how to create higher vibe surroundings to be more magickal

if you’re like most people who are drawn to the occult and witchcraft, you’re likely more in tune (or very in tune) with the energy and vibes of people, places, and things around you. call it auras, call it energy, call it vibes, call it what you like, but you can feel it.

and you’ve likely at least unconsciously realized that some people, places, and things are ‘higher vibe’ than others. you go there or hang out with them or are around them and just feel like you’re refilling your cup.

try explaining this to someone who has closed off their intuitive and vibrational self and they’ll think you’re fucking crazy. you’re not crazy and you’re definitely not alone in these observations.

what does this have to do with being magickal?

higher vibes make your vibes higher

some of the smartest people i know in this spiritual pursuit will tell you that science and witchcraft are two studies of the exact same thing, just different perspectives.

and that thing is energy. energy is what holds us (and everything around us) together. its the chemical bonds between the atoms and between those atoms’ electrons, protons, and neutrons.

and some of us feel that energy better than others. and if you are such a person, you’re much more sensitive to your surroundings when they are putting off increased energy, whether good or bad.

in high vibration places, for instance, you can walk in and immediately sense the place. you can sense how old it is, how many people have been there, important events that have imprinted maybe, or maybe you feel deeply inspired, or compelled to take a deep breath to appreciate the view.

or, perhaps conversely, you walk in and immediately want to leave. you can feel negative emotions permeating, or previous negative energies that have existed and left a mark. maybe the people there are what are giving off the negative vibes, or maybe the place itself is. either way, you feel like its draining you, you have to leave, and never come back.

whatever your reaction, you’re picking up on the vibes of the place. and the higher the vibes in a place 0r with a person, the higher your own vibes raise, just by sharing that same energy. if you’re in a good and positive high vibe environment, you’ll not only find you’re more inspired, but usually more productive, and feel better about yourself.

these places stand out to us, and they’re different for many of us, but when we have the opportunity to go spend time somewhere, we usually immediately think of a few places that we intuitively lean toward as our high vibe choices.

make note of this the next time a friend or partner, or even just yourself, asks you ‘hey do you want to go grab a cup of coffee or hang out somewhere?’ what immediately comes to mind? there’s a good chance this is a high vibe place for you.

raising your own vibes to be more magickal

ok so we’ve identified that there are places or people you vibe with more. and hopefully you’ve got a sort of mental list running by now of who or where those are.

the way to use these to build your own magickal self is to strategically be around them more, but with purpose.

if you’ve been going through some ups and downs, or struggle to stay focused, find inspiration, or just need a boost – maybe you’re not that great at replenishing your own energy just now – this may be a great way to do that.*

i’ll use an example. i think we’ve all been to a coffee shop at least somewhere in our travels that just inspired the fuck out of us. like you sat down with your laptop or tablet and started jamming out written or visual content or art, or your brain just switched on and ideas flowed like an open faucet.

instead of this being a coffee shop for you, maybe it was a dusty old book store, or the woods near your grandparents’ house, or a diner downtown.

if you have such a place near you, or one you can get to at least weekly, plan a weekly ‘inspo outing’ and bring all your creative materials, or things to brainstorm with, plus plan on bringing something that you’re going to learn something new (a book, a webinar you’ve been meaning to watch, subscription to an educational website, Nat Geo magazine, whatever). make this an appointment with yourself and keep it.

i like to break up these sessions with a bit of educational stuff first. this gets my brain going and starts to turn on the idea centers. as soon as i find myself reaching for my phone or a notebook to write things down, i move on to creative mode. i write until the ideas stop.

then i go back and start developing some of those ideas a little more. what would it take to make this one come to fruition? can i do some market research on this one to see if anyone else is doing this yet? how many people are using this as a hashtag right now? which of these do i feel the most passionate about?

you get the idea. use your intuition for what you’re most drawn to, what you feel most passionate about, what you’re noticing as trends from others in your industry or field, or anything else that pulls you or compels you to follow a particular idea.

and then make some of these happen. even if they’re not things you’re planning to turn into a business, just create. the more you’re pouring your creative spirit into things you find important, the higher your own vibes will be.

raise the vibes of your own environment

now that we’ve found an external source of high vibes, what about just bringing up the vibes of our own environments?

this can be done through simple things like changing the colors in our rooms, adding plants, improving lighting, opening blinds or curtains, redistributing furniture, organizing items, purging unwanted stuff, and so on.

before you do any of that though, make a list of what the things are about your favorite high vibe environments. try to think of the features you find appealing there. is the building old? are there certain smells? is it the crowd noise? textiles or materials they’ve built things with? comfort? temperature? landscaping (indoor and out)? how many of these are things you can simulate or replicate elsewhere?

here’s another intuitive exercise. grab something to write with and start to answer these questions. you may need to sit and think or meditate on some that an answer does not intuitively come to you:

  • what colors are you most drawn to in your wardrobe?
  • what colors are you most drawn to in furniture or decorations in your home?
  • what sounds/music do you prefer to hear when you relax?
  • what sounds/music get you hyped?
  • do you vibe more in environments with a lot of plants?
  • do you vibe more in environments with a lot of books?
  • what scents do you react most to for things like awakening, calming, focus, etc?
  • are there animals you feel drawn to (besides your pets)?
  • are there archetypes that you feel drawn to, or that you identify more with?
  • are there symbols you feel drawn to or inspired by?
  • are there color schemes you find calming or relaxing? invigorating? exciting? inspiring?
  • are there materials (wood, linen, woven, plastic, metals, etc) that you prefer to be around or decorate with?

these are just a start. you can get really detailed with this. but questions like these should get you thinking and visualizing what an ideal high vibe environment would be for you.

perhaps you only have control over your own bedroom if you live with others. or perhaps your entire living space is up to you. whichever it is, if this is a place that you feel is a retreat for you, then it should vibe for you too.

this includes things like:

  • it should be clean (not necessarily perfectly organized, but not dirty; clean floors, walls, windows, baseboards, dust, trash, etc)
  • if you look at your things and feel stressed or overwhelmed, you have too many things or they are in disarray according to your intuitive self; organize things and consider getting rid of stuff you don’t need or use
  • energy of the space (cleanse or clear it regularly, especially if you live with others whose vibes leak over into your personal space or which do not mesh well with your vibes)
  • it represents who you are (culturally, religiously, personally, ethnically, demographically, technologically, magickally, or otherwise)

you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a space vibe for you. but your money will be randomly spent and potentially wasted if you just buy things that don’t tie into the overarching goal of working together to make your space higher vibe.

a good place to start with ‘how should i change this?’ or ‘what should i buy first?’ is picture what your ideal space would look like if money and time were not obstacles. what are the common themes between this picture and things you’ve already written down?

start with those common themes because, again, your intuitive self is pulling you there.

hopefully this gave you some ideas for incorporating elements into your life and environment that raise your own energy!

*at the time of this writing, the COVID-19 pandemic is still currently going strong in most areas of the US, so understandably, your options for being around people, and even some locations may be limited, so, that in mind, please continue to safely practice social distancing when possible if you choose to seek opportunities in public spaces