, overly wordy, false information) or you’re making some critical errors during interviews (negative attitude, badmouthing previous employers, unprofessional attire, showing up drunk, etc).

This goes back to the comment just before the spell that no spell can fix being unprofessional. I say this with utmost kindness because I used to interview people all the time for a business I owned previously and you wouldn’t believe the stuff that people do and say during interviews.

Apart from that, this takes effort on your part, as does all magick, to actively seek those opportunities. Rarely will this just trigger a job offer from an employer out of the blue. You need to let potential employers know you’re looking.

a quick guide to protection magick

This post is, as the name implies, all about protection. there could be many reasons right now why you may feel that you, a loved one, or just some people in general, need protection.

Protection spells for the home, your vehicle, your physical person, or a group of people are some of the most trending things online in the magickal community at the moment, and for good reason.

First, there’s social unrest. there’s no better way to say it. people are (rightfully) upset about police violence against people of color, and they’re marching, protesting, and voicing their concerns as Americans with rights guaranteed by our constitution.

So, perhaps you yourself are protesting, perhaps a friend or family member is, or perhaps you want to make sure the protesters out there are protected. this is one scenario I’ve seen often.

Another reason is the spiritual awakening and stirring up of the other side of the veil through more contact from the human realm, more energy poured into requests and spell workings, and even just because right now, a number of astrological events are going on that are making it easier for entities, both benevolent and potentially malevolent, to contact and interact with our world.

This might leave you feeling vulnerable to some of those energies, especially if they are unwanted. Even if they are wanted or at least neutral, this can still leave you drained and in need of some basic barriers.

So, let’s get down to the basics of protecting yourself, your property, and other people.

Personally, I usually like to build or design my own spells and rituals, as the more personal you make something, the more energetically invested you are, and the more likely it will be to be successful.

If you prefer to just read some words that someone else wrote and light a candle, that’s okay, but if they’re not your words and don’t resonate strongly with you, or are difficult for you to envision, they may not yield the results you want.

What I’ve put together here is a quick reference to tools such as deities, colors, crystals, plants/herbs, and other items that are commonly used in protection magick, so that you can pick and choose what you think will suit your needs best for your particular request.

Deities Associated With Protection

Regardless of which path you follow, its likely you’ll encounter a variety of deities, beings, or spirits that are or can be petitioned to provide protection for a variety of people and/or objects. This is not an exhaustive list, but I’ve tried to include the most common ones you’ll come across with established histories.

  • Akewa (S. America): protector of women, especially from patriarchal systems
  • Ancestors (yours!!): possibly one of the most important and first sources you should consult if this is protection associated with yourself or a relative/loved one
  • Apollo (Greek): protector of the young
  • Artemis (Greek): protector of unmarried young women
  • Athena (Greek): originally a protectress of Athens, some invoke her for protection outside of that city
  • Aziri (Africa): protects women from abusive men
  • Banba (Irish): goddess of protection
  • Bast (Egyptian): General protection, protection of women and children, but can be specific to those fighting wars or battles, too
  • Bishamon-Ten (Japan): protector of human life, chaser of demons
  • Brigid (Celtic): Especially for young people/youth; healing matters, especially for women
  • Chun T’i (Chinese): protects against war
  • Diana (Roman): protector of witches
  • Durga (India): protection, triumph of good over evil
  • Empanda (Roman): a goddess of general protection for those in need of it
  • Esme (Welsh): general protection
  • Faumea (Polynesian): protection goddess
  • Freya (Norse): may be invoked for protection by her Valkyries;
  • Frigga (Norse): protectress of women and children
  • Gordafarid (Persian): protector of women, female bravery
  • Green Tara (Buddhist): for spiritual and physical protection; for strength, for fearlessness, and for overcoming danger
  • Gyhldeptis (N. American): protectress of the people
  • Hebat (Mesopotamia): protection of women during war
  • Hestia (Greek): protection of the home
  • Horus (Egyptian): god of protection and war
  • Inanna (Sumerian): protection of her followers
  • Ishtar (Babylonian): protector of women, particularly those who have been wronged by men
  • Isis (Egyptian): protector of marriage and love
  • Juno (Roman): protector of women (also attributed as Hera, Greek goddess)
  • Kuan Yin (Buddhist): Healing; she is also the patron protector of women, children, artists, and those who are imprisoned
  • Lama (Mesopotamian): personal protection
  • Maahes (Egypt): devourer of the guilty and protector of the innocent
  • Mama Quilla (Incan): protectress of married women from harm
  • Michael, archangel (Christian/Hebrew): physical and spiritual protection
  • Minona (W. Africa): a protectress of women
  • Oya (Yoruba): protectress of women
  • Pellonia (Roman): a goddess who protects one from their enemies
  • Pinga (Inuit): goddess of protection
  • Princess Liễu Hạnh (Taoism): protector and emancipator of women
  • Shakti (Hindu): protection and banishing
  • Shekinah (Middle Eastern): protects humanity from evil
  • Soteria (Greek): deliverance from harm and protection/safety
  • Tawaret (Egyptian): protection from evil, protection of pregnant women
  • Thor (Norse): protector of the common man
  • Uni (Etruscan): protection of women from harm
  • Vishnu (Hindu): god of protection, especially vanquishing evil
  • Yemaya (Yoruba): Protection, especially of women

