Magickal Symbolism of the Iris

This flower is found in depictions and art dating back to as far back as people drew flowers. Renowned the world over for its beauty and sensuality, the iris features in many magickal or spiritual contexts, as well.

Irises are some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, symbolizing transformation, renewal, and hope. They are brightly colored and showy, reminding us to show up for ourselves, and to let our own true colors shine.

And, irises are here to remind us of our own sensuality. Their leaves are harsh, sharp, and phallic, juxtaposed next to the soft, delicate, and sensual petals opening in layers, just like a vulva. In fact, it is common in many cultures, such as Japan, to drink tea of iris petals and bathe in a bath of iris blossoms to ensure virility and good health.

Irises were planted on the graves of women in Greece, so that their souls could be guided by the goddess Iris, who shuttled them between the physical world and the Elysian fields of the afterlife. The goddess Iris was the female equivalent of Hermes, with her own wings and caduceus. Her symbol was the rainbow, which was how she traveled between the Earth and Olympus.

Irises are also considered protective, especially against disease and evil spirits. The flower can be planted on the sides of your porch or front door to ward off spirits and misfortune, and to welcome prosperity and protection. The blossoms are also placed upon the roofs of homes in Japan to protect against evil spirits.

The iris is also the flower depicted in the French fleur de lis, and the three petals of the flower shown symbolize faith, wisdom, and valor.

Irises can be found in virtually every hue of the spectrum, and, depending on what color they are, can symbolize more specific things for you beyond just beauty, transformation, femininity, balance, hope, and power.

What can’t the iris be for you? …that’s probably a better question, because these powerful and unique flowers are excellent for all kinds of spiritual or magickal uses.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • use a red iris in love spells, especially those involving passion or lust
  • use an orang iris for friendships, knowledge, and educational pursuits
  • use an yellow iris for creativity and inspiration
  • use a green iris for money, finance, and career spells
  • use a blue iris for communication or psychic dreams
  • use a purple iris for power, intuition, or connection to your higher self
  • use a black or white iris for protection
  • use a white iris for purification or protection
  • use any color iris for good health, beauty, lust/sexuality, and confidence

10 magickal ways to use dandelion

If you think dandelions are just a weed, think again! These hardy, bold little flowers are not only completely edible, but contain a whole host of herbal, medicinal, and magickal properties.

You Can Eat Every Part of the Dandelion Plant

This is one of the coolest things about the dandelion. Many flowering plants are partially edible, particularly the petals or perhaps the leaves, too, but the dandelion is completely edible. You can eat the flowering part, the leaves/stem, and the roots!

The flower heads have a mild sweet flavor and make a great tea which can have diuretic effects, as well as can be used to make wine.

Dandelion leaves are commonly eaten on salads or sandwiches, and the roots can be used to make tea, support healthy liver function, and bile production.

*none of the information on this website is meant to be used as health or medical advice and should not be used to treat or cure medical problems. Consult a qualified healthcare provider before consuming any plants or medicines.

You Can Make Wishes With Dandelions

I don’t know if I know anyone who hasn’t picked up a dandelion that has turned from yellow to its fluffy white cloud of seeds and blown them into the wind. But did you know that you can make a wish (which is kind of a spell, right?) while you do that?

This is a great spur of the moment and budget spell that virtually all of us can do if we happen upon a seeded dandelion while outdoors.

Picture your intended outcome, blow the seeds into the wind and picture them carrying your wish out into the universe.

You Can Enhance Your Psychic Ability

Dried dandelion flowers, leaves, and roots can be made into a tea to open up our receptivity to information downloads from spirit or universal consciousness.

You can also keep the dried flowers or herb in a sachet under your pillow to enhance psychic dreams.

Drink a dandelion tea before reading cards, bones, working with the pendulum, or other forms of divination.

You Can Use Dandelion to Communicate With Spirits

The dried flower placed on your altar or workspace will aid in calling spirits. The dandelion tea mentioned above can also enhance your ability to communicate with spirits.

If you keep dandelions with you or near you, you may be more likely to invite spirits to visit with you.

You Can Use Dandelion to Let Go of Thoughts and Habits

Just like the wish, you can visualize a particular bad habit or negative thought process flowing from you into the dandelion, and, as you blow the fluffy cloud of seeds away, blowing away what you want to let go of.

This can help you to offload negativity, limiting thoughts or behaviors, or other things that hold you back.

You Can Use Dandelion to Become Stronger

If you find yourself with a lack of boldness, courage, or assertiveness, incorporate dandelion into spells or meditations that are geared toward increasing your ability to stand your ground, stand up for yourself, and get what you want in life, relationships, and careers.

If you think about how dandelions are often viewed as an invasive weed, and are difficult to eradicate once they show up, you can draw from that strength and assertiveness of the plant to call those qualities to yourself.

You Can Connect to Hecate Better With Dandelion

Dandelions have historically been associated with a number of goddesses, but very closely to Hecate, especially in her triple goddess form.

The dandelion can help you connect to your three selves (higher self, shadow self, and mundane self).

