6 magickal properties of amethyst crystal

Amethyst is probably one of the most common crystals that people buy when they are first exploring things like crystal healing or magick. Its a great basic and well-rounded crystal for a handful of reasons.

Amethyst for third eye opening

One of the most well-known uses of amethyst is its connection to the third eye and psychic abilities. If this is an area you are currently working on developing skill in, using amethyst crystals during meditation or divination can help you tune in and be more open to messages.

Amethyst for dream enhancement

Because if its strong connection to psychic abilities and the spirit world, it also works as an excellent antennae to receive prophetic or psychic dreams, or even to help you develop lucid dreaming skills.

Try meditating with it just before bed, stating firm intentions such as ‘I will have psychic dreams tonight,’ ‘My spirit guides will send me important information while I sleep,’ or ‘I will have lucid dreams tonight.’

You can also place a small piece of amethyst under your pillow or on a bedside table to bring on dreaming.

Amethyst for calming

In addition to working on the third eye, amethyst also helps to soothe nerves and keep you calm when you’re nervous or feeling stressed out.

You can keep some amethyst on your desk at work to help you deal with typical workplace energies, or carry it with you when you travel to dispel nerves about your trip, as it is also said to protect travelers.

Amethyst for transforming

Not transforming yourself, but more like transforming an emotion or feeling that is unpleasant or negative into something positive or higher vibe.

Hold an amethyst palm stone or orb and visualize the emotion you want to transform and then what it is transforming into. All emotion is energy and all energy is constant. It cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed (or transmuted) to another form.

Amethyst for intuition

To add to the effects it has on the third eye, amethyst also supports our own innate intuitive abilities, helping us better tune into that inner voice and its messages.

If you tend to struggle with opening up intuition, or even hearing/feeling it, trying holding an amethyst crystal and repeating an affirmation such as ‘I am intuitive and receive helpful information from my higher self.’

Amethyst for protection

This deep purple stone is also known for spiritual and psychic protection, particularly from curses, hexes, and the evil eye.

Should you find yourself the target of another magickal practitioner’s ire (because, while we all want to believe that the witchy community is one big welcoming family, there are those among us who can be petty about perceived slights, or even very real threats or insults from others), wearing amethyst jewelry that’s been charged with your intention or hanging protection wards around your home or vehicle that include amethyst can help to dispel those negative energies and repel them.