Colors Associated With Protection

The most commonly used color in protection spells, such as for candles, is black. Black has long been associated with protection spells and magick. White can also be used in protection magic, but is more commonly used for cleansing (negativity, harm, pain, etc).

Orange can be used to encourage power, both emotional and physical.

Grey can be used to bind negative people or influence.

Color associations can also be specific to the deity with whom you are working, or could be for offerings, as well.

Crystals Associated With Protection

  • obsidian
  • smoky quartz
  • clear quartz
  • amethyst
  • black tourmaline
  • fluorite
  • jet
  • kyanite (blue)

Plants and Herbs Associated With Protection

  • angelica
  • anise
  • basil
  • bay leaves
  • carnation
  • cedar
  • chamomile
  • cloves
  • comfrey
  • coriander
  • dragon’s blood
  • fennel
  • ferns
  • garlic
  • hyssop
  • lavender
  • lilac
  • mandrake
  • mistletoe
  • mullein
  • myrrh
  • nettle
  • oak
  • parsley
  • pepper, black
  • periwinkle
  • rosemary
  • rue
  • sage
  • St John’s wort
  • sandalwood
  • thyme
  • witch hazel
  • wormwoood
  • yarrow

Other Associations

  • graveyard dirt, esp from graves of your ancestors
  • sea salt
  • Florida water
  • thorns
  • frankincense resin
  • myrrh resin
  • moon water
  • crystal-infused water
  • vinegar
  • sigils
  • imagery/symbols

Now, all that being said, you still need to put things together in such a way that makes sense for what you are asking, in other words, your specific outcome.

This could be assembled as a jar spell, it could be simply a candle you light and talk with a deity or ancestor, or it could be any number of other rituals or spells where you apply your intention and will toward your intended outcome.

And, I will also add here that when working with a deity or specific entity or spirit, regardless of color associations, plant associations, etc of protection, its usually best to have other or additional candles or items specific to that deity as well. So, if you’re working with a deity that resonates best with blue candles, include both a black candle for protection as well as a blue candle for your deity, got it? Similar for any other correspondence element.

Hopefully this gives you plenty to start with!

a spell for creative inspiration

if you’re a creative of any kind, whether your creative pursuits are professional, semi-professional, or simply a hobby, you definitely understand the ebb and flow of inspiration.

you will have times where inspiration is almost manic in nature, an obsession with your latest idea so strong that you just cannot focus on anything else until you have completed the work which is boring a hole through your your mind.

and then you’ll have times where the last thing you want to do is touch your medium, be it paint, textile, written word, or otherwise.

and then everything in between.

but what if the periods of complete un-inspiration are too frequent these days, or you just can’t seem to break past them or some other block standing in between you and your inspired, creative self?

