A spell to call back your energy

What’s up, witches? It has been some time since I’ve written here, and I have no other excuse than I was in a funk. I mean, a deep, apathetic-state-of-mind kind of funk. I’m digging myself out of it, but, in doing so, I’ve been realizing that what started the whole thing was in no small part to me giving away my time, energy, power, and precious space in my head to people and places that didn’t deserve it, or weren’t reciprocating.

And so, I found it necessary to call back that energy. Necessary to call back that power. It wasn’t given freely by me, rather poached and stolen by others who had to intention of giving anything back, or even saying a simple thanks. Energy vampires are all around, and sometimes they end up being some of the people closest to us.

Being that it’s Samhain today/tomorrow, plus its a full moon, you just can’t get much better timing than that to take back what’s yours.

What you will need:

  • a yellow candle (a white candle can substitute for any other color in a pinch)
  • a lighter or matches
  • optional: paper and pencil/pen if you want to write out a list of names/jobs/places etc specifically

What you will do:

  1. If you’re writing out your list of people, places, or things from which you are calling back your energy, write that all down first. Have the list in front of you.
  2. Raise your energy however you prefer.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. Say out loud 3 times:

“I call back my energy and power from those who took it without my consent [here is where you can name specific names, or simply picture those individuals or groups in your mind]

I call back my energy and power from previous jobs or employers that did not acknowledge my contributions* 

I call back my energy and power from regret and guilt of my past decisions*

I sever all energetic ties to those people and places and will no longer let them access my energy and power. On them, I close the door.

I sever all energetic ties to those people and places and will no longer give them my energy power, no more. 

May my energy and power blow back to me on the currents of the air

May my energy and power grow back to me through the layers of the earth 

May my energy and power burn brightly in the flames of fire 

May my energy and power flow back to me on the waves and rains of water”

*these lines are optional, and examples of specific situations you might want to include if relevant, but leave them out if they aren’t relevant to you

5. As you say the spell out loud, create a strong vision in your mind of a high vibration white light flowing into your heart chakra and spreading throughout your body, humming with intensity and energy. Let this light fill you, cover you, and raise your vibrations until you feel full, as if you could not take on any more energy.

6. Once you have completed calling back your energy, snuff out the candle, and picture cutting all energetic ties to the people, places, or things you named or listed.

After the spell, consider taking a ritual bath, spending some time doing things for yourself, and/or just relaxing.

Happy Samhain!!

10 magickal ways to use dandelion

If you think dandelions are just a weed, think again! These hardy, bold little flowers are not only completely edible, but contain a whole host of herbal, medicinal, and magickal properties.

You Can Eat Every Part of the Dandelion Plant

This is one of the coolest things about the dandelion. Many flowering plants are partially edible, particularly the petals or perhaps the leaves, too, but the dandelion is completely edible. You can eat the flowering part, the leaves/stem, and the roots!

The flower heads have a mild sweet flavor and make a great tea which can have diuretic effects, as well as can be used to make wine.

Dandelion leaves are commonly eaten on salads or sandwiches, and the roots can be used to make tea, support healthy liver function, and bile production.

*none of the information on this website is meant to be used as health or medical advice and should not be used to treat or cure medical problems. Consult a qualified healthcare provider before consuming any plants or medicines.

You Can Make Wishes With Dandelions

I don’t know if I know anyone who hasn’t picked up a dandelion that has turned from yellow to its fluffy white cloud of seeds and blown them into the wind. But did you know that you can make a wish (which is kind of a spell, right?) while you do that?

This is a great spur of the moment and budget spell that virtually all of us can do if we happen upon a seeded dandelion while outdoors.

Picture your intended outcome, blow the seeds into the wind and picture them carrying your wish out into the universe.

You Can Enhance Your Psychic Ability

Dried dandelion flowers, leaves, and roots can be made into a tea to open up our receptivity to information downloads from spirit or universal consciousness.

You can also keep the dried flowers or herb in a sachet under your pillow to enhance psychic dreams.

Drink a dandelion tea before reading cards, bones, working with the pendulum, or other forms of divination.

You Can Use Dandelion to Communicate With Spirits

The dried flower placed on your altar or workspace will aid in calling spirits. The dandelion tea mentioned above can also enhance your ability to communicate with spirits.

If you keep dandelions with you or near you, you may be more likely to invite spirits to visit with you.

You Can Use Dandelion to Let Go of Thoughts and Habits

Just like the wish, you can visualize a particular bad habit or negative thought process flowing from you into the dandelion, and, as you blow the fluffy cloud of seeds away, blowing away what you want to let go of.

This can help you to offload negativity, limiting thoughts or behaviors, or other things that hold you back.

You Can Use Dandelion to Become Stronger

If you find yourself with a lack of boldness, courage, or assertiveness, incorporate dandelion into spells or meditations that are geared toward increasing your ability to stand your ground, stand up for yourself, and get what you want in life, relationships, and careers.