You can make offerings of dandelion wreaths, teas, or other creative crafts to give to the goddess.

Use Dandelions on Your Altar in a Spring Beltane Bouquet

These colorful blooms make an excellent addition to bouquets of freshly picked flowers to place on your Beltane altar, or around your home on Beltane.

Dandelions do wilt quickly, so you may only have these bright blossoms for a day or two, and its best to gather them the day you want to display them.

Use Dandelions to Bring Sun Year-Round

Dandelion has solar energy, so is most associated with spring and summer rituals, but you can also use it to bring a little sun to the rest of your year when things get darker and colder.

If you gather a bunch of them during the warmer months, you can press them between the pages of old books so that they will dry out and remain preserved for when you need to add some sun to your magick or just to your life later in the year.

Use Dandelions to Welcome Helpful Spirits

Because of their aforementioned connection to spirits and spirit communication, placing dandelions in bouquets in your home or creating wreaths or art with dried dandelions can aid in creating a welcoming environment for beneficial spirits, such as ancestors and spirit guides.

Because of their cheerful disposition and bright color, these are also good for making yourself feel welcome and comfortable in your space.

how to make a facewash spell

A facewash spell is probably one of the easiest spells you can do anytime you want and with very little witchy experience and/or supplies.

If you’re a witch on a budget, its pretty useful because you already wash your face anyway, and you may be able to do this with nothing more than common kitchen herbs or plants you wild forage (respectfully and responsibly). You can even use this as a replacement for ritual bathing in many instances.

What is a Facewash Spell?

Don’t overthink this. As you are washing your face, a usually common, mundane task, you are infusing this mundane act with your magickal intent to obtain an outcome you want.

And, any facewash can usually be done as a hairwash, or you can combine the two for more magickal power.

I also really like facewash and hairwash spells for those who do not have the ability to take baths regularly. Bath magick can be fun, but it can be replicated in other ways.

I used to only really ever hear of facewash spells in terms of glamour magick, and they certainly do work for that, but there are so many many more uses for this kind of magick.

Any spell you want to perform could theoretically be done via a facewash/hairwash spell, with the one exception being baneful magick. I would just not recommend doing a baneful spell in the form of anything you’re applying to your face and/or hair, as the potential for backfire can really wreck your life (and your appearance).

How Do You Make a Facewash Spell?

Ok, here’s where you can get creative in a number of ways. I’ll give you a few basic approaches, neither is right or wrong, they’re just different approaches and you can choose what feels most right for your purposes.

Option 1: Make a Rinse Solution

This is one of the simplest methods and is easy on both your skin and hair, as well as can be (and usually is) left in your hair to let it dry, or air dry on your skin.

  1. In a pot on your stovetop, bring several cups of water to a boil and add herbs, essential oils, plants, flowers, etc of your choice. Let simmer for ~20 min. Remove from the heat, then strain through a fine wire mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove all solid pieces.
  2. Let it cool enough to be able to apply to skin or hair. PLEASE DO NOT EVER PUT SCALDING WATER ON YOURSELF.
  3. Using clean hands or a cotton round, apply to your face or gently pour over your hair. Depending on the type of spell, you may want to say a few words or a mantra of your choice. Whatever you decide, while you are applying the wash, picture strongly what your outcome should be. Your intent is the most critical piece of this.
  4. Also depending on the type of spell, you may decide to leave it to air dry, or rinse it out with clean water. Here are some general guidelines, but your own unique situation may dictate something different. Use your intuition.
  • Leave it to dry if you are drawing something to you or hoping to gain something (most constructive magick fits into this category); love, money, luck, success, opportunities, protection, strength, courage, etc
  • Rinse it off if you want to remove, cleanse, banish, or otherwise get rid of something; breaking a habit, ending a toxic connection, cord cutting, uncrossing, cleansing, purification, etc

Now, some exceptions exist. You could make the argument that in a purification wash, letting it dry instead of rinsing off, allows your aura to fully absorb the purifying herbs or essential oils, and, therefore, you want to leave it on. This is where intuition can guide you better for your circumstances.

Option 2: Make a Soap-Based Wash

I would lean more toward this option for all destructive magick (getting rid of, letting go, banishing, cleansing, etc), but you could absolutely use it for constructive purposes if your intent is restated in such a manner that the rinsing off of the solution indicates you ridding yourself of whatever is preventing the good or beneficial outcome you’re looking for.