ask for guidance

first and foremost, this could be as simple as just seeking inspiration that already exists elsewhere, but that just isn’t making its way to you.

this could be from any specific deities or spirits/spirit guides you work with, or from tarot, oracle, or other divination methods.

btw, a really great book for creatives and tarot is the aptly named The Creative Tarot, by Jessa Crispin. its a great all around book with some really great interpretations, but they’re really solidly geared towards creatives and creative pursuits, as well as the suggested spreads she includes.

this guidance might also be from colleagues or peers. right now we’re all still kind of, or really, isolated from those we would normally regularly get inspired by, through conversation, activities and so forth.

so it may be hard to find that same source of inspiration when you can’t be around those inspiring folks right now. but call them up, facetime, or zoom and share a cup of coffee or a virtual happy hour if its been a while. find out what they’re working on, discuss things you’ve been reading, share thoughts and experiences, and see where it leads.

a waxing moon spell for inspiration

this is another method to more formally open up your mind and senses to receive inspiration. it may happen in the moment, may come to you a day or two later in a dream, or may pop up in the form of synchronicities in the following days or weeks.

what you’ll need:

  • something that symbolizes your medium or one of your main tools used in your creative process (if you’re a writer, maybe this is a quill or pen, even your laptop; if you’re a painter, maybe its a piece of canvas or a brush, etc)
  • a gold candle (in a pinch a yellow candle can substitute), and something to light it with
  • a piece of paper and something to write with

the spell:

  1. sit comfortably and place the blank paper and writing utensil in front of you. light the candle.
  2. meditate on the flame as you watch it flicker and ebb/flow. clear thoughts from your mind, and be particularly aware of thoughts of self-doubt
  3. in both hands, hold the object or symbol of your craft that you’ve chosen and close your eyes. picture the object in your mind and envision the energy surrounding it.
  4. whatever color that energy is, visualize yourself gradually peeling it away, from top to bottom, end to end. once the object has had all previous energy removed, let your mind clear and envision a color that symbolizes inspiration to you. it can be any color, and its not important to anyone other than you which one you pick.
  5. holding this color in your mind for a while, think on what inspiration looks like to you. what is the product or outcome of this spell that you hope to receive? let this vision expand as far as you need it to in your mind, while still holding your color inspiration somewhere in the image or background, letting the two associate and meld together.
  6. if you wish to stay in vision for a bit longer, explore thoughts, emotions, colors, images, and anything else that comes and flows freely to you in this exercise.
  7. when you feel satisfied that you have a specific outcome settled, begin to ‘paint’ or gently cover your object in your mind with the color of inspiration you have chosen. start from one end or one side and slowly work your way to the other, covering every inch of your tool or symbolic object with your inspired color energy.
  8. feel its energetic weight in your hands and know that you are ready to receive inspiration.
  9. open your eyes and write any details you wish to save that have come to you or that you feel were important to remember. you can also use this as a brainstorm session to let all thoughts, emotions, and ideas freely flow onto the paper. single words, phrases, pictures, anything that comes to you, put it all down.
  10. when you feel you have finished, blow out the candle. save your idea sheet somewhere meaningful that you can continue to refer to it when needed.

confession and accountability

i’m going to include this last little bit because i know if i put this out there, i’ll have to be accountable to it.

i’m a creative and have many mediums that i tool around with, but i’ve recently visited the topic and explored inspiration because i need to spur my own self into motion to revisit a project i did last fall.

i actually wrote a full length novel during NaNoWriMo (if you’re not familiar with national novel writing month, go check them out here, its a super cool organization).

i didn’t officially participate through their site, but i created a calendar and tracker for myself to write a full novel in a month (76,000+ words). it was fun, grueling, but also highly rewarding to h0ld myself accountable to a goal, and it was a story idea i had said i wanted to write for over a year, but never got around to it.

then i edited it for a couple months and, with the advice of a friend who is a published author, i sent queries to a handful of agents earlier this year, then just never really went back to it.

