a spell for writer’s block

There are many ways to cure writer’s block and it seems like for me, just walking away from something for weeks or even months is the solution. But, there are some things that we don’t have the luxury of walking away from in order to gain new perspective.

So, if you’ve got a deadline and are struggling to find inspiration, the next big idea, or just where to head with your project, this is for you.

What You Will Need:

  • a piece of paper
  • something to write with
  • a yellow candle
  • something to light the candle with
  • peppermint essential oil

What You Will Do:

  1. Write down in the middle of the paper your name and your current project. If you do not have a project but are currently looking for one, write something like ‘new idea’ to convey that this is open.
  2. Rub a some peppermint oil onto the outside of the candle.
  3. On the paper, draw a box around your name that symbolizes a room, and leave an opening in each wall for a ‘door’. You can even draw the doors open if you wish. Draw an arrow leading from the outside of the box inward, pointing toward your name/project.
  4. Place the candle on the paper. Light the candle and recite these words:

by the powers of earth, water, air, and fire

all doors are open to my mind

ideas flow in and inspire

5. Sit and meditate on the burning candle, clearing your mind and breathing deeply. Picture your mind opening its doors to ideas.

6. Let the candle burn down.