Example: let’s say you want to do well in an important presentation at work and you need to feel confident. You could change up your spell to banish self-doubt or negative self-talk/thoughts so that you feel confident, beautiful, smart, or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Get a mild and gentle (ideally all natural or organic) soap base that is safe to use on your skin or hair. A really good option here that should work for almost anyone is organic unscented baby shampoo. This can be used on virtually all skin types, as well as most hair, if you’re choosing to apply to your hair.
  2. An alternative to baby shampoo is castille soap. Its usually gentle for skin. You may or may not want to apply to your hair, depending on how dry or oily your scalp is. You can mix a little castille soap with a little coconut oil for a bit more moisturizing base. It already contains some oil, but play around with adding an extra 1 Tbsp oil per 1/4 cup soap.
  3. Pour out about 1/4 cup soap base into a glass mixing cup and stir in a couple drops of any essential oils or add flower petals of your choice corresponding to your intended outcome.
  4. If you’re only making enough solution to use once, then it would be okay to add solids like minced, ground, or mashed plant matter, but these can spoil rapidly or create a medium in which mold can grow over time, so if it will be a multi-use solution, its best not to include physical plant matter.
  5. Pour into a clean empty cosmetic bottle with a lid of your choice. Label it. It should keep for at least a few months.
  6. Wash your face and/or hair with your solution, say any words or mantras you wish, and leave in/on for however long you feel is appropriate. Rinse off.
  7. It’s a good idea to test a small area of skin before applying any new products or substances, to ensure you are not allergic or otherwise sensitive to anything in the product.

Option 3: Combine a Rinse and a Soap

You can simply create your water-based rinse solution and, once cooled, add it to your soap base in a ratio of 2:1 soap base to water-base. Mix and then let it settle (this can take a few hours up to possibly a day).

This is a good method for when you want to work with a soap base but don’t want to be limited to just essential oils, and want the flexibility of more plants/flowers.

I can’t say enough how the most important element of this spell is being clear about your intent. Use strong mental visualization whenever possible and really feel this intent pouring into your mixture as you’re making it and applying it.

magickal symbolism of the thistle

Thistle is a flowering plant that you don’t see a lot of in magickal workings, maybe because its not as flashy as the rose, or as straightforward as some of the well-known herbs.

But, if you think about it, the thistle is the perfect element for protection, love, and strength spells.

This prickly flower, its leaves and stalk covered in biting spines, is topped with a beautiful bloom beloved by bees and butterflies, as well as Aphrodite herself, and even attributed to the love of the Virgin Mary.

In some earlier Christian mythology of Europe, the thistle was seen as a ‘gift of the devil’ due to its thorns and its general recognition as a weed by many farmers. Despite its difficulty in removing from crop or pasture-land, thistle is also the national flower of Scotland.

However, its symbolism is as a flower that is barbed or prickly, but underneath all that has a soft, kind heart. I don’t know about you, but that speaks to me. What it says really is ‘If you can withstand my outer armor, you can experience my inner warmth and love.’ That’s the most Cancer thing I’ve ever heard lol.

Thistles are also considered protective and cleansing, so consider using them in your spells or workings that involve those, as well.

Here is a summary of thistle’s correspondences:

  • Element: Fire
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius (I would, however, argue that it has many properties of Cancer, and you would not be wrong in using it in this way if you intuitively sense this)
  • protection, love, cleansing, banishing, passion, romance, strength
  • healing ancestral trauma or working with ancestors, particularly the roots
  • plant them in a bee/butterfly garden (just beware, they can quickly take it over and are difficult to control as well as painful to try to remove)

a candle spell for courage

This is an easy candle spell (most candle spells are) for courage in any situation.

Whether you want to ask for a promotion, go skydiving for the first time, or move across the country to a totally new place, courage is something that we sometimes struggle with, because of self-doubt, and our inner voice that talks us out of things we truly want.

What You Will Need:

  • At least one, but up to 3 of these dried herbs, about 1-2 Tbsp worth: fennel, borage, thyme, rosemary, st johns wort, nettle
  • Olive oil, about 1/2 tsp
  • a red candle and something to light it with

What You Will Do:

  1. Start out by cleansing yourself and your space however works best for you.
  2. Gather all your items into one location and cast a circle if you wish.
  3. Holding the candle in both hands, center and ground yourself, then meditate as long as you need to visualize what kind of courage, when and how you will need it and use it, and what you need the outcome of the courageous actions to produce.
  4. Transfer all of that visual intent and will to the candle energetically. Once it feels ‘full’, rub the outside of it in the olive oil.
  5. Roll the candle in the herbs to coat the outside of it as thoroughly as possible.
  6. Place it in a stable base or candle holder and light it. As you light it, remember your intent and why you need this courage. Say out loud:

Brave is my heart

Brave is my mind

I have the courage to act

and the courage to win

by this flame I call my courage up

as my will be done

7. Let the candle burn down all the way. If you have to leave and cannot monitor it, snuff it out, then re-light when you return and ensure it burns safely.

a spell for a safe journey

It’s still coronavirus central here in the US as I’m writing this, so hopefully you and your loved ones do not need to travel. But, should you find that you or someone you know needs to travel somewhere, no matter how close or far, and regardless of whether a pandemic virus is a concern, here is a spell to keep a traveler safe:

What you will need:

  • a personal effect of the person in question; if you don’t have something that belongs to them, and don’t have hair, nail clippings, etc from them, you can simply write their name on a piece of paper
  • a square of black cloth, or a black cloth bag, large enough to wrap the personal item or paper in
  • a black ribbon, long enough to tie around the cloth once it is wrapped around the item; you can tie it like a gift wrap ribbon, or you can create a charm bag, and just tie the ribbon around the top after twisting it closed