authors often query dozens and dozens of agents before getting a request for manuscript or even a hint of interest, or getting no interest at all. i think i sent out maybe 10 queries and then got swamped with life and didn’t send any more after that due to lack of time, and, if i’m being honest, self-doubt.

so its been on my mind recently to revisit this book, with some new inspired ideas and eyes for it, make some changes, then resume the process of querying.

if you’re interested in knowing more, its what i would call a paranormal mystery (with a small amount of romance, but in this first book of the series, the romance is super sub-plot and really slow burn, so don’t get excited), but my author friend told me it actually sounds more like it would fit into the category of ‘urban fantasy’ since paranormal mysteries are considered ‘cute’ and ‘fun’, and typically aren’t too dark, which my book certainly does take on a bit of.

it will eventually have a larger story arc over the course of probably 4-5 books, but could potentially go longer. its witchy, spooky, dark, but funny, real, and relatable. once i do some of this revisiting, i’ll post more about it so that you all know i’m sticking to it.

anyway, what are your projects that you know you need to work on, but have been putting off?

what are your projects you were once super inspired to create, but at some point lost that drive?

do you feel like you’re still into those ideas and projects, or are you ready to cut the cord and move on?

a spell to create a home guardian

this is an idea i ran across in Intuitive Witchcraft, by Astrea Taylor. and i tagged the page corner to remind myself to go back and revisit it at some point. the need to put protection on my home had been on my mind, but it hadn’t been a priority at that point.

so, fast forward to this past weekend and i had a super unnerving experience that basically made it plainly clear to me that i needed to take this seriously. i won’t go into details because its a long story of interconnected events which culminated in me being glad i had at least put black salt across my doorways, but left me feeling as if i would eventually need more than that.

back to the point: what is a home guardian and why would you need to create one?

what is a home guardian?

this is, in essence, a piece of you, your energy to be exact, that you focus intently on the purpose of guarding your home. this can be for the purpose of spiritual or metaphysical guards, or physical guardianship.

this guardian that you create is whatever you want it to be. its a creature, its a force, its an elemental, its literally whatever you picture keeping you the safest. maybe you want a giant velociraptor that won’t hesitate to shred anyone or anything unwanted from your doorstep.

or maybe you want a killer bunny a la Monty Python. or maybe its a large, frightening tiger prowling your porch.

it could be simply a fierce lightning storm that appears when your home needs protecting, or a dragon with the requisite wings and fire, but also laser beams in its eyes.

it can be something that scares, something that just protects, something that repels, or all of those.

you get the point. be as creative and imaginative as you want or need. if your guardian needs to have certain qualities and aspects that uniquely fit your living situation, then include those.

the home guardian is there to protect the barrier, the threshold. but maybe also the entire perimeter.

thresholds have long been considered liminal spaces or ‘spaces between’ by many cultures, meaning that they exist neither inside nor outside. they represent a physical, spiritual, and metaphysical transition from one ‘realm’ to another, even if you think its just your front door.

thresholds carry significant weight spiritually when they are protected with magickal forces, trust me. i found this out (to my relief) recently.

this home guardian’s job is to follow your very specific instructions for exactly who or what is allowed in (or even out).

why might you need to create a home guardian?

well, chances are, if you’re practicing magick, you’re bound to be noticed at some point, by others who practice, and perhaps even others who mostly exist outside the physical human plane.

think of it like lighting a beacon that shines to let everyone else who has the special ability to see your beacon know that you’re awesome, but also that you’ve got some power and not afraid to use it.

this will eventually attract beings, spirits, what have you to check you out. most will be friendly or at least neutral, some will not. and without protection around your home, particularly your thresholds, you’re vulnerable to whoever or whatever wants to wander in and take a peek.

you would want to create a home guardian in instances that you consider your home your sacred ground, your sanctuary. if you are protective and highly aware of who or what you allow in your home, then consider creating a home guardian.

you might also want to create a home guardian if you seem to stir up enemies, or perhaps even just a lot of people who don’t like you.

in this case, you’re the common denominator, so maybe examine why everyone seems to wish you ill, but also, still protect yourself, in the case that its actually not you, its them. people can send all kinds of nastiness your way and once it arrives, its too late to create a home guardian.