If you think about how dandelions are often viewed as an invasive weed, and are difficult to eradicate once they show up, you can draw from that strength and assertiveness of the plant to call those qualities to yourself.

You Can Connect to Hecate Better With Dandelion

Dandelions have historically been associated with a number of goddesses, but very closely to Hecate, especially in her triple goddess form.

The dandelion can help you connect to your three selves (higher self, shadow self, and mundane self).

You can make offerings of dandelion wreaths, teas, or other creative crafts to give to the goddess.

Use Dandelions on Your Altar in a Spring Beltane Bouquet

These colorful blooms make an excellent addition to bouquets of freshly picked flowers to place on your Beltane altar, or around your home on Beltane.

Dandelions do wilt quickly, so you may only have these bright blossoms for a day or two, and its best to gather them the day you want to display them.

Use Dandelions to Bring Sun Year-Round

Dandelion has solar energy, so is most associated with spring and summer rituals, but you can also use it to bring a little sun to the rest of your year when things get darker and colder.

If you gather a bunch of them during the warmer months, you can press them between the pages of old books so that they will dry out and remain preserved for when you need to add some sun to your magick or just to your life later in the year.

Use Dandelions to Welcome Helpful Spirits

Because of their aforementioned connection to spirits and spirit communication, placing dandelions in bouquets in your home or creating wreaths or art with dried dandelions can aid in creating a welcoming environment for beneficial spirits, such as ancestors and spirit guides.

Because of their cheerful disposition and bright color, these are also good for making yourself feel welcome and comfortable in your space.

the ethics of witching

let’s go there for a minute.

when people think about ethics related to witchery, we tend to think of the use of what some refer to as ‘dark’ witchcraft, such as curses, hexes, binding, or other types of magickal practice that affect or control another human being and/or their free will.

other ethical considerations of witchery, though, include, but are not limited to:

  • using animal parts in practice
  • using human parts in practice
  • appropriation of another culture’s practices without respect for the culture of origin
  • sexual misconduct of ‘mentors’ or other positions of power, taking advantage of others’ trust
  • children or minors involved in various ways in the craft that may be inappropriate

so needless to say, there are a number of ways we can approach ethics, and each of us has to make our decisions about where we stand on most of these, but i think its safe to say that there are some lines that, ideally, all of us should be drawing, but are not consistently happening.

sexual or other forms of abuse need to stop.

okay, so there are a TON of gray areas in this, and i would like to think that we’re all consenting adults in whatever we choose to do. but, the reality is that, as those of us who have been in situations elsewhere in life involving sexual harassment and sexual assault know, consent flies out the window the second the abuser or harasser is in a position of power relative to the victim. always. full stop. there is never an exception or ‘but what if…’ to this one.

if you or anyone you know is using your relative power or status to coerce another person into ANYTHING they would not normally do otherwise, including but not limited to nudity, sexual acts, participation in events or rituals, castings, or else, you are an abuser. and anyone who witnesses and doesn’t do anything about it, is your enabler at best, and an accomplice, at worst.

i like being naked, its great and fun, and so is sex. and if magick and sex go together for you, that’s awesome, too. there should never be an unwilling participant. ever. every time i have asked my husband to participate in any sex magick i have always asked him. and when he initially replied ‘well, i’ve never done that but, sure, i’ll give it a shot,’ my reply was, ‘only if you feel comfortable.’

any kind of act within magickal practice should always occur under consent throughout from all participants, and the conditions under which it occurs need to be structured so that all participants feel comfortable voicing their discomfort, should it arise.

i won’t say that men are the problem, but i will say as a woman, women understand this much better than men do, in my experience.

women are typically much better at making sure everyone is comfortable throughout an experience and checking in with participants during than men, who assume that unless you speak up, you’re consenting, which we all 100% know is not always the case.

and this is probably because, statistically, 75% of women have been in situations where they absolutely didn’t feel comfortable, but also didn’t feel as if they could speak up and voice a concern.

taking or appropriating another culture’s religious, spiritual, or magickal practices without giving appropriate attribution and respect

is absolutely never okay, especially if you are profiting from it. there are many many cultures in which forms of witchcraft are practiced and they each come with their own inherited and cultural considerations for those practices. if you want to learn about them and learn from them, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

but if you want to profit off of them with products or services without giving proper due, that’s never okay. ask yourself if you would want someone taking your cultural history and practices and passing them off as something else without respecting you, your family, your ancestors, and your heritage?

and then we get to the really gray areas that i think we can all argue about all day long, but at the end of the day, we have to make some tough decisions about where this weighs on our conscience:

initiating children into practices when they are minors.

as a legal rule, minors cannot give consent for virtually anything. they’re minors and the government views them as property of their parents or legal guardians.

i have some personal reservations about viewing any human being as property of another, but as a parent, i also fully understand that minors do stupid shit and sometimes have stupid ideas (including my formerly minor self in that, as well).

so, sometimes parents need to make these decisions for them. religion and spirituality, however, feels icky if its a decision we make for someone else, though, at least to me.