What you will do:

  1. Take a moment to identify a specific goal/outcome here. Do you just want their flight to be safe and uneventful? Do you want to make sure their car does not experience trouble on their road trip? Do you want to prevent all possible forms of harm generally? Or something very specific? I find with traveler spells, the more broad you can be, such as ‘Aunt Margaret will arrive safely in California without harm to herself or belongings,’ the better off you are. If you are too specific, your magick may find a loop hole or may just not be exactly what you’re wanting.
  2. Place the personal effect or paper representing the traveler in the black cloth.
  3. Fold one corner toward the middle, covering one part of the item, and say:

Power of air, blow away harm

4. Fold another corner toward the middle and say:

Power of water, flush away harm

5. Fold a third corner toward the middle and say:

Power of earth, guard from harm

6. Fold the last corner toward the middle and say:

Power of fire, burn away harm

7. Your item should be completely covered by the black fabric now. Holding it in your hands, feed strong protective thoughts and emotions into and repeat three times:

Surround [name] and protect them

Carry [name] through their journey safely

May no harm or misfortune befall [name]

8. Take the black ribbon and either tie it around the cloth like you are tying up a package, or gather all the corners together to bind them with the ribbon like a sack. As you finish this, say:

My will be done

Keep the charm in a safe place until the journey is complete. Then you may either return the personal item to the person, or dispose of the contents safely and in an eco-friendly manner.

5 ways to use magickal writing

What is magickal writing? Let’s not overthink this: the use of written word or symbols for the purpose of getting what you want from life.

We use magick in many ways. Some magick is to help ourselves or others, some is for material gain, some is baneful, some is to gain knowledge, and some is to attain spiritual growth.

But whatever the intent of the magick, it’s ultimate goal is to manipulate energy and achieve a particular outcome.

Some of us are natural writers. It comes to us so fluidly as if its just another sense, like sight or smell. For others, it may seem awkward or uncomfortable, or perhaps just unnatural. It’s okay to be in any of those groups. I find that while we may not inherently possess a particular skill, we have others that come very naturally. And it doesn’t mean we can’t develop that skill.

What is important here is to understand that words have meaning, whether spoken or written. And when we add our own intent and will to those words, those words take on an energy which we send out into the world, whether we mean to or not.

This is why some people are very particular about energetic cleansing, because many people send the equivalent of a hex or curse without realizing it. Just really really concentrated anger or hatred toward a person, when sent with intent or will, is enough to cause bad things to happen.

Conversely, we can also send really concentrated positive energy toward others simply by thinking those thoughts and applying intent and will to them.

And written words carry the same weight. Once words are committed to writing, they own the energetic signature of the writer and carry that writer’s message forth. When you, the writer, apply your intent and will to those words, they become real.

Magickal Poems

Whether you’re trying to make someone fall in love with a romantic sonnet, or make Kyle’s dick fall off with a baneful limerick, poetry has a solid place in magick.

Many witches prefer to create spells or incantations that rhyme, based on poetic principles and meters (meter is the rhythm of the syllables as spoken, but you can pick up meter even when reading them).

And, not all poetry rhymes. Some poetry simply conveys a very deep and thoughtful emoti0n to the reader. Or it conveys a nice raunchy tryst that makes us giggle.

Poetry itself is an inherently emotionally charged medium of writing, and works well for witches who also enjoy writing. Try writing a love poem to yourself. Recite it each morning after you wake up and see how this changes your self esteem and mood.

Or try channeling your frustrations over something into a funny or comical p0em and watch your frustration become transmuted into laughter.

Magickal Stories

Whether short or novel-length, stories help us process things we experience, deal with human emotions, get over loss, and feel hope or community with others. Stories transcend generations and carry important messages forward as lessons, warnings, or just beauty so that we may share this human condition together.

I wrote a mystery novel and am currently querying it to agents (I know, excite) and it occurred to me that my purpose in writing the story I did was to help process the experiences and emotions I have encountered in my witchcraft and spiritual practice. By examining them in the context of characters and settings, I can work through how I think and feel about them in a way that feels non-threatening and even exhilarating.

But, what if you wrote a story to function as your spell? This is where things get really interesting. Perhaps, you, the protagonist, seek a new job or a better car or want to reconcile with someone in your family.

Consider writing exactly how you want this scenario to turn out in the form of a story, charged with all your emotions, and then read the story out loud or in your mind to yourself by candlelight. Allow yourself to feel all those feels. Meditate on your story and blow the candle out. Spell completed.

Magickal Statements

Magickal statements can be curses, hexes, blessings, affirmations, or any other change you hope to manifest.

Let’s say you experience some kind of injustice at the hands of your co-worker, who we’ll call Jessica. And you feel Jessica needs retribution (if baneful magick isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine. This can apply to positive magick, as well).

Grab a sheet of paper and scribble your retribution over and over and over again until the entire paper is either completely covered (like totally blacked out and illegible) or rips from the intense emotional outpouring. “Jessica your hair will fall out and nobody will sell you a wig” sounds nice.