you could also do this out of concern for your safety and that of your family from the living. maybe you live in a bad neighborhood, maybe you’ve got an ex that just won’t heed his restraining order, or maybe you have very solid reasons not to trust people. all of those are also valid circumstances for creating a home guardian.

how do you create your home guardian?

this will start with you grounding and centering yourself. you will need to find somewhere comfortable that you can be relaxed and meditate, and will be uninterrupted for some time.

i also recommend you find an object that you will give this guardian a home. this object can be a statue, a talisman you hang by your door, a painting, whatever you want, or whatever seems fitting. you’ll want to have this with you as you begin to meditate.

the first step is to create this guardian in your mind. go deep into meditation and shed your worries and fears temporarily so that you can be more effective at transmitting your messages to your guardian.

picture every detail about this guardian that is relevant and important to you.

what is it? how big is it? what special powers does it have? what color? fur? scales? feathers? some combination of those? does it carry it a weapon? does it have a name (i recommend naming it)? what exactly does it do when it encounters someone or something that you don’t want in your home?

also consider if there is a specific cultural element to your guardian that is important to you. is there an animal, element, or spirit that your ancestors revered or considered particularly protective of the home? perhaps they were onto something.

be very detailed. and this could even be something you sit down beforehand and write out. you might even want to sketch it or draw it if you’re artistically inclined. just make it something that intuitively works for you.

make sure you are holding the object you have selected at this point.

remaining in meditation and visioning, now that you have its image created, interact with it. let it come to life in your mind. call it by its name. sit with it. tell it exactly what you need it to do. give it specific names of people if needed. or make it vague if necessary.

be sure to specify who IS allowed in (you don’t want Fluffy to scare your kids, spouse, or pets, but maybe your mother-in-law is fair game?).

make all of these directions and needs very crystal clear to the guardian you have created. also make it clear that when it is not needed, it can ‘live’ or retreat to its object, which will function as its home. picture the object you are holding as one with your guardian.

it is paramount that in this part of the process you create extremely firm boundaries for what the guardian is and is not allowed to do, and where it is or is not allowed to go. nothing is worse than someone’s guardian running amok in your neighborhood or apartment building because they didn’t create the necessary precautions to prevent it from straying.

also, if you live in a building such as an apartment, make sure your guardian understands its boundaries and isn’t scaring neighbors off from their own front doors, which might happen to be very close to yours.

remain in this vision for as long as you need to make sure your expectations are established and clear. when you feel satisfied, thank your guardian for its service, welcome it to your space, and place it in its object/home. place the object wherever it will function best in your home, such as hanging on the wall directly next to your front door, or on a table inside your entryway. whatever works best for you.

upkeep of your guardian

you will need to refill the energetic cup of the guardian regularly. remember, as part of you and your energy, it needs to be fed in order to continue to do its job.

this upkeep could consist of sitting with it in meditation and visualization, re-affirming its purpose and your specific needs.

you could also stop by it and place your hands on it as you leave or return home, re-connecting and recharging it.

but make sure you feed it, so that it can continue to do its job 🙂


once you no longer need the guardian, don’t just leave it in place. this can cause horrible consequences should you move away, or should it encounter others that you had not prepared directions for.

removing the guardian is as simple as going back into your meditative vision and communicating with your creation that it has served you well, thank it, and then dismantle the energy you put into it, taking it back into yourself.

any objects you attached its duties to should be energetically cleansed and purified at that point, as well.

a candle spell for healing a broken heart

venus is in retrograde, and she is challenging us in our romantic relationships, if we have one, right now. you may be experiencing communication breakdowns, arguments, and personality or priority conflicts with those you are close to.

to compound that, with stay-at-home and social distancing recommendations still in effect for many of us, we are spending more time around those people we are in romantic relationships with.

maybe we’re seeing their true colors for the first time, or maybe we’re now realizing after all this ‘quality time’ together, we’re no longer compatible, or we just aren’t as invested in making this relationship work as we thought we were.