if my son expressed interest in my beliefs, i would have no problem explaining to him and referring him to further reading so he could make informed decisions for himself, but i would never just say ‘hey, i think you should look into this.’ and then bring him along for full moon spells and rituals.

where i think this is okay is if a child expressed on their own an interest and there are some activities they can do that are age appropriate, then, yeah, absolutely. but it should never be a decision that’s made for them, however, that’s just my personal opinion formed from a personal autonomy point of view. this stems heavily from my embrace of The Satanic Temple tenets, the third of which states:

“one’s body is inviolable, and subject to one’s own will alone.”

the use of animal or human parts.

so this tends to be a topic that causes a chasm in some parts of the magickal and pagan community.

in an ideal situation, all human and animal parts should be ethically acquired, meaning you didn’t have to kill a person in order to get their teeth and there’s no live animal sacrifice happening, but we all know there are seriously divergent views on this that stem from cultural experience and practice.

hell, my own viking and northern european pagan ancestors sacrificed the fuck out of some animals and humans throughout history and before christianity took over their ancestral practices, so its not even like i can claim i’m clean on this one, and probably nobody else can, either.

i’m also personally an omnivore and eat meat from animals daily, and would never be so hypocritical to say that i won’t use animal parts in my practice, but i will do what i do when i acquire animal products to eat, which is to look into the supplier, their ethical history and practices and make the best judgment call i can with the information i have. if it doesn’t seem right, i don’t participate or buy.

human parts are a little more vague, because lots of people ‘donate their bodies to science’ or expire from ‘natural causes’ and apart from official morgue records, which we can only hope are true and verified, we really can’t know if they were ethically harvested unless you were there at the time, which begs the question: wtf were you really doing there?? lol

magick that controls the will of another person.

this includes hexes, curses, bindings, and so on. these are often referred to as ‘dark magick’ but in reality, magick itself is neutral, the intent of the user is what may be termed ‘dark’ or ‘light.’

its my opinion that all of these have a place. i also don’t at all believe in the ‘rule of 3.’ if you cast a curse or hex on someone and you regret it for even a second, then its absolutely going to backfire and come back on, you. that’s my experience. so just make sure its absolutely 100% what you really want.

i’m not going to hypocritically sit here and say i would never curse someone, either. i personally don’t know anyone right now that i would want to go through the energy expensive process of placing a curse on, but i can’t say that i never will know someone like that, present federal administration excluded. i can tell you i 1000% would curse someone that hurts my kid. no question. i hope they feel the pain of a 1000 deaths before feeling the pain of their actual death.

but i have friends who couldn’t even grasp the concept of that, even if it was their own kids.

my vast life experience has taught me that most people are their own curse. really. they’re miserable fucks that hate themselves and are hollow inside and you don’t actually need to take the time or energy to curse them, because their lives already suck, even if you think they don’t.

if you’re the kind of person that likes to curse others just because you’re the actual miserable fuck, well, then why are you even reading a post about ethics? or maybe you counter curse someone who curses you? does that balance the karmic scales? (btw, i don’t have the answer to that question just yet…)

this might also include love spells, and, honey, if he doesn’t love you without a spell, do you really want him? maybe that’s the universe screaming in your face that he’s just one giant walking red flag…

but what about spells that ‘encourage’ another person to do something that’s of benefit to them, like casting a spell to get your spouse to look for a better job because they’re miserable where they are but they feel stuck on their own, or a spell to get your neighbor to clean up their trashy-looking yard…

i can’t tell you how to approach those because i’m not you and i don’t know those people. but these things still fall under the category of you controlling someone else’s free will, so weigh the karmic outcome on these things carefully.

so that sort of sums up where there are some potential problems that are obvious, but then keep in mind, as with any supply chain and growth of consumer interest in a particular subject or industry, there will absolutely be impacts on human welfare, such as mining those beautiful crystals you like to buy, or growing and harvesting the herbs you buy in bulk, and so forth.

there is absolutely no way that any of us can live and operate in our modern world without impacting another life- human, animal, or plant. so, beyond that, i think barring the actual illegal acts that fall under sexual assault or harassment and the actual illegal harvesting of animal/human parts, we need to decide where we stand. there’s probably no completely right or wrong answer.

self doubt is what’s blocking you

self doubt is something we all experience about virtually all aspects of our lives at some point. it could be about relationships, our self worth, our appearance, our abilities, and our knowledge.

and its not that this is specific to magickal or spiritual practice, because self-doubt happens in all areas of our lives, as i just said, but if you’re experiencing blocks in that specific pursuit, then start with your own self-perception.

i’ve written before about shadow work, and that is 100% going to be foundational to your ability to push through and past your own obstacles, but here are some other things to consider, that i’ve had a number of conversations about lately:

  1. you are powerful. i don’t care who you are, where you’re from, and whether you’ve ever been spiritual before. you have innate power and you are connected to everything around you, which is also powerful. the potential is there. you just have to let it work.
  2. you can be whoever you want. if you’re young and still trying to find a peer group to fit in, i’m sorry. i know what that felt like, especially if you haven’t quite figured yourself out- because that can take a while, and nobody expects you to have this figured out yet. people can and will judge, and the internet is full of people who think they know what’s best for you. if you’re of any age, and just simply afraid to be who you really are inside, i’ve also been through that. now more than ever, we need to embrace and let ourselves shine, otherwise, there’s a massive war going on inside your head and you’re on the losing side.
  3. you are worthy. whatever it is you hope to gain from this spiritual or magick path you’re on, you can get it. you deserve the things you ask for as long as you believe you deserve them. (but be careful what you ask for, because sometimes the universe sends you what you need, not necessarily what you want).
  4. magick and spiritual connection are not owned or limited to a select few. this is for everyone. some people are naturally adept and things work easily for them, others need to practice and build confidence before things start to work. the key word there was confidence. believe in you, and believe in your ability to make this work, and it will. don’t let anyone tell you its not in your birth chart, or you don’t ‘have’ it, whatever ‘it’ is.
  5. be unafraid. no matter what happens, you are powerful and capable, and you can always ask those in your community (magickal or otherwise) for help with problems, or things that don’t go your way. yes, magick and spiritual matters can go wrong, but they are rarely life-threatening (although, let’s be honest, we would be fools to think they aren’t in some cases). we all mess up, make mistakes, and learn from them.

how do you get out of your own way?

one of the biggest things that helped me, and still does anytime i’m feeling that doubt creep in over a new idea or undertaking, is grounding, meditation, and visualization. i’m a big fan of this method.

these are honestly some of the most potent tools a solitary practitioner has in her toolbag. if you don’t have the luxury of learning from someone else on a regular basis, or you just prefer to strike out on your own, get to know your body, your mind, and your spirit well with some solid foundations you need to lay.

its important to ground yourself before and after any intense meditation or visualization, because these can be remarkably energy intensive, and if you’re already sensitive or an empath, it may make you feel as if you’ve been run over by a truck afterward.

visualizations that i’ve done that have been helpful include:

  • visualize your power; its source within you, its color, its shape; you don’t have to visualize yourself doing anything with it, but visualize its existence; know it, and know its there when you need to call on it
  • visualize your success; this is something life coaches and motivational speakers have used for decades to get people to overcome their mental hurdles; its a super simple technique with huge payoff; whatever it is you’re getting ready to do, create a strong mental vision of it and its successful outcome that you can call on when you need a boost of self-esteem or a reminder of your inner strength; you can even create a talisman or other ‘power object’ to bestow this vision on, which you carry with you and can hold or access when you need to revisit your desired outcomes
  • visualize control over your own self, including your body, mind, and spirit (internally maybe this is chakras or energy flow, externally maybe confident posture and movement); in visualizations, especially those which are deep, it is best to first become acquainted with your body and its energy flows, places where energy is stuck or sluggish, and identify why (past injuries, whether physical or emotional? posture? trauma?); throughout this journey, being in full control of yourself in every way is critical for protection in all manners
  • visualize correcting any deficits of balance, whether its energetic, emotional, or physical; there’s an entire field of science that’s studying the rare, strange, and poorly understood phenomena of people who heal complex medical problems purely with their minds; and then, of course, the only way to heal complex emotional problems is with our minds – we have to be in control of everything going on up there in order to feel whole, and that means cutting the cords attached to those who may have hurt us in the past

take responsibility

if you’re at all in a mode where anything at all in your life is someone else’s fault, you’re not going to succeed long term at anything you try- spiritual, magickal, or otherwise.

yes, shitty people exist. yes, we come into contact with them. yes, some of them do shitty things to us. but its now our responsibility to recognize this shitty person, their shitty behavior, and set a boundary that no longer allows it into our lives.

its also now our responsibility to take ownership of how we have and are reacted/ing to that shitty person and their behavior. if its someone you can just walk away from, just walk away. cut them out. they are dead to you now.

if its a shitty person you can’t avoid, or can’t avoid right now (boss, co-worker, ex spouse with whom you still co-parent children), then you have two options:

  1. fixate on how shitty they are and feel helpless and complain, but never offer up a solution or make any effort to actually change your situation or how you think about it, feel about it, or react to it.
  2. actually change your situation, how you think about, feel about it, or react to it.

if things always seem to be because of someone else, and you can’t see your own choices or involvement in the situation at all (that perhaps you are a willing participant, or at the very least, willingly making it more difficult for yourself), then you will continue to stand in your own way, honey.

if you are, however, fully ready to own your life, your mistakes, your past, your decisions (good and bad), and absolutely every single bit of what and who you are right now, then start working on those small steps forward, each one shedding just a little bit of that past self and behavior.

step into your power

if you’re standing in your own way, ask yourself to move aside. and then step into that spot, claiming the power held there.

this can be a visualization you do daily, or you can literally create a ritual or spell to manifest this.

the part of you that has splintered off from the rest, that bitch standing there going ‘uhhh, you can’t do that,’ and ‘what if [insert irrational fear]?’ all day long? politely take her hand and guide her out of your path. have compassion for this part of yourself. she’s been hurt, betrayed, kicked down, and discouraged for however many years you’ve been walking around. she only knows those things. but she has to walk beside you now, not stand in front of you.

then step into her spot and feel the power there that she once held over you.

not kidding, you can do this.

magick for the waning moon

Now that the full moon last week has passed us, we’re approaching the waning moon, which will technically take place on the 14th (today) and through 1-2 days before the new moon.