As you scribble whatever your retribution (or blessing) is over and over and over, the intense emotions you feel transfer into the writing. Once the words are put down to paper, its set in place. Rip it up and flush it down a toilet or throw it in a body of water running away from you. Or throw it in the trash, burn it, or whatever else feels appropriate.

As I noted above, this can apply to ANY intense emotion, so blessings can count here. Let’s say you hope you get the job you just applied for (hopefully its not where Jessica works). Take all that hope, wishing, positivity, light, and love and write over and over “XYZ
Company offers me the job I applied for” until you’ve blacked out the piece of paper and the words are no longer legible.

Magickal Sigils

I won’t go into super deep detail on using or creating sigils in this post, as I’ve already briefly touched on sigils before. But they would function the same as statements of magickal intent in this context.

Instead of scribbling your statement repeatedly until you can no longer read it, you would turn it into a sigil that encapsulates its meaning. Usually, you will meditate deeply on your sigil, committing it to the deepest layers of consciousness in your mind, so that it works for you without you consciously thinking about it.

Sigils are great for taking more complex thoughts or ideas and turning them into something simpler to use.

Magickal Written Art

This would be using written words or symbols to create visual images instead of utilizing lines to draw them. For instance, what if you wrote out the word ‘money’ in the shape of a coin or bag of money, to tie the word to what your ultimate intent is?

Or if you used a positive affirmation phrase such as ‘I am a being of light and power’ to draw the outlines of your body, or the sun, or some other meaningful object?

There are many ways to incorporate written word into art and visuals, beyond just playing with fonts. Get creative and look beyond words and visual art being separate. They need not be mutually exclusive.

Islamic calligraphy is famous for this, using words to create highly stylized and artistic images.

Example of zoomorphic arabic calligraphy, Caligrafia arabe pajaro from Yassine Mrabet

You could also approach this with alternative scripts. There are many scripts out there which are pictorial in nature, the most famous of which is the Egyptian hieroglyphs. The symbols in that language stood for both people and objects, as well as could be used to represent words or even letters.

You could use a script like Ogam or Runes, as well, to construct images out of the words you write in them.

You could also do this with poetry or stories you write. Let the words or letters become the characters or subjects and get whimsical with it.

To summarize, literally anything can be magick if you apply sufficiently focused intent and will. Learning to drill down to exactly what your intent and will are can often be the hardest part, and then all you need to do is focus them in a way that directs them toward your intended outcome.

The reason why not all fiction stories actually come true is that exact reason above. Without sufficient intent and will, Hogwarts will not materialize for us, nor will the shirtless guy with the chiseled jaw and ‘pulsing member’ on the cover of that book our moms are reading.

Another element of magickal writing to consider, which I did not cover here because I intent to write a post on it separately, is the creation and use of magickal inks. This is common amongst many witches or magicians, to use magickal ingredients in inks they make, in order to further seal and set their spells. Those inks might include such ingredients as blood (your own or someone/something else’s), plant extracts or oleums, moon water, essences of crystals, and so on.

If you love writing and it comes naturally, or even if it doesn’t and you want to get better at it, and want to use it more in your magick, but want some more ideas, I highly recommend checking out The Magickal Writing Grimoire by Lisa Marie Basile. She has some really great perspectives on writing for healing, magick, and ritual, as well as its full of writing prompts if you’re not sure where to start in your writing practice.

a spell to get rid of a terrible neighbor

Ok, so I don’t mean ‘get rid of’ like you think I mean. I mean ‘encourage them to leave your neighborhood’ kind of get rid of.

There’s one on every block or in every building. Someone we don’t get along with, someone who has utter disregard for noise levels, someone who lets their dog shit on your lawn and then doesn’t pick it up, they throw loud parties at all hours of the night, or maybe just someone actually committing crimes or attracting crime.

Not all of these are banishable offenses in my opinion. They might be things other types of magick would be more appropriate for, but again, its your neighborhood, so I can’t judge.

First, before getting any magick involved, ask yourself if you’re simply just being overly judgmental of this person. Are they just different than you, but pose no actual real threat to anyone’s safety or health? Is there a better, more diplomatic and non-magickal way of dealing with the problem, like talking to them?

Are you just mad because they live differently than you do? If its a matter of something like you not liking their gay pride flag, their skin color, their religion or their socioeconomic status, you are perhaps the terrible neighbor in this situation.

But, let’s say you have an actual real concern, like this person is a racist, sells drugs out of their house, is a child predator, or has actually caused or attempted to cause harm or damage to others or their property.

This stuff really exists in the world, and, no, we shouldn’t tolerate it. Especially if there are otherwise peaceable and hard-working people who genuinely care about the neighborhood and its safety.

There are probably lots of other equally concerning behaviors that might cause you to look into whether to use magick to rid yourself of an undesirable neighbor, so, most importantly, before doing anything that affects someone’s free will or behavior, ask yourself if this is really worth it, the best solution, and isn’t just the result of petty differences or inherent bias.