all of this can lead to increased feelings of ‘i’m done with this,’ ‘fuck him/her,’ and ‘i want out of this relationship.’

even if you’re the initiator of a break-up, there are likely still going to be some feelings of loss, grief, or regret for you, and certainly if you’re not the one who arrived at the ‘i’m done with this’ point first, and were on the receiving end of a breakup notice.

just know that this, too, shall pass. everything eventually does. and when something ends, its because it wasn’t for you, no matter how much you may have thought you wanted it to be.

you can do a lot to help yourself move on and to heal from some of the emotional weight of a breakup, but a spell to speed the process certainly can’t hurt.

what you will need:

  • a white candle (you could also consider a green candle, which corresponds to the heart chakra)
  • a flower that has begun to wilt or is broken/torn, has petals that have fallen off (any flower will work, but something pink or red is ideal)
  • a pot of dirt
  • a seed (any kind of seed, as long as it can be planted and grown)
  • 12 inches of white ribbon
  • a rose quartz crystal

the spell:

light the candle.

hold the rose quartz in your hands, enclosed, and take deep breaths, concentrating on releasing tension anywhere you find it. picture letting go of sad or negative emotions or feelings as you breathe out, and taking in light and peace as your breathe in. after several minutes of this, place your crystal next to your lit candle.

grab your ribbon and, holding the flower, begin to wrap the ribbon around it until you have just enough left on each end to tie it off (loosely, don’t cause any more damage to the flower).

universe, goddess, power of light

shelter and hold my heart tight

i weave this ribbon, soft and fine

around this broken heart of mine

cast out my pain and fill me with love

from near, far, below and above

as you are saying the words, picture the ribbon enfolding your own broken heart, protecting it, but bringing it back to whole.

bury the flower with the ribbon in a pot of dirt. plant a seed in the pot and water it regularly as it grows, symbolically transforming your broken heart into a new life.

magick for the waning moon

now that the full moon last week has passed us, we’re approaching the waning moon, which will technically take place on the 14th (today) and through 1-2 days before the new moon.

what kind of magick is best on the waning moon?

think of this phase of the moon as ‘going away’ or ‘getting lesser’ as the visible part of the moon from earth shrinks until we reach the new moon.

during this phase, destructive magick, or magick in which we get rid of, clear out, clean, banish, rid ourselves of, or otherwise break down, cut loose, and leave behind is the name of the game.

here are some things to consider with this waning moon, as it is currently going to be in pisces as of today, then aries on the 17th, and finally it will move into taurus on the 19th, before entering gemini on the actual new moon.

to add to those brief positions, there are also 3 planets going retrograde this month: saturn, venus (13th), and jupiter.

re-evaluate things and people

  • negative or harmful self thoughts
  • toxic relationships
  • emotional vampires
  • overflowing closets
  • dust bunnies
  • excess stuff you just aren’t going to use, admit it
  • self-destructive habits (excess drinking, binge eating, blowing off exercise)

set powerful intentions

this is also a great time to replace those things you’re cutting out or getting rid of with positive, affirming, and self-loving mantras, thoughts, and routines.

this can also include establishing and enforcing boundaries, for yourself and others

the waning moon is perfect for tough love.

working on your shadow self

the waning moon, plus the energy of saturn retrograde, is a really really fantastic opportunity to do some deep work on your shadow self.

i know this is something that has been on my list for some time, and i’ve been waiting for this part of the moon’s cycle, as well as some important transits to my natal chart in late May to begin to really chip away at retained anger, hurt, and things that hold me back.

i haven’t really written extensively on the shadow self, but here is a great guide if you want to read more about it.

this can help you address creative blocks, self-esteem blocks, blocks you are experiencing in your magickal practice, professional blocks, relationship patterns, and so much more. there are even people who claim they have healed from complex health problems by simply working on their shadow self.

how to use this energy in daily practice during the waning moon

there might be one thing or many things you want to work on letting go of during this waning moon. i find its helpful to make a list of the things i know i need to work on, or want to work on. then i go through and journal for a bit on some or all of them.

