what is forest therapy?

i’m glad you asked. ’cause i’m about to tell you all about this.

forest therapy is something that probably a lot of us have done and not realized it. but its exactly what it sounds like.

forest therapy, or you might hear it called forest bathing, is spending time around the high vibrations of the forest to raise your own internal energy and vibrations, as well as the added benefits of the cleaner air.

during forest therapy, you’re exposed to the microvibrations from the trees, plants, animals, underground water, and, of course, the earth beneath your feet.

you might sit in one place and experience this, or you might wander along as just another part of the ecosystem.

forest therapy may be guided or unguided. if you do a guided session, and i would recommend this at least once because its neat, you may be asked to pick a solitary spot and meditate on a particular topic, or you may spend time coming into contact with the life forms in the forest to pick up on their energy and vibes.

many people report being healed or a overcoming mild to serious health problems through simply undergoing forest therapy. while there are no studies that have really looked at health outcomes from forest therapy, it certainly cannot hurt you to go outside and get some fresh air if you’re not feeling well, but please consult your healthcare provider before beginning or changing medical therapies if you are being treated for a medical condition.

forest therapy can also be thought of as an opportunity to connect with the life in the forest. if you’ve ever put your palms on a tree trunk or sat near a stream, you’ve likely experienced the rush of communication coming from those sources, which we may not normally pick up in our ‘normal’ environments, especially if we live in urban or suburban areas.

forest therapy can often be combined with things like earthing (walking barefoot on the earth to absorb the positively charged ions there).

the forest is an AMAZING place for magick and spells because its so high vibe and already full of magick itself.

you might also find that the forest is a place that heals emotional or psychological wounds. it makes us see a much larger and more powerful element beyond ourselves, and realize that we are but a part of the whole. i know i often forget all about things i’m stressed about or negative feelings or thoughts i’ve held onto once i’m immersed in the forest.

something about the forest just makes me feel still. i am always in awe of the enduring life there, which is older than me by far, and probably many older than the length of time humans have existed in my city even.

when i was a young witch and unsure of where my path would lead me, the forest was always a reminder that i leaned toward green witchery, even if i dabbled in other paths as well.

i hope this post encourages more people to get out and explore the forests around their area. now is the perfect time to absorb the positive vibes of nature and be part of the stillness there.