What kind of magick is best on the waning moon?

Think of this phase of the moon as ‘going away’ or ‘getting lesser’ as the visible part of the moon from earth shrinks until we reach the new moon.

During this phase, destructive magick, or magick in which we get rid of, clear out, clean, banish, rid ourselves of, or otherwise break down, cut loose, and leave behind is the name of the game.

Here are some things to consider with this waning moon, as it is currently going to be in Pisces as of today, then Aries on the 17th, and finally it will move into Taurus on the 19th, before entering Gemini on the actual new moon.

To add to those brief positions, there are also 3 planets going retrograde this month: Saturn, Venus (13th), and Jupiter.

Re-evaluate things and people

  • negative or harmful self thoughts
  • toxic relationships
  • emotional vampires
  • overflowing closets
  • dust bunnies
  • excess stuff you just aren’t going to use, admit it
  • self-destructive habits (excess drinking, binge eating, blowing off exercise)

Set powerful intentions

This is also a great time to replace those things you’re cutting out or getting rid of with positive, affirming, and self-loving mantras, thoughts, and routines.

This can also include establishing and enforcing boundaries, for yourself and others

The waning moon is perfect for tough love.

Working on your shadow self

The waning moon, plus the energy of saturn retrograde, is a really really fantastic opportunity to do some deep work on your shadow self.

I know this is something that has been on my list for some time, and i’ve been waiting for this part of the moon’s cycle, as well as some important transits to my natal chart in late May to begin to really chip away at retained anger, hurt, and things that hold me back.

I haven’t really written extensively on the shadow self, but here is a great guide if you want to read more about it.

This can help you address creative blocks, self-esteem blocks, blocks you are experiencing in your magickal practice, professional blocks, relationship patterns, and so much more. there are even people who claim they have healed from complex health problems by simply working on their shadow self.

How to use this energy in daily practice during the waning moon

There might be one thing or many things you want to work on letting go of during this waning moon. i find its helpful to make a list of the things i know i need to work on, or want to work on. then i go through and journal for a bit on some or all of them.

Just free write everything that comes to mind, word vomit onto the page. your thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses, intuitive inputs all come together to paint a picture of this problem or issue you’re working on.

Some of these things may stand out as important, yet you need more guidance. consider consulting your tarot or oracle deck, or a trained reader if you do not feel comfortable yourself, to ask how you can overcome this.

With destructive magick, one of my favorite workings is to burn a written representation of something i am letting go. so you might write down ‘using alcohol as a crutch when i feel upset with my partner’, for instance.

Once you have identified a solution that suits your problem, state out loud the thing or habit you are letting go, and what you intend to do in its place or instead of it, or perhaps what boundary you are setting to prevent it from happening again.

Burn the scrap of paper, as you visualize the thing or habit leaving your body and mind and drifting away in the smoke of the ashes (open a window, let that bad habit leave!).

That’s just one example, but there are many out there. i love to use a spell oil, too, such as release, the one i’ve blended for this exact purpose of letting things (or people) go. i feel that it really amplifies my will and my outcomes are so much more effective.

what is tea magick?

it’s exactly what it sounds like.

here’s how i would define this, though: using the consumption of the energy and magickal properties of plants, primarily herbs, roots, and flowers, to focus your will and intent on a desired outcome.

this is something i’ve been doing for some time, sometimes intentionally, but not always, and its frankly an easy way to get into the practice of witchcraft, if you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by a lot of other paths out there.

its just tea, right? well, yeah, but its so much more than tea. its a message you send, a request you file with the universe, and a willful direction of energy toward a goal or outcome.

do you need a spell for tea magick?

i tend to think not necessarily, but words do have power and i do think that carefully chosen words, spoken out loud, confidently and assertively, by you, will pack a hell of a lot bigger punch on the cosmic scale than just thinking in your head what you want.

such is the case for all magick, in my opinion.

a spell could simply be you stating exactly what you want to get from this magickal routine. perhaps ‘with these herbs, i call forth the elements of earth, air, fire, and water to carry my will. by the drinking of this tea, i ask for the following: i get the job i applied to at XYZ company and am offered a starting salary of $95,000 annually with benefits.’

now, words alone are not enough, obviously. if you’re not new to magick you know this. but if you’re newish or dabbling, whatever you are asking for must be something you really really want. your desire for it must be so strong that you can picture yourself manifesting this. you can feel it as if it had already happened.