Also, if you are part of the problem, like you retaliate with an even louder stereo when they crank theirs, or you hurl insults at them from your balcony above after they did it to you, you risk this spell backfiring and you probably shouldn’t do it. So make sure that this is honestly a situation where you have no guilt in inciting the problem(s).

This spell is to just get someone to leave your neighborhood. Its not to harm them, cause them to experience bad things happening, or incite a tragedy that forces them to leave. If that’s what you’re looking for, no judgment, as baneful magick has its place and I don’t know your situation, but that’s not what this spell is.

This spell just makes someone want to leave and relocate elsewhere. This is best performed during the waning phase of the moon.

What You Will Need:

  • black salt (here’s how to make your own easily)
  • cayenne pepper
  • a piece of paper
  • something to write with
  • a fireproof bowl or cauldron
  • a lighter or matches

What You Will Do:

  1. Write the person’s full name on the paper. If you know other personal information about them, like birthdate, that’s good too. I also strongly encourage you to include their specific address.
  2. Light it on fire and let it burn to ash in the bowl/cauldron and repeat 3 times, with intense emotion:

“Stay no more,

Move away from here,

Be gone, be gone, be gone!”

While repeating that, envision the neighbor leaving and moving away.

3. Once all the ashes have smoldered out, dump them into your black salt. If you don’t have black salt prepared, but do have just sea salt or kosher salt, you can use these ashes to make black salt, but please do not use this black salt around your own property or home! Once you have added these specific ashes, it should only be used for the purpose of this spell.

4. Add about 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper.

5. You can grind it all up into an even finer grain in a mortar and pestle (this is what I do) or you can simply just stir them to mix them together. I personally feel like the finer it is, the less conspicuous it looks.

6. Sprinkle this mixture across the neighbor’s driveway, in front of their front door threshold, around their car(s), and even around their property if you can. Be very very careful if you live in a building with other people that you do not get any of the salt mixture on anyone else’s doorways, the stairs, or your own threshold. This stuff is potent.

a quick guide to candle magick

Candle magick is by far one of the easiest and most accessible forms of spell work. It requires so very little actual items or tools and can be done anywhere.

This will not just be another guide to which color of candle to use for a certain type of spell. This is more a process that you can begin to use right away to implement candle magick easily and safely.

Candles are an inexpensive magickal item and you can even find them at most regular stores, craft stores, and even places like Target. They’re typically cheap, come in a wide range of colors, and maybe even scents.

Besides a candle or a few, you’ll only need something to light it with. That’s it. Anything else you want to include in your candle magick is optional.

How to Perform a Basic Candle Spell


  1. You will need to define a specific outcome that you want. This is your intent. You should be able to write this out in one basic sentence. If you write it out and its more than one sentence or its longer than maybe a standard line on a piece of physical paper, its probably too long.
  2. Your intent should also only contain one outcome or goal. If you make it about two different things, your intent and will may have a hard time finding a specific target and you could risk muddling the results or getting nothing, or, worse yet, things going wrong.
  3. So, be as specific as possible in your intent.

The Candle Spell

  1. Center and ground yourself. (*hint, a wrote a book review previously about Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher and she gives very simple and easy to perform centering and grounding technique suggestions, but you can use anything you like that works for you).
  2. Once you feel you have sufficiently arrived into your body, you are focused and have cut the strings attached to whatever you were doing prior to this, let your mind clear, taking deep breaths until you feel your heart rate slow down and you are relaxed.
  3. At this point, you will need to raise energy. You can do this a myriad of ways. Dancing, drumming, singing, listening to music, chanting, visualizing, etc etc.
  4. Once you feel you have sufficiently raised your energy, hold your intended candle in your hands however feels intuitively the most comfortable to you. I like to put one hand above the other along the length of the candle, wrapping fingers tightly around it and pressing it into my palms, covering it completely.
  5. Now, you’ll visualize transferring as much of that wonderful energy you raised into the candle.
  6. As you do so, repeat your phrase of intent or a mantra (I just think it intently over and over, but you can also say it out loud), or simply something that symbolizes your intent. You should feel the energy transferring to the candle.
  7. After a few minutes, there will be a definite point where you feel the energy transfer slow or stop, and the candle has reached its saturation. You can choose to say a few words such as ‘This object now knows its purpose, my will be done’ but you don’t have to.
  8. Place the candle in a safe base and light it. Let it burn all the way down. Make sure you can be near it to monitor that it is safely burning. If you have to leave, blow it out and re-light it when you return, repeating your intent statement mentally or out loud as you light it.

That’s it!

Now, you can of course make this much more elaborate by adding herbs, oils, resins, carvings, symbols, or other things to the candle before lighting it, but it’s not required. If your intent and will are sufficiently infused with the candle, that’s really all you need.

Color Associations

Even though I said this post would really not be about which color candle is best for which type of spell, it also doesn’t hurt to include some basics here so you have it all in one place.


