full moon in scorpio: how to make it work for you

this week on thursday, may 7th, 2020 the (super) full moon will arrive in scorpio, but what does that mean for you?

scorpio is one of those signs that just exudes sexy. as a water sign, its pure passion, but heavily emotional, too. its going to affect your need for intimacy, sex, sexual expression, and connection.

it can also impact desires, both good and bad, so watch out for temptations that may cause you to stray from an otherwise good situation.

you’re also going to feel some rebellious tendencies, and not just because quarantine got you desperate. this is also exerted from the scorpio full moon. you might push back against your superiors at work, people crossing your boundaries in relationships or friendships, or randos on the subway who can’t stop staring.

this full moon’s energy will be felt most by scorpios, but also by their opposition sign, taurus.

this is a great time for:

  • passion with a partner
  • figuring out exactly what you want from your next partner(s)
  • speaking your truth
  • establishing your boundaries

if you’re in a relationship, now is a great time to deepen your connection to any partners you are involved with. you’ll come out of this time strengthened and even closer. open up to each other, and use intimacy and passion to your advantage here (hint, i posted a full moon sex magick money spell this week that you might wanna check out).

if you’re single and looking, communication and transparency are key to any dates or connections you are making. being open with any potential partners will really go a long way to improving any foundations you are building right now.

at work, draw your lines and be yourself. this is the perfect energy to take advantage of establishing who you are and what you will tolerate from friends, colleagues, and even superiors. let your inner self shine bright to those around who you may not be aware of just how amazing you are.

above all else, be super passionate about what you love, who you love, and anything else that makes you you. this is a very advantageous time for self-expression and pursuit of passions of all kinds.