what else makes tea magick work?

i’m glad you asked.

as with all spells or forms of magick, you need to be able to clearly visualize your outcome. it is really your visualization of your outcome, in a clear and very specific picture, along with the accompanying emotions and energy it conjures within you, that is the beginning of your will and what you will eventually send into the environment around you to begin working.

visualization is a powerful tool of witches, and IMO required for a successful spell working. an example i will give is that when i drink my prosperity tea (for money and financial gain), i close my eyes and picture stacks of money sprouting legs, jumping out of a nearby bank, and running in single file down the street to my house. me and the stacks may or may not snuggle at some point.

hopefully this is so ridiculous of a picture that its now also stuck in your head. but it works for me. its vivid, specific, and powerful. its very useful to be able to hold whatever your intended outcome image is in your head for the duration of the tea consumption, in order to really develop its energy and marry it to your own.

what do you do after you drink the tea?

there are two schools of thought here.

first, some witches will say that once the spell has been worked and you have stated your intention, and indicated you are finished, the magickal elements no longer serve a purpose. you can throw them away or dispose of them however you see fit (ideally in an environmentally friendly manner).

second school of thought says ‘omg no! that tea holds your magick and if you throw it away, its like you’re throwing away the spell and it won’t work! you have to bury it in your yard/at a crossroads/in a shoe/throw it in the river/smoke it/etc etc’

i’m kind of in between, and i go with whatever feels intuitive to me at the moment. if my spell is destructive in nature, i’m not keeping those tea remnants. i’ll flush them or perhaps at most, let them dry out and burn them.

if its constructive in nature, i may bury them in my yard or garden, or perhaps add to a potted plant. i think it just depends on what feels right to you, personally. is the energy of the spell something you want to keep around? or is it something you want to work, then move on?

FYI, and just because i like you, this week, you’ll see some prosperity tea magick in my shop. i may also put up a couple other blends i’ve been working with, if the fancy strikes me. subscribe or follow me on IG, FB, or Twitter if you wanna know when its available.

a garden spell for planting

its that time of year that we’ve already begun planting, or maybe you’re a more organized person than i am and you’ve planted everything like a month ago.

either way, how can we infuse our gardens and lovely baby plants with the best positive energy to grow beautiful?

earlier this week, i posted on pest control and a spell for that, but how about a garden spell for healthy soil?

what you will need:

  • a small clay, glass, metal, or ceramic planting pot or glass jar (must be heat-proof)
  • some good quality soil, potting soil or topsoil
  • a piece of paper and something to write with
  • a green or white candle
  • something to light your candle with
  • a length of twine or ribbon that can wrap around your candle at least 3 times
  • a small dish of spring water (about 1/4 cup at most)

the spell:

  1. start out by listing everything you have planted or plan to plant in your garden. be as specific as possible about which plants, which varieties, colors, and so forth. (e.g.- 7 mixed color gladiolus)
  2. light your candle
  3. hold the jar/pot of soil in your hands and close your eyes. picture seeds sprouting from it and stretching toward the light. picture them growing taller and healthier. picture the blooms or fruits they will bear. your visualization here is very important to let your energy know exactly what outcome you expect.
  4. place the soil back down and holding the twine or ribbon in your hand, wind it around the candle once as you say:

may my plants grow

row by row

5. list out loud the plants you have written down as you wind the twine or ribbon around a second time

[state your list of all specific plants here

6. as you wind the twine or ribbon around the 3rd and final time, say the final verse:

with this soil

nourish my plants

feed them well

where they stand

7. tie off the twine or ribbon after it has wrapped around your candle 3 times. hold the piece of paper with your plant names above the jar/pot of soil and light it with the candle. let it burn down on top of the soil.

8. douse the embers with the small dish of water and stir the soil, ashes, and water together. spread the soil over your garden.

friday: freya’s day

there are quite a few reasons to love friday, and i’m not here to trivialize any of them, but just want to give a shout out to a particularly awesome goddess, freya, for whom the day is named.

now, before some dude in the back raises his hand and goes ‘ackchuallllyyyy,’ let’s clarify something that’s occasionally disputed and debated about freya, frigg, and frija.

friday, the 5th day of the week in the original calendar, is named after frija, a goddess of the germanic mythology specific to the norse. she was a goddess of the vanir, and later, the aesir.

at some point, which historians disagree on, frija became either freya, who was also called frigg in some accounts, or frija became two distinct goddesses (freya and frigg) that actually had almost identical traits, character, history, behavior, and stories.

i’m really not here to debate this, and personally think it matters not. the goddess, the divine feminine energy which underpins the birth of all life in the universe, is both freya and frigg, aphrodite, mami wata, kali, hecate, and ishtar (and all the others – you get my point).

what form she takes to me shouldn’t matter to you, and vice versa. how we honor her, speak to her, and care for her earth is the bottom line here.