  • confidence
  • drawing attention
  • good fortune
  • passion
  • lust
  • courage
  • change
  • excitement
  • energy
  • fire element
  • celebration
  • victory
  • sex
  • transformation
  • seduction


  • happiness
  • friendship
  • intuition
  • creativity
  • sexual potency
  • material desires
  • warmth
  • fire element
  • attraction
  • celebration
  • business success
  • stimulation
  • new ideas/inspiration
  • abundance
  • optimism
  • wisdom
  • memory
  • kindness
  • legal issues
  • ambition
  • uncrossing
  • confidence
  • charm
  • encouragement
  • lively conversation
  • increase productivity


  • creativity
  • energy
  • learning
  • intelligence
  • wisdom
  • focus
  • attention
  • concentration
  • memory
  • logic
  • reason
  • clairvoyance
  • cheer
  • confidence
  • abundance
  • sun/solar energy
  • fire element
  • warmth
  • comfort
  • astral projection
  • harmony
  • faith
  • optimism
  • friendships
  • business matters
  • intuition
  • persuasion
  • removing obstacles


  • finances
  • money and wealth
  • business
  • career and employment
  • earth/environmental
  • earth element
  • luck
  • prosperity
  • success
  • fertility
  • garden
  • plants
  • growth of any kind
  • spring
  • health
  • heart
  • learning
  • jealousy/envy
  • starting something new
  • material goods


  • peace
  • communication
  • calm
  • water element
  • spiritual communication
  • angels
  • commitment
  • wisdom
  • the moon
  • intelligence
  • tranquility
  • devotion
  • healing
  • astral projection
  • will power
  • dreaming
  • guidance
  • justice
  • forgiveness
  • inner peace
  • truth


  • third eye
  • wisdom
  • intuition
  • spirit communication
  • astral travel
  • manifestations
  • knowledge
  • magick
  • royalty
  • air element
  • confidence
  • success
  • enlightenment
  • meditation
  • ascension
  • open-minded
  • psychic
  • spiritual protection
  • divination
  • justice
  • healing
  • power
  • removing curses
  • influence people of power


  • protection
  • focus
  • grounding
  • hexing
  • survival
  • cursing
  • banishing
  • binding
  • uncrossing
  • separation
  • cord cutting
  • releasing
  • assertiveness
  • strength
  • afterlife


  • can substitute for any other color if you only have white candles (white contains the entire color spectrum)
  • purification
  • cleansing
  • consecration
  • clarity
  • innocence
  • protection
  • divination
  • guidance
  • healing
  • wisdom
  • communicating with your higher self
  • hope
  • optimism
  • peace
  • new beginnings
  • lunar magic
  • air element
  • spirituality
  • confidence
  • spirit communication
  • truth
  • inspiration

Silver (also includes Gray usually)

  • psychic power or ability
  • manifesting
  • release negativity
  • protection
  • purification
  • divination
  • divine feminine
  • prophetic dreams
  • astral travel
  • astrology (to learn)
  • intuition
  • air or water element


  • success
  • wealth
  • financial gain
  • money matters
  • luck
  • vitality
  • masculine divine
  • solar energy
  • power
  • earth element


  • self-love
  • romance
  • attracting a partner
  • love
  • family relationships
  • friendship
  • peace
  • harmony
  • water or fire element
  • creative pursuits
  • marriage
  • sex
  • relationships
  • feminine
  • beauty
  • compassion
  • health (mental and physical)
  • healing a broken heart


  • protection of the home
  • home matters
  • hearth
  • material gain
  • business
  • career
  • legal matters
  • justice
  • pets
  • animals
  • physical healing
  • earth element
  • stability
  • grounding
  • concentration
  • learning new skills
  • making decisions
  • retribution/revenge

magickal uses of water

I’m a water sign and have a lot of water in my chart, as well, so, naturally, I find watery stuff soothing and appealing, as well as intuitive to work with.

I wanted to put this quick post together for anyone who hasn’t pondered the ways that water can be used in magickal practice, and this is by no means fully comprehensive, but will include probably the most common, as well as few uncommon, ways to use water.

On Your Altar

This is something that probably all of us do almost all the time because its pretty consistently practiced across most magickal path traditions, to have something representing each of the 4 elements on your altar, including just non-work dedication altars to ancestors or deities.

Most people have either a bowl or a chalice with water. Some people even just put a bottle of water on there, and others still, use just any old random cup. I think as long as its symbolically meaningful to you, it probably doesn’t matter what vessel itself is used to hold the water. Some materials are more symbolic than others to a particular deity, but you can customize this many ways. \I bought an inexpensive set of crystal stemware to use for the water offerings on my altars to ancestors and the deities I do any devotional work with, and I think its a nice touch, but I know not everyone has a budget for those things.

I have known people who use a vase of fresh cut flowers in water to represent their water and earth at the same time, which also beautifies the work space or dedication/offering, if that is what the flowers are for you.

For Protection

Water itself is inherently cleansing, but it also absorbs all manner of negative intentions or vibes, if its charged and purposed to do so.

One of the tips that I picked up from Sophie Reicher’s Spiritual Protection (read my review of it from yesterday here) was to keep a bowl of water by your front door when you are anticipating guests. It will help to grab and contain the energies they are bringing into your home, lowering the chances of them leaving behind unwanted and unpleasant energy.

