a spell to create a home guardian

this is an idea i ran across in Intuitive Witchcraft, by Astrea Taylor. and i tagged the page corner to remind myself to go back and revisit it at some point. the need to put protection on my home had been on my mind, but it hadn’t been a priority at that point.

so, fast forward to this past weekend and i had a super unnerving experience that basically made it plainly clear to me that i needed to take this seriously. i won’t go into details because its a long story of interconnected events which culminated in me being glad i had at least put black salt across my doorways, but left me feeling as if i would eventually need more than that.

back to the point: what is a home guardian and why would you need to create one?

what is a home guardian?

this is, in essence, a piece of you, your energy to be exact, that you focus intently on the purpose of guarding your home. this can be for the purpose of spiritual or metaphysical guards, or physical guardianship.

this guardian that you create is whatever you want it to be. its a creature, its a force, its an elemental, its literally whatever you picture keeping you the safest. maybe you want a giant velociraptor that won’t hesitate to shred anyone or anything unwanted from your doorstep.

or maybe you want a killer bunny a la Monty Python. or maybe its a large, frightening tiger prowling your porch.

it could be simply a fierce lightning storm that appears when your home needs protecting, or a dragon with the requisite wings and fire, but also laser beams in its eyes.

it can be something that scares, something that just protects, something that repels, or all of those.

you get the point. be as creative and imaginative as you want or need. if your guardian needs to have certain qualities and aspects that uniquely fit your living situation, then include those.

the home guardian is there to protect the barrier, the threshold. but maybe also the entire perimeter.

thresholds have long been considered liminal spaces or ‘spaces between’ by many cultures, meaning that they exist neither inside nor outside. they represent a physical, spiritual, and metaphysical transition from one ‘realm’ to another, even if you think its just your front door.

thresholds carry significant weight spiritually when they are protected with magickal forces, trust me. i found this out (to my relief) recently.

this home guardian’s job is to follow your very specific instructions for exactly who or what is allowed in (or even out).

why might you need to create a home guardian?

well, chances are, if you’re practicing magick, you’re bound to be noticed at some point, by others who practice, and perhaps even others who mostly exist outside the physical human plane.

think of it like lighting a beacon that shines to let everyone else who has the special ability to see your beacon know that you’re awesome, but also that you’ve got some power and not afraid to use it.

this will eventually attract beings, spirits, what have you to check you out. most will be friendly or at least neutral, some will not. and without protection around your home, particularly your thresholds, you’re vulnerable to whoever or whatever wants to wander in and take a peek.

you would want to create a home guardian in instances that you consider your home your sacred ground, your sanctuary. if you are protective and highly aware of who or what you allow in your home, then consider creating a home guardian.

you might also want to create a home guardian if you seem to stir up enemies, or perhaps even just a lot of people who don’t like you.

in this case, you’re the common denominator, so maybe examine why everyone seems to wish you ill, but also, still protect yourself, in the case that its actually not you, its them. people can send all kinds of nastiness your way and once it arrives, its too late to create a home guardian.

you could also do this out of concern for your safety and that of your family from the living. maybe you live in a bad neighborhood, maybe you’ve got an ex that just won’t heed his restraining order, or maybe you have very solid reasons not to trust people. all of those are also valid circumstances for creating a home guardian.

how do you create your home guardian?

this will start with you grounding and centering yourself. you will need to find somewhere comfortable that you can be relaxed and meditate, and will be uninterrupted for some time.

i also recommend you find an object that you will give this guardian a home. this object can be a statue, a talisman you hang by your door, a painting, whatever you want, or whatever seems fitting. you’ll want to have this with you as you begin to meditate.

the first step is to create this guardian in your mind. go deep into meditation and shed your worries and fears temporarily so that you can be more effective at transmitting your messages to your guardian.

picture every detail about this guardian that is relevant and important to you.

what is it? how big is it? what special powers does it have? what color? fur? scales? feathers? some combination of those? does it carry it a weapon? does it have a name (i recommend naming it)? what exactly does it do when it encounters someone or something that you don’t want in your home?

also consider if there is a specific cultural element to your guardian that is important to you. is there an animal, element, or spirit that your ancestors revered or considered particularly protective of the home? perhaps they were onto something.

be very detailed. and this could even be something you sit down beforehand and write out. you might even want to sketch it or draw it if you’re artistically inclined. just make it something that intuitively works for you.

make sure you are holding the object you have selected at this point.

remaining in meditation and visioning, now that you have its image created, interact with it. let it come to life in your mind. call it by its name. sit with it. tell it exactly what you need it to do. give it specific names of people if needed. or make it vague if necessary.

be sure to specify who IS allowed in (you don’t want Fluffy to scare your kids, spouse, or pets, but maybe your mother-in-law is fair game?).

make all of these directions and needs very crystal clear to the guardian you have created. also make it clear that when it is not needed, it can ‘live’ or retreat to its object, which will function as its home. picture the object you are holding as one with your guardian.

it is paramount that in this part of the process you create extremely firm boundaries for what the guardian is and is not allowed to do, and where it is or is not allowed to go. nothing is worse than someone’s guardian running amok in your neighborhood or apartment building because they didn’t create the necessary precautions to prevent it from straying.

also, if you live in a building such as an apartment, make sure your guardian understands its boundaries and isn’t scaring neighbors off from their own front doors, which might happen to be very close to yours.

remain in this vision for as long as you need to make sure your expectations are established and clear. when you feel satisfied, thank your guardian for its service, welcome it to your space, and place it in its object/home. place the object wherever it will function best in your home, such as hanging on the wall directly next to your front door, or on a table inside your entryway. whatever works best for you.

upkeep of your guardian

you will need to refill the energetic cup of the guardian regularly. remember, as part of you and your energy, it needs to be fed in order to continue to do its job.

this upkeep could consist of sitting with it in meditation and visualization, re-affirming its purpose and your specific needs.

you could also stop by it and place your hands on it as you leave or return home, re-connecting and recharging it.

but make sure you feed it, so that it can continue to do its job đŸ™‚


once you no longer need the guardian, don’t just leave it in place. this can cause horrible consequences should you move away, or should it encounter others that you had not prepared directions for.

removing the guardian is as simple as going back into your meditative vision and communicating with your creation that it has served you well, thank it, and then dismantle the energy you put into it, taking it back into yourself.

any objects you attached its duties to should be energetically cleansed and purified at that point, as well.