so onto friday and freya

if you’re not super familiar with freya, i would encourage you to read widely, as she’s a very interesting incarnation of the goddess. this won’t be an exhaustive account but here are the details:

  • day of the week: friday
  • planet: venus
  • associations: love, beauty (even to include self-worth), particularly sexuality and fertility; fine material p0sessions; fertility of the land; war; death; protector of abused women;
  • animals: cats, falcon, horses
  • symbols: honey, amber, gold, mead (a drink made from honey), fine chocolates, gold necklaces especially; fine wine; sweets

other associations of freya:

she is often thought of as the leader of the valkyries, but this is not quite correct, as the valkyries take the souls of the fallen to valhalla, while freya has first choice of the slain in battle, whom she carries home to sessrumnir, in folkvangr, and the rest are taken to valhalla in the afterlife.

she owns, or embodies, depending on who you ask, the magic of the gods and goddesses and has the power to take it from other gods and goddesses if she deems it necessary. referred to as seidr, the ancient norse magickal tradition of shamanism and magick, which came from the vanir gods.

my personal journey with freya

at some point in the last few months, my intuition has begun to flow back to me, filling me with purpose again, inspiring me with ideas, and giving me back a passion for life, creating, and connecting. i suppressed it and ignored it for many years, as i denied who i really was inside and out in order to be someone else for others (i was a horribly inauthentic person, IMO).

until recently, however, i really hadn’t connected my spirit and inspiration with a specific manifestation of the divine feminine, only that i could tell she was there, in me, around me, and encouraging me. she was helping me heal old wounds and forgive myself for past grievances.

as i continued to listen and have conversations, it came to me one day while meditating and seeking guidance that it was in the form of freya that she had been reaching out to me all along. i can’t explain how i knew, but i knew. if you’ve had this experience with the goddess, you just know. she tells you what you’re ready to learn when you’re ready to learn it.

i don’t know if it has to do with heritage, as my ancestors are heavily germanic and of norse heritage, and perhaps i more easily identify with that presentation, or it could be for other reasons. and i don’t think its important, really, why.

she moved me to tears. i cried, not out of sadness, but an overwhelming connection to something bigger than myself. to the love that appeared and surrounded me and told me i would be okay and it was time to heal and move on. i’m honestly weepy right now writing this, as it shook me to my core (in a good way).

she finally gave me the power to give myself that permission to forgive, to love me, and to see my full worth. i felt like a blubbering idiot sitting there pouring out all the pain, but at no point did i feel like she was angry, upset, or discouraging. she was forgiving and kind.

and so, through my work and efforts, i have found that her love of beauty, love, and fine things has been an inspiration for what i do and the things i create, in order to honor the contribution she has made to my life. she particularly has interest in the deep beauty of all things created (human or through nature).

every time i see a breathtaking sight of nature, a beautiful flower newly bloomed in the garden, taste the rich flavors of food from the land, and feel deeply loved by my partner, i’m reminded what i have been given and i silently thank her, as i am grateful for every single opportunity i have been handed.

let everyone know you’re an actual real life goddess

(if they haven’t already figured it out).

look, witch, you are a goddess. everything about you screams goddess. your spirit, your smile, your heart, your kindness, your wrath, your inner fire, and your ambition.

but are you hiding this goddess from others, or letting her go forth and claim her fucking space in the world?

now, more than ever, we need goddesses to take charge. we need them to be vocal and visible. we need them to be the role models the next generations need in this world.

so here are ways (just some, i’m sure you can think of thousands more) that you and i can both remind others around us that we are goddesses, not to be fucked with:

  • be in love with yourself. nothing is more goddess than knowing that you are just a stone cold fucking fox. nope, don’t even go ‘but what about my [insert flaw].’ fuck that. look at you. you’re smoking hot. and only your opinion here matters.
  • hold your head up. be so fucking proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. and what you will accomplish yet. and in a world created to hold you back, no less. you earned it.
  • take up space. goddesses are not mere wisps who cower back into a corner. they stake their claim. they belong here, wherever here is. they triumph over man-spreading and confidently own the space in which they exist.
  • wear whatever the fuck makes you happy. if it makes you feel sexy, wear it. if it makes you feel powerful, wear it. if it makes you feel masculine, wear it. if it makes you feel feminine, wear it. if you want to wear nothing, wear it. point is: you get to make that call.
  • establish strong boundaries. a goddess does only what she wants or feels comfortable with. don’t do anything you don’t want to. don’t go where you don’t want. don’t date someone you don’t like. don’t let others take advantage of you. draw that figurative or literal line in the fucking sand. the word ‘no’ is probably the most magickal word there is.
  • help other goddesses. goddesses, when they combine their power, are unstoppable, like exponentially. but even goddesses sometimes need someone to hold them, reassure them, let them vent, or help them out. goddesses will never win by stepping on each other, but we can conquer literally anything by pulling each other up together.
  • take care of yourself. whether you need to eat better, move more, give yourself a break, get more sleep, or take a damn vacation every once in a while, you have to refill your own cup, goddess. your body is your own literal temple. worship yourself by being accountable to that temple.
  • enjoy the shit out of life. you should not be quieter, smaller, thinner, stronger, less sexual, more sexual, smarter, dumber, or any other thing that is not who you are. you should be seen and heard, in all your glory. do all the things that make you happy and bring you pleasure. redefine what a goddess is.
  • but do be brave. the world has told you what it thinks you should be. but one day, will you look back and be glad that you were her? or will you be glad that you were you?