just free write everything that comes to mind, word vomit onto the page. your thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses, intuitive inputs all come together to paint a picture of this problem or issue you’re working on.

some of these things may stand out as important, yet you need more guidance. consider consulting your tarot or oracle deck, or a trained reader if you do not feel comfortable yourself, to ask how you can overcome this.

with destructive magick, one of my favorite workings is to burn a written representation of something i am letting go. so you might write down ‘using alcohol as a crutch when i feel upset with my partner’, for instance.

once you have identified a solution that suits your problem, state out loud the thing or habit you are letting go, and what you intend to do in its place or instead of it, or perhaps what boundary you are setting to prevent it from happening again.

burn the scrap of paper, as you visualize the thing or habit leaving your body and mind and drifting away in the smoke of the ashes (open a window, let that bad habit leave!).

that’s just one example, but there are many out there. i love to use a spell oil, too, such as release, the one i’ve blended for this exact purpose of letting things (or people) go. i feel that it really amplifies my will and my outcomes are so much more effective.

a forest spell for abundant health and healing

those of us who have spent any time in the woods or deep in the forest can attest to the healing power of just being surrounded by so much earthy, green, powerful energy.

i’ve written before on forest therapy, which is used by many people as an adjunct to medical treatment for a variety of health problems, including psychological and emotional therapies.

but i think beyond just forest therapy, there is real, tangible benefit to being around, absorbing, and using the energy of the forest.

so here is a forest spell for abundant health and healing, should you (or someone you know) be looking for that right now.

consider using something like my spell oil. WOOD here, to amplify your magick and ensure a successful outcome.

i have included some items you may want to use, to help focus and/or amplify your energy and intent, but truthfully, you could do this with nothing but yourself and the wilderness, if you choose.

what you will need:

  • a white candle, for healing
  • you could also use a green candle here, as this is earth magick
  • or why not both colors?
  • a scrap of cloth, at least 6″x6″, but bigger if you want (you’ll use this for a charm to hold forest dirt)
  • a length of cord, twine, or string to tie closed the charm bundle
  • a knife to cut branches with
  • consider using some sound, such as a bell or a drum, as this is the perfect environment in which to employ the power of magickal sounds to carry your energy and words
  • anything you want to cast a circle, if you choose to use external objects

the spell:

before you cast your circle, you will want to cut a length of newly grown branch from a large, healthy tree with your knife. ideally, this is a tree that stands tall, with supple branches, leaves, and no sign of disease or withering. if you are performing this spell after leaves have turned brown and fallen, that’s ok. the branch need only be 6″-10″ in length and should be obviously young with a greenish interior, signifying its youth and newness.

  1. gather all of your items together inside your ceremonial space, then cast your circle.
  2. raise energy through whatever means you choose (singing, dancing, humming, music, meditation, etc
  3. once you have reached a peak of your energy, light your candle(s) and repeat three times, your voice growing louder each time:

candle [color of candle], candle bright

power of earth, power of light

candle [color of candle], candle bright

aid my will of health tonight

4. hold the tree branch in your hands, outstretched over the candle(s) flame, but far enough away that you will not burn yourself. recite three times:

young and supple tree

grant thy health to me

heal my ills within

i request this help from thee

5. lay the fabric square in front of you and using your knife, dig up a small handful of dirt from the ground in front of you, placing it in the fabric square.

6. hold the the open fabric with dirt in both hands, over the candle(s) flames, but far enough away that you will not burn yourself. recite three times:

mother of the heavens and the earth

mistress of death and birth

hear my plea for renewed health

i ask for your blessing and wealth

may this earth in my hands

henceforth health command

after the third time, state “my will be done”

7. tie the charm bundle closed, wrapping a length of the small young tree branch in to the binding cord or string, before knotting it closed permanently.

8. carry the charm with you, or give to the intended recipient, until the results have been conveyed. once you no longer have need of it, empty the contents back into the earth.

this blog is not a substitute for medical advice or medical care. all content contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. consult a qualified healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or medications.

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