4 ways to honor RBG that actually make a difference

Well, shit. So that happened and its awful. A fearless warrior goddess nobody saw coming, Ruth Bader Ginsburg blazed trails for women. She set new bars and she busted through glass ceilings nobody before her had. May she rest in peace.

She embodied the fight for equality and inclusion. She fought to provide a voice for those who didn’t have one.

And she spent her last days doing the work that needed to be done. She loved our democracy. She fought for it. She saw the threat of the current administration for what it is: fascism thinly disguised as patriotism. And that is what is on the ballot in November. Fascism or freedom.

While the political scene quickly devolved into pointing fingers, name-calling across the aisle, and maneuvering to attempt to stack the court with another conservative-leaning judge, I spent some time thinking about how we, warrior goddesses in our own right, can honor her by carrying on her work and making a difference.

So I’ve put together this list of ways you can get involved or honor RBG and make a difference in our country at the same time. Sharing a post or meme is great, but it does literally nothing to change the outcome of the pending election or influence politicians. So please please please, in addition to posting online, take ACTUAL ACTION.

Send a Letter or Email to Your Representatives to Delay a Vote for Supreme Court Justice

Precedent was set in 2016 by Republican Mitch ‘I look like an evil fucking turtle’ McConnell to delay the appointment of a Supreme Court vacancy during an election year. And that is what we’re asking for right now.

You can use this super simple Resist Bot to automatically send emails on your behalf to your reps by texting ‘RBG’ to 50409. You will just be asked to provide your name, address and email so that the emails are sent to the correct representative. It takes literally 2 minutes of your time and is the least you can do, but still has an enormous impact. And then share that info with everyone you know.

Go Fucking Vote

Seriously. If you hate the way our country is heading straight into fascism, go vote. In 2016, so many people didn’t vote because they thought there was no way Trump could get elected. They thought he was a joke. They assumed everyone else would vote, so their one vote wouldn’t make a difference.

In the 2016 election, the highest demographic of voter turnout was people 65 years and older (71% of votes cast), compared to only 46% of votes cast by 18-29 year olds. Only 12% of votes cast were from non-Hispanic black voters compared to 73% of votes cast coming from non-Hispanic white voters.

Motherfucking old white boomers got their way in that election, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves if we don’t show up and vote. If you want your demographic to be represented, start with yourself.

Help Others Vote

So let’s say you did vote. And let’s say you’re planning to vote this year, too. What about your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else in an under-represented demographic? Have you checked on them to make sure they’ve either requested their mail-in ballot or have reliable transportation to the polls on Tuesday, November 3rd 2020?

Can you help younger people in your area or in under-represented demographic groups register to vote? Join or support an organization like League of Women Voters or Let America Vote to level the playing field and help to fight voter suppression.

If you or someone you know is not yet registered to vote, or you think you or someone you know may have been removed from voting rolls in your or their precinct, you can go to https://www.vote.org/voter-registration-deadlines/ to see what the deadline is in your state to register to vote and what is required to register. Most states offer online registration.

Can you provide rides to disadvantaged people in your area?

Can you work with local officials to guarantee safe and no- or low-cost public transportation to the polls for people who wish to vote in person?

Can you help collect ballots from people who are homebound?

Can you think of other ways you can increase voter turnout in minority, women, and younger age groups to really turn the tides this election season? Get involved any way you can.

Inform Yourself About Gender Equality Cases

In case you’re like most people and just don’t have time to keep up with the latest in the fight for gender equality, you can take a look at past cases that went to the Supreme Court about gender equality issues by going here: https://civilrights.findlaw.com/discrimination/gender-discrimination-u-s-supreme-court-cases.html

You can also head over to the ACLU’s Women’s Rights page and take a look at past and present efforts, facts about gender equality and discrimination, and the pending cases and legislation on these topics.

I also highly encourage you to donate, even if its just a few dollars a month. If we all did that, it would have a huge impact on their efforts, and not only do they fight for gender equality, but they are huge proponents of racial equality, LGBTQ rights, human rights, and so many other critical issues that we need to preserve in our democratic system.

And then please share this post with anyone who needs this information. This year, more than ever, democracy and American freedoms are at stake and we have to get involved. Nobody has the luxury of just not getting involved anymore.