spell oils: launching this friday in the bwitch shop

so, i had hoped to write this post to announce a total of 5 new spell oils available this friday in our shop. i have been toiling in the lab the last 2 months to perfect these and they are sooooo ready to go!

but, alas, due to a delay on the part of my label printer (and i can’t completely throw them under the bus, i mean, there’s a pandemic right now), i won’t have my normal labels until after May 20th.

faced with the option of not even launching for another 3 weeks, or launching and using another label printer than can get me labels printed faster, but for a slightly higher price, i went with option 2.

so, instead of launching all 5 spell oils, i have decided to prioritize these 3:

love spell

love spell is for any spell involving love, commitment, self-love, passion, or even sex magick. this is to inspire and instill love, deep and wonderful as it can be. it’s emotional, gripping, and fluid. you can get caught right up in this bliss in a bottle.

it has floral top notes of rose and lilac, both known for their magickal properties of love and romance, followed by rich high-vibe ylang ylang and vanilla, and finishing off with spicy cloves and musk, to really seal the deal.

love spell also works awesome as a perfumed body oil, to get yourself or someone else in the mood. its a deeply sensual scent!


this is a spell oil for all forms of earthy magick. whether you are planning to actually work in forest, or planting an herb garden, or any other kind of green magic, forest magic, herb magic, even kitchen magic.

this will focus your intent and will so powerfully with its potent elements of cedar, pine, and eaglewood, with vetiver, sandalwood, birch, and fern, too. its got notes of fresh dirt, cloves, smoke, and grass, to cement the experience and call in all those energies to your spell.

it perfectly captures the energy of the forest and the earth and takes you right to the woods anytime you need to go.

it is a super earthy, woody scent.

and the best part? if your partner starts wearing it as a beard oil like mine did, you will spontaneously start wanting to roleplay lumberjack fantasies


and then finally, release.

i’ll be honest, this one wasn’t initially my favorite of the collection. not because it doesn’t smell good, but because, you know, we tend to think of love spells and such as flashy or trendy, but we tend to forget all about how much more important it can be for us to let shit go.

and that is what release is for. this is the perfect complement to any new moon or waxing moon spells you’re doing, anything involving destructive magick, or letting go of people, places, things, emotions, habits, negativity and so forth.

i quickly found myself applying it every morning before meditating, as it really helped me clear my mind and focus. i found my daily tarot card pulls were far more intuitive and i was able to just be intuitive so much easier while using this spell oil, which was such a profoundly surprising and welcome outcome, frankly.

so, while i call it release, because that is its intent, it is so. much. more. its been like therapy in a bottle for me, for real.

what’s in it?

besides just pure magick, there are heavy top notes of jasmine and sandalwood to help you open up and prepare to release, myrrh and cedarwood for protection, but also purification, ginseng – master healing root is like a bristle brush for your mind and soul, and thyme, honeysuckle, and orange leave you with that squeaky clean feeling.

you couldn’t release more if you poured fabuloso all over yourself 😉

how do you use these spell oils?

each spell oil itself is blended with all the elements needed to make a spell work (whether its a love spell, earth magick, or a release spell of some kind), apart from just your specific intention.

you can use them alone or in combination with anything else (other objects, oils, candles, etc). each small artisan batch is infused with powerful intention by myself to help guide the energy of the elements within it.

the spell oils also come with a magickal element infused within, such as rose petals, cedar leaves, or honeysuckle, plus a magickal charm instilled with the energy as well, which you can keep long after the oil is gone.

they can also be worn as scented body oils for every day wear, or special occasions. i sometimes to just wear them to lift my mood because they really do make you stop and close your eyes for a moment, while you’re mind is taken elsewhere, away from daily monotony and the grind of life.

where/when can you buy them?

this Friday, May 1st they will be live in the bwitch shop at 4pm CST!! bookmark the site or set a reminder. there will be limited stock this first round.

our shop has free shipping on orders of $35 or more, so if you feel compelled to pick up more than one, or other stuff, too, take advantage of that.

i hope (all my fingers are crossed right now) that my label situation will iron itself out in the next week or two, the additional two spell oils (lust spell and fuck me in the forest) will be able to launch together shortly. i know some of you have been dying to try those out and i don’t want to disappoint you (and i have the feeling the oils will definitely not disappoint you)!

if you want to be on the list to get notifications of product launches first, subscribe to our email, because email subscribers get the heads up first on new products before we list on social media!

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