She also mentions sleeping with a glass of fresh water by your bed each night to prevent unwanted spiritual visitors while sleeping. Dump it out into the toilet and flush it each morning after you wake up, then fill with fresh water again before sleeping. This is excellent for hotel rooms or traveling, when you can’t ward your entire space regulary.

Water can also be blessed to function as holy water or sacred water, and you can either purchase it already blessed from a local religious organization or bless it yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Holy water doesn’t technically have to be blessed by a priest or holy person, there are a number of non-denominational blessings you can find online (there is an excellent one in The Exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine McCarthy!!).

Water can be used to draw protective symbols on thresholds, windows, and mirrors, as well.

And, then water with salt added, particularly if you have also blessed the salt (that same book from McCarthy has blessings for both holy water and sacred salt), can even further add protection. You can use that to clean spaces, sprinkle in corners of rooms when cleansing and purifying, and to discourage evil or malevolent spirits or energies from entering your home or space.

Water can also be infused with various natural substances, like herbs, resins, plants, and crystals to use in spells involving protection, cleansing, abundance, and more. You can do a simple plant infusion by boiling the plant(s) in question in the water for 20 minutes, then removing from the heat, letting it cool to room temp, then straining the solids out and saving the infused water in an airtight jar in your fridge.


That brings me to my next point, which is that water is a purifier. As it is of the earth, and it is both one of the most destructive forces on earth, yet at the same time stimulates and feeds life, it is inherently powerful. Its all about the intent you put into this element.

I like to use spring water for my magickal work, especially that concerning purification, as it has not been adulterated or altered in any way. It is as close to the truest form of water found in the earth as possible, without actually going and collecting water from outdoors. I feel like spring water in a glass bottle retains better energetic properties than that stored in plastic, but in a pinch, again, its about the intent you instill in it.

Water collected from the earth, particularly that of a source of running water or catching rain water as it falls is even better, and even more energetically charged. If you can get that, do it! I know of people that order water from hot springs all over the country specifically for this purpose, if they cannot find any easily accessible sources in their area. You can also very easily set up a collection bowl or jars outdoors during rain to collect that which is free from the sky.

Moon water is a popular type of water used in spells, too. Put a jar or bottle of water out in the moonlight on a full moon (or a windowsill where the moon’s light will hit it) to charge the water with the energy of the full moon.

But, even if you can’t afford spring water in glass bottles regularly, and there is no clean outdoor source of running water near you, tap water is okay. Don’t worry too much about this. If you get hung up on using tap water, thinking its not magickal, then guess what? It’s not magickal. If you doubt yourself, your magick won’t work.

One caution I have is don’t drink water you collect from an outdoor source unless you sanitize it first by boiling it. While those sources are not typically contaminated by stuff we add to municipal water supplies like chlorine or the lead in our pipes, they are usually overflowing with microbes and other substances that may not be the best for you to consume.

I also recently started doing a ritual purification each day using spring water in a bowl with essential oils or my Release spell oil, along with water-safe crystals as a way to freshen myself up energetically for the day. You could easily do this in your bathroom or kitchen sink with the drain stopped, fill it with water and ritually cleanse your hands, arms, face, etc.

As An Offering

Don’t forget your ancestors and deities! A simple act such as filling a fresh goblet or cup of cool water each day for your ancestors and deities can go a long way to keeping them happy, and in your life, and honoring them with your attention.

This is another place I like to use spring water and my line of thinking is that if I can afford it, I can show them they matter to me by purchasing something higher quality, similar to the concept of burning ancestor money. I don’t view it as throwing money away.

Yes, I could use tap water and it wouldn’t cost me anything, but if I’m in a position to purchase spring water, then I should because my ancestors deserve it. If they make my life abundant, I should share some of that abundance and a $2 bottle of spring water each week is one small token of that appreciation. Plus, one of my grandmas is just petty enough to ignore me if she feels like I’m not making the effort lol

Now, please do not interpret that as saying if you don’t use some foo foo spring water, you don’t love your ancestors. Your ancestors know what you can afford and what your situation is. If it is truly a stretch for you, they are not going to get mad about tap water. I have friends who offer tap water and easy mac. Its not gonna be the end of the world.

However, there is no shame in saying to your ancestors, “I really want to be able to offer you more expensive offerings. Can you help me find ways to bring more money into my life, so that I can honor you by sharing it with you?” This works, really. Try it sometime.

But, I think what I’m trying to say about this is if you make 6 figures and your life is materially wealthy and your ancestors get tap water but they know you could be giving them better offerings, maybe don’t skimp. Its my experience that the more thought I put into what I offer them, the more they reciprocate with blessings in my life and my home.

On the subject of offerings, also consider putting a few drops of your favorite (or your deity’s favorite) essential oil into a water offering to add some beautiful or personalized aroma to the altar space.

So, hopefully you can take away some ways to work with the water element daily or in ritual